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A little about us. My wife and I have been married 20 years.
She was a virgin on our wedding night.
I started talking to her about me sharing her with other guys and maybe even a couple. First time I brought it up she was very upset with me. Thought I was not enjoying her anymore and I wanted an excuse to play around.
well I told her I know how much she enjoys sex and she had never experienced another male before. I thought she might want to. She said no I was all she wanted and had no thoughts of having another man.
at this point she had never seen another mans dick. Just from movies.
well I dropped the subject and did not bring it up for a while.
one night we went out with some friends . After drinking and dancing we all four decided to get a room because we had drove over a hour to get to the city we were partying in. The girls of course were worried they had no change of clothes or make up etc… but knew we were all feeling pretty good and that long drive home could be dangerous.
So I got online and booked a cheap room on priceline. Ended getting a very nice motel for like 40.00. I told them I will try and get a second room and both ladies said one room is enough. We are good enough friends to share a room.so we did.
well we hit a couple more bars…as we checked into the hotel and then took a cab so we all could drink.

About 3am we decided to head to the room. My wife and Tina her friend were pretty wasted but not too drunk. A fun drunk. Dave T inas husbAnd was a littke more drunk then all of us. He had a rough week at work and blowing off some stress.

We have known Tina and Dave over 15 years. Always did things with them the girls were like sisters. But we hD never shared a room in a motel before.

We get into the room and both girls stripped down to their bra and panties and me and dave down to our boxers.

We got into bed and I was trying to play with my wife s pussy but she said no…..not with them hear.

About twenty mins later we heard tina moaning and them fu king so we started on each other.

The next morning I woke up and tina was in the shower and dave wss sleeping on the bed naked. My wife woke up and I heard a OH!.she saw dave naked. Her first real dick.

Well we checked out and headed home.

Couple of nights later while I was making love to her I asked her if she liked seeing Dave s dick. She giggled and said pleasedo not ask me that I said I guess that is a yes. As I talked about it I asked if she woukd like riding it and she said she would never do dave as she could not dodoomed she knew.

But at the same time she was getting wet and when she cummed it was bigger then normAl. I knew she had enjoyed it.

Well I talked about her doing a stranger or another guy. She would at least talk a little about it before she would say why talk about it because its never going to happen.

Well we went to a party at a friends house. Mostly people from her office watching games. I met two guys she has worked with. Pete and Gary. Two black guys she always talked about and how they helped her out all the time. Both Pete and gary were being transfer to another office the following week.

Well during this party she flirted with them and they gave her all their attention . Even with me being there they all flirted alot.

Well I found out they had a bet on the football game. My wife is from florida and was a huge gator fan and they were playing alabama. I asked what ws tge bet and they said if florida wins they were going to pay my wife 500. I said wow and looked at my wife and I said if bama wins what do you pay?
She whispered in my ear….I have to strip down to my panties. I was shocked and said reAlly? . She smiled and said yes but I do not have to worry. We are going to pull this upset.

Well Arkansas should have won the game but they lost.
so I asked the wife are you really going to go through with this bet and she said yes. But not hear. I will invite them to our place I said sure.

So the game was over and she asked the guys which way is home they told her and she said follow us to our place and I will pay up. They looked at me I said its her bet so this is up to her.

On the way home I asked her what is she going to do….thinking she wss going to be asking me for money. She said I will strip to my panties. I said are you sure and she said yes. She told me these two guys were her biggest help at the office and she really is ok doing this. She said she knew they always tried to get a peek down her shirt and always like touching her even if it was just a hug or something. I said ok this is your bet.

She told me to just sit down and enjoy the show . I said I will

Well the guys came into the house. We had just built the house so she came them a quick tour because she talked about her home at work all the time.

Then I was sitting in the den. She brings them into the room. Then she said ok pay up time and then gary said if you do not wAnt to do this we are ok with it. My wife said oh no gary. You guys have been my savers at work and I am going to miss you so this is paying up the bet and also saying thank you and I will miss you two.

Then she starts taking her clothes off. Going down to her bra and panties. Then she pulls her bra off. The guys are in ah

She wAlks over to them and whispers something in their ear. She then says oh no he has been wanting this for a while.

Then the guys stand up and pull their dicks out and she starts sucking them. She is sucking gary and pete pulls her panties off and starts kissing her ass and fingering her. Then they swap places and she is now sucking pete.

I hear pete start to moan and my wife has his dick. Pete says she is cumming and my wife grabs ships dick even tighter.
Milks him and licks all his cum

Then gary looks at me I give him the Knod yes and he starts entering her from behind.

She then fucks both guys in front of me in the den.

They take a break and then she takes pete upstairs and minutes later we hear my wife moaning and skin slapping.

Then pete comes down and gary goes up and about a hour later they both come down.

We sit and talk for a while and then my wife takes both guys and head upstairs. She tells me to cum watch the show.

Pete and gary leave about ten the next morning after breAkfastand they all showered together.

I spent the day watching nfl as my wife slept as she was up most the night fucking.

She comes down about five. We go grab some dinner and as we are eating pete and gary walk in. My wife smiles and asks ifI mind if they follow us home again I said hell no

I spend two others watching my wife fucking two black guys again.

What a weekend. My virgin wife not only gave me my wish. But did two guys and did two black guys.

She is now a shared wife and now we have a open relationship

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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