Second Honeymoon Ch. 03

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Second Honeymoon Ch. 03
This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.

Wives live out their double penetration fantasies.

It was probably mid-morning when the loud knock woke all four of them from their sound sleep. The knock repeated itself soon after and Jon eventually staggered out of bed and wrapped a sheet around himself before opening the door. He immediately recognized the man who had checked them into the hotel a few nights earlier.

Buenos dias, the man happily said before switching over to his choppy English. I wanted to let you know that we now have an open room if one of you wants to move into your own room. As he spoke he looked over Jon s shoulder at the other three people still under the covers. Jon wondered if he could tell by the state of the room what had happened the night before.

Frankly, Jon had completely forgotten that they would be able to have their own room. He had been so engrossed in their new relationship with the other couple he had really forgotten that sharing this room like this was supposed to be a hardship.

He stared blankly back at the smiling man outside their door before turning back and looking at Michelle with a look that asked, What should I do? Right away Michelle spoke up and said, I think we are just fine here. She turned to Vanessa and then added, Wouldn t you agree?

Yes, Vanessa said with a wide smile, I think we will be fine here for the rest of our trip.

Very well, said the man at the door. In that case, I will make the proper deductions to your charges. He then disappeared and Jon shut the door returning the room to relative darkness. As he did they all shared a laugh together at how things had turned out.

Jon climbed back into bed and they all stayed there for a couple more hours before finally getting up, putting on their bathing suits, and finding some chairs on the beach. For the rest of the afternoon they lounged on the beach only occasionally moving to get some drinks or take a swim in the warm water.

All day long Jon found it hard to believe what was happening and looked admiringly at both Michelle and Vanessa as they relaxed in their skimpy suits. The vacation wasn t even half over and it was already by far the best trip he and Michelle had ever experienced.

The next couple of days passed quickly in a blur of relaxing on the beach without a care in the world and of wild sex beyond anything Jon or Michelle had ever imagined. The very next night the two women had switched beds and Jon had been able to slowly fuck Vanessa as he watched his wife suck Sam s cock. The cock sucking soon led to fucking and by the time they had finished Sam and Michelle had each cum twice and fucked in several different positions.

Jon loved being able to take his time with Vanessa and he explored her body completely. They took turns teasing each other with their mouths and they also fucked long into the night until they each had cum at least twice. Much to Jon s own excitement Vanessa ended up cumming at least four times that he could count, twice as they fucked and twice as he licked her pussy.

Jon was very aroused by watching Michelle with Sam it was very obvious that Vanessa felt the same way. From the wild look of lust in her eyes Jon also knew that Michelle was very excited by watching him and Vanessa together. By the time both couples ended up fucking and watching each other fuck it was very late into the night and they all fell soundly asleep.

The scene repeated itself the following night, except this time the two women moved back and forth together between the beds. Sam and Jon took their turns fucking and teasing both women and by the time they all fell asleep Jon had lost count of the number of times he or anyone else had cum.

By now the foursome had fallen into the rhythm of sleeping late, relaxing on the beach together or doing some casual exploring of the shops downtown during the day, and then wildly fucking well into the night. Things started off this way Thursday as they explored some of the scenic areas around the small island. By the middle of the afternoon they decided to return to the hotel and their favorite spot on the beach.

Once back at the hotel they went to their room to change into their suits. As the week progressed they all had become less and less shy about exposing their bodies to the others, but Vanessa in particular seemed the most comfortable. The past few days she had started coming out of the shower naked and sometimes walked around in only her panties and bra as she finished her hair or make up.

She immediately started stripping out of her clothes when they entered the room and soon was naked as she picked up her suit off the dresser. Jon stared at her tits and he knew that Vanessa knew he was staring at her when she turned around quickly and flashed him a nasty smile. She then looked over to Michelle and Jon noticed that Michelle too had been staring very openly at Vanessa s body.

Vanessa s smile grew wider when she saw Michelle gazing at her and she dropped her bathing suit back on the dresser and walked over to Michelle. They immediately fell into a slow, deep kiss that lasted for several minutes. Michelle s hands caressed Vanessa s bare back and slipped down to her ass a few times.

As they excitedly watched their wives kiss Sam and Jon stripped naked and each began to slowly play with their growing cocks. Vanessa eventually parted the kiss and she began to remove Michelle s shorts and panties at the same time Michelle was pulling off her own top and removing her bra.

