Sheila and June

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Sheila and June
I was up in the local pub on Thursday night when i bumped into my neighbour Sheila (67) and her friend June (64). Sheila and June were both well on and i discovered that they had been in the pub since lunchtime. After buying them a drink they decided it was time to hit the road, June was going to be staying at Sheilas. Being a gentleman i walked them back to Sheilas house. Sheila invited me in for a nightcap, which i agreed to. We sat in the kitchen with a bottle of Glenmorangie and talked, June told me about her husband who was away working in West Africa on a regular 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. She bemoaned the fact that she often got horny after having a few drinks, Sheila piped up Duncan could help you out the same as he helps me . I spluttered and choked on my whisky when she said this. June laughed and said chance would be a fine thing . Sheila then started going into detail about our recent encounters and how much she enjoyed my 6 incher.

My face was now scarlet as all the details were being told to June. I felt a hand on my leg and realised that June was attempting to feel me up. My cock started to stir and grow in my boxers at the thought of some fun with June. Then Sheila asked me i was willing to have a 3some with them. I couldn t believe my ears and my heart started beating ten to the dozen. I stammered that i would need to nip next door to my house to shut my curtains etc and i would be right back. The reality was i nipped home to take a viagra so that i could perform all night.

5 minutes later i was back at Sheilas door and when i rang the bell Sheila answered dressed in her dressing gown. She told me to go upstairs to her back bedroom and she would be right up. On entering the bedroom i was confronted with June lying on the bed completely starkers her long red hair splayed across her big freckled tits and looking further down a magnificent fiery bush between her plump thighs. My mouth fell open on seeing her like that and I was almost rooted to the spot. June then said to me get yer kit off and get fucking ! I couldn t get my clothes off quick enough for her, as i fumbled with my belt she opened her legs wide and started running her fingers up and down her plump pussy lips, slipping her fore finger into her slit. I stood there staring at her luscious body. For 63 years old she has looked after herself and although she has a little extra weight she is rounded as opposed to fat. She lay there stroking with her right hand as she rubbed her left tit with her left hand, running her fingers around her now erect nipple, all the while she was staring at me as I stood there naked, panting like a dog and trying not to slaver .

I felt a hand reach around from behind me and grab my now erect dick, I realised that Sheila was now in the room, she was also completely nude. She then told me to get on the bed and start eating Junes pussy. I was down on her box as fast as I could, my mouth seeking out her hairy slit. Her pussy lips were slick where her fingers had already started working on her juicy cunt. Eagerly I suck and licked at her labia , slipping my tongue inside her seeking her clit. Soft moans emanating from June as I worked on her. Meanwhile Sheila was stroking my stiffy and fondling my balls.

June started to buck and gyrate her pelvis as I flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, and then started to suck on her huge labia, gently pulling them with my lips. I worked alternately on her labia and clit, driving June into a frenzy of tugging and pulling at my hair. Panting at me “take me, take me, fuck me hard”. I moved up the bed so that my cock was now free and probing between Junes thighs, seeking out her copper cunt. As soon as the tip entered her gash she shuddered and thrust her pelvis towards me, making my cock slide right inside her. I started gently pumping back and forth as Sheila cupped my balls in her hand and stuck her head in between my legs seeking them out with her mouth.

June writhed beneath me pressing her cunt up to meet my cock as I thrust into her, Sheila still eagerly licking and sucking my goollies. Then Sheila let my sack drop from her mouth and drew back from between my legs, then I felt a sharp slap on my arse as Sheila started swearing at me and calling me “a fucking naughty bastard”. June pushed up at me even harder with every slap that Sheila gave me. I was unable to endure it for long before I was stammering that I was “about to shoot”. June pushed even harder and ground her crotch even faster onto my cock. My cock started twitching as I spurted my goo deep inside Junes pussy. June meanwhile moaned and bucked beneath me as she orgasmed, her cunt soaking wet. I climbed off her and lay beside her on the bed as Sheila crawled head first between Junes legs and started eating my cum that was dribbling and oozing out of her red hairy hole.

