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This incident happened to me about five years back when I was in tenth. It was the annual cultural festival. I had a drama where I had the lead role. Before the drama I was going to put on my costume. Our school was a two floored school. I went to the second floor. No one was there in sight. I was going to enter a room when I heard a slight moan. It was coming from the room adjacent to mine. Thinking that someone was in trouble I rushed to the room. The lights were off. When I put the light on I was completely taken aback by what I saw. Sitting in a corner Ras, my class mate was fingering herself! She had removed her panties but her large boobs were still under arrest by her T-shirt and bra.

I could not believemy eyes. Ras was my fantasy girl about whom I had fantasised from the time she came to our school in the fifth standard. I had always wanted to fuck her between her huge boobs, which were very large for her age. I had always wanted to suck them and always wanted to fuck her in her round perfectly shaped ass. Ras was very white which improved her fuckingly beautiful face.

As soon as I saw her cunt, I was transfixed. I wanted to go away but my legs wont oblige. Ras too was completely surprised. She had never thought that anyone would catch in her perfect hideout. But even then she didn t stop fingering herself and even smiled. That was the only encouragement that I needed, I put the lights off and as it was almost full moon I could see my darling clearly. I started taking off my clothes and unzipped my pants giving relief to my aching eight inch cock which were very large for a f******n year old boy. Ras s eyes didn t budge away from my crotch for even a second. I neatly folded my clothes and dispatched it away. By this time Ras started removing her T-shirt and bra as well as her half pulled down jeans. Seeing her boobs I was knocked out. These were boobs seeing which even a fully grown up woman will become jealous. This was also the first time I had seen a lady naked outside the T.V. It was also the first time time that Ras was seeing a cock. Thus both of us were virgins but both wanted sex badly. I went to where she was sitting. I was feeling nervous and her face told that she too had the same feeling. Slowly with shaking hands I touched her warm mammaries. They were like heaven. Ras closed her eyes.

I started kissing her on her face and when our tongues met all the nervousness were drained. We kissed passionately for sometime. All these while my hands were playing with her cunt and thick public hair. I started to lick her boobs and slowly started sucking them. Ras started to groan. We were in a world of ourselves and forgot that we were in a school classroom and could be found out any time. I started sucking her tits and with one hand pressed her other tit while the other was busy between her legs. Ras was become totally turned on and her cunt started becoming wet. I sucked each tit alternately for some time and would have continued it till eternity if Ras would not have stopped me. She wanted me to fill her cunt with my manhood and I too thought that it was time to do the ultimate. We got up from the desk and I laid her down on the floor. I could not control myself anymore on seeing her naked on the floor with her legs wide spread as if calling me to releive them. I wanted to lick them but had very less time as my drama could start any time. So I spread her legs wide apart and caught my dick in my hands. I could not beleive what I was going to do. I was going to fulfill my fantasy. I became a little nervous. I was afraid if she would become pregnant. But at thaty moment I could not control myself and so I put my virgin dick into her virgin cunt. The cunt walls were tight, slowly I put my dick inside her dripping hole and reached the hilt. She shouted. But both of us wanted it very badly so I started pumping like hell. I felt her tightening and I too had reached the hilt. I took a deep breath and emptied all my cum into her. She too started getting her orgasm and I lay exhausted over her. Quickly I put on my costume and wentdown. Ras took some time to put back her dress. We kissed for the last time and I went down. My friends were waiting for me as our drama was after a while.

After that incident we became fast friends and are planning to marry now. I haver fucked many times after that day but none was as exiting as the first one.

We are a group of 4 people namely me raaj, preeti , manoj & akansha. All of us were at preeti s hous and our parents had gone out shopping. No one knew about mine and preeti s friendship. We were just playing Darts. But blind folded and hand cuffed at the back . We had to use our Mouths to hold the darts. Suddenly akansha and manoj got reminded of Their most important t.v program and wanted to watch it. But preeti Did not get that particular channel in the house . So they ran off to Their houses to watch it. Me and preeti were left all alone. I thought This was the chance. But preeti said let s continue . So i was Blindfolded and handcuffed and she gave me the dart. She started giving Me directions. She asked me to go left right back …. Everywhere Finally she said straight. I went straight and tripped over some thing And fell. I think it was the bed. Preeti was laughing her head off. She Took off my blindfolds and said now sit there i asked what about my Cuffs . She said you ll know . She went a little far from me to switch On some soft music. She pulled her t-shirt up a little to reveal her Navel . It was so gorgeous ,so firm so flat…….so sexy. I got turned On like hell . I wanted to fuck her .

But i was cuffed . Ah no wonder . Then she slowly took the t-shirt Off. She had worn a black bra . Then she unbuckled her skirt and took Them off. She had matching black panties. She came and stood near me , I tried to move and …. No use i was all tied up. She took my pants Off then my under pants . She gave me the old 300 per sec strokes. I Couldn t bare it i was going to cum . Just then she stopped. After some Time she started again and then stopped. This process made me tired .

She turned me over and uncuffed me and said **** me if you can . She Got up and ran outside the room . I gathered all my energy and ran after Her with the hand cuffs right in to the bathroom. She got near the Showers and i quickly opened it she got all wet. I caught her firmly And handcuffed her to the top of the shower . I opened the shower to The max. She was trapped right under the shower . Is if its a **** you Want its a **** you ll get i sqeezed her breasts through the bra.

She moaned. I unbuckled them and lifted them up . I started sucking on Them. Then i knelt down and took off her panties and started sucking And licking on her cunt navel everywhere. She kept screaming and Moaning. She got really tired . I uncuffed her and carried her back to The bed and dropped her on it. She had droplets of water everywhere on her body.

She Looked so so sexy. She was trying to crawl off the bed . I caught and Lifted her and made her sit on my rock hard dick. She screemed loudly. I turned her face towards me and kissed her deeply. I kept sucking and Licking her tongue and every part of her face. She kept moaning. I Carried and again dropped her on my dick . Suddenly she tightned her Cunt on my dick so much that it almost hurt . I dropped down on the bed And she fucked me . Once again i gathered all my energy pulled her of Me {she is pretty light}. Put her on the bed .held her hands got on top Of her and sucked her pussie till she came like a fountain. I had Finished her but she was not finished she got up cuffed my hands when i Was turning back . She pushed me on to the bed and gripped my cock and Took it in her mouth and sucked and sucked and stopped then she gave me A long time kiss. She kissed my tongue dry. Then she took my dick and Pushed it up her cunt and fucked me . I came like a rocket inside her. She had also Cum. Sitting on me she smiled and fell on me with her boobs right on my

Mouth . I kept sucking on it for a while . She was not finished. She Wanted to drink cum . She took my dick in her mouth and licked and Licked and sucked till i came . She drank every drop of my cum. Just Then i noticed that my cuffs had come off. So i grabbed her took her on Me such that both of us faced the ceiling. I spread her thighs and Rammed my tool into her hole and . I had a good grip on her. Once again I came all over her. We lay there totally tired she on top of me. She Told me you are a damn good ****r . And we kissed.

Living in a rural area outside of Delhi, I was a very respectable girl. I went to school and scored good grades, I helped my family a lot etc. As being a young girl living in a rural area, the education was not to the highest level though, compared to urban areas. I didn t learned a lot about specific subject s, including sex. Up to when I was 13, I didn t even know what was sex was! I was ashamed that I didn t knew about it because my parents never talked about it. All the boys in my classes knew about sex. Not to mention they were very sexually active. They always were looking at me thinking sex on their minds. Being 13 I was very overdeveloped. I has these large breasts that any 13 year old girl would never have in my hometown. And because of my large chest, that what these guys were looking at. I knew I had these large breasts, but little I knew that these would attract the opposite sex.

One day after school, I went with my male friend Raj to the empty cricket field and sat at the benches. We sat there just talking, joking around. But little I knew that this boy was very attracted to me. He always kept looking at my overdeveloped breasts all the time. While he was looking at my body, I notice something is getting big in his pants. Something was bulging out. Again, not knowing nothing about sex, I didn t know what the boys want. I ask him, What is that in your pants? Something is there? He said it was nothing, he didn t want to tell me. As I looked, it kept getting bigger! So I took one of my hand and stroked it. It felt hard like a rock. He got very excited when I touch his penis. So you like touching it? Here, let me show you, he said. Then he got up, pulled his pants down. Showing in front of my face is this large Indian cock standing up. My eyes rolled up as I saw it. I never knew what was behind a boy s pants, until now. He then told me, Would you like to touch it? I hesitated and stood still. Would you mind putting it your mouth? It will give me a good massage? , he said. Thinking I m giving him a massage, I was actually giving him sexual pleasure. So I put it in my mouth, sucking it on and out. Not knowing what I m doing to him, I just did it anyway. He was thinking that I was stupid enough to fall for it. He knows that I knew nothing about sex, so that why he s taking advantage of me on the bench. I was pleasuring him so much.