Soon both women were naked and they resumed their kiss. Jon couldn t passively watch any longer and he moved behind Michelle letting the tip of his hard cock press against her bare ass. His fingers roamed over her hips and sides and savored the curves of her body. He finally pressed tightly against her and began to kiss her shoulders and the sides of her neck. He brought his hands up to her tits and fondled their sides as she continued her wild kiss with Vanessa.

When he felt Sam s hands brush against his own Jon looked up and saw that Sam had moved into a similar position behind Vanessa. Michelle moaned as she spun away from Vanessa and turned to Jon. Their mouths met in a wild kiss and he began to eagerly fondle her tits.

This continued for a brief while until Vanessa moved between them and took Michelle s place in the kiss with Jon. Soon the two women were alternating between kissing both men and each other. Eventually they guided Sam and Jon onto a bed lying side by side with their hips touching. Michelle and Vanessa knelt over them and began to suck both cocks.

Jon soon lost track of whose mouth was on his cock as they swapped often and sometimes he felt both mouths on his hard shaft. For a while he thought he was going to cum like this but before he could both women sat up.

Do you mind if I try something? Vanessa asked of Michelle. Michelle shook her head no and didn t ask what she was going to try, but after a brief pause Vanessa added, I ve always wanted to have two cocks in me at the same time.

Vanessa very quickly guided Sam onto the floor and had him lie on his back. She straddled him and brought her pussy down over his hard cock. She motioned for Jon to stand up and guided him until he was standing over Sam with his feet on either side of Sam s chest.

Vanessa leaned forward and took about half of Jon s cock into her mouth as she began to ride up and down on Sam s cock. Jon groaned deeply at the scene before him. He watched Vanessa s mouth moving back and forth on his cock and watched as she simultaneously fucked Sam.

Vanessa seemed lost in her own wild sexual frenzy as she attacked the two cocks inside her. She grew more and more excited and fucked Sam harder and faster. Jon s cock began to slip out of her mouth occasionally. After this happened a few times Jon sensed movement behind him and then felt Michelle s body pressing up against his back. She reached around in front of him and took hold of his shaft at its base and held it steady for Vanessa s mouth.

Jon groaned at the sensation and Sam groaned at nearly the same time. Jon guessed he was groaning at the sight of Michelle s wet pussy standing over his face. With Michelle holding Jon s cock for her Vanessa focused completely on fucking and sucking the two cocks.

Jon wasn t sure if she or Sam started to cum first but Sam let out a few grunts and a long groan at about the same time that he could see Vanessa start to cum. Vanessa moaned from deep in her throat as she continued to suck him. She bucked wildly on Sam as their orgasms peaked together.

Jon s cock slipped out of her mouth a couple of times but each time Michelle quickly inserted in back in. The third time it slipped out Michelle began to rapidly stroke it. Jon had already been pushed to the brink by watching Vanessa and Sam cum and by feeling Vanessa s hot mouth on his cock but his wife s stroking was going to be the last straw.

Vanessa had started to slow the pace of her fuck with Sam and opened her mouth to again take Jon s cock inside. Michelle was now pumping it vigorously so instead of taking it inside Vanessa began to luridly lick the tip of his cock.

That was that last resort for Jon and he gasped that he was going to cum. Michelle pumped his cock firmly and Vanessa simply opened her mouth about halfway. Jon had seen women taking cum in the mouth and all over their face many times on porno films, but he had never actually done it before. Michelle liked feeling his cum on her tits or stomach but she had never shown any interest in letting him cum on her face or especially in her mouth.

He groaned as his first jet of cum erupted from his cock and landed half in Vanessa s mouth and half on her cheek. As Michelle continued to wildly stroke him his cum shot all over Vanessa s chin, cheeks, and mouth. By the time he finished cumming some of the first jets had already begun to slowly drip down her face toward her jawline. The picture of her face covered in his cum was possibly the sexiest, nastiest thing he had ever seen.

Michelle released his cock almost as soon as he finished cumming and stepped away from him. She immediately knelt down next to Vanessa and started a deep kiss. As they kissed Jon could see his cum smearing all over both of their faces and he was very excited by the idea that Michelle was probably tasting his cum from inside Vanessa s mouth.

As if she could sense his excitement at that thought Michelle pulled back so their lips parted but their tongues still danced together. As he suspected he could see his heavy white cum coating their tongues as they kissed. By the time they finished kissing his cum had mostly been smeared all over their faces.

Vanessa got up off of Sam and pulled Michelle to her feet before guiding Michelle back onto the bed. Michelle sat at the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide apart as Vanessa dropped to her knees on the floor.

