A nice late visit from my neighbors

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A nice late visit from my neighbors
Anita had called me early afternoon, to say that she was going to spend the night at her girlfriend Helena’s house. I was sure both girls would enjoy a nice hot session of lesbian sex; it would be better than imagining my sexy wife being fucked by a black man…

When I got home, I found my sweet wife had let me dinner ready to cook in the microwave. Then I had a nice shower and slipped in a pair of shorts. I checked my mail and then I sat down on the couch to pour a drink and watch a movie.
Before midnight the doorbell rang. I stood up and opened, finding there our new neighbors; a young nice couple, Jeannie and Ashton. The girl smiled and asked if I was available for a glass of wine. Before I could nod, her husband put in my hands a bottle of nice red wine. We sat down on the living room, as I opened the bottle.
Ashton asked about my wife and I told him Ana was at Helena’s house. But Jeannie laughed and she said that my wife was now fucking her new trainer; a black guy called Winston…

I did not say a single word about Ana; but I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie, as we shared the red wine.
Then Ashton surprised me by saying he would love some porn, a movie showing bisexual sex or gay…
Jeannie laughed again as she looked at my surprised face. She said her hubby was bisexual; but is was fine for her…
I smiled and found a movie where two guys rubbed their hardened dicks, as a sexy woman watched them while she touched herself.

I started getting hard thinking Ashton was gay. He was sitting close to me and he soon noticed the bulge in my pants. So he put his drink on the table and dropped his hand to my crotch and he squeezed it through my shorts.
Jeannie was watching the moving and she did not see her hubby’s hand. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt Ashton hand slipping inside of the waistband of my shorts. He grabbed my hard dick…

As he started stroking my dick, Jeannie’s cell rang up; so she stood up and announced she was going to the kitchen for some privacy. As she left, Ashton smiled and said it would be her lesbian lover calling his sweet little wife…
He then got down on his knees and started licking my shaft before slowly taking it into his mouth. I pulled his head from the back; so I could shove my entire cock down into his throat. This guy really knew how to suck a cock…

A few minutes later Ashton stood up and he pulled down his trousers to his ankles. Showing me his huge hard cock.
I knelt down in front of him and I quickly licked it from top to bottom before sliding it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head. Ashton closed his eyes and he moaned with pleasure.

As I sucked his cock, I lubed up a finger with my own saliva, before sliding it through his crack and gently pushing it into his asshole. This made him groan more.
I continued sucking his hard cock and fingering his tight rosebud for a few minutes and then I stood up. Ashton pushed me to make me sit down again.

Then he licked again the tip of my cock. Soon he opened his mouth wide and he started working me up again. He was down there for about two minutes, when his sexy little wife walked through the door.
She looked at her husband’s bare ass cheeks and his hungry mouth on my cock. Jeannie did not look surprised; but she wasted no time in slipping out of her clothes and joining us.

Then the sexy bitch bent down and gave me a passionate kiss as she guided my hand to her wet pussy and whispered in my ear to feel how wet she had instantly gotten from seeing me sucked by her bisexual husband.
I fingered her soaking pussy and swollen clit until she moved back and knelt down close to her hubby. Then she pulled Ashton’s face out from my cock; she kissed him deeply and then she plunged her wet mouth onto my shaft.

Jennie sucked me hard, as Ashton got on all fours onto the floor.
The wife smiled at me as she sucked my cock; then she spat on the tip and said her hubby would love to feel my dick up his ass.
Jeannie then spat on her husband tight asshole and she licked it with her soft tongue. Ashton moaned with pleasure.
Then she moved her hand and started jacking his cock while she tongued his ass. This was almost too much for poor Ashton, who suddenly blew all over the carpet.

Then Jeannie announced she had a better idea. She went to her purse and produced a strap on with a nice red dildo fitted on it.
She got behind her loving husband and slowly pushed the tip into his waiting tight ass. She grabbed his hair and made me shove my dick in his wanting wet mouth.

Jeannie pushed her hips forward and I could see Ashton pushing back to meet her thrusts. The rubber cock finally disappeared into his body.
Jeannie eased in and out till his muscle had relaxed enough. Then she grabbed his hips and started pumping that rubber cock in and out. I sensed an orgasm was building in my body; but I wanted to cum in Jeannie’s cunt. Then I knelt behind her and licked her sweet tight rosebud. I noticed her clit was engorged and red.

As she pumped her hubby’s asshole, I took her hips and aimed my own hard dick onto that nice tight dark rosebud.
Then I pushed forward, hearing Jeannie screaming with pain and pleasure.
This was too much for Ashton and he suddenly came again onto the carpet. He felt forward, letting the red dildo slid out from his now very stretched anus.

I kept pumping Jeannie tight anus for a while, until I tensed up my back and emptied my balls in that incredible asshole.
Then I slipped out from her nice used ass and Jeannie stood up, saying now she was satisfied, but a bit sore…
She dressed up and blew a kiss to her husband, telling him she would go back to their home.

Ashton looked at his wife swaying her hips as she left; the he showed me his growing erection. He said now he was sore; but he was in the mood for a nice tight asshole…

I smiled and got on all fours, spreading my ass cheeks with my both hands for him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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