I slid down the bed and underneath Sheila so that I could start eating her pussy, as soon as I found her slit and slipped my tongue inside I realised that her cunt was dripping with her own juices. My mouth started working overtime on her slippery labia and her fully hard clitoris, Sheila moaning and groaning as I munched at her. Her bush tickled my nose as the cunnilingus progressed and Sheila ground her pelvis down into my face. Then she screamed and almost suffocated me as her crotch pinned me to the bed. In the meantime June was whimpering away as Sheila ate my spunk from out of her hole. I slipped out from below Sheila and turned round looking at her plump arse sticking up in the air, my cock now fully hard again. I then mounted Sheila from behind my rod probing at her wet slit. I pushed gently into her, the tightness gripping at my shaft. Sheila squeaked and squealed as I started riding her and June was panting and gasping as Sheilas mouth worked at her sopping pussy.

As I pounded away Sheila slowly moved up Junes belly and started suckling on her freckly tits, both women now gasping and moaning and squirming. It was all I could do to cling on and keep pumping. Faster and faster I banged Sheila and louder and louder the women got, my senses were on overload and I couldn’t hold back any longer, grunting that I was about to cum again. As soon as I said this Sheila pushed her arse up into, me making me explode inside her wet old cunt. June yelped as Sheila bit her left boob. Both women were panting and sweating as was I. Sheila suggested we have a beer and slid off the bed and nipped downstairs for them. June then told me to lie back, which I did and she slipped down the bed to my crotch and slipped my flaccid member into her mouth, greedily sucking and nibbling on it. Within no time my cock was fully engorged again, and June gobbled even more licking the length of my shaft as she stared up into my eyes.

With that Sheila returned with the beers and was astonished that I was hard again already. She placed the beer on the bedside cabinet and climbed back on the bed, thrusting her big udders into my face. I grabbed her right breast and started sucking and licking at her huge brown nipple, running my tongue round and round her areola and flicking the nipple. Meanwhile June continued sucking on my cock, taking all six inches into her hungry mouth. After a few minutes Sheila pulled her mammaries away from my mouth and lay down with her head down beside Junes, The two of them now licking at my tackle. The feeling of two tongues licking either side of my shaft driving me wild. They women were licking my cock and their mouths kept meeting as I stared down at them, the excitement in me building by the second. After several minutes of this, plus them playing with my balls and Sheila (I think) slipping a finger into my arsehole, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I gasped “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and both of them seemed to go up a gear with their licking and sucking as they gobbled my cock. I spurted my jizz out and they both licked and sucked even more. Not a drop of my seed was left as they sucked me dry.

Sheila and June lay there kissing each other and licking each others faces, I lay there trying to believe what had just happened. As they kissed each other they started exploring one anothers bodies with hands and when June realised that Sheilas pussy was still sticky and dripping from my earlier load of spunk she slid down the bed and started eating Sheila out. The sight of Junes red head between Sheilas legs made my cock stir again and start to engorge. Sheila spotting me starting to stroke my stiffening rod twisted round and grabbed it in her left hand, jerking at me as she writhed with Junes oral ministrations at her hairy cunt. We writhed and around some more before Sheila stammered that she wanted my cock inside her again, June gasped “come on Duncan, fuck Sheila again”. The next thing I knew Sheila was climbing onto my cock as June moved up to the top of the bed again, thrusting her freckled tits into my face.

I was in heaven with two women on top of me, Sheila impaled on my cock while June pressed her big droopy tits into my face. Sheila bounced away on top of me, working her pussy up and down and grinding into me. I meanwhile sucked and licked at Junes boobs. The room was filled with grunts, gasps and moans as we writhed together on the bed. After what seemed like an hour I was ready to cum again and told them so. Sheila pulled herself off my cock and slid down the bed, her mouth seeking out my shaft. June twisted around also and her mouth went down to my cock also. They worked together to finish me off, greedily eating up my emissions. The women were now giggling and kissing each other as I lay there spent. I drifted off to sleep as the women lay kissing and cuddling.

I woke up a little while later and both of them were asleep, I looked down at my manhood which felt like it was in tatters. I decided that now was a good time to go home, so grabbed my clothes and sneaked downstairs, dressing as I went. Letting myself out I went home. I went to bed for a few hours and was just wakened again when Sheila knocked at my door, she was round to try and borrow some headache tablets as both her and June had hangovers. I mentioned how much fun they were last night and Sheila blushed and stammered something about not being a lesbian. Me being a gentleman assured her that she was anything but. I also pointed out that my bellend felt red raw with the two of them, and that they were “welcome to abuse me like that any time”. Sheila stuttered and stammered about never having done anything like that before and it never happening again. She thanked me for the paracetamols and left.

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