After I suck his cock, he lay down on the ground feeling satisfied. I then wanted to clean my mouth, so I went down to the nearby creek to wash my mouth. Since I was there, I wanted to take a piss as well. Nobody s around this creek so I pulled my skirt down, I had a long white T-shirt and a blue skirt by the way. As I bend down and took a piss at the creek, Raj followed me to the creek and saw me taking a piss. I didn t know he was watching me from behind. He got a shot of my ass sticking up with my skirt up. He then got hard again. He wished that he could put his cock up my ass. After he called my name out and I turned around. I told him, Raj, why don t you come and take a piss too, it s a long way back home. So he stood beside me taking a piss while he was looking at my ass. All of a sudden he then came up behind me and rub his big cock that I sucked earlier on my ass. I told him, what are you doing? He said, just keeping your bum warm, as he rub his cock and his hands all over my ass. After he dipped his hands in the creek and rubbed his wet hands on me. With in seconds, his hands went to my breasts, and started squeezing them. Stupid enough to believe him again when he said he needed to wipe his wet hands on my T-shirt. All this sexual stuff he was doing on me, I didn t knew a thing! All of a sudden his big cock that was rubbing on me, went inside my pussy. I was of course a virgin, so my hole was very small. I screamed so loud by all the pain, I started to cry. Still he keep pumping his big cock in me from behind. He told me, Meena, this is what your husband will do when you get married. It all lasting within 5 minutes. I wiped my eyes and told him never to do that again.

I went home and told my mother what Raj did with me, and she slapped my face and call me a slut in Hindi. She told me what sex is and what Raj did to me. Later on I felt so dirty and sick that I actually felt for it. Now I know why Raj was looking at me all this time! This was when I was 13 years old. Now I m 17 years old, married and have one son. Right now just thinking about my first sexual experience with Raj makes me so horny. It s bad then, but now I tell my husband and we have sex all the time. I know Raj was taking advantage of me, but if it wasn t for that day after school, I would have never had healthy sexual relationship with my husband now.

It was hot steamy afternoon in Bombay. As usual the weather in Bombay is always hot and humid. I was visiting Bombay for about a month. Being born and raised in Canada, I wanted to see the indian life here. Of course there are so many desi s in Canada, but they are all caught up in a western society. Even the indian girls there are to modern. Really I came here to check out the real Indian women and find their own lifestyles.

Landing from Bombay airport, I got my baggage and went to my hotel room. I relaxed, washed up and got ready to tour the city. Outside Bombay, it was so hot! so hot that the Indian women were actually wearing T-shirts and Tops, not the traditionally Salwaar Kameez or Sari s. In one area, I visited this marketplace where all the merchants put up stalls and sells just about anything off the streets. This catches a huge crowd in the daytime. There were so much people here that the cars and the auto-rikshaws couldn t get through. While I was walking around looking at the merchandise, I noticed this young girl in a Salwaar Kameez. Now she was not just an ordinary girl in a suit, but was a young beautiful girl with not to mentioned a great body. She look around 19 or 20 years old. Those suits that these girls where usually hide their body figure but she showed everything off. She had these huge indian tits just hanging out right in front of my face. She also had a nice round ass to go with it. She was not like other types of girls, even the indian girls living in Canada can t match her body. As this girl was looking around, I was just standing in front of her checking her out, just concentrating at her huge tits right in front of her. She didn t even knew I was checking her out.

I got hard in my pants just looking at her huge melons, so to make my erect prrick useful during my hornyness, I went up behind her and brushed up my cock against her big ass. The crowd got bigger and bigger around us so nobody noticed me. She didn t even noticed herself, but as my cock got bigger while I was humping her, she quickly turned around and looked at me. I told her, Sorry, I was trying to get thru the crowd here . Just making up something to tell her. Suprisingly she believed me, smiled at me and turned back around. Further after I continued to rub her from behind. Within minutes I kept on rubbing harder on her, she didn t even noticed or maybe didn t care. It was almost like having sex with her right there on the street by all my humping. Then all of a sudden. she turned around and said, Are you trying to get my attention? I was hesitating what to say next. I thought that she knew about it and I was going to get caught, but then she said, Thank you for all that feeling, it felt good . I was suprised that she knew and liked it. She told afterwards, Come follow me . Without hesitation, I followed her.

She took me to this buiding near the marketplace. The first floor had small stores but the the second floor had offices and restrooms. I followed her to the second floor and into the women restroom. As we went in, she said to lock the door. Soon she drop the inside piece of her Salwaar Kameez and sat down at the toilet. As she bend down, she showed off great cleavage. Then she grab on my hard tool in my pants and uzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down. Her eyes opened up brightly as my cock sprunged open right in front of her face. Then she took my indian cock all the way down her throat, almost choking herself. Same time I was playing with her huge tits out of her material. After around 10 minutes later, she took it out of her mouth, and got up from the toilet. I told her to stand in front of the sink basin and bend down. bending over exposed her lucious indian pussy. It was dark red with a huge bush around it. These girls in India never shaves their bushes. Soon with out wasting my time, I came up behind her and plunged my indian cock up her puss. My cock is eventually to big for her hole, as she screamed and yelled out loud with every push. I told her that in the western world this what we call DOGGY STYLE! She said she never gets fuck from behind before, so got alot of experience with me. As I was pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, she moaned so loud that the people on the first floor heard everything. Her tits were bouncing up and down with every pump, sometimes I let go of her big ass and hold on to those huge tits has I continued to fuck her. AHHHHH, YESSSSSS! She yells out as she get laid. Near the end of our fuck, I pull it out of her wet indian puss and poured cum all over ass. She calmed herself a little after cumming on her. Later I put the remaining cum on the palm of my hand and put in her mouth. She drank my cum like as if she was drinking Pepsi.

All this took 30 minutes in the bathroom with her. We quickly got dressed and left the bathroom together. Walking down the stairs she gave me a kiss and said thank you for a great fuck. I was such a lucky guy finding this girl on the streets, and just by humping her in the crowd, I got a chance to actually fuck her afterwards. I then thought that if I hump the other busty Indian girls maybe I might get lucky again, but I coudn t get any Indian pussy afterwards. That s ok, I enjoyed what I got at the marketplace. Now I know
how the Indian women lifestyles are in India. I never thought that the Indian women could be so easy get laid in India. Just for that, I will eventually move here!

This is a true story which happened a few years ago when I was still in college. I come from a very conservative family where sex is a forbidden word. During school days, there was lots of talk about it among my friends but I was too scared to try anything or to ask questions.
I was living with my 2 aunts after the death of their father. They had a small house with only 2 rooms. One was the lounge which doubled up as the bedroom and the other was the bedroom where my two aunts slept. I used to sleep in the lounge but one night we had a storm and I slept in the main bedroom with my 2 aunts. I was just dozing off to sleep when I felt a hand touching my penis. I was startled but I froze. I thought that in her sleep my aunt accidentally touched me. I tried to push the hand away and turn around, but it seemed to follow my penis. Suddenly I came to the scary conclusion that my aunt was awake. Shh, she said. Just relax. I was scared at first but she eased my fears away and continued to play with my prick. Shama’s hands were in pyjamas and she was gently but firmly pumping away. I had never felt this good before. My other aunt seemed to be fast asleep, so I began to get bolder. I started sucking Shama’s ample breasts then fingering the cunt which by now was getting hot and moist. We were both extremely turned on and were moaning softly. My rock hard virgin penis was throbbing, ready to come for the first time in my life. I told my aunt that I was going to come and she slowed down and squeezed my penis till the feeling subsided. Make love to me, Anand. I want you now. I’ve been without a man for soooo long and my cunt needs to be well and truly fucked.

Hell, I needed no further invitation. I stripped off my clothes and hers and mounted her. She had no condoms I was not going to risk making her pregnant. What were we to do ? I began to lose hope thinking that I was not going to lose my virginity that night. But Shama had other plans. She got off the bed, opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. Cupping her palm, she poured some into it then began to massage my prick and her asshole with it. Bending over the bed, she guided my throbbing cock to her asshole. Oh God, I thought, we are going to have anal sex. This was too much for me, all my fantasies were coming true. I gently eased my six inch cock into her asshole and slowly drove it in to the hilt. Boy was she tight. She grimaced in pain as I drove it in. I was also sore but my pulse was racing and the other fantastic sensations shadowed the pain. I began to thrust and got faster and faster. Suddenly I shot my load deep into her ass. I just kept on cumming, load after load of hot cum. After my erection had died down, I withdrew and she washed and wiped my limp cock. Not satisfied with the anal sex, she started to give me a blowjob. It felt so fucking good. Shama’s hot mouth on my limp cock soon brought it back to full staff. She sucked me up and down like it was going to be her last blowjob. Just as I was about to come for the second time, she lay down and took my cock in between her breasts and started to milk it. I spasmed and shot more come onto her breasts, face and mouth. After the spasms, shed took my cock into the mouth once more and licked up every drop of cum. Totally exhausted, we dressed and fell back to sleep with smiles on our faces.

That was the first of many encounters with aunt Shama. I will tell you more about my other encounters with her as well as a cousin and my sister-in-law later.

