My sister and Me (recent)

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My sister and Me (recent)
Not too long ago my parents decided we hadn t spent enough time at home and planned on having a family dinner back home. I live about 2 hours away from home and my sister lives about half of that. So we all get the arrangements to head home and the next day I head out in the afternoon. I had gotten drunk the night before so I got up late but that is neither here nor there. I m heading home and I get the urge to give Stephanie a ring and see if she may want to fool around before we get home.

Right when I go to grab my phone my dad gives me a call. I hesitantly answer it and ask what s up. He tells me that mom had to cover a shift tonight for some other woman at the office. My mom is too nice and will do pretty much anything for anyone. She thinks it s a good thing to do but it can get in the way of so much else. Since my mom was going to make dinner my dad told me to just get something to eat on the way. I call Stephanie and ask her what she is doing and she has already eaten and is doing something else. She was very vague about it but I assume she just wasn t for anything tonight. So I stop off a little less than halfway home and grab a bite to eat at a bar and grill. I have 2 beers and a couple wings and set off for home.

It s already dark by the time I get in town but I see my sister s car in the driveway. My parents always leave the front door open for her so I try that first and it s locked. Oh well, I go to try the garage and my dad has changed the code. Dammit, I head for the back door to the basement and I can t help but notice that hardly any lights are on inside except for my parents room. I unlock the door and make my way inside. I go up to the main floor and no lights are on but I can hear my dad s stereo blasting from his room. It s a jazzy modern music that s playing but he is always into something like that. I make my way upstairs but I don t have to sneak too much. I can hear him a little bit over the music but not much.

I crouch and sneak to the door and I can hear him groaning. I m a little disturbed but I have to know what s going on. I turn the door knob slowly but no one could hear it anyway over the music. I look inside and all I can see is my sister s head bobbing next to the bed. I can t see her face but I know it s her by the hair. I hear my dad groan again as my sister lifts her head up and wipes the hair from her face. I see a hand reach out and grab her by the back of the head. It pulls her back down and see continues bobbing.

I stand up a little bit and I can see her giving head to someone. I can t think it s my dad. Must be some guy she s seeing or something. I try to get a better angle but I can t as I don t want to give up my position. Stephanie stands up in only her bra and turns away from me. Suddenly, as if a nightmare, my dad scoots off the bed and jumps in behind her. He throws her down on the bed and grabs hold of his dick. She is moaning slightly as I can see he s playing with her. I close the door enough so that no one could see through the crack but enough for me to watch. I know this sounds weird but my dad doesn t look too different from me. It s almost as if I m watching her and me have sex in third person.

My dad puts his hand down on Stephanie s back and starts fucking her. I can t believe my eyes. I had no idea this was going on. I hear Stephanie moan and my dad tries to hold his orgasm in. He pulls her up and kisses her on the neck followed by walking around the bed and lying down. Stephanie follows him and then jumps on top of him. She grabs his dick and puts it in her pussy. She furiously pounces on it and I can hear my dad say he s about to cum. She isn t getting off of him! It seems like she s taking her sweet time and right as she gets off him I see his cum fly from his dick and glance off her pussy then land on his stomach. When I saw that for some reason all I could think was that my dad and myself were anatomically the same. Odd but you never know what s going to bounce in your head when you see something like that.

They start making small talk and all the action is over so I head downstairs and try to make it look like I just showed up. I open the garage door and announce my presence. I can hear them end their scramble upstairs and my dad comes down in some raggy clothes. I do my best not to try and think of what just happened and I believe I play it off pretty cool. Stephanie found a way to sneak downstairs then came up. She is definitely very sneaky but I play their game. My mom comes home late that night and they have church in the morning so Stephanie and I have the place to ourselves. I can t get it out of my head and she finally notices that something is off in my mind.

