A little deeper this time… (Part 1)

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A little deeper this time… (Part 1)
We had been at it for what seemed like ages. The weather was insanely hot and we were in no mood for clothing when we both came back from the BBQ. Our hands just couldn’t keep off each other, and the copious amounts of beer hadn’t helped matters either.

Cara was just finishing up shower, having left me trying to catch my breath after some of the most intense fucking I had ever had. I lay on the end of the bed watching her towel down her glistening ebony skin, her amazing bountiful curves keeping my attention the entire time.

A lot of her friends didn’t approve of us being together, what with me being a white guy from the UK. We only get to see each other a handful of times a year, and the rest of the time we spoke daily online via Skype and XH. But we were mad about each other and just seemed to spark that hidden little fire inside ourselves.

Cara was a big girl (not that I was anything like a model) but that just drove me all the wilder. Her breasts were huge and the things she could do with them were mind blowing (maybe something for another story…). But the one thing that brought us together in the first place was our shared kink of “pegging”. Our first real life date had ended with me bend over her dinning room table having my anal cherry taken by Cara wearing a tiny, slim pink strapon…she had been so gentle and caring, not fucking me but making love to my arsehole.

It was only tiny, but she took care to make sure I was well lubricated, ease it into me and took her time gentlly feeding me more and more of her inside me. I let out the most satisfied moan when her lovely jiggly belly finally came to rest against my back side. She asked if I was okay the whole time, worried that she was going to hurt me. To be honest it was the first time another person had put something inside me, but I had been using toys on myself for a while, especially after I found out that Cara was into pegging as well.

Fast forward back to tonight, and I had the most wicked smile on my face by the time she came back from the shower.

”Wow, hard already”, she smiled wickedly “wasn’t I enough for you?” I love it when she tries to pout.

”Oh no not at all…I was just thinking maybe its time we try number 3 out”. I had rolled over on to my front, wiggling my bottom suggestively.

“Ah you sure hun, we only just managed to bottom you out with number 2 last time”. I could tell she was genuinely concerned. I love it when she can get a rhythm going, sliding every last inch inside me. We had named her toys depending on their size. Number 1 was the cherry breaker (we still both giggle when we call it that), number 2 is a firm, veiny 7” purple cock, which was had used a couple of times to both our satisfaction. Number 3 was something we had both looking forward to for a few months now.

I had brought Cara number 3 half as a joke and half as something for her to use on each other. However, it was a little larger in real life that I had thought when ordering it online. 10”, fat and thick as anything (and quite intimidating at the time)

”It will be fine baby”, I winked and parted my cheeks to show I had already started applying copious amounts of KY to myself. Plus I had been practicing back in the UK just for this occasion. “I think you’ll just need to give me a hand before you get into me”

”Well if you insist lover…but I want you on your back so I can see your face as a I plunge you”. She moved over to the chest of drawers, opening her “fun chest” as she called it, pulling out Number 3 and the harness set. I lovely helped her into the harness, kissing and licking hips, thighs and tum and I “armed” her for play time.

I schooched back up onto the bed lifting my arse up and putting a pile of pillows under to raise my behind up.

”Uh huh, baby boy…Momma wants your locked in this time” She waggled the dong as if to stress her point. Cara had a set of very convienient wrist cuffs on the head of her bed which also made for excellent ankle cuffs. With Cara’s help I was soon strapped in, arse bared with my rock hard cock aimed at my face and chest.

Cara then put on a pair of black medical gloves and began slowly and gentlly slathering my arsehole in lube, rubbing a big cold blob of it unto my hole before easing a finger and then another inside me. Soon she was three fingers deep and gliding back and forth.

Gathering herself up she took 3 in both her hands and started to circle my hole with the fat tip.

”Are you sure baby boy? Momma is going to fill your up with her big fat cock and she doesnt want to hurt your special hole”. Going Mother/Son roleplay was too much and the lust for my gorgeous ebony queen was burning too hot to say no at this point.

”Pwease Momma, I just want to feel you inside my special hole and make my Momma happy”. I nodded to her that I wanted his, wanted to feel her inside me, both using me for her pleasure and giving me pleasure (and a tiny bit of pain) at the same time.

Pressing her ample hips forward, Cara began to apply a little more pressure, my arsehole opening slightly to accomdate the impressive member being forced against it. Taking hold of my hip with one her hands, Cara gave a tiny growl of sexual energy as the head finally slipped inside, causing me to let out a wimper that tapered off into a moan of satisfaction.

”Good baby boy, Momma has got the head in now…Momma is slowly gonna fuck you now. Would you like that…Momma fucking your bitch hole?” I nod to her biting my lip, desperate not to cum so early on in our playtime.

”Good boy…Momma is gonna take her time and fill you right upto her balls”. The feeling of the fake cock slowly ease deeper into my arsehole was very intense, feeling the thick veins ripple against my anus. Cara had both hands on my thighs, steadying herself and using the contact to apply even more pressure.

(Part 2 soon)

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