It s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I casually drop into your house for a chat. Your family is around and We are sitting at the dining table, generally chattin and flirting around. You are wearing a low cut nightie with a short skirt extending a little above your thigh. I try to catch glimpses of your breasts as you move about. You notice me doing that and dont give a chance. U tease me a little by showing a little and then hiding it…I look at u and ure looking naughtily at me… I tease u and compliment u and make u blush. I suddenly catch hold of your hand and start rubbing the chubby potion of your palm…just below the thumb with my thumb… U make feeble attempts to make me let go, but i dont let u go looking at u naughtily, while u blush and keep glancing at me. Suddenly, we hear someone just outside the room and i quickly let u go…Everybody in your family enters in and sits around the table. they start making plans of going somewhere..I partially listen to them, just to make sure that your dad thinks that I am listening, but actually my real attention is on you.I slide my foot and place it squarely on your foot. U become startled, but u try to hide it. I keep talking with your pop and keep rubbing my foot against urs, pressing the top of your foot down with my heel and rubbing the bottom of my foot against your ankle…you are sitting there trying to control your blushing and smiling…In the meantime, everybody makes plans to go to a park or movie or something..i dont know cuz i didnt pay much attn anyways…They invite us and I am like Nah!! I ll be going soon..You start to say yes, when i give a quick jab on your foot…u smartly change your answer to no, saying something like u have to do your homework or something….

Everybody leaves, leaving just me, you and your mom(damn!!!) in the house.. your mom goes to prepare the Sunday afternoon lunch when she realizes that something is missing. She rushes outside, saying something about returning in an hour or something.
You: Why did you have to do that??
Me: Why?? Didnt u like it?
You: What if someone found out?
Me: No, they wont
You: You do that again and I ll complain to my pop
Me: No, you wont
You hmmmpphh!!

You leave the table and go stand before the dressing table, combing your hair. I look at you. standing there combing your hair, glancing at me time to time to see if I say anything. I walk over to you and hold your waist from behind. U stop combing and look at me, trying to look angry but I can see that actually ure just being naughty.. I kiss your neck softly

Me: Mad at me, sweetie?
You(melting at my kiss): WEll, not really
Me: Dont me mad at me, darling, especially when we are alone I grab your waist tighter, pulling u towards me and doing some serious nibbling and licking on your neck. You tilt your head to expose more of the succulent flesh on the side of your neck to me.
You: But, my mother will me home soon
Me: More the reason to start sooner

You blush and lower ure head, smiling softly, signalling a yes. I turn you head and start kissing u on the lips sucking and licking them. I move my hand onto ypou chest and tear the nightie of your chest exposing you lovely breasts. I move my hand on your breasts and start fondling and squeezing them, feeling your nipple tighten at my touch. I look at you in the mirror while you atch me squeezing your boobs in the mirror. My cock starts getting a little excited and starts pressing against your thigh. I bend your body a little forward and u stay there leaning against the dressing table with your ass protuding out. I move back and remove your skirt and u arent wearing any panties!!!! I look at you and youre grinning that impish smile at me again. I rub my hands on your inner thighs and make the part.

I unbuckle my jeans and undies and let them drop, exposing my now erect cock now, pointed at you like a weapon. You try to look at my cock in the mirror but u cant. I move closer to u and rub my cock on your pussy. I rub my cock head a few more times on your pussy lips, making it wet with exitement. Yoou close your eyes and moan softly. I move back a fraction of an inch and then thrust my cock deep in your pussy. U get startled and open your eyes. You start giggling making me laugh too. I start thrusting my cock in and out, moving faster and faster. U stop giggling and start moaning with the sudden influx of feelings rocking your body. You start moving your body too meeting my body midway. The slap=slap of my groin against your ass reverbates thru the room. I look at the expression of pleasure in your face and go wild , thrusting deeper and faster. We keep looking at each other thru the mirror/ The mirror starts shaking with our combined motions.

You move back tuirning your head to kiss me. I hold u by your left breast fondling and squeezing it and push u towards me. U turn your upper body a little to the right and kiss me sliding your tongue in my mouth. I keep thrusting fast inside you, I suck on your tongue and i hold your right thigh lifiting it up. You bend your knee and i guide your foot onto the dressing table. I hold your right hand and d**** it over my neck. I let do of your mouth and we are standing there for a moment looking into each other s eyes. You look at me quizically not understanding what am i doing

Me: Hold on baby, You will love this
You(Smiling): Ok, but what do i do next
Me: just hold on to me tight. I am going to lift your leg up and keep it on the table

I pass my hand on your left thigh and in one swift stroke lift u up and keep your foot against the table…i hold u tight and u let go of my neck resting your back against my chest. We start rocking our bodies in unison…back and forth…my cock moving in and out in your pussy. i start squeezing your breasts harder and harder…I move one hand down across your stomach to your clit. I press your clit with my finger. I rub your clit around with my finger. Our body starts rocking faster and faster. i look at the time and see there isnt much time left. So, i insert my index finger into your pussy along with my cock. I feel my cock rubbing against your pussy. i drive my finger deeper, stimulating your pussy with it. your juices flow all over my finger. I look at your face. U have your eyes closed and your squirming in delight, moaning with every thrust…I ram my second finger inside and u scream out in delight. u arch your back, bringing your breasts up. i grab them and squeeze them hard. I started milking them. I hear u moan loudly..
You: Jay!! Jay!!
Me: Enjoying it, darling?
You: UMMM..AAHH. another one
ME: what? another finger?
You : aahhh. Yes!!
Me: Are you sure?

You bite your lips and nod a yes. I put my third finger in u. No sooner than i put my third finger inside than waves of orgasm start strinking your body. U start to jerk uncontrollably, listening only to the commands of your orgasm….
You: Yes!!! OhGod!!! cYESSS!!! Jay!! oh God!!! This is great!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

I hold u tight moving in you rythym, still driving my cock in and out…The spasms of your body drive me wild and i cum too. I shoot my load deep inside your pussy and the 3 fingers in u can feel my cum intermingle into urs. I let out a big grunt of pleasure and stand there exhausted and spent but satisfied and grinning from ear to ear. We had cum so much that lots of it had spilled on the floor and table, so we wipe it off with your torn nightie. We clean up and dress up quickly…u start throwing out the nightie, but i take it from u cuz that is the souvenier of our passion. it has both our smells intermingled and it has the tear right along the center reminding us of how passinate we were.

