Husband got more than he bargained for

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Husband got more than he bargained for
I had only been out of college for a few years. I invested some money from my parents and started a small company. I had a small construction business that painted lines in parking lots and on different road ways through out the state. I had two small crews with about a dozen employees. I had just bought a small trailer as my office. It had a small waiting area in the front of the trailer with a small reception desk. There was a small bathroom. I constructed a nice size office for myself. It had a small black leather couch on one side of the office. Some small potted trees and plants around the office. I had a small coffee table and mini fridge under my big oak desk. I bought a very big leather chair to go behind my desk. You could fold the arms down on the chair to make it more comfortable if I wanted to take a nap.

It was about a month into having the trailer put in a small parking lot near the freeway. That I ran an ad for a secretary to help me. I was getting back logged with calls and paper work. I new it was time to find someone to take over these duties. I interview a few candidates the first week. I did not find any one I liked. Most were not qualified to type or take notes. Some had car problems and two did not like the rate of pay. I was about ready to pack up for the night when I got a call from a women seeking the secretary job. She asked if the job had been filled. I said No! Can you tell me some details and how much it pays? she said. I have a small office in a trailer near the freeway. I need someone to answer calls. Meet and greet clients who come to the office. Some small clerical duties. Maybe run some errands to help me out. It starts at $14/hr plus benefits. I said. Sounds very nice. she said.

The next day around 9am there was a knock at front door of the trailer. I opened the door. There standing on the steps to my trailer was a very striking women. She was in her late thirties. She had platinum blonde hair tied in a bun. She had gold wire rim glasses on the end of her cute nose. She was about 5ft 5 with little white 3 inch pump heels that accent her nice long legs. She had on a white business suit with a long white skirt passed her knees. She smiled as she climbed the stairs into the trailer. Hi my name Stacy Williams-Stuckey in a cute southern accent. She shook my hand. Buck Kelly nice to meet you. I said.

She followed me over to my office. I sat down in my chair behind my desk. I watched her cross her legs very women like and place her white leather purse on the end of my desk. I noticed she had a weeding ring on her finger and a few gold rings on the other fingers. She had bright red lipstick and some makeup that made her look very sexy. I took a look at her resume as she sat quietly. She had not worked in about ten years. Her three k**s had grown up and were off to college. She was getting bored at home and wanted to get out of the house. She had excellent references and had worked before as a secretary for a large construction company. We talked for about an hour before I asked her if she had questions about the job.

So I would sit out in the other office meeting clients as they come in? What time do I start? Do I get an hour for lunch everyday? Can I park anywhere? Any dress code? she said. Yes, 9 – 5pm and I will pay you for lunch. Park any where. Monday through Friday and you may have to work some overtime once in a while especially at the end of the month but nothing too bad. What ever you feel comfortable in. What you are wearing now looks very nice. How does that sound? I said. She giggled and looked around the office. I had a few things hung on the wall. My degree, an old pic of Yankee Stadium and myself biking to work. I did not look half bad being 6ft 3 and on the ten speed. I thought the biker shorts were to tight. But a got few honks from the passing motorist made me smile. There were no windows but I had a estimate to put in some duct work for a A/C unit to hopeful be installed shortly.

Well that sounds great I have to talk with my husband first. Can I call you later today. I really want to start working again but he has to be on board with it. she said. Sure no problem. I said. I walked her to the front door. She stepped down grabbing the hand rail. I had not noticed but she had a nice firm ass under her tight skirt. She turned to wave good bye and her top struggled to contain her nice big firm tits. I had been so professional I had not even noticed her big chest. I moved my head as she bounced across the parking lot to her 8 year old green mini van with rust on the rear bumper.

I got the call around 2pm that Stacy had accepted the position. She came to work the next day early and stayed late. She put a few pictures of her k**s and husband on her desk. She greeted all the clients very nicely. All the men stopped and talked to her. She giggled as the went in to my office. She dressed very conservative and went home to have lunch everyday with her husband. I was growing the business and hired another crew to help with the painting lines. I was now up to 19 employees including Stacy. Like clock work ever day she was there. She helped with just about everything in the office. She went to the dry cleaners for me. She stopped and got me coffee or dinner if I was busy.