What s wrong? she asks me.
Nothin, just thinking, I say.
Thinking about what?
Just things. I don t know. Nevermind.
What s bothering you, little brother? she asks giving me some puppy dog eyes I can t resist.
I just had this weird dream last night, I started.
What happened?
Well you know how you and I have our good times every now and then? I ask.
Of course, she said with a smile leaning in to me.
Well for some reason last night I had a dream I was dad and we were messing around…
That s pretty weird, she said. Stephanie was slightly suspicious I could tell.
I don t know what to make of it. Have you ever thought about it?
What? Having sex with dad?!
yeah, I mean he doesn t look to different from me, I say hoping she will come clean.
Well, no. I haven t ever really- she said before I cut her off.
Well ? have you? I ask more intently.
I mean-
I cut her off again.
C mon just tell me, I said.
It s not like that it s just that-
I saw you. I couldn t drag it out any longer.
What?! she nearly screamed.
I saw you and dad last night, what was that?? I ask.
It wasn t anything, she said, just drop it.
How can I drop that? I saw you suck him off and ride him. How am I supposed to just drop it? I start talking down to her.
I only did it-
–Because you wanted to?? I interjected.
Dad was going to divorce mom! she exclaimed looking away from me.
…What? I asked not believing my ears.
Remember when dad and I went to San Diego for my graduation present? Stephanie asked.
Yeah, why? I asked puzzled as hell.
He left the me key to the mini-bar and went out for a few drinks. He was hit on by some women and he came back to the hotel smashed. He said he missed the life and that he maybe needed to go in a new direction or something. I asked him what he was talking about and he said he thinks he wants to get a divorce. I told him he was just drunk. I was feeling quite a buzz from the mini-bar and he explained to me that he had thought about this for a while and now that I was graduating that he could have free reign to do it. I begged him not to. I begged him on my knees in front of his lap. He still had a remaining bulge in his lap from earlier and I grabbed him for some reason. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was keeping us together.
Are you serious? I was taken aback. I couldn t believe that my sister could even be that selfless.
Yeah, I mean it s not like you and me were going to live together any more and I didn t want that. I didn t want any of that, she filled in.
Then why are you still doing it? I asked.
I don t know, it doesn t happen that often but it feels good. He will help me out here and there and if he isn t getting it from mom he will ask me for it. I have no problem with it. He was our provider as k**s and still is now. The least I could do is give myself to him.

I couldn t comprehend what was going on but I could understand that she was doing what she thought was right. I didn t argue with her and I didn t want to upset her. She was a little sad and wanted to rest in my lap. She did for a little while as I took everything in. She was a great sister. She kept the family together, she showed me everything sexually I could want and she was a better sister than any other girl I knew. I was rubbing her head and I said thank you for everything she had done so far. don t thank me just yet, Stephanie said as her hand moved up towards my lap.

I was in sweat pants and a slight bulge was present. She felt it and looked up at me with her sexy eyes. Stephanie lifted her head and pulled at my waistband. My cock poked it s head out and she smiled up at me. I pushed myself up and she pulled my pants the rest of the way down. She snagged my cock in her mouth so fast I could barely watch it happen. Stephanie was sucking so hard and fast I thought she was going to rib the skin off. Her hair was in my lap and it was almost like it was dancing all around my dick. She was twisting and sucking and gagging on it. It was so hot. I pushed her down until she couldn t go any further and came up for air. Stephanie pulled up and looked me in the eye with saliva pooled up around her lips. I smiled at her and pushed her head back down. She could barely breathe and I was close to climaxing so I pulled her off.

I told her to bend over the bed. She was only wearing a thong and an over-sized t-shirt. She bent over in front of me and I pulled her thong down. Her pussy radiated heat next to my face. I licked her pussy and she jumped. Before she could get away I grabbed her by her ass and pulled her back in. I shoved my tongue into her pussy as far as I could. I was oscillating in and out as fast as I could. My nose was buried in her ass but neither of us cared. I worked my thumb on her clit and she instantly got wetter. I m licking her up and down, left to right and pushing as far in as I can. She is squealing on the other side of my tongue. Stephanie reaches back with her right hand and shoves her middle finger in her asshole. It is so tight around her finger that it s pulling on it when she goes in and out.

I can barely take it at that point so I stand up behind her, pants of the floor and cares to the wind. I let some spit drop from my lips and land on her asshole. I push my lubricated thumb into her ass and rub the rest into her juicy pussy. I grab hold of my dick and massage her clit with it. I push the head up next to her pussy hole and just edge the tip in. She gasps a little and I push in a little further. I slowly start pumping and then we get into a rhythm. I m fucking her over the guest bed and she is loving it as much as I am. Oh my god! she screams right before surrendering and falling on the bed.

Stephanie rolls over and starts rubbing her clit. I stand next to her and go to put my dick in her pussy when she grabs it. She is laying down in front of me holding onto my cock and rubbing her clit the hardest I ve ever seen her do it. Her breathing speeds up and she cums hard squirting me below the stomach and letting a ton of love juice fall down to her ass. She pulls on my dick and puts it up against her asshole. Slowly she pushes it in and closes her eyes in pain. I finger her pussy to try and take her mind off it and it works. She is looking up at me from time to time with sheer pleasure in her eyes. I tell her I m going to cum and she says she wants to taste it. No time, is all I can say before cumming in her ass. I fall on the bed next to her completely out of cum and she slurps it off my dick. It sends an unbelievable sensation through me and she laughs. As she is sucking me with her mouth and left hand her right is massaging her asshole. She pulls a wad of of jizz from her ass and lifts it to her mouth. MMM, I love it, Stephanie says.
Me too, I say with a wink trying to catch my breath.

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