To all appearances, Kiran was a little more than the girl next door. Demure and little more than pleasant, she seldom attracted a second glance. She was dusky, not very tall, with silky, dark hair cut short and bound in a high pony tail by an ordinary rubber band. She was dressed sedately in a shalvar-kurta ensemble, with a light chiffon dupatta spread over her torso and knotted behind her back. She wore no makeup or jewellery, except a thin black thread with an amulet around her neck. She sprawled beneath him, panting and sweating from her sexual exertions, naked but for the dupatta. Her lover wondered how many people could even have guessed her to be such a performer in bed. He knew that she had her own management consultancy. He had never imagined that she would be a surprisingly proficient lover as well. He could scarcely believe his luck. He, a common servant, was bedding a regular memsahib, fucking her like a whore.
He did several part-time jobs in the block of apartments where she lived. Earlier that night, he was down in the car-park, smoking a cigarette, his chores done. He looked up idly and his eyes slid past the windows of her house and then, in a classic double-take, snapped back. She stood at her window, looking at him. Even at that distance, there was no mistaking the fact that she was watching him. As he watched, she slid her hands under her dupatta and brazenly lifted her breasts. He dropped his smouldering cigarette in shock. She lifted her dupatta over her breasts and squeezed them in flagrant invitation. Watching him, she spread her feet apart and pumped her hips in an unmistakably obscene manner. Nodding slightly, she beckoned to him and stepped back into the shadows.
His heart thumping with excitement, the servant raced up the stairs to her second floor apartment. At her door, he stopped and took a deep breath. His pulse throbbed. Gently, he
tried the door. It swung open. He stepped in and shut it quietly. He knew she lived alone.
Kiran was waiting in the living room. Except her transparent chiffon dupatta, she was naked. He stared at her. Her breasts were covered by the filmy material, but her belly and crotch were exposed to his gaze. Her eyes glittered with excitement. She lifted her dupatta over her breasts, lifting them in her hands. Fuck me, she said softly in Hindi, her voice filled with lust. Fuck me hard. Chodh mujhe. Jorse chodh.
No introductions were asked for, none were needed. This was the best kind of sex, uncomplicated by any bond, an unabashed quest for physical gratification. They kissed hungrily, and her tongue was quick and eager in his mouth and her body was hot against his. She undressed him quickly and her cunt ground against his crotch and her breasts pressed warm on his chest. She slid a hand down to his groin and fondled his swelling penis. He groaned softly. She bent her head and sucked on his nipples, her fingers coiled around the long serpent of his penis. She fisted him slowly, feeling him harden in her hands, and slid to her knees before him. Flipping back his foreskin, she swirled her long tongue expertly over his cock-head. Her breath was warm on his tool-tip, and then her mouth enveloped his cock in its moist warmth. She began to suck hard on his penis, her head moving rapidly back and forth. He groaned and arched his head and wondered how often she had done this and with whom.
He fucked her mouth slowly, pumping his hips at her face, moving her head back and forth. His cock and her lips and cheeks grew shiny and sticky with his pre-cum gunk. He bent and fondled her breasts and found them swollen turgid, the rigid nipples quivering under his thumbs. His cock throbbed and pulsed ominously in her Mouth. His cock was satisfyingly large, at least ten inches long and correspondingly thick. It was a long time since she’d had a cock as big. Its musky taste and the heady odour of his cum excited her. She was desperate for a fuck. She would offer him her mouth, her cunt, her ass, her breasts, any orifice he chose. One hand on her head, he rocked her face rapidly back and forth, grunting in delight. He bent his head to watch his cock glistening in and out of her mouth. His hips pumped and his belly sucked in with tension. Her face distended with his throbbing erection and she sucked harder, jerking his shaft with firm fingers.
Yeh … suck it, bitch … suck my cock … oh fuck yes …
that’s it, that’s good … c’mon … suck my meat, whore …
oh fucking hell yes! Choos rundi … jorse choos mere lavde ko!
The spoot-heat roiled in his balls and he pushed her head away. Immediately, she turned around on her hands and knees on the floor like a bitch in heat and thrust her buttocks up at him. She spread her thighs and leaned forward on her forearms and reached down to spread her cunt-lips
open. He could see the dewy beads of cunt-juice on her pubic fuzz. Her puckered anus enticed him and he debated whether to fuck her butt.
C’mon lover … fuck me…fuck me hard, she grunted.
He decided to fuck her cunt first. He dropped to his knees behind her and pressed his cock into the cleft between her buttocks. She felt his cock-head at her anus and promptly bent forward and clawed her buttocks open for him. He laughed softly.
Later, whore, he said. I’ll fuck your ass later. Baad mein teri gaand marta hoon.
She nodded and spread her cunt-lips for him again. Slowly, he squeezed his cock-head into her. Kiran gasped as his penis seared into her flesh. The servant groaned and flexed his buttocks, thrusting deep into her.
Her cunt was a hot, wet vice that cramped and convulsed on his penis. His head arched in pleasure. Gritting his teeth, he swung his hips forward and thrust deep into her. Kiran cried out loudly as the swollen penis pierced her belly. Her breasts were hot and swollen and they jerked and jiggled as he rocked into her.
C’mon slut … take it! the man gasped.
The obscenity aroused her. Moaning deliriously, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. Her cunt ran up and down the length of his shaft, impaling itself on his cock repeatedly. The servant took several deep breaths to regain control. He waited patiently on his knees behind her and caressed her back. He watched her cunt slide up and down his rigid penis and the sight aroused him. He prised her buttocks open and pressed his finger to her anus. She moaned and her sphincter yielded and he inveigled a thick finger into her ass. He slid his other hand under her belly and flicked her gorged clitoris back and forth. She gasped and whimpered, her back bowing and arching, her body jerking and rocking under him. Her breasts swung with her motions and he squeezed them hard, rolling her rigid nipples in his fingers. Kiran’s head snapped up and she moaned. Her cunt and breasts were fiery with lust. She moved faster. Her body rocked and jerked before him, her buttocks slapping loudly at his strong thighs. His balls pressed to her cunt-lips and he could feel the hot flow of her cunt-juices on his groin.
Yes! C’mon … c’mon, whore … take it! Lele rundi … aur le! Pura le, saali rahnd! Chul! Aur le! Take my cock … yeh! Take it all! Harder, bitch! Ohhhh yes! Yeh! UNHHhhh Yes!

Ohhh god yes, he grunted, forcing her to go faster and faster, jamming her cunt back on his prick.
Ohhhhh uhhhh OHHhhhh uhhhh OHhhh yes ohh god yes yes yes! she responded.
He slid his fingers out of her cunt and ass and, his hands on her hips, began to move. His hips pumped and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust probing her cunt. He rolled his hips savagely and she gasped and moaned as his cock ran into her cunt from all angles. It rasped against her inflamed clitoris, and she felt his heavy balls swinging at her cunt-lips. She stretched a hand between her thighs and squeezed his balls. He moaned and fucked her faster and harder. His balls were on fire. He began to sweat.
He pushed her down on her forearms, raising her buttocks higher. He spread his legs in a deep squat astride her hips and began to ride her. Her mouth split into a wide ‘O’ of pure lust as he ground his hips against hers. Then he fucked her hard with deep, punishing thrusts, his buttocks rising and falling, his penis going in and out of her cunt, glistening with their commingled juices. Her body jerked under his thrusts and she moaned loudly, obscenely, begging him to fuck her harder. He obeyed his mistress and started ram-fucking her cunt, thudding into her, his cock rasping in and out of her cunt with an audible rasp. She squeezed her breasts in a frenzy as he moved faster and faster till he was rocketing in and out of her cunt like a dervish.
Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh
oh yes Ohhhhh yes Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god
yes … fuck me ohhh yes baby yes … fuck me hard … fuck me …
oh yes … fuck my slit, lover … fuck it hard! Kiran
chunnered. Chodh mujhe … jorse chodh!
Kiran orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. The man was magnificent. He went on fucking her hard, right through her orgasm. She expected him to come inside her as her cunt convulsed feverishly on his penis but, to her amazement and delight, he held back. She gasped softly in wonder and joy and heard him chuckle softly. He slid his penis out of her. She turned on her back and he knelt over her head and slid his cock into her mouth. She sucked it greedily and gasped as he bent over her and thrust his tongue into her cunt. They sixty-nined slowly and she whimpered in pleasure, sucking and licking his cock and balls. Her cunt tingled pleasurably. This man was good. His body was hard and lean and smelled musky and erotic. His tongue was wonderful in her cunt, thick and heavy, flicking her inflamed clitoris incessantly.
He rolled off her and she knelt astride his groin, his cock in her hand. She guided it to her cunt and, with a shuddering gasp, squeezed the cock-head into her flesh. He grunted as the soft heat of her cunt-flesh enveloped him again. She paused with her hips high and just the cock-head inside her, leaning forward with her hands on his chest.
Grunting with tension, gripping her buttocks, he fucked her furiously, ramming his hips up and down beneath her. She cried out, her head arching as the cock slammed in and out of her cunt. Her breasts bounced as his hips thumped against her buttocks. Then her buttocks crashed down greedily on his cock and he groaned as she began to rock and buck rapidly over him, her cunt sliding up and down his pole in feverish excitement. Her head whipped back and forth and her breasts jiggled and bounced. He held her buttocks and moved her on his lap. She reached back to cup his balls. He gasped loudly as she slid her cunt down deep onto his cock and flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly. Her cunt seemed to chew on his penis. She swung her buttocks round and round and her hand splayed flat on her belly and she fingered her clitoris. He watched her, deeply aroused.

Faster and faster they moved and now she leaned over him on outstretched arms and rocked rapidly up and down on his cock. Her cries rang in his ears. Yes … yes … OHhh yes … fuck me … fuck me hard, motherfucker, fuck me hard! Chul, bhadva! Ragad ke chodh mujhe, saala madarchuth! Hanh, rundi chul! Lele! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Le mere lund ko! OHHHh yeh! C’mon you whore!
Take it! he replied.
Her buttocks caromed and bounced off his thighs, her cunt a hot, wet, greedy vortex of intense pleasure. He bucked furiously under her, making her groan and cry out in lust. Kiran’s cunt blazed with heat and she soared up towards another orgasm. At the last minute, just before the sun broke through the clouds, she slid off his cock and turned on her back on the floor, spreading her legs and bending her knees. She clawed her cunt-lips open for him and reached for his cock as he moved between her thighs. He bent over her and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt slowly with a loud gasp, Her back bowed and arched as his burning penis seared into her cunt. Her supple thighs coiled about his hips. She dragged his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply, her tongue feverish in his mouth. C’mon you motherfucker … screw my slit, she muttered.
Screw me hard! Yeh … take it you whore … take my cock, he rasped. Stretched over her on outstretched arms, his cock still pushing into her constricting channel, gasping and making her moan in delight as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her, he fought to steady himself. His cock hrobbed ominously, and the jizz roiled in his balls, aching for release. Steadily, he drove himself deeper and deeper into her until he was fully embedded in her cunt, his cock in to the hilt. Kiran arched under him, her loins lurching up to his, her hands on his massive shoulders. He began to move and she responded eagerly, moving in unison with him. Soon, they were gasping and panting, their bodies streaming with sweat. Her body snapped back, her breasts jiggled, his thrusts got faster, deeper, harder. Within minutes, he was ram-fucking her furiously again. His head arched back and his buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down, up and down, his penis stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt. Kiran moaned deliriously, her head whipping ecstatically from side to side.
OHHHhh god yes yes ohh yes yes … ohhhh yeh that’s it …
c’mon fuck me lover …. yeh …. take me …. ohhhh yes!
Take it bitch …. yeh cunt … take it all yes! he returned.
She began to orgasm again and he kept fucking her, forcing her on to another orgasm and yet a third. She moaned and cried out, her body heaving and writhing and thrashing joyously under his.
Now he wanted her for his own pleasure. He jerked out of her and fucked her again, this time lying on his side and thrusting quickly into her from behind, lifting one of her legs high in his hand. He fucked her rapidly, one hand on her hip, the other on her shoulder, jigging her furiously up and down on his cock. Her breasts bounced and she cried out, her eyes closed, whimpering tiredly. The enormous cock was relentless in her cunt, thrusting angrily in and out of her cunt, his balls slamming against her buttocks and thighs. She came again and he swore violently, his cock jerking into her over and over. He struggled for control. Somehow, he managed to hold back. She bowed her head, panting and gasping, awed by his stamina and staying power. Rarely did a lover satisfy her thus. She sensed his desire and she satisfied it willingly. Quickly, she got onto the nearest armchair on her knees, her hands clenching the backrest, her buttocks thrust back, proffering her anus. Gasping with excitement, the servant stood behind her and pressed his cock-head to her asshole. He was burning with lust. Her sphincter spasmed once and he cried out, his head snapping back and jammed his cock into her asshole. Kiran screamed softly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain and lust as the huge, fiery rod seared into her butt. She dug a hand into her crotch and began to masturbate frantically.
Yes … yes … fuck me … fuck my ass … fuck it hard!
she gasped. Maar meri gaand! Jorse maar!
Overpowered by lust, he ram-fucked her butt, jerking and slamming his hips back and forth, forcing his cock into her asshole again and again. It was burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsed feverishly on his penis. He felt her orgasm and her ass cramped almost painfully on his dick. He cried out and rocked into her savagely and finally lost control. Beneath him, Kiran mewed in pleasure and joy when she felt the sharp sting of his spoot geysering in a searing flood into her asshole. He slid out of her asshole slowly, his cock quivering and throbbing. She moaned, and her breath came in heaving, rattling gasps. Her head bowed between her arms. He chuckled softly and squeezed her dangling breasts. She groaned.