It was about a month into working that we were sitting in my office. I had a small fan on in the corner of the room. Sure is hot today Boss. Stacy said. Yes, it suppose to be hot the whole week. I said Maybe you think about installing that AC unit and duct work for the trailer. I know a great person that works cheap. My husband does this work all the time. He mostly does big buildings but I am sure he can do this trailer. He is free next week. she said. Sounds great, have him come in and give me an estimate.

A couple days later Stacy Husband came into the office. Stacy greeted him at the door and walked him to my office just like any other client. I shook his small hand. It was alot shorter than me and a little over weight. He had a funny tool belt around his overalls as he measured a few areas over head in my office. About an hour later he gave me an estimate. He started the next day and by Friday had put everything in. I tipped him a few hundred for the good job. We laughed when I slipped it into his palm. I suggested taking out Stacy and maybe getting her a new dress. He laughed as he walked outside and got in his big white service van.

The weekend I was busy with work. I crashed Sunday on the couch in the trailer with the A/C on and went home really late. I forgot to turn off the A/C before leaving. When I got to work on Monday and saw Stacy car parked in the shade. She was standing on the steps with the door open. Damn boss its freezing in there!!! she said. I laughed when I went inside and turned off the A/C. I turned and sat down and a few minutes later Stacy came into my office. I finished all the work over the weekend. Today I have no appointments. Should be very slow. Maybe you can go home early. How does that sound?? I said. Stacy sat down across my desk. She took off her coat and I got my first look at a new outfit. You must have made a good impression on my husband. He could not get over how much you paid him for the job. He also took your advice and got me this outfit with the tip you gave him. Stacy said

I smiled as I watched Stacy get up and strut around the office. He asked me why you don t have a girlfriend or your not married. I told him your always busy with work. He thinks you need to get out more often. I told him to mind his own business but you know how men are. Stacy said. Thanks that is nice of you and your husband. I guess I have always been that way. Ever since I was young. A few girl friends over the years. Nobody that really matter now. I guess I will have time later after the business picks up. I said. Stacy smiled as she glanced over her shoulder as I was checking her ass out. She put her hands on her wide hips and sat down again.

Honey its ok. Not everyone can be like my husband and get the ladies. He still gets hit on when were out. He flirts with everyone. I pay it no mind. Do you mind if I ask? Have you had the pleasure of being with a women yet. I mean I know some guys wait along time. Especially guys who are so busy. Stacy said. I smiled No! I got lucky a few times with my next door neighbor. She was quite a bit older. I helped her with her lawn and she paid with lets say other things than money. I said. Stacy smiled as she hear the phone ring on her desk. As quickly as the conversation about sex with Stacy began that day it ended when she went home for lunch. I let her go home early. I went home and watched some porn and fell sleep early.

I got to the office early and started some work. It was just passed 9am when I heard the door to the trailer close. A few seconds later I heard some high heels click across the floor. My door opened. Hey boss good morning sugar. I got you some coffee and a bagel. It was Stacy. She was wearing a red dress that was cut high on the sides showing off her tan legs. The top of the dress was strapless and just covered the top of her cleavage. I almost fell out of my chair. Good morning to you. Another present from your husband? I said. Stacy laughed. No silly. I got this dress from the back of my closet. I like to wear it for special occasion or when I want someone to take me out for lunch. I was hoping you might want to take me out. I think I need to get your confidence back with women. Kinda of help you forget about work day. she said.

I took Stacy out to lunch the next 3 days. On Thursday I slipped her a bonus for doing such a good job. I had hired another crew for more painting. Plus she was getting my confidence back in going out with women and forgetting about work. That night at home Stacy called. Hey boss thanks for the bonus in my check. My husband out at the bar blowing it but I tucked a little under my bra. I got a really cute blue dress after work. I think I will have to show you tomorrow. I talked to my husband and he thinks I should go out for lunch more often. I told him I got the bonus doing more sales calls during lunch hours. I told him maybe tomorrow I might have some overtime. Maybe we can go in the City for lunch. Ok sleep tight don t let the bed bugs bite. Goodnight sugar!! Stacy said.

