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The night was fantastic between the three of them. They ate, Killian cooked, steak and baked potatoes. After eating, they sat around talking about their lives and who they thought they would be and what they were now. They showered together, all three of them, reapplied the ointment, took Benadryl, and went to bed. When Divina woke up, it was because she felt something and when she looked down she saw Juliet licking her pussy and Killian stroking his cock. She smiled up at Killian and licked her lips. He moved closer to her; Divina opened her mouth, and he moved away. She looked up at him and frowned.
“Is the little cock whore sad cause I took away her toy?” Killian asked.
Divina looked down at Juliet who had poked her head up, and she grinned. Killian pushed her head back between Divina’s legs and looked at Divina.
“I asked you a question whore,” Killian said with authority in his voice.
Divina contemplated her answer; Divina knew if she said what she wanted to say would be punished and if her reply was right then she would be rewarded. She decided to go with the lesser of the two evils and combined them. “Yes Sir I am, but at least I have a different toy in between my legs.”
Juliet giggled, Killian swatted her ass; she moaned, and the vibration felt good to Divina. “Stop.” Killian barked, and Juliet froze. Divina whined, and Killian swatted her pussy. He turned to Juliet, “Mind telling me what was so funny.”
Juliet thought for a second then spoke, “Divina.”
Divina could see the pure shock on Killian’s face. He was expecting a different answer and what he got was sarcasm. Divina started killing herself laughing, and Juliet joined her.
“I can see Divina is a bad influence on my girl, so both of you will get punished. On your knees, hands behind your back, and don’t open your mouth.” He thought for a moment, “Either of you. Don’t even look at each other.” Then he left the room only standing by the door smiling. He knew they wouldn’t be able to keep quiet he just wanted to see who cracked first, so he waited. Both girls knelt there not saying a word then Divina cleared her throat and mumbles, “Now that was incredible. I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.”
“It’s ok. I like you, and I needed to change some things up. Don’t want Killian to get bored with me.” Juliet answered.
“Sweetie, I don’t think you have that to worry about,” Divina reassured her.
Killian stood there listening to them and his smile grew, they were bonding, this meant they liked one another. He was happy they were.
“Want to hang out this week?” Juliet asked Divina.
“Absolutely,” Divina answered.
Killian chose that moment to walk in, “So neither of you could keep your mouths shut.” He paused then continued, “Good. I am happy you like one another. Divina, would you like to be in a relationship with us?”
Divina’s head snapped up, she saw Juliet’s wide grin, and answered, “Yes Sir.”
Killian smiled and swatted them both on the ass. “Get your asses on the bed. Divina between Juliet’s legs, Juliet keeps your eyes on me and don’t look away.”
“Yes, Sir,” Juliet said.
“Divina, have you ever been fucked in the ass?” He asked.
“Only using my vibrator. No man has ever been back there.” Divina answered.
“Okay, well you are about to be. I will go slow until you get use to my cock in there. I need you to relax and focus on eating Juliet. When I tap your ass, I want you to push back. Don’t tense up, just relax. Keep focused on eating her pussy and just relax.”
Divina went back to focusing on Juliet’s pussy and Juliet put her hands in Divina’s hair to soothe her. Divina felt something cold and wet sliding down her ass. She felt Killian rubbing it in and around her ass hole then he put it on his cock and put the head at her entrance. He pushed a little and stopped, felt Divina relax then pushed a bit more and paused. Killian waited for a few minutes and drove a bit more and stopped. He felt Divina relax and pushed in more, then again, waited, pushed, waited, and with one final thrust he was all the way inside. Killian didn’t move for a while then she started to move. Divina started going deeper into Juliet’s pussy with her tongue and added a finger. Killian began to pick up speed and spank her ass as he pounded her and he could see that Juliet was close, he was close too. He slowed his thrusts; he didn’t want to blow too soon. Juliet stared into his eyes, he smiled, and then Juliet smiled back. Divina started rocking back and forth; then she began to finger herself and moan loudly. “Juliet,” Killian said,”69, now.”
Juliet flipped around to eat Divina while she ate Juliet and Killian fucked her. He began getting faster, and the girls were going to town eating each other’s pussy. Moaning loudly, squirming, and begging for more, harder, and faster. Everyone answered the begging and Juliet came first. Killian came right after Juliet did followed by Divina. The three lie there breathing heavy. Killian pulled out of Divina then grabbed both girls to go shower. After they showered and got something to drink, they headed back to bed. Killian crawled between the two girls, kissed their foreheads, pulled them close, and they all fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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