Well, whore, like it? Had a good fuck? he growled. She turned around and sat in the chair and smiled prettily. Yes, she said. It was very good. Thank you. Are you game for more?
The man laughed. Sure thing, bitch. Good. Fuck me again.
Don’t you wanna know my name at all?
She looked genuinely puzzled. What for? She fondled his cock and smiled gently. As long as you’re ready to use your cock on me, I don’t care. The man laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. You’re one horny whore!
He told her his name anyway, Bhiku, and she told him hers, quite unnecessarily. He knew who she was. Kiran kissed the servant, holding his head in her hands and thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth. He squeezed her breasts. She arched her back and pushed his head to her breasts. He sucked them gently, then sharply. She groaned and pushed his head lower. He kissed her belly and nuzzled her crotch. Her legs spread wide, hooking over the arms of the chair. He thrust his face into her cunt. Come on, loverboy … lick my slit … shove your tongue into my pussy! Chaat mujhe!
The servant pulled her cunt-lips open and slid his tongue into her crack. She groaned and closed her eyes, tilting her face up. His tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy, rippling through her sodden slit like fire. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, moving his head around in her groin with the other. Kiran whimpered her pleasure. He tongue-fucked her steadily for several minutes, savouring the heady taste of her cunt juices and his own gunk. She moaned and whimpered happily, her hips jerking and writhing under his face. He straightened and climbed on the chair and gave her his cock to suck once again. She took it in her mouth greedily and sucked and licked it lasciviously, her tongue working its magic on the penis. He fucked her face unhurriedly, pumping his hips back and forth, rocking her head with one hand, bending his head to watch her suck his penis. She sucked harder and harder, moaning and whimpering in her throat. He pulled away and stood on the floor and leaned over her. She spread her legs wide and lifted her cunt up high. One hand on the back of the chair, his head bent to watch her under him, he flexed his buttocks and slowly drilled his cock into her cunt. Kiran moaned softly as the huge rod seared into her flesh. She gripped his buttocks and dragged his head down to hers.
Fuck me, she groaned in his ear, tonguing it. Fuck me Bhiku! Shove your cock into my slit … I want it all! I want to feel it right up inside me! Bhar de mere chuth ko! Slowly, the servant flexed his buttocks tighter and tighter. He grimaced and gasped as her hot cunt convulsed frantically on the intruding penis as it burrowed and plowed into her soft, eager, wanton flesh. Her head jerked to one side and she whimpered in pleasure, her chest heaving. Bhiku crushed her breasts with one hand. She groaned, clenching his arms, her hips arched high, her buttocks taut, her cunt squeezing and sucking hungrily on his penis.

Oh fuck! he gasped. Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes, baby yes! Take it! Take it whore! Take my cock!
Ohhh … uhhhh yes … yes … ohhhh yes … yes … ohhh
uhhh oh ma uhhh ahhh … yes … oh ma uhhh ahh … unhhh
ohhh uhhh ohhh uhh Oh oh oh!
Now gripping both arms of the chair, gasping with exertion, the servant began to grind his cock heavily in and out of Kiran’s cunt. She gasped and moaned, arching and writhing erotically under him, squeezing and crushing her breasts in an eager frenzy.
Fuck me! she called. Fuck me all night, Bhiku! Fuck me hard!
Not that he needed any bidding anyway …

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Aab kya hai?..?

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Nahin?bilkul nahin?..aap to kiss karne main mahir hain!?..wo najar jhukae hi boli.

To phir tumne kyon nahin kiss kiya mujhe?..?

Mujhe nahin aata??aap sikhaoge? Achha par abhi aap office jaao??.wo mujhe dhakka dene lagi.

Achha baba?jata hoon?..main hanste hue bola.

Mere liye office se wapas aate hue kya laaoge?..?

Ek garmagaram kiss?..

Maaroongi haan?..wo banawati gusse se boli?..

Main jate hue bola?..accha acchha main laaonga?..

Thodi der ke liye main ghar se bahar gaya. Aise hi natak karte hue main wapas bhi aa gaya. Wo bedroom main thi. Main chupke se doosare kamre gaya. Uske liye maine jo beach bra aur G-string panty khareedi thi wo packet nikala??in kapdon ko chuuma. Phir jaise ki office se wapas aa gaya??wapas bedroom main aa gaya, jahan wo leti thi.

Phir youn hi khel ke kuch aur hisse chale?..phir shaam bhi hui?.ghumne gaye?.eisa karte karte hamare khel main raat aai?

Is khel ke dinner ke baad?..jab hamain raat main ek saath sona tha?us samaya usne poocha ?.mere liye kya laye??

Maine packet uske haath main diya??dekho?..

Kya hai?..wo bra aur panty nikalte hue boli??

Wow?.kitni sundar hai ye?..par ye to bahut chotti chotti hain??.

Bra aur panty koi badi badi hoti hain kya?? Main to apni biwi ko aisi hi pahnaaonga?.

Pahankar to dekho?..

Ok?.dekhti hoon?sach aap waqai aache pati ho aapko yaad tha ki mujhe bra pahanana bahut pasand hai? Thank u?

Thak u se kaam nahin chalega?.pahankar dikhana padega??main bhi to dekhoon 34-18-35 ke khoobsoorat jism par ye kaise sundar lagte hain?.!

Dhat?sshh?main koi in kapdon main aapke samne aaongi??

Kyon bhai pati se sharmaaogi kya? To phir dikhaogi kise?darling? Pleeaasssseee! Dikhao na!

Aachha theek hai par door se dekhna pass na aana. Ok?

Theek hai baba?tum jaao to sahi!

aur ye kya hai?ye mera underwear hai?..Maine aapna jockey uske hath se lete hue kaha?.

Wo dusare kamare main chali gai??.Maine bijli ki purti se apne kapde nikale aur sirf wo naya jockey ka underwear pahan liya?.aur mirror ke samne dekhne laga. Jaise ki dekh raha hoon ki ye underwear kaisa lagta hai. Underwear bahut sexy tha.front main sirf lund ko kawar karta tha.Baki usmain baal tak sare dikh rahe the.

Usne aawaj di ?.main aaon?

Haan haan?darling?meri jaan aao?.!

Wo thoda sharmati hui aai?..abhi maine uske badan ki jhalak hi dekhi thi ki wo ?wapas palat gai?.uuuiiiiimmmaaaa??..!!!!!!!!!!!

Main uske peeche lapka?.aur doosare kamre main uske samne khada ho gaya.

Aaaaa?.ppp..ppp nange kyon ho gaye??

Main?.to?to..to?underwear ?pa?a..a..hhaan..kk..aa?.rrrr dekh raha tha?.thaa?!

Phir humare mukh main jaise bol atak gaye. Main bhi roj exercise karta tha aur mera badan bhi bada gatheela tha. Wo mere jism main khoo gai aur main uske uthav ?chadav- utrav main. Ek kamsin akshat kaumarya mere samne lagbhag nagn khadi thi. Us nayi jawani bhare jism par wo uthe hue kase kase bade bade boobs?.wo patla sa pet?..dubli si kamneeya kamar?.aur phir chaude nitamb??G-string to uske guptaang ko bhi pura nahin dhak pa rahi thi.thode thode se reshmi baal idhar udhar bikhre the.Uska vaginal mound kafi bade aakar ka aur ubhara hua tha?phula phula sa. Aur uski wo madak jhanghaa?.patli lambi taange??bala ki sexy thi wo?film ki heroine bhi kya uske samne tikengi?..main achambhit sa kamuk drishti se use youn hi dekhta raha?.aur kab mera lund tankar khada ho gaya ?..mujhe khud pata na chala.