I was kinda of tired from not getting much sleep thinking about Stacy. I was sitting behind my desk in my black suit with a yellow power tie. The door o the trailer closed. I heard some wooden heels click across the floor. My door opened. My palms had began to sweat. My dick was semi hard when I saw Stacy. OMG she was so hot. She had her platinum blonde hair teased up. She was wearing a gold chain around her neck that hung down into her massive cleavage. She was wearing a light blue dress that made me instantly hard. It was low cut and cut up the sides to the top of her black fish net hose. She had her nails and toe nails painted in bright red to match her lips. Two big gold hoops in her ears. She smiled as she pulled down her gold frame glasses on her cute nose. She had on these wooden platform heels that showed off her amazing legs and made her ass sit high. The light color wood on the bottom of the heel and the same color of her dress on top of the heel. I just had to smile. I had maybe 2 hours before I could get up from the massive erection in my pants to take her to lunch.

It was close to 3pm when we got back from lunch. I think every man in the restaurant watched her every move. A few guys gave me the thumbs up as we walked out back to my car. I had a few beers to help with my erection. She laughed as we walked back to my office. I had put the close sign on the front of the trailer. I had canceled all my appointments for the day. I had put a new guy Karl in charge last night on the phone for any calls today. He was trying to move up and I was trying to figure out what was going to happen today back at the trailer. Stacy went to use the bathroom and I took off my sport coat and hung it on the back of my chair.

I turned down the A/C to make the office cooler. I sat on my desk chair. A few seconds later I heard tiny foot steps come back to the office. Thanks for lunch boss. That was some great meal. I have not had Champagne before. Made my head kinda of tingling. Hee Hee Hee Stacy giggled. Thanks I had a great time too. You sure know how to light up a room. I said. Stop, they were looking at the dress and not me. I am so old compared to our waitress and some of the girls in there. Please like young men are attracted to me. Stacy said. I think you would be surprise Stacy. I think all men kinda of enjoy checking out a sexy women in a blue dress no matter her age. I smiled. Now stop it. Come here and give me hug. I have to go home and change before my husband see this outfit. I had a great time. See you Monday. She said. I got up and gave her a big hug. Her tits felt great all pressed against my black button up shirt. I felt her touch my lower back and her butt turned in my crotch . I think she felt my cock inside my pants on her ass as she turned.

I drank a few beers at home over the weekend. I woke up late and got to work around 10am on Monday. I forgot about what I was going to do today. I also had forgotten about Stacy on Friday. I noticed Stacy husband work van was parked next tot he trailer. I did not see her car. I saw the sign from Friday was still on the door. I left it on the door as I walked in. My door to my office was open. I walked over and looked in. I saw a big cheetah a****l print ladies hand bag on the edge of my desk. I could also smell the perfume that Stacy normally wears in my office. The A/C was on. I walked over in front of my desk. I heard the door to the bathroom close. I then heard some wooden heels click across the floor into my office.

I turned and saw Stacy. She was wearing a matching outfit to her hand bag. She had a****l print wooden 4 inch heels. Her finger and toe nails were painted gold. She had on the same jewelery and black fish nets from Friday when I took her to lunch. She had a small skin tight top the looked like a tube top framing her huge breast. She had on red lip stick and blue massacre as she smiled. She turned so I go check out her skin tight a****l print mini skirt that barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks. She kept smiling as she go closer to me. Another gift from your husband. No I got this one from my cookie jar. I was saving for a special occasion. I canceled your two appointments for today and told Karl to take all the emergency calls just like on Friday. I hope that was ok. I will be right back. Stacy said.

I watched as she stuck her head out the trailer door. I thinks she was checking the close for the day sign. Then she locked the front door. She shut my door to my office but not all the way closed. I could still see a crack open as the sun light came in to my office. I was still checking her out as she walked back to my desk and sat on the edge. Stacy had sure changed since she started to work for me. She went from covering her body and dressing conservatively to showing off her best assets. I wasn t complaining. I wiped my forehead and began to breath heavier. She kept looking forward as I watched her lick her lips and move her feet apart. She looked down to check her own feet inside those wooden platform heels. I could finally make out a gold ankle bracelet on her left leg. It had two small gold heart charms on it.

Boss, I talked to my husband when I got home on Friday. I told him how we have been having lunch the past couple of weeks. He thought I was cheating on him with some guy but felt better when I told him it was you taking me out. He thought the same thing as I did. Getting your confidence back would help you out with the job more. He also liked the last two bonus I got from work. I told him that you might need some more advice on what ladies like. Going out for lunch is nice but there are other things an older lady can teach you. Stacy said. I smiled as her finger nails tapped the top of my desk. Ok, I am glad you told him. I see you had to take his van this morning. I hope everything ok with your car. I said. Oh my car is fine sugar. I was having a problem driving my car with the wooden heels and my big hair teased up. I know how much you like it. I can drive the men in my life kinda of wild. Stacy said.