Michelle moaned loudly when Vanessa began to suck her pussy. It didn t take long for Vanessa to drive Michelle to her own orgasm and she came loudly and wildly as she pushed her hips up into Vanessa s face and leaned back on her elbows for support.

When Michelle s orgasm had finally subsided Vanessa left her wet pussy and they kissed softly. Only after the two couples had the chance to kiss and hold each other for a few minutes did they all finally put on their suits and go out to the beach.

This was the time of day when most people were leaving the beach so they had the small, private beach mostly to themselves. Even if they didn t they acted like they did as they freely kissed and caressed each other without really caring who was watching.

They stayed out for an hour or so before they went back to their room and dressed for dinner. They walked to the small restaurant next to the hotel and ate a nice dinner. As they ate Jon and Michelle caressed each other s legs under the table and Jon was definitely distracted thinking of what would happen when they got back to the room. Again, until that afternoon he had never actually seen a women take two cocks at once and that combined with having Vanessa take his full load of cum in her mouth and on her face and left him ready for more.

He didn t have to wait long after they returned to their room as Michelle grabbed him and started a frantic kiss as soon as they were inside. As horny as he was Michelle clearly was just as or even more excited. She began to practically tear his clothes off and didn t stop until he was naked.

Only then did she move to Sam and greet him with a similar kiss. Vanessa helped with Sam s clothes as Michelle began to tear off his clothes just as frantically as she had Jon s. When both men were naked Michelle pulled them a little closer to her so she could move back and forth between their kisses by just turning her head. Jon and Sam started to pull off Michelle s clothes as they kissed and, with a little help from Vanessa, Michelle was soon naked. They continued their kissing and fondling as the three of them crawled onto one of the beds.

Their frenzied foreplay continued for a short while but Michelle was clearly past the point of wanting or needing foreplay and by now both cocks were hard and ready to fuck. Michelle crawled onto her elbows and knees between the men and said, Fuck me.

Sam immediately moved behind her and shoved his thick cock inside her pussy. She smiled and moaned softly as he filled her and began to fuck her. Jon watched for a moment before Michelle grasped his cock and said, Come here.

He quickly positioned himself on his knees right in front of Michelle so he was looking directly at Sam in virtually the identical position. Michelle greedily wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck and lick him wildly as Jon stared in amazement at his wife as she took both cocks at the same time.

At first he found the position very exciting as he held still and Michelle s mouth bobbed back and forth on his cock under the force of Sam s thrusts. As he grew more excited he tried to move his own hips and, in effect, fuck her mouth. This is how they usually ended their blowjobs with her pulling out his cock and jerking his cum all over her big tits. Her moan around his cock let him know that she wanted him to continue fucking her mouth but he found the position a little awkward as he had a hard time settling into a tempo that felt right.

Before long however he and Sam reached a rhythm of their thrusts that seemed to satisfy both of them. He stared down at Michelle and watched her naked body rock back and forth between the two cocks. Just then Vanessa moved onto the bed next to them. Jon had been so focused on fucking Michelle that he had completely lost track of Vanessa.

She was naked and sat down next to Michelle near Sam. She seemed very intent on watching Sam fuck her and soon brought her hands up to massage Michelle s ass as the trio continued fucking. Michelle s moan at her touch vibrated Jon s cock in her mouth and almost made him lose control.

One of Vanessa s hands slipped down between Sam and Michelle under Sam s cock. Jon guessed by the reaction that she was teasing Michelle s clit but soon Vanessa pulled her hand back out. This time she slipped it down between Michelle s ass cheeks toward Sam s cock.

Oh God! Michelle gasped around Jon s cock. Jon could see Vanessa intently staring at her own hand between Sam and Michelle. Michelle squealed slightly and let Jon s cock fall out of her mouth.

Yes, Sam urged, fuck her ass! Jon could see Vanessa pressing harder into Michelle and Michelle again yelped and then let out a long, sexy groan.

Is this OK? Vanessa asked of Michelle.

Fuck yes, Michelle gasped between short breaths. I feel so fucking full… she said as her voice trailed off into a series of sighs and moans as Vanessa began to slowly fuck her ass with her finger.

Jon stared wildly in lust as he watched Sam fucking her pussy and Vanessa finger fucking her ass. After a few minutes Vanessa seemed to be moving her finger easily in her ass and was fucking her at a solid pace.

Michelle hadn t resumed sucking Jon s cock and instead had rested her forehead on the bed as she focused on the dual fuck she was receiving. Jon knew she was approaching her orgasm as her breathing changed and she began to emit soft moans.

