I FUCK my boss

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I FUCK my boss
well hello this is my first time writing my true stories so ENJOY.
It was about 2 years ago,
I would always go eat to this Mexican restaurant with my family,
After going so many times I became good friends with the owners,
Keep in mind I had just turn 18 and was looking to finally get a job,
So one day I decided to talk with the owners of the Mexican restaurant,
The owners was this hot Mexican lady.
She s about mid 30s 5 6 dark hair, great ass and about a B cup on the titties department but her ass was fucking great.
The other owner is her husband he was the cook and she was the one that would take the orders and most of the time be in the front.

So I went one day to apply and I didn t have to fill out anything since we kinda knew each other I got the job, I think the only interview I got was her asking me how much I wanted to get paid,
I started working the next day getting familiar with the system of how things work.

After about 2 to 3 weeks of me working at the restaurant she became a bit more loose she would joke around with me since it was always her and myself at the front the restaurant, sometimes i would take the orders and she would just sit on the computer and look at stuff to buy, while she sat on the computer I had a full view of her ass, since the chair she would sit on had a hole on the back side I had the perfect view.

One day maybe about a month of me working at the restaurant, she was using the computer and it wasn t really busy so I was just cleaning some tables getting ready for rush hour, I turn around and she was wearing this tight jeans with her thong showing that made me get the hardest boner in a world I mean I was hoping it would go away because I m sure many guys know walking around with a boner can be quite uncomfortable sometimes.

After about 5 minutes of myself looking back and forth at her ass I call her name she looked back and I told her your thong is showing she said ops and smile, I almost lost it so I decided to add her in one of the social media websites.

After I added her on the social media website we started talking more often, about life stuff, the restaurant, her husband, anything you can think off.

One day at work we started talking about sex and how much she love sex and what kind of sex positions she would like, she was very open about this stuff after all I m a trust worthy guy I wasn t going to tell anyone until now 😉 .

Well after finding out more of what she like, I decided to take a risk and start flirting with her, I would send her messages wondering when was the last time she had her pussy lick and I remember her telling me not in a while since her husband didn t like doing licking pussy, so my smart ass reply well I love licking pussy and so far I haven t had any complains plains I m must be pretty great at it. after that she reply well I ll find out myself won t I after that message I knew she wouldn t be so hard to get.

After about a week or so of back and forth messages I invited her to my house, she accepted it and the day after I Was off and she told her husband she was going to go shopping.
She got to my house and knock on the door, I open it and there she was wearing exactly what I told her to wear a skirt, I love skirts it usually means easy access 😉 I invited her in.

She sat on the couch and I sat right next to her I did some small talk and after about 5 minutes I decided to put my hand on her leg to see what she would do, she didn t move it away or anything she carry on with our conversation, so I slowly slide my hand down her skirt and was able to feel the heat coming from her pussy, she still didn t move my hand away and I saw her sit up straight a little bit more so I took that as a yes please touch me now so I did.

I stop whatever conversation we were having and told her to just relax and close her eyes I would take good care of her, she did just so.
I started to slowly move her panties with one hand and with the other hand I slowly started to touch her neck, once her panties were to the side I decided to use my finger and slowly go up and down her pussy I bet she loved it because she let out a good quite moan.

As she let out a moan I open her pussy with two finger and started playing with her clit with my middle finger she started to move her hips in a rotating motion by now she was soaking wet , so i move my middle finger down to her opening and before I could push my finger inside she moved her hips forward and my finger felt like it was in wonderland, for a married woman she was tighter than I expected her to be.

After about 30 second of me fingering with my middle finger I decided to take off her panties and move her short down so I could see her tits, after doing so I put two fingers in her pussy and started to rub my tongue on her nipples, as I started to go faster with my fingers I could hear and feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she was about to squirt so I started sucking on her nipples and softly biting them I could hear her pussy squirting I wanted to get down and lick her but right as she was squirting her phone rang. a cell phone ringtone is the biggest boner killer EVER .

It was her husband wanting her to go back to the restaurant because some new girl was having trouble with the cash register, she hang up look at me and gave me the best kiss of that year.
I put her thong back on as she fixed her shirt, right as her thong was about to get to her waist I stop lifted up her squirt and gave her wet pussy a kiss and slowly stick my tongue through her slit.

