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I was th******n and she was fo*****n she was a neighbour from up the steet. I had seen her around but never took much notice as I knew she was older than me. Other than masturbating a few times that is what sex was for me.
One day her mother came to our place and asked if her daughter could stay at our place over Saturday night as they had to go and see a sick friend in the country but would be back Sunday afternoon. My mother agreed and said it would be no trouble. My mother told my elder sister that she would have to move into my room and share it with Sally and I would move to her room. But my sister who hated Sally said no she would not share a room with her. My mother asked me if I would mind as it was only one night. I said it should be fine and didn t worry me.
That night after dinner we were told to have our showers and be in bed by 8:30 to read and lights out at 9pm which was our usual program for the evening.
Our beds were on opposite walls abot 3 feet away from eachother, I was reading my book when she whispered to me have you ever seen one of these before I looked over and she had the sheet off her and her panties pulled down and holding her legs open rubbing her pussy.
I was shocked but said no and she waved me to come over which I did.
She told me to rub it like her and push a finger in it. She moaned as my finger slid into her. She told me to slide it in and out. It was getting wetter and wetter and she was really excited. Then she shuddered and moaned loudly as she closed her legs and held my hand in there. I said what happened and she told me she had cum..
She started rubbing my cock through my pyjamas but I told her mum will be in to turn the lights off soon so she said she would come over later.
Mum came in and said goodnight and turned off the lights.
Sally waited for a few minutes then I could hear her get up and walk across to my be. She sat on the edge of it and pulled my pants down and stroked my cock for a couple of times. Then what shocked me me bent over and took it into her mouth and started sucking and pumping. It wasn t long before I could feel my balls swell up and squirt my hot cum into her mouth. She didn t stop swallowing or pumping until the last drops leaked out of my now limp cock.
She kissed me and I could taste my cum on her lips and she said to me that she wanted me to go over to her place in the morning so we could fuck.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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