Ooooooo God! Michelle cried out loudly as she started to cum. Jon couldn t remember seeing her cum so hard before as her body visibly shook from the intensity of her orgasm. She cried out and moaned loudly over and over as Sam and Vanessa kept fucking her.

As she neared the end of her orgasm Sam took her hips and began to literally pound his cock inside her as she groaned in response. A few short moments later Sam gasped and groaned as he started to cum. Feeling his cum in her pussy seemed to remind Michelle that Jon s cock was just inches from her face.

As Sam fucked the last of his cum into her pussy Michelle attacked Jon s cock with a wild, wanton enthusiasm. Jon was so excited from seeing her cum he immediately began fucking her mouth as she used her tongue and lips and drive him crazy. It didn t take Sam long to reach the end of his will power.

I m cumming, he gasped as he usually did in this position to give her time to remove his cock from her mouth. This time, however, she seemed to tighten her lips around him and sucked a little harder. Jon thrust a few more times and then groaned as he started to cum.

Michelle held him tightly in her mouth and took nearly three full jets of his cum into her mouth before she loosened her lips slightly and let some of his cum spill out. Jon watched her excitedly as she took his full load in her mouth.

Vanessa had slipped her finger out of Michelle s ass and moved close to Michelle s face to watch Jon cum. Just as Michelle let Jon s cock slip out of her mouth Vanessa took her shoulders and pulled her up to her knees whispering, Don t swallow.

As Michelle straightened up Jon could see that his cum had spilled out of her mouth and practically coated her chin. He and Sam stared eagerly as Vanessa drove her tongue wildly into Michelle s mouth. Jon could see them swapping his cum back and forth much more vividly this time and wished he had a way to record what was happening. The kiss continued like this until Vanessa pushed Michelle onto her back and moved down between her legs.

She looked over at Sam and said, I tasted Jon in her mouth and now I want to taste you in her pussy.

Sam groaned at hearing her and Michelle groaned when Vanessa lowered her head to her pussy and began to fuck her with her tongue. Jon stared in awe of what he was seeing. Vanessa continued to wildly tongue Michelle s pussy for a few more minutes before she raised her head and looked back and forth between Sam and Jon as she said, Somebody fuck me!

Both men had been stroking their cocks and both had nearly returned their cocks to full size. Sam moved behind Vanessa and stroked himself faster to get himself to full size. He soon was ready and pushed his cock inside his wife s waiting pussy. Yesssss, Vanessa hissed as Sam began to fuck her.

Jon seemed to lose track of time as he played with Michelle s tits and watched Vanessa sucking her pussy as Sam fucked her. He was the only one in the room not directly involved but he was content for the moment to watch the threesome in front of him.

Vanessa was the first to cum and started her orgasm just a few minutes after Sam started fucking her. As she came she only briefly stopped sucking Michelle s pussy and after many more long minutes she brought Michelle to her second orgasm of the night. Michelle gasped and groaned as Jon teased her hard nipples and Vanessa teased her clit throughout her orgasm.

When Michelle finished cumming Vanessa lifted her head from her pussy and seemed to focus more on Sam fucking her. By now Jon desperately needed some attention for his cock and he spun Michelle toward him on the bed. He climbed between her legs and let his cock slide into her as he lowered his mouth down to hers and met her with a frantic kiss.

He started fucking her in the missionary position as they both watched Sam and Vanessa. Sam was fucking her so hard that the sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room. Vanessa had leaned down and had the side of her face pressed into the bed. Her one hand had moved back to her clit and she teased it while Sam forcefully fucked her.

Michelle turned her gaze to Jon and looked him deeply in the eye with a sexy gleam in her eye. She took her hands off his back and hooked them behind her knees so she was holding her legs wide open for him. Jon moaned and began to fuck her harder. After she had cum once or twice she loved to be fucked hard and fast and she immediately began to groan and urge him to fuck her harder.

They were interrupted only by Sam s grunts as he came and then by Vanessa s wailing as she immediately started cumming again. They turned their attention briefly to the other couple and watched them cum before returning to their own wild fuck.

Michelle actually started cumming first but feeling her pussy contract and twitch around him immediately started Jon s orgasm. He pumped her pussy full of her second load of cum that night and stopped fucking her only when he was completely spent and completely exhausted.

He and Michelle collapsed in a sweating mass as they held each other tightly and recovered from their efforts. Jon didn t even remember having enough time to turn his head and see what Sam and Vanessa were doing before he fell into a deep sleep.

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