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Hi, everybody, I am Harshith from north Karnataka I am 22 years old just now I have completed Degree I have a huge cock 7 inches which will satisfy anyone easily I am a good looking and I have an athlete body

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So let’s get into the story this is the real incident which happened with me. This is my first story in Indian sex stories please forgive me if there are any mistakes. This story tells about how I had sex with my mom. This is a real life experience so it’s actually quite long as I have described each and every incident with detailed description. So bear with me…

When I got older at around 15 years got fascinated about girls.. but mine interest was in more in big and buxom mom is similar to this i kept thinking nasty things about her. After father’s death she used to remained in a passive state…not caring for her looks she is fair in complexion. She became more caring and worrying about me. So i used to fantasy about mom but in real life not showed a sign of it to her. Because i was scary about this. I used to go for shopping with her for all the things. Once we were i a shop where she was purchasing her undergarments i think she was worrying about the size of bra and panty which she feared was small for her.… She is always smily, on at that time she was of 33 years . Her breast was huge big like big watermelon with full of juice and her hips also well round and big though she was slim. Her body size was bust – 96, waist – 61, hips – 99. Because of bachelor, i was hungry in search of fuck and eyes stop on my lovely Swapna . I always masturbating on mom’s name and satisfying myself like fuck to her. It became my dream to fuck her. Our relation was nice and she know me as gentle guy. One day i was passing house, she called me and told me where are you going ? mom offered me for tea. She talked so friendly with me from that day onwards …..

All the way we both were free in talk, as she is also free of nature. I told her, i like only you very much because of your nature and talk. Then she told me what is in your mind, i am your mom. That day was for me, suddenly i told her, see mom there is no one in house except you and me. Then she told me why you called me as mom, every time you called me as mom? I observed here face and ultimately i told here if any wrong happen by me then? Again she told me see Harshith , i am your mom and i know you very well, you can not do any nonsense like this….just be open minded share your thoughts, feelings with me. I can be part of your sorrows etc… I felt lot happiness due to the words of mom..

Afterall at home when we were at home and later night she was wearing that she called me in her room she told me to hook the bra it was normal for me many times i have done this for her but this time it was smanll so i was not able to strech it properly but i did this with some force she asked me to untie the knot of her salwar which was jammed like. So i knelt in front of her tried to open but it was to tight to open there was one tight twist which was not i don’t know what struck in my mine mind i applied my teeth on it suddenly mom hesitated a bit since it was not intetional she didn’t said some think while opening her knot i got a great smell of her pussy which was like perfume to me.i got a hardon but manage to do this i relaised when i was applying pressure with my teeth she was taking long breath may be simply excited because smeel was increasing.when i opend this she patted me on head told to leave so simply i leaved but a lot of things were in mine mind how to seduce her . After some days we were watching a movie onn tv i was laying in her lap since in was old film mom was more intrested than me . So she said to sleep in her lap while she was wathing movie. So i put my face towards her lower abdomen and try to relax after some time my lips touched her stomach through her thin maxi.. She adjusted herself but allowedme stay in this i got some corage and while pretending to sleep pused my face towards her lower part and start pressing her so she started tuoching my hair lovingly and also start pushing my face towards her pussy she keep applying more force on my head to her pussy and had her great orgasm even she was moaning during this. Then i grab her and take one huge kiss and told her i like your big boobs and well round shape ass. Afterward she came on the way and told me, i also like you very much but i am very shy . I promise here this is secret between you and me. I put her sari down and make her half naked. She was looking sexy in bra and panty. Then she remove my shirt and pant. I was on underwear my rod was so hot. She was hungry for sex now. She laid down my underwear and pickup my heavy rod in hand. I told her to take it in mouth but she refuse me, and said it is bad, i have never took dick of your uncle in my mouth. I told her i want to eat your chut, want to take test of lips of your chut, she laughed and i turn in 69 position. Put my mouth in her spicy puzzy and started to take test. Now she also become horny put my hot rod in her mouth and told me your dick is very big than dad’s dick. Firstly i fuck her mouth heavily up to her throat. Then i have removed her bra and penty. First time i am seeing her naked in front of me, her vagina was also stroking like heart bit. I told her you are looking so sexy. Her big juicy watermelon was climbing on her chest. Immediately i grab her boobs in my hand and started pressing madly, crushed her nipple badly by teeth, she saw the mark of my teeth on her boobs and say you are so sexy.