I shifted my hands in my pocket. My cock was getting hard as I watched her lips move again as she talked to me. I discussed with Paul about maybe showing you what girls like. He was fine with it. I know your young eyes have been undressing me at times. It s ok I understand. All I ask is for you to be respectful and not touch. Stacy said. With that she walked in front of my desk and starred into my eyes. She was about 2 feet in front of me. I was still sitting on the edge of my desk. She brought her hands up to her face and gave me a big smile. She slowly moved her hands down her shoulders and onto her big breast. She moved her hands in a circular motion on the front of the thin material covering her breast. I could see her right nipple begin to grow as she closed her eyes. Her breathing had increased. She then moved her hands to her hips rocking her hips back and forth. Her hair moved a little from all the hair spray. She then slowly unzipped the side of her tight mini skirt causing it to fall to the ground. She stepped out of the mini skirt. She had on a a****l print thong that rode hide on her hips. It fit tightly over her pussy and up through her tight legs. I could see the light from the door coming just under her pussy through a small hole made by her amazing legs and ass.

My mouth dropped opened as she bent over to touch her ankle. She looked back up to see my eyes still fixed on her. She then gently ran her hands back up her wonderful breast. Damn I love when you look at my tits. I see you checking them out all the time Boss. I say your a breast man but you stare at my ass almost as much sugar. Fuck!!! I like that Buck. she said. I was now about 3/4 erect inside my dress pants. I wore a nice new pair of white cotton briefs that were definitely snug keeping my cock in its place. She winked as she started at the bottom of her skin tight tube top and slowly removed it over her head. She through the top near the desk. She was now standing a little closer to me with just a small a****l print bra that was about 2 size to small for her breast. Her flesh was popping out the sides and how the two hooks in the front contain them I will never know. She looked so hot with her bra, thong and black fishnets on. Her ass was jiggling as she walked passed me to the side of the desk with her wooden heels barely keeping her up right.

Is it getting hot in here Mrs. Stuckey. I mean I might need to take off something before I burn up. I said. She smiled as she strutted around the desk showing me her curves. She then stood in between my legs. She gently took off my blue power tie and placed on the desk next to me. She then unbutton my dress shirt down to my tight abs. She gently pulled up causing it to be untucked. She unbutton my shirt all the way. She gently opened it up touching my chest. She rubbed her hands all over my chest feeling my hard pecs. I like to work out and shave my chest to look good. She rubbed my nipples causing my nipples to get hard. Women like when men take there time. Use you hands on them. Feel how there bodies get warmer. she said. I was breathing hard as she turned and placed her ass on the front of my dress pants. She was slowly grinding her nice ass into my crotch. I could tell she was feeling my cock. I brought my hand up her side touching her hips. She reached down to stop me. The rules are for you to watch but not to touch. My husband instructions for this to keep going. she said.

I let go and held my hands to my side. She bent over rubbing her ass on the front of my pants. I loved her small back as she moved around bent over. I could see her small ass hole just inside her thong. I could see some small blonde hair coming out the sides of the thong near her pussy mound. I smiled as she turned and was squatting down with her legs open. She reached up and unbuckled my pants. I stepped out of black leather shoes. She took off my black socks and placed them in my shoes. Walk over there and back. she pointed to the other side of the room. I walked over and back as she was now checking me out. She was leaning against the desk. I slowly let me pants drop to the floor. I stepped out of them as she Gasped!!!! I looked down and my big cock was straining against the white cotton. She pointed at my cock and her mouth was open. Boss I think you have been hiding something from me. she said.

I kinda of told her a half truth. I was definitely experienced with women. It had been awhile since I had fucked someone but I had been having sex with a neighbor and her daughter for the last few weeks on and off. I smiled as she was still staring at my cock inside my cotton briefs. I turned to show her my rock hard ass. I could her here lick her lips and her finger nails tap the desk again. She turned around on the desk. With one quick stroke she knocked all the items off my desk to the right side on the floor. I smiled as she was now on her back and could not see me from her big breast being in the way.

