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Kidspot Editor October 02, Woman 'who had sex with dinosaur' at children's park identified. The woman obviously missed the clearly marked memo.

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So, dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of pinot, and put on your favorite Boyz II Men album. Easy enough, right? Think again.

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How did these dinosaurs—bristling with spikes and plates—go about making more dinosaurs without skewering each other? Stegosaurus has become an icon of the mystery surrounding dinosaur sex. Dinosaurs must have mated, but just how they did so has puzzled paleontologists for more than years.

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Birds do it, and bees do it — and although we don't know how, how often, or for how long, dinosaurs had sex, too. The reason dinosaur mating is such an enduring mystery is that it's hard to picture a seven-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex male putting the moves on an even bigger female, or a pair of Triceratops managing not to impale themselves on each others' horns as they attempt to perpetuate the species. Add the fact that soft-tissued male and female genitals don't tend to persist in the fossil record, and the average paleontologist knows less about dinosaur sex than a second-grader knows about the human variety.

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By Emma Glanfield for MailOnline. The half-naked woman was seen straddling the model T-Rex in broad daylight at a dinosaur safari trail in Exmouth, Devon. This is the shocking moment a half-naked woman was filmed appearing to perform a lewd sex act on a model dinosaur at a family-friendly attraction.

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The ostrich-like Pelecanimimus dinosaur lived around million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, and was 2 metres from head to tail. Historically, scientists have sidestepped the issue of dinosaur sex, both because there was a bit of a taboo around studying it and there wasn't much evidence. Sadly, no fossils have yet been found of dinosaurs actually having sex, and even the best preserved fossils don't show the dinosaur's reproductive system.

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Social media users reacted with disgust after the explicit image, showing the partiality naked woman straddling the Exmouth Dino Trail model in Devon, emerged online. One parent said: "I worry as children play with these dinosaurs, I was disgusted. I feel sick to think that children are anywhere near that.

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THIS is the shocking moment a woman was pictured performing a sex act on a dinosaur model at a kids park in a seaside resort. Mr Thorogood added: "Whilst we have had some deliberate damage to the dinosaurs in past weeks, this episode brings things to an all time low as far as these important and very popular assets to our town are concerned. Other incidents of mistreatment of the models includes a life-sized Stegosaurushaving its tail removed in August. The fibreglass sculptures trail officially launched on Sunday, August 21, and is designed to highlight the resort's connection with the Jurassic Coast, which stretches from Orcombe Point at the end of the seafront to Portland in Dorset.

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If you go to The Field Museum in Chicagoyou can see Sue, the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in the world. Sue is an impressive specimen, standing more than 13 feet 3. Many dinosaur fossils have missing or broken bonesbut Sue is more than 90 percent complete.

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Local council chiefs said: "We are shocked and dismayed at this appalling act of gross indecency". Police officers investigating images of a woman having sex with a dinosaur have identified a suspect after the sculpture had to be thoroughly cleaned by council workers. Graphic images emerged showing the woman naked from her waist down on a children's dinosaur sculpture in Exmouth last week.


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