Peeche?.mmmuuuddoo to?.maine apna saliva undar ghutakte hue kaha??

Wo mudi?..


Kya gazab ka dirshya tha?.!dag rahit gora dhudhiya badan?.!uske buttocks bilkul D shape main the?bade bade?.pure nange?Gstring unko bilkul bhi nahin dhak rahi thi?..

Maine kaha?..bahut kamsin aur khoobsoorat hai tumhara badan meri rinky?.bahut madak aur sexy ho tum?.

Aaap bhi bahut handsome aur masculin hain??..wo boli?.

Uski najar mere tane hue underwear par thi. Mera lund jaise ki underwear phaad dene ko betaab tha.Usne underwear ko ekdam 120 degree ka tanav diya hua tha?..aur side se dekhne par mere testis?jo ki lagbhag eggs jaise bade hain?.saaf dikh rahe the?.aur sath main moti tantani shaft bhi. jahan par mere lund ka head underwear ko choo raha tha wahan underwear geela ho gaya tha.

Main aage bada?..wo peeche hatne lagi?..chalte samay mera lamba lund up and down hil raha tha?maine dekha uski najar waheen par thi. Peeche jaate jaate wo deewar par chipak gai?.usne ek madak si aangdai apne badan ko di?..mere lund ne pre-cum ki ek aur boond ugli.

Main jaanti hoon us din aap male ke kis size ki baat kar rahe the?..!

Maine use bahoon main lete hue kaha?..kis cheez ke size ki baat kar raha tha main??

Aab tak mere haathon ne uski kamar ko pakad liya tha??

Usne apne haath se mere underwear ke upar se mere lund ko halka sa pakadte hue kaha ??. Iski?.! Ye 8 inch lamba hai?aur 6 inch mota hai?circumference main?..!

Good?! Kisne bataya ??

Meri saheli ne?..wo to apka ye dekhna chahti hai?..!

Tum nahin dekhna chahogi?

Usne sharam se chehra nere seene main chupa liya??Maine uski peeth ko sahlaya?.ek hath se uske chehre par se julph hathate hue uske kaanon ke neeche?naram gost par lajrata chumban diya. Meri ungliyon ne bra ka dhaga khol liya??bra gir gai?.nange boobs jaise hi azad hue unke aakar main badotri hui aur mere seene par unhone dastak di. Shayad neeche mera lund aur thoda lamba hokar thoda aur hard ho gaya. Aab mere hath uske chuttar shla rahe the.Wo kamuk ho chuki thi?..uske aur jyada kathor hote boobs is baat ki gawahi de rahe the.Maine jyon hi panty ke undar hath dal kar uske guptaang par ungli phirai?.uske munh se awaz nikli ?.

Haan mujhe bbhi dekhna hai?aaaa..aa?pp..pp?kkkk?kk..aa..aa?..LLLuuuunndd?..!

To phir mera underwear utaroo?!

Wo jhuki ghutno par baith gai??aur mera underwear usne nikal diya. Lund jaise?.ki koi sher pinjre se azad ho gaya ho?.turant hi usne 3-4 precum ki boonden ugli?..

Kaisa hai?..

Bada garam hai?wo chukar boli?.par bahut shandaar?..kiktna bada hai aapka?.aur kitna mota?.

Kiss karo na?ise?maine uske baalon main hath phirate hue aur apne testis uske hoontho par ragadte hue kaha.

Usne apne hoonth peeche badaye?.aur lund ke head ko chum liya. Phir thoda rukkar ek aur chumban uska liya?.lund dahad utha?.aur precum ki char boonde uske hoontho par gira di?…

Kya tum ise choosna pasand karogi??? Iski puri lambai ko?

Ooohhh?haan?aap kahate ho to?jaroor?par ye bahut mota hai mere munh main jayega??

Haan koshish to karo?

Wo meri taangon se chipk gai. Usne mere chuttar pakad liye. Uske boobs meri jhanghaoon se gharshan kar rahe the. Rinky ne tane hue lund ke head ko apne munh se pakda aur phir push karte hue?pura head pahale undar le liya. Mai tadap utha?.maine uska sir pakda aur lund ko aage push kiya?.aadha lund uske munh main tha. Wo use apne saliva se geela kar rahi thi. Phir usne use choosna suru kiya.munh ke undar bahar?.phir usne use nikalkar chata ?shaft ki lambai puri chati. Main swarg main tha?thodi der baad maine use mana kiya ki wo aab mat kare. Wo uth gai?

Kaisa laga aapko?

Tum bahut achha choosti ho?.aab mujhe apni choot nahin dikhaogi?

Pahale aap ek wada karoo!


Ki aaj raat aap mere sath suhagraat manaoge??maine suna hai usmain bada maja aata hai! Suna hai dulha aur dulhan sari raat nange hokar bistar par koi khel khelte hain?.sambhog ka?.phir dulha dulhan ko apne bachhe ki mummy bana deta hai?.apne lund ko dulhan ki vagina main daalkar?aur ismain bada maja aata hai?.

Tumhain kisne bataya..? maine poocha.

Meri sahelion ne class main?.

Oh?.15 saal ki umar main hi tumhari saheliya badi hoshiyaar ho gai hain?

Haan meri ek saheli ki didi ki shadi hui hai na abhi 2 mahene pahale. To uski didi ne use bataya ki suhagraat main bada maja aaya. Itna ki sari raat manai. Uski didi ne to ye bhi bataya ki uske jijaji ne uski didi ki yoni main apne lund se khoob veeerya bhara aur aab uski didi mummy ban jayegi. Phir ek din meri saheli ne apne jijaji se kaha ki wo uske sath bhi mana de suhagraat?..ek din wo soi bhi apne jijaji ke sath ?par jijaji uske sath mathun na kar sake?..


Wo apna ye lund meri saheli ke guptaang main ghussa na sake. Meri saheli tadapkar rah gai?

Apni saheli ko mere pass lekar aana?kitni umar hai tumhari saheli ki?

14 saal?..apke pass laaongi to aap uske guptaang main ghusa doge?Apka to itna mota lund hai?.

Pagli ye lund ghussana to ek kala hai ??har mard thode hi janta hai?..khastur se kacchi chut chodna aasaan nahin hai?Aur kitni saheliyan hai tumhari?..jo apna kaumarya lutana chahti hain?

Saat ? aath?haan?lekin kisi ne suhagraat nahin manai..kabhi ?aap manaoge na aaj mere sath?.mere dulha bankar?..?

Haan jaroor?tumhare is madak jism ki kasam main aaj raat wo suhagrat manaoonga tumhare sath ?jaisi kisi ladke ne kisi ladki ke sath nahin manai hogi!

Saach?.? Aur phir mere garbh ko bhi seench dena?.main aapko apne jeewan ka pahala purush mankar apne garbh main sabse pahale aapke veerya ki boond chahti hoon??aap doge na?

Haan meri rani?.kyon nahin?.

To phir main aapke lund ke liye apna kaumarya samarpit kartee hoon?.!Par aap pyar se karna mere saath?.main kacchi kali hon na?..mera guptaang bada tight hai?..please dheere dheere chodna mujhe mere raja??mere dulhe?..aur wo muskurai?

Usne phir jald hi apni panty utar di aur puri nangi khadi ho gai?..mere tane lund ke samne. Maine dekha?uske guptaang se ras bah raha tha. Wo puri tarah gili thi. Maine use uthaya aur bedroom main lakar use bistar par rakh diya. Phir us par chad baitha?.uske boobs choosne ke liye betaab tha main. Hum jald hi gunth gaye?.do jawan bhukhe jism?jo aaj pahali baar kaamkreeda karne ja rahe the?! Ek dusare par jaise jhapat pade?.Main uske boobs buri tarah choos raha tha?

Uuufff?aa..hhh..aaaa..hhhhh please thoda dheere?.kato na?..uuuuiiiiaur jor se chooso?