She motion for me to walk to the side of the desk. Ok watch how I use my fingers. she said. She reached up and unhooked her bra. The two big side fell open. Her tits were now in the cold air from the A/C and were full erect. she began to tweak her nipples and rub her breast. They were a sight to behold. She had two large dark pink aeroles about the size of a silver dollar coin. She had small bumps all over her nipples and the tip of her breast. She stuck one finger in her mouth. She then ran it all over her right breast causing it to shine in the sunlight. I pinched my arm to make sure I was not dreaming as her stomach inhaled on my desk. My shorts were getting tighter around my bulge but I kept watching her play with her breast.

I then followed her hand down her stomach to the front of her thong. I love when a guy just works my breast with his hands. I like when they are rubbed, and have them played with rough. I like when they are sometimes restrained. she smiled. Nice!!!! I said. She then tugged the front of her thong letting in a little air inside. Damn you got me all wet. I was only going to show you my breast. I told my husband I would show you. I did not think about telling him about showing you my pussy but I need to let my little girl out. Fuck him!!! I know he shows women at the bar his cock all the time. Stacy said. She slowly pulled her thong down her side. She could only move it half was down her thighs. She could not sit up from her massive breast weighing her down. The thong was just below her pussy mound. She had a big bush that was trimmed on the side but her blonde hair was thick. It was damp on the top as I could make out two big cunt lips. She showed me how she like to be played with. From experience I could tell most girls really like to be played with just like she showed me. I watched as she finger herself to almost coming before she opened her eyes and saw me staring.

On no my husband going to kill me. I already showed you too much. She said. I looked down and walked over to her other side. I reached down to pull my briefs down just passed my ass cheeks. I finally freed my now hard 9 -3/4 inch cock. There was huge glob of pre- cum on the tip. Stacy head was fully turned as she was staring at my erect cock. I turned around to bend over letting my briefs fall to the floor. She Gasped!!! again as my cock slapped the top of my belly button as I made it twitch. I scooped up my big hairless balls in my two hands. She winked again at me. I gave my cock a few tugs to watch the pre-cum fall on the desk. She moved her hand to touch the droplets. I smiled again as she licked her to fingers of my juice. Yummy that is nice boss. I never new you tasted so sweet!!!! Just remember no touching!!!! she said.

That though was keeping me from maybe cumming in my hand as I continued to watch her. I decide to walk around the from of the desk near her feet. I was standing there on the edge of the desk. She slowly moved her wooden platform heels to just in front of my cock. She slowly began to move her heels all over my erect cock. She used her small toes to bounce my big balls on her feet. She got another small amount of cum from the tip on her ankle bracelet. She made me turn around and used her heels on my ass. She spanked me with her right heel. I could here her giggle as she finally pulled her self to sit up in the middle of the desk. She was using her heels to move my ass cheeks as she rubbed her nipples with her two hands. Turn around boss and let me see that hard cock of yours. I was only to happy to help.

I turned slapping her left heel. She paused as she traced her left heel down my shaft. She then used her right toes inside her heel to play with he tip of my cock. I paced my hands on my hips and watched her. She finally moved her butt down to the front of the desk. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer. You can t touch but my husband never say I could not touch. I have to feel this big cock in my hands. I need to feel what I am working with. she said. With that she reached down and started to tug on my erect cock. I love a big hard cock sugar. I love the big purple vein that runs the length of your shaft. I love your naked balls. Damn he feels great in my hands. she said. I looked down to see her tits were over my cock as she used both hands.

Do you like that sugar. Do you like when a older women rubs her young boss in his office. Fuck I love this cock baby!!!! she said. I nodded my head Yes!! Her right nipple was now touching my chest. I moved causing my nipple to rub against her right nipple. This caused a small shock wave to go down her body. I could now smell that she had orgamsed. I could tell she was really wet. She was biting her lower lip as she let go of my cock. I turned and cause the head of my penis to be on her left thigh. I could feel the fishnets rub against the under side of my cock and balls. I slowly began to move my cock on top of her thigh. It finally fell down to the inside of her thigh. No! No! No! I can t!!! she said. I just stood straight with my hands on my side. She shifted herself on the desk causing my cock now to be on the top of her pussy mound. The tip was now touching her belly button. My balls layed on the bottom of her pussy mound. I could feel the heat of her pussy the length of cock. I stayed motionless feeling her breath under neath me.

