Girlfriend Cheated And I Caught Her

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Girlfriend Cheated And I Caught Her
I confess my girlfriend cheated on me and I watched it happen…

Sara and I fell in love in the summer before our final year of college started. It was perfect and I thought we’d last. I was wrong.

A few weeks after school started Sara broke up with me due to her “complicated thoughts.” Well, she left me and moved on. Sara moved onto date, or more accurately, fuck another guy. Nick was a tall, chiseled, tan, athletic football player at school, so much for complicated thoughts. He was a hound, and she knew, and loved it. She loved that he slept with a lot of women, and she, like many girls, wanted to tame him.

After a solid month of sex, things happened and they broke their relationship off. She came back to me shortly after and I got to hear all about the details. “He wasn’t very good.” “He never got me off,” she would say when he came up. I guessed that she had moved on from him and was ready to settle down again.

Months passed and things became perfect again. We were both so happy and very sexually active, it was like things hadn’t ever changed. I love Sara’s body and have always been attracted to her. Her 5’7 frame holds her long legs, 36D tits, and heart-shaped ass perfectly. Her boobs are the epitome of perfection: perky, round, and always hanging out. Her ass was toned, tanned, and so smooth. Needless to say, I felt so lucky to have fallen in love with such a fantastic and ultra attractive girl.

Well spring break came around and we both decided to go home to our separate hometowns. The plan was to come back and meet up the day before classes. As break neared its end, a friend called me about hanging out two days before classes resumed. So, I packed up and headed back to campus a day early. I let Sara know what my plans were and she said she’d see me the next day.

My route back to campus takes me directly past Sara’s off-campus house. I’m not sure if she didn’t realize that, but as I drove by her house, I saw her car parked in the lot out back. I texted her to ask and she assured me she was at home and that I was being silly. So I shrugged it off.

I began drinking and the night wore on. As it winded down, a few friends came over from the bar. They claimed that they had spotted Sara at the same bar! So, ignorantly, I decided to go check her house to catch her in the act.

As I walked to her house, the fourth on the street, everything seemed to be in order. Her car was not in the lot and her light was off. However, her window was slightly cracked, so I decided to walk over.

“Ohhh god Nick…” I heard her say as I reached the edge of the house. I was paralyzed. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, my legs began to shake, and I felt like I could puke on the spot.

“Fuck me so hard Nick.”

I don’t remember how I made my way the rest of the distance to her slightly open window, but I was standing outside my girlfriend’s room listening to her getting railed.

“Ah oh, my god, fuck.” I could hear her moan. Her window shades had all but covered the window, except for the last inch. No lights were on inside the room, but nearby street lights provided just enough light through shades to see some shadowed figures. I peered in.

What I saw was my gorgeous, brunette girlfriend, giving up her wonderful body in the doggie position to this stud. He was penetrating her wet pussy with his massive cock. I had never felt small, but he was larger than anything I could ever have hoped to be. His sweaty hands gripped her hips as his thrust his manhood into her, giving her pleasure with every pump.

“You’re so sexy..babe..damn.” “Oh yes Nick, so big. It feels so good.”

She had never talked like that to me… I watched as he pulled her hair and used his statuesque body to push his huge dick even deeper into her wet opening. “Ahh ugh.. shit, I’m going to cum..” She was gasping for air as she exclaimed her pleasure.

I was astounded when I looked down and saw the stain in my shorts, I had cum. Yet, my dick was hard again already. I turned back to the scene to see Sara in the midst of a very hard orgasm. Her toes curled up, back arched, and she threw her head back and moaned. “OH MY GOD!”

Her body began to shake. He flipped her over at the same moment. Seamlessly, she wrapped his legs around his waist and grabbed his long erection. I got to see her face for the first time. Her eyes were glazed over, fully immersed in her pleasures. She guided his incredible cock back into her open pussy. Her legs squeezed him tightly immediately as he entered her.

From this position I could see my favorite thing about her body, her tits bouncing every time he entered her. It was wonderful to see that, but this time it wasn’t my dick making them bounce. Nick was really working her pussy hard. His dick was railing her at a pace I’m not sure I could ever maintain. She squeezed his perfect muscles and began to orgasm yet again. I could tell she was lost in his sex and drunk off his dick.

Surprisingly, my own erection let me know that I was also enjoying the show. Even though I was heart broken, my dick had betrayed me. Almost without a thought, I had pulled my dick out and was jacking off right outside her window! I could feel my balls tighten again.

“So big Nick, so fucking big. Feels so good.” “I love your tits Sara.” They talked back and forth as he kept railing her relentlessly.

They switched positions again, he rolled her on top without even letting his big cock leave her pussy. She moaned louder still and went even crazier as she mounted him. She bucked back and forth, bobbing up and down. Holding her hair with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. This sent him over the edge.

“Fuck Sara, holy fuck.” His large muscles became more defined as his whole body tense. He pushed up and lifted her off the bed, grunting out. Cum from Nick’s huge cock was filling up my girlfriend’s sweet pussy as I shot my second load out all over the house. She screamed, “Fuck oh my god your cum feels so good, keep cumming, ahh baby, fuck.”

She collapsed onto him, both exhausted from their escapades. She passionately kissed him, then hopped off and engulfed his huge member in her mouth. She sucked all the way down as she slurped up her own pussy juices off his shaft.

After she cleaned him up, she laid down next to him and they covered up with the blankets. He was staying the night? I still had my dick out and was still spying on my perfect girlfriend. She continued to stroke his slightly hard cock. I came yet again, and decided it was time to head back. I sat around for a little while until I heard her moaning again, I walked back in shame with a cum stain still fresh on my shorts.

The next day Sara came over as planned. As much as I wanted to question her and get pissed, I couldn’t. I acted normal. We kissed and snuggled and fucked. I tried my hardest to make her orgasm, but she wasn’t nearly as loud as she was with Nick. I wasn’t nearly as big.

I never confronted her. I found some pictures that she sent him from her phone, but I never brought it up. She doesn’t know I saw her and she might not ever know. I constantly think what she’s doing when she’s not with me, but I love her too much to let go. So I live with the fact that I don’t satisfy her, but that she still loves me enough to be with her.

I’m going to include pictures of both of them. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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