Dono badan tap uthe. Wo buri tarah tadap uthi?..phir maine uski nabhi se khela?.to usne mere sir ko apne guptaang ki taraf dhakela?.main uska ishara samajh gaya?turant hi mere munh ne uske vaginal mound ko kiss kiya aur main phir uski choot ko chatne aur peene laga. Uski jhirri par apni jheebh ki nok phirate hue?maineuske guptaang ke hoonth kholne chahe?.par wo behad tight the?phir maine wo irada choda aur us jhirri par jheebh ki nok phirate hue jheebh ko neeche le jane laga?.guptaang ke neeche chata kureda?.kiss diye?aur phir karte karte jheebh ki nok se uske chuttar ke ched ko kuredne laga. Kabhi main use chat leta puri jeebh ka chapta bhag rakhkar?.mujhe maja aa raha tha?wo aur jyada tadapti ja rahi thi?uska badan aab jor jor se uchal raha tha. Wo bahut awazein bhi nikal rahi thi?..par mera ghar bahut bada hai??us shor se meri kamagni aur bhadak rahi thi?so maine use aur tadpane laga.


ajh gaya?turant hi mere munh ne uske vaginal mound ko kiss kiya aur main phir uski choot ko chatne aur peene laga. Uski jhirri par apni jheebh ki nok phirate hue?maineuske guptaang ke hoonth kholne chahe?.par wo behad tight the?phir maine wo irada choda aur us jhirri par jheebh ki nok phirate hue jheebh ko neeche le jane laga?.guptaang ke neeche chata kureda?.kiss diye?aur phir karte karte jheebh ki nok se uske chuttar ke ched ko kuredne laga. Kabhi main use chat leta puri jeebh ka chapta bhag rakhkar?.mujhe maja aa raha tha?wo aur jyada tadapti ja rahi thi?uska badan aab jor jor se uchal raha tha. Wo bahut awazein bhi nikal rahi thi?..par mera ghar bahut bada hai??us shor se meri kamagni aur bhadak rahi thi?so maine use aur tadpane laga.



Ek sukumar kumari kanya ka ye aahwan mere lund ko to kamukta ki charam seema tak le hi gaya?.maine apni jhanghayain uske seene ke dono taraf kar uske mukh ke upar apna lamba lund latka diya. Phir usne apne hathon se mere chootar pakad liye aur meri gaand ke ched par ek kiss diya. Uski jheebh phir mere eggs ko chatne lagi to kabhi wo unko munh ke under le choosne lagi. Phir usne lund ke aas pass ka sara hissa chuma aur chata.

Wo aab khoob chillane siskne lgi thi. Uske badan ki tadap ne bhi mujhse kaha ki aab samay a gaya hai jab mere purushtav ko is tadapti hui bala ke is jism ki wasana ke sath nyay karte hue uski yoni main pravesh karke uske kumareetv ko streetv main badal dena chahiye?.taki wo ek purn youwna ban sake?..uske jism ki sundarta aur khil sake.

Main utha ?aur apne lambe tane lund ko hilate hue rinky ke nange badan par chad gaya. Seene se uske boobs ko masalte hue maine uski jhanghayein phailayi aur lund ko choot ke mukh par rakh kar jor lagaya. Ek jor ke jhatke ne lund ke sir ka aadha bhag undar kar diya. Par wo bahar bhi aa gaya rinky ki marmantak cheekh sunkar. Wo dard se tadap uthi thi.

Please mat dalo?..bahut dard hota hai??

Meri rani?..thoda to sahna padega?..thodi der?aakhir tum abhi sirf 15 saal ki hi to ho?! Pahali bar to dard hota hi hai?uske baad dekhna main kaisa sukh lootogee tum.

Thodi der aur koshish ki maine par 15 sal ki kali ki phulwari main ghusna aasan na tha! Main jaise hi dhakka lagata?wo upar ko sarak jati thi. Wo bhi chudne ke liye betaab thi. Par pahal to uske purush ko hi karni thi! Usne katar najar se mujhe dekha. Jaise kah rahi ho?.kuch bhi karke mere sath sambhog kar dalo?!Tab maine ek naye sire se prayaatn kiya.

Maine use utha kar dinning table par uski kamar se upar ka bhaag lita diya, jisse uski taange table ki side se latak paer jameen par tik gaye.Is position main uske vishaal chuttar table ki side par tik gaye. Table deewar se tiki thi. Is tarah agar aab main uske pheeche se apna lund uske chuttaron ke beech se ghusata to wo lund ke dhakke se aage nahin badhti aur is tarah lund andar ghus hi jata. Wo bhi samajh gai ki main kya karna chah raha hoon aur tyyar ho gayi. Apne haathon se usne table pakad li.

Chut ke honth phadak phadak kar bata rahe the ki wo kisi bhi attack ke liye tyyar hai. Lund bhi tana hua tha. Main aage bada. Lund ka sir guptaang ke darwaje par rakha. Thoda maalish ki. Lund precum se sarabor tha?.ekdam lal! Thoda sa undar dhakelte hue maine lund ko phansa liya. Aaab rinky ke chuttar pakadte hue?maine push karna suru kiya. Lund ke dhakke se taange aur khulne lagi. Dard aur anand aab uske kanth se cheekh aur seetkaroon ki awaz main nikalne laga. Jaise jaise mujhe lagne laga ki ghusana mushkil hai waise waise main chuttar aur dabate hue?.push karne main aapni taqat badane laga. Wo jal bin machli ki tarah tadap rahi thi.

Lund ka sir hi sabse mota hota hai. Aab lagbhag 5 minute ke koshish ke baad wo ghus chuka tha. Rinky ki aankhon main aansoon the?par usne bataya ki bada maja aa raha hai?aur aab main lund ko katai bahar na nikaloon. Aaab maine phir push dene suru kiye. Aur lund aahista aahista ghusne laga. Aab aadhe se jyada ghus chuka tha.

Achanak mujhe laga ki undar choot main koi deewar si hai jo aab lund ko undar ghusane se rok rahi hai?..ooohhh?.kaumarya?..Maine kaha ?

Rinky thoda sa ye jhatka sah lena bas?..main aab tumhain phool banane ja raha hoon. Aaj ke baad tum kumari na rahogi!

Please kar do ?.phaad do use?..apne lund ko aage badao?..roko mat. Main sah loongi..!

Maine lund ko thoda sa bahar nikalte hue?..uske chuttar kas kar pakadte hue?ek puri taqat se dhaaka mara.


Is cheekh main bhi wo madhur si chiittt ki aawaz sunai di. Jo ki kaumarya ke phatne ki awaz thi. Aaab maine lund ko pura ghusa liya tha aur meri jhanghayein uske chuttar se sat gai thi. Hamari taange gunth gai.Aab main bhi uski peeth par let gaya aur uske haath pakad liye.

Thanks darling?.meri jaan?.apni virginity mujhe dene ke liye??

Bas aab mujhe nichod daalo mere kaamdev?.

Maine kuch kaha nahin par honthon ko uske honthon se chusane laga. Mere hathon ne uski chhati masalni suru kardi undar ghus kar. Neeche maine lund ko aahista aahista bahar nikala?aur phir undar dala?thodi si lambai se?.

Aur uska pura badan tharthara utha?..rinky apne jeewan ke pratham orgasm ka sukh bhog rahi thi?.madhosh kar dene wali aawazon ke sath usne kai jhatke liye?Shayad itna ras nikla tha ki hamari jhanghayein bheeg gai thi?par kise parwah thi?.

Kyon rinki maja aaya?

Uffffff??.bas aaj ke baad to main roj chudwane aaoongi aapse?.aap chodoge na?.?

Haan?.par apni sari saheliyon ko bhi tumhain is lund se khulwana hoga?.

Haan main unhain bhi aapki dulhan banaoongi??par mujhe to aap roj chodoge na?.

Haan meri jaan??

Mera lund aab aaram se undar bahar ho raha tha. Halanki Rinky ki choot bahut tight thi?par aab maithun karne main aasan ho gaya tha. Maine aab gati deni suru ki?.aur stroke bhi lambe kar diye. Main madmast saand ho utha.

Achanak maine use utha liya?.mera lund uski choot main hi ghusa tha pura?.isi awastha main maine use palatkar lita diya. Aaab uske boobs mere chusane ke liye?mere sammukh the. Phir usko pelna suru karte hue maine aab apne hoonth uske boobs ko peene ke kaam par laga diye. Usne aapni jhanghayein meri kamar par baandh li aur apne chuttar utha utha kar chudwane lagi. Kaisa aashcharya tha?.ek 15 saal ki ladki ?pahali bar main hi chudwane main itni kushal ho gai thi! Mere aandkosh ke bar bar thokne se uski choot ka nichla hissa lal ho chala tha. Thap?Thap ki badi jor jor ki aawazein aa rahi thi..jab jab mera lund pura undar ghusta tha aur meri jhangh uski jhanghon se takrati thi. Is beech rinky ka badan aur do baar jhatke kha chuka tha.

Aab maine use phir uthakar (lund undar hi rakhte hue ) bistar par patak diya. Pure shareer ka bhar uske najuk badan par daal maine use aab raundna suru kiya. Lund prachand speed le chuka tha. Aur pure 8-9 inch lamba stroke le raha tha. Ek do baar to lund pura bahar aakar phir ghus gaya.Wo uchal uchal padti thi. Mere hoonth barabar uske boobs chusane ke kaam main jute the.

Bas aab seench do mujhe?.aur sah nahin paaoongi?.aap mar daloge mujhe?.Aur jor se chodo ?.apne is musal se lund se?.meri yoni ko raund dalo??.isne aapko bahut sataya hai ?.ise uski saja do.sambhav ho to cheer ? phaad do ise?.

Saand ki tarah hunkar raha tha main?.uske pelvis ko buri tarah masal diya tha maine. Uske guptaang ke hoonth is aakraman se lal ho uthe the?Jahan lund aur choot ka milan ho raha tha?.us chudai sthal par khoon?..precum..aur rinky ke orgasm ke mile jule dravya ki wajah se phaacchh?.phaacchh?ki si awaz aa rahi thi.