So in night after dinner when i was in my room wearing only gown and started talking to me..she was not saying to me that she need to suck and licked her i got a idea i kneeled forawrd kissed her pussy to breack her shyness she was smiling and held my head to her pussy but i sad mom in this position it si difficult for me then my good she said that is should lie on my back i did and she simply pulled her gown from her body and came to me and straadled me face god i was mad from the scene of this type in which she was sitting on my face so she can control all the mocements of my tounge and lips which she did by giving instruction of that…so she came more than 5-6 times in 45 minutes…got i was toatally exhausted from after that night she used to do this more than 3 times in a day so it was my now new routine to give her oral pleasure she never asked sex for me so me too not dare to ask her…now present time se became more demanding she used to also smother me in her ass many times i became sensless due to her full weight…

After that i told her i want to fuck you by both way. She say i have never fuck by backside even your uncle have not put finger in my ass hole. I put my finger in her ass hole and started in-out, she get enjoyed by finger, after that i put my two finger in her ass hole and told her see my dick is sufficient to enter in your ass hole. She afraid and your dick is one & half percent bigger than your dad’s dick and refuse me but i was mad in fuck.

She turned immediately and spread her leg and forcibly put my dick in her cunt. But i take back my penis from her pussy. And started sucking her cunt.

I told her the lips of your pussy are very nice because of shave pussy. After that i heavily put my dick in her pussy and started to give her stroke.


She started to scream i kept my hand on her mouth and again started to stork her heavily after some time i have leaked my powerfully semen in her pussy .

She was so tiered and was not able to take breath. She told me, i have never intercourse by such heavy rod.

I always want to fuck by your heavy rod .

she was now requesting me to fuck her hard. I sat by now between her legs and caught hold of my dick with my hand and guided towards her cunt lips and rub it for a while. Then i inserted my dick in her pussy, as it was too wet so my dick went in her pussy hole very easily. I was inserting my cock in and out slowly as i have a big cock and she had requested me not to hurt her. After some time i increased my speed and thrusting into her with more passion and force. At this she held me tightly and started moving her hips up to have feel more of my cock in her pussy.

She kept saying ” yeah! Yeah! Ooh ,oooh aha ahha fuck me harder, make me cum ahhh… Oohh. I am coming, tear my hole my darling…aaahh…ayyy, uufff oufff it feels so good .

Then she said she couldn’t stand any longer, so i started pushing her hard, fast and i speeded up and pushed in and out in her pussy more vigorously. I started sucking on her nipples and she moved her hand to hold my waist moved her hips to meet my forceful thrust. My orgasm was building up and i started kissing her face, and told her to wet her finger and insert it into my ass hole. As she did that i asked her to raise her arms to let me suck her armpit. She raised her arm and i put my mouth on her armpit and licked it this made her made. She was now moving her ass up and down to accommodate my stroke very hungrily. I was sucking her armpit while stroking her strong with my large thick cock violently. As i poured my cum all inside her, she also came with me for unknown time. I fell on her and kissed her lovingly and softly still my cock in her pussy. After some time i slowly took my cock out of her cunt and got up and she cleaned my cock and her pussy by her shilwar, as there was not any thing except her shilwar. After that we laid for a long time as we had too tired. We fucked that night four times and after that we fucked three days regularly from that first night every time day and night. We were fucking at the morning, noon evening and at last the night till sleeping. We fucked every where in the house, in all bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dinning, and even in the satire.

We quickly went inside and got freshened up and fell on the bed .Asked mom about how she felt whole session, and she was happy and said that she never imagined that we both will have sex like this and that too after marriage, this is so thrilling and nice experience. I kept on asking her all sorts of questions. Whose cock you liked the most, your husbands on mine, to which she said. I liked the length and thickness of your cock. Also told her to keep sending me nude pics whenever I ask for it. And she agreed. We slept off.

Its our sex experience We make out and have sex every time we get a chance. She let me have the dildo. I put it in my ass every time I jerk off. It increases the pleasure

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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