God! I can t believe this. I thought I would just show you a few things. Now I am naked on my young boss desk. His huge cock is on the top of my pussy and stomach. His tight ass cheeks feel great on my heels. I never cheated. Been a good girl all my life. Why do I feel so naughty. Stacy said. I looked down as she moved her stomach feeling my cock move on her skin. She smiled as she reached down and slapped my cock on her pussy. Her pussy hair was really wet. I could feel her cunt lips move as she slapped my cock harder on her mound. I put my hands on the desk as moved her wooden heels on my ass and back.

I can t take it any more. My husband is out all the time with his buddies. I know he likes to cheat on me with young girls. We have not made love in so long. Boss you can keep a secret can t you. This is just a one time thing right. she said. I nodded my head Yes again. You think I am sexy right. You like older women sugar. With that I leaned down and she raised up. Stacy stuck her tongue in my throat. Damn she could kiss. We kissed for a few minutes swapping tongues. Her big red lips tasted great as we kissed very hard. She took my hands and placed them on her breast. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples like she had showed me earlier.

I felt her ass slide down underneath me. I then felt my cock head slide down her pussy hairs to the front of her pussy. With one quick motion she pulled me inside her. Her lips parted and easily took in my large cock. I could feel the folds and inside of her hot pussy accommodate the thickness of my cock. She closed her eyes as I locked onto her right nipple with my mouth. She screamed as her head tossed from side to side as she came on my cock. I could feel the inside of her pussy quiver as she orgasmed again and again. We started to kiss again and I brought her left nipple into her mouth. She had never tasted her nipples before as we took turns on each one. I began to pick up the pace as I put her legs above my hips. I pulled her legs with her wooden heels next to my ears as I fucked her harder. She came again as I pounded her faster. I could see i was sweating onto her stomach as i fucked her. She was sucking her right nipple as I brought my cock all the way out and plunged it back in. We fucked for about 20 minutes before she could tell i was going to come. Its ok cum inside me. She said. Before I could say a word I erupted deep inside her. A large amount of my seed was now inside her pussy. She gasped as she could feel some warm goo leaked out the side of her pussy with my cock still buried inside.

I was fixing the new pillows behind my head. My cock was at half erect. I had just left Stacy in her bathroom of her house. I had just got done taking along bath with her. She rode my big cock letting me cum inside her. She was still drying off near the bath tub. I was watching her in the mirror on the bathroom door. She gave me a quick smile. She dropped her white fluffy towel. She slipped on her black 6inch stiletto heels and crawled onto the bed. She got me hard again form giving me an amazing blow job. After a few shorts days she got better in deep throating my cock all the way to the base. She swung her legs over my side and inserted my hard cock into her tight pussy. I reached up to play with her breast as her ass slapped my stomach. She was riding my cock like a young cow girl. I slapped her ass really hard making a huge red hand imprint on it. It only made her ride harder on my cock.

A few minuted later I heard a loud cheer from the basement. It seems that Paul – Stacy husband had been a bad boy. The day Stacy and I first had sex in my office. He dropped his wife off at the trailer. Then he came back and parked next to the trailer with out her knowing. He also forgot to tell her that he had put in a camera in the duct work for the new A/C unit in my office. He sat in the van outside and watched is shy older wife get fucked by her new young boss. He like it so much that he is installing a new duct system for my bigger office closer to there home. He made her a deal that she can keep fucking me but only me. She also gets to invite me to there house when he plays poker with his friends in the basement or she needs some big cock in her tight pussy. But as long as she tells him the details of how we had sex and if he gets to do one other thing.

I was a little taken back the first time I saw what he wanted her to do. The other thing as he like to call it. I had tied up Stacy in there bedroom on the bed. I had pumped her full of my warm cum. I went to go to the bathroom and left her tied to the four post bed with some leather straps. I was taking a leak with he door to the bathroom opened. I watched in the mirror how the door to the bedroom opened. In came Paul. He was partially naked from the waist down. He quickly got in between his wife legs. He stuck out his tongue and was eating his wife pussy. She was all covered in my sweat and semen but he was now fully hard. He then got up when he heard me flush. He likes to hide in the closet or under the bed some times when I fuck Stacy. I usually get up to excuse my self. I some times leave the door open. I am going on vacation next week to Hawaii. I have my traveling Secretary for her job to keep me company. I might have to bring Paul along to help with the luggage.



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