Phir maine lund ghusaye hue hi use doggy style main le liya.uske khoobsoorat chuttaron ke beech se nikalta mera mota hard lohe jaisa rod bhahar aata phir under ghus jata. Wo cheekh marti. Maine use jakad rakha tha. Achanak mujhe ek nayi cheez sujhee. Maine ek haath se uske badan ko phir utha liya aur use aur dressing mirror ke samne le gaya. Mera lund abhi bhi uski choot main ghusa hua tha.

Kya kar rahe ho mere raja?.?

Meri rani ab tujhe chodte hue apne aap ko dhekhoonga main?.tu bhi dekhegi apni chudti hui choot?

Uuuuuuuiiimmmaaaaannnnn??.main dekhoongi to mera badan tadapkar toot jayega?..aap aaj meri jan le loge kya?

Maine ek dinning table ki kursi mirror ke pas kheench li.kursi ki peeth pakad kar rinki apne badan ko kamar se mod kar 90 degree ka angle banate hue khadi ho gai. Uski choot ko phadta hua mera lund usmain ghusa hua tha.aab samne mirror main side pose tha chudai ka. Maine thoda angle liya taki ghusta ? nikalta precum main dooba chamchamata hua lund bhi dikhe?..

Rinki jaisi kamsin aur muhalle ki sabse sundar ladki is samay mere nange badan ke sath nangi hokar gunthi hui hai aur chudwa rahi hai ?.ye drishya mirror main dekh mera lund kamukta ki nai uchaiyoon ko chhune laga. Maine phir peeche se chodna suru kiya. Hum dono hi mirror main dekh rahe the.us mote mustand lund ke sath ?main slow aur lambe lambe strokes ka maja lene laga??jab lund choot se bahar aata to us tight choot ki androoni gulabi diwar bhi lund ke sath chipki ragad khati bahar khinch jaati?..aur jab lund under ghusta chala jata tab..choot ke bahari hoonth bhi under dhans jate??.isi dasha main maine lagbhag 30 stroke lagaye ?.wo beech main do baar aur tadap uthi thi?..

Aaab sahana mushkil ho raha tha?maine mirror main dekhte dekhte speed badhana suru kiya?.speed ke sath uske bade bade boobs bhi aage peeche hilte ja rahe the aur thap thap thap?thap?.ka shor phir kafi tej ho gaya??meri speed ke sath?.

Uuuhhh??uuuuuhhhh?..aaannn..aaannn?.chodo mujhe??aur jor se?..aaaahhh?.fuck me?.uuuuuuhhhhh?.AAAAAAA?.MAAAN?..MMMAARRR GGAAAIII??please please aur jor se chod do meri?..OOFFFfff?.ohhh..pleee?.fuck?.chodo?.mardo ?mujhe?..aaaaaaaaaaaa?.hhhhhhh?.ssssssssiiiiii?..ooooooo??fuck me hard?rinki ki cheekhe?badti ja rahi thi?..

Achanak mujhe laga ki lund phulne laga hai?.aur is wajah se choot ki deewaroon se uska gharshan bad gaya hai?Meri nas nas tantane lagi?.aur mujhe laga ki sare shareer se nichudkar khuch hai jo lund ki taraf ja raha hai?..

Rinky ?.mujhe hone wala hai??

Please meri choot ko bhar do?..mere garbh ko seench do??aur usne kursi ko aur jor se jakad liya.

Aab rokna asambhav tha?.lund puri raftar se chudai kar raha tha?aur uske liye rukna possible nahin tha.

Mujhe is chudai ka pura prasad chahiye??apne kamdev se?.

Mere hathon ne neeche se uske boobs jakad liye

To phir lo?meri rani?..meri jaan?..SSAAAAARRRA ? LLEEELLLLOOOOOOOO..

Tumhari choot ki puri gaharai??bbhhaarr dddooonnngggaaaaa??.maaaiiinnn?


Aur mere lund ne ek last stroke main veerya ugalne ki prakriya suru ki. Jaise ki koi lawa phut pada ho. Lund sikuda phir phula?.veerya ki ek moti dhaar nikli aur rinky ki yoni ko bharti chali gai. Phir ek aur visphot aur ek aur dhar?..choot ki sari gahraiyoon ko bhigoti hui?.is tarah mere lund ne koi 8-10 baar aag ugali??aur phir main uske badan par let gaya.

Tum mere devta ho?.use mujh par bada pyar aa raha tha??maine bhi use pyar se chum liya?.nahin main tumhara premi hoon?.aur tum meri ho?..

2-3 ghante ke baad neend khuli tab ehsaas hua ki us bharpoor chudai ne neend ka aagosh la diya tha.

I stay with my Didi Anjali and her two c***dren s. My brother-in-law stays abroad. My parent s house is very near to my Didi s house. Since she is staying alone, I use to sleep at her house in the night. Early in the morning I used to go back to my house and from there to the collage. My Didi was having problem of walking and talking in her sleep.

One day I was sleeping in room next to her bedroom. She came to my room in her sleepwalk and got inside my blanket. Didi was wearing only bra inside her nightie and I was wearing lungi. I felt like some body was touching me. So I opened my eyes and saw my Didi was inside my blanket and telling to forgive me my jaan .Her one hand was on me and her whole body was touching me. Suddenly my lund came in position. First I thought she is my own Didi. Then my manhood and lust for sex did not allow me feel her like Didi. I also moved my hand between her thighs and with other hand I started rubbing her choochi. Within a minute she opened her eyes and saw that she was in my room and that too inside my blanket, but she didn t tell anything. This made me bold and I unhooked my Didid s bra. Now in front of me were my Didi s lovely choochis. I took one of my Didi s choochi and started sucking her nipple. Within no time her hand was massaging my back. This made me comfortable and I started kissing her lips. She gave a good response to my Kiss and started pushing her sweet tongue in my mouth. After some time she broke the kiss and asked me to lock door from inside. I woke up and moved to lock the door from inside. By this time she had removed her nightie and bra. Now she was full naked. This was the first time I was seeing a lady totally naked that too my sexy Didi.

Indi , mere Rajaaah, Kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai? Didi asked in her sexy voice.

No Didi . I said This will me my first fuck agar aap mujhe chodene dengi.

She asked me to follow what ever she says. I agreed. She asked me to lick her choot. I started to do it and she was enjoying.

Bahut maza aa raha hai mere rajaah. Jara aur jorse meri chudasi choot ko chooso.

I was doing in same way I saw in the movies. Then she stopped me and took my hard rock lund in her hand and started sucking it. I never had that feeling before. She took my 8 lund in her mouth. And she told me to lie down on bed. Didi came up on my lund and started moving up and down.

I was enjoying a lot and she also saying that your jiju had never given this pleasure. Then we changed our position to normal. I was on her and was unable to put my lund in her chudasi choot. Didi took it in her hand and said itna bhi nahi aata and showed my lund in her choot. Then I started thrusting my lund in and out of Didi s chudasi choot. I started to push harder and harder. I was fully loaded and was ready to cum. I came in her choot.

Next morning when I woke up she was in kitchen. Didi was preparing tiffin for her c***dren. I told my Didi that I m going home and went to my house. About 10 o clock I started from my house and went to her place. I knocked the door. My Didi opened the door and I went in. She was not making eye contact with me. She asked me that why I have not gone to collage.

I said, I want to fuck you Didi once again.

We should feel shame about last night fucking. It happened only due to my night walk. You should forget it. I am you own Didi and 8 year older to you. She said.

I said, I will forget it Didi only if you allow me to fuck you once more.

I went to bedroom and started TV. I knew that yesterday she had enjoyed fucking. So somehow I have to start it. After few minutes she came in room and sat beside me.

Are you sure you will never demand again.

I said yes.

She started rubbing my lund and started to open my pant and shirt. She asked me to remove clothes. I removed my clothes and then I removed Didi s blouse and bra. I started rubbing and pressing her choochis.

Didi your choochis are so lovely ,how jiju can stay without you. and start kissing and sucking her pink nipples. Then she removed her sari and petticoat. I was able to see her choot, clearly it was wet. Now she started sucking my lund.

**** tumahra lund to mere patti jaisa hai .

Didi , meri rani , mujhe apna patti samjho.

Slowly I took my hand to her ass. It was round and tight. little big in size. But was very good. Then she said let s do doggie s style. By that time her choot was wet. She lied down on bed and lifted her ass. Then I got hold of her ass and placed my lund at the enterence of her choot. With my one hand on her shoulder and another on her choochi I pushed my lund in didi s garam choot in one stroke and then started fucking her.

Then after some time we changed our position. I asked her to lie down on her back and I mounted on top and started fucking her. My both hands were squeezing her choochis and sometime I was sucking didi s choochis. She was moaning loudly in her ecastasy. I fucked my didi for more than 10 minutes in this position. I said lets change our position. She said no it was giving her good pleasure and we continued for 10 more minutes.

I was ready to cum. I said I am Cumming she said take it out. I did and she took it in her mouth and drank my cum to last drop. After that we had sex many times and I fucked her in different positions.

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