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Sitting in a sexy outfit, I open up my mind. My g-string teddy is so comfy, my light purple bra underneath helps me feel feminine.
Most exciting are my bright red 5inch high heels. They feel so good on my feet, better than I ever imagined. Size 12 special order, I love them.
I am getting used to wearing them, and learning how to walk in them.

I so much want to wear them out in public. Drive somewhere I don’t usually go, put my heels on in the car and go for a walk. Maybe go to a shopping centre, walk around and enjoy the rush of wearing high heels in public dressed as a man, enjoy the looks from people as they notice my high heels.

I love dressing up in lingerie and heels. I have one dress that I wear as well.
I got it from my mother, I saw it hanging in the spare room, grabbed it tried it on and loved it. Put it back on the hanger and went straight up to mother and asked “Can I have this?” and she said fine.

I want to buy more women’s clothes and have complete outfits, get some handbags and I must get a wig, long in length , below the shoulders, and blonde in colour.
I want get totally transformed into a woman, make up and all.
Take lots of pics and in different outfits.
When I have a good female image and feel comfortable in the outfit, go out dressed up as a woman, drive around for a bit, go to a café get a coffee and go for a walk. The most fun would just be walking around in public dressed as a woman. I would wear opaque tights and long sleeves, so I don’t have to shave my arms and legs.

I would love to have a dress up session with another sissy. Just hang out wearing lingerie, heels and women’s clothes, have some drinks. Try on all the outfits and take photos and make a video. Then get sexual with each other, exploring our bodies while dressed up, kissing, sucking, licking and rubbing. Have oral sex and ass play, licking the ass and fucking each other. I would love for a girl to be there too, she would tell us what to wear then take photos and we would both fuck her, she would film us as we dress up and as we fuck. Then with a strap-on she would fuck one sissy boy and the other would film.

I want a woman to dominate me. Call me Emma, dress me up in lingerie, heels and a dress. Do my make up and order me to do things.
Make me pleasure her and perform for her, striptease and model outfits.
I would want her to have a big 12inch long 3inch wide strap-on dildo and fuck me hard, and make be suck it like I would a real dick.
I would also fuck her in both holes, her ass with my dick and her pussy with the dildo, pulling it out and we both lick her juice off it.
I would fill her ass with cum and then lick her asshole out.
Gather some cum in my hands and smear it on her face.

I want to lick and suck her pussy, pushing my tongue inside. I would work my way around to her asshole, lick it all over and rub her pussy. I would shove my tongue into her asshole, licking it out and shoving my face into her ass.
As I lick my way through her holes I start with my fingers, massaging her pussy and ass. Slowly inserting one finger into each hole and continue to lick her holes with my tongue.
Using both hands I insert 3 fingers in each hole, push them in deep and get my tongue in there too.
I focus on her puss now using 4 fingers in her pussy and use my tongue on her ass.
As I work my fingers in and out of her pussy I start working my thumb into her.
In just a couple of thrusts my whole hand is inside her pussy and I make a fist.
I slowly start working more of my arm into her pussy. She is squirming with pleasure and pain, she moans and screams when I push my arm in deeper.
I have my arm in her up to my elbow, thrusting it in and out of her stretched juicy pussy.
She screams and shudders, drenching my arm with pussy juice. She yells deeper go deeper, I shove my arm in past the elbow, she screams and shakes, and says deeper.
I go deeper and now my armpit is touching her pussy lips.
My whole arm is inside her, I fuck her with my arm and lean in to lick her asshole out.
She shudders and moans, I pull my arm out and she grabs it and starts licking her juice off it.
I would like to be with a shemale, and be able to suck her dick and have her fill me with cum.
The thought of having a real dick in my mouth and ass turns me on.
I would first want my ass fill with cum, so I could feel it oozing around inside me and feel it leaking from my ass. Then I would suck her cock passionately and swallow her cum, saving some to rub all over my face. I would do any sex act she desires.

Most of all I really just want someone to dress up with. Dressing up alone at home is getting a bit dull. I really want a girlfriend to play with, dress me up and take pictures, make me go out in public with her dressed as a woman, sit around and chat and try on different out-fits together, paint our nails and just chat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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