She looked at me with such a horny eyes but she had to go before her husband got suspicious, so she asked me when I would like her to come back to my house and I reply your my boss when is my next day off and she said Tomorrow and wink at me ….
After she told me I was off the next day I was very exited
We kept texting each other back and forth for the rest of the day
She kept telling me how wet her pussy got from me playing with her so I told her she should be prepare for tomorrow, she replied I will .

The next day around 10am she text me wondering if she could come over I said yes just make sure tis time you don t have to go early she said that wouldn t be a problem since she told her husband she was going to spend some times with her sister at the mall.

Around 30 minutes later she called me again saying she was close to my house so I got ready made sure I brush my teeth ;-), right as I was putting some sweats on I heard someone knocking on the door so I went to open it and my gosh this woman look so smoking hot I tho she was a hooker.

She was wearing a very tight skirt, with her hair straight nice blouse I m sure she fix her blouse before she knock because her nipple was showing and some heels, I told her to coming in she came in waited for me to close the door and she didn t waste any time she gave me a kiss and before she started undressing I told her to sit on the couch.

She did so and we started kissing all of the sudden we were laying down on the couch kissing each other and I knew it was time, I took my hand out it under her skirt push down her panties I could tell she was horny her panties were soaking after I took her panties off I slide my fingers from her ankles all the way up to her pussy and I could feel her body tense up, I removed her blouse and bra and started playing with her nipples.

After some kissing, I started kissing her neck and slowly started sliding my tongue down to her breast her nipples were so hard, I lick them and nibble on them she loved it while I was sucking/licking her breast I was fingering her. My fingers were soaking from her pussy so I decided to take those fingers and see how bad she was.

I put the 2 fingers in her mouth and she lick them guys well I love making a girl do that it let s me know how horny she is . She stop sucking my fingers so I decided to take off her skirt, I slide her skirt down and started licking her from her feet to her inner tight I couldn t help myself so I look up at her and started licking her wet pussy.

she kept moving her hips in a circle motion as my tongue went up and down on her clit. After about 2-3 minutes of me licking her she started to squirt all over my mouth as she finish squirting she got up took off my sweats and started sucking my dick It felt so fucking good the warm of her mouth and her tongue going up and down my shaft felt amazing.

I didn t want to cum from her giving me head so I pick up her head and told her I was ready to fuck her she went down to the carpet bent over. She didn t have to say a word I knew how she wanted so I got behind her and started teasing her with my cock. I would put it right at the entrance and rub the head all over her pussy specially her clit, after about a minute she had enough I was about to put it in and she moved her hips backwards and my cock slide in it was so wet I grab her ass and started fucking her I could tell she was having fun because as I look down to see my cock going in and out of her I saw her cum all over my cock.

We fuck doggy style for about 5 minutes she was sweaty and I was as well I felt her about to have an orgasm so I started fucking her harder not faster just harder. Every time my cock would go in I would hear her ass slam against my waist she started to orgams she put her head down raise her ass up and Her pussy got so tight I almost came myself but I didn t, I let her take about 5-10second break and started fucking her again this time I wanted to cum but I still wanted her to cum more so I took one of my hand put around her waist to her clit and started playing with her clit as I fuck her she loved it so much I could hear my cock and her juices just splashing she started squirting and right as she started squirting I couldn t hold it any longer so I came deep inside her pussy. she couldn t have any more k**s as she had a surgery after she had her 3 c***d she had told me this before so I remember and came deep inside her pussy as I came we both collapse and I kiss her neck she loved it and wanted more but I had to tell her she had to go since my girlfriend could come home anytime soon.

She got ready put her clothes back on and I gave her some paper for her dripping pussy she couldn t walk her legs were shaking and I though it was hilarious she gave me a kiss and said thank you I said no problem boss hopefully we can do this soon but next time you will be fucking me she smile and started going to her car.

After about 5 minutes later she called me and told me that her pussy was still dripping cum I smile.

Ever since that happen she sold the restaurant so I ended up with new bosses with a HOT daughter that yes I ended up fucking but that s another story.

I rarely talk to my ex boss as she moved and I think her husband found out about me and her but someday I m sure we will get together again. If you guys wish for me to keep writing my stories let me know and I ll be happy to share some of my stories they are interesting and fun.

This is a true story and happen a couple years back.
Stuff I might not of mention in the story:
I was 18 when this happen.
I lived with my girlfriend in an apartment different story 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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