Should never have said it 2

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Should never have said it 2
Amanda continued to see Jerry most weekends he would come over at some point to screw my wife it always seemed to begin with a downstairs quickie as if showing off to me after which they would spend several hours in bed drinking, laughing and screwing, of course I could watch the show if I wanted and occasionally I could join in during the rest periods to lick my wife’s pussy or arse if she felt it necessary however after a few more weeks his visits became less and Amanda told me that things were cooling between them and he was now showing more interest in a new girl at work, she said she was fine with it but I could tell she was hurting, I tried to tell her to put things behind us and to try to be faithful to me again however she just laughed and said that she had other plans when I asked what she meant all she would say was to wait and see.
It was quite a surprise the next Friday evening when she came home from work accompanied by Susan a secretarial assistant from a leisure club that the company owned, I had met Susan several times and although she was 20 years younger than I we had always got on quite well, Amanda explained that Susan was down in the dumps due to boyfriend trouble and needed cheering up hence her invitation to stay the weekend with us, during which she said that she had promised her a really good cheering up, but would say no more , I should point out that Susan is a skinny tall girl and not exceptionally pretty though has a great sense of spirit and is a pleasure to know.
As Amanda and I had been mostly sleeping separately I was unsure of the sleeping arrangements but Amanda made it clear that she would be sleeping in the main bed with me and Susan would be in the spare room, that arrangement suited me just fine but quickly regretted it after a reminder that it did not mean sex, this was especially embarrassing as it was said in front of Susan.
Later that evening we settled down and chatted over a few drinks quickly the conversation between the girls got on to sexual preferences and Amanda started on about the benefits of a big thick cock and from what was said it became apparent that Susan knew all about Amanda’s fling with Jerry, I could tell that Susan seemed embarrassed for me and tried to change the conversation but as the drink flowed Amanda continually returned to the same old story, eventually Susan commented that she thought size was not all that important and it was the person that mattered to which Amanda said “why not try him out then” and nodded in my direction and Added that she had never watched me in action from afar and wouldn’t mind doing so, I shrugged off the suggestion but was surprised that Susan said “why don’t you fancy me, If it’s ok with Amanda I’m up for it”, “That it all decided then” said Amanda “come on Dave show what little you have” with that she got up and left the room saying that she would give us a couple of minutes of privacy.
Susan leapt up and sat on my lap “come on Dave let’s do it, I have always fancied you and I hate the way she speaks to you these days and I’m gagging for some cock” her hands were on my trousers feeling my cock and she was kissing my lips and it felt great, my hands grasped her small tits as she unzipped my pants in seconds we were both naked with Susan sucking on my 6 inch cock and me fingering her hot hole, that’s how we were when Amanda returned to the room she was wearing only a silky dressing gown, no under ware and sarcastic smile, she was holding her favourite thick long dildo and had her cell phone with her, “don’t pay any attention to me” she said as she settled down in the leather chair, “go on Dave fill her up” and laughed again.
By now I could not have stopped even If I had wanted to as I had not had penetrative sex for over 5 months and here it was on a plate for me, Susan had knelt on the sofa facing the wall with her ass raised and thrust out towards me, her pussy was puffy and wet her thick lips and held open with her fingers “come on quick Dave, give me it doggy I love that” I moved behind her and lined my dick up with her pussy and slipped it home, it felt great as my knob bottomed out in her hot hole, she sighed and her hand began working on her clit and occasionally cupping my balls as I thrust in and out, behind me I could hear the squelching of Amanda working the dildo in and out of her hole with the accompanying grunting and groaning, considering how long it had been I lasted some time before shooting my cum into Susan , who by now was coming too with her fingers working fast on her clit she grunted squeezed my dick and spasmed to her orgasm, I withdrew my cock feeling quite happy with my performance.
I held Susan close and kissed her and she kissed me too, I still felt great but it was not to last as we turned to Amanda who was still leisurely working that monster dildo in and out her bald pussy “so what did you make of that Susan”, “It was good” Susan replied “It didn’t last long enough but it did for tonight” with that they both laughed, I was now confused and asked what they were talking about, Amanda was still rubbing her clit with the dildo wedged well up her hole.
“You don’t think Susan is here for you, do you”? “she’s here to help with the party we are having tomorrow night it’s a kind of goodbye thing we are having for Jerry, he is leaving the company today and I have offered to host his farewell bash or should I say bang” they both laughed and Susan poured more drinks the lounged back onto the sofa , her legs were splayed and I could see my cum seeping from her snatch, “Amanda says you are good with your tongue, do you want to show me” she said so I got down onto my knees but Susan pushed me onto my back and settled her pussy onto my lips and there she stayed until I had licked her clean.
During this time I heard Amanda making a call on her cell phone the subject being the Saturday evening arrangement the jist of which was that the guests should be there no later than 8pm otherwise she would start without them….THEM I thought what does she have planned now, I did ask but was told that it was nothing to do with me as I had had my treat for the weekend, Susan to her credit came back to me and we sat naked on the sofa close together getting slowly drunk.
Her hands started to massage my dick back to life much to the amusement of Amanda who suggested she should save herself for “the BIG event” to which Susan replied that she had plenty to go around and with that she slid down the sofa and took my dick in her mouth and worked it till I shot a load in her mouth which she swallowed followed by a large swig of Vodka and Coke, “can Dave sleep with me” she said to Amanda to which Amanda replied “If you are desperate why not”, “good” was all Susan replied “It’s been a long time” she said to me and “I do like you even with a smallish cock but you use it better than that ex of mine,” will you be able to get it up again” she whispered so that Amanda could not hear, I remember that about 5 months earlier when I had hoped things would get better between Amanda and I , I had purchased several cialis pills from a friend of mine at work who had a prescription, none of which had ever been used so I replied to Susan that I thought I should be ok and she smiled and said “good” with that I stopped drinking and left the room and took 1 pill.
About midnight we made our way to bed all of us were still naked and I was pleased at the warm glow that I felt in my groin as I watched the girls asses as the staggered up the stairs, If truth were told I would have loved to have fucked my wife that night but she entered the main bedroom and closed the door, leaving Susan and I to use the spare room, as soon as we closed our door Susan pushed me onto the bed and manoeuvred into a 69 position and began to suck my dick to hardness as I lapped around her hot pussy lips and gently sucked on her clit, when I regained full hardness she swung around and lowered herself onto my hard dick, it slipped into her easily and she began to ride me, having already orgasmed twice I knew I would last a long time and I settled back to enjoy sucking on her tits as she rode my cock after some time she leaned forward and whispered in my ear asking if it was alright for her to be naughty to which I asked what she wanted and without replying she raised herself up shuffled a little forward and sunk her ass hole onto my cock and to my surprise she sank down onto my full length, at 40 years of age it was the first time I had experienced anal sex and it felt great her tight ass hole rising and falling on my dick, she was loving it her head raised to the ceiling she was panting noisily occasionally she paused and squeezed my cock with her butt muscles, I was still a long way from coming when she started fingering her pussy madly and grinding into my balls as she shuddered to a orgasm after which she climbed off and whispered that a smaller cock had some holes made for it with that I rolled her onto her back raised her legs to her ears and stuck my dick back into her ass and began pounding away, the bed was banging against the wall but I did not care all I needed was to come and I did several minutes later with my cock wedged tightly in her ass.
I rolled off and we cuddled ourselves into sleep, In the morning I woke feeling lousy, Hung-over and a little guilty, it was after 11am and the girls were nowhere to be seen Amanda’s car was gone, I sat with my coffee and wondered what that evening might bring and If I might be included in some way with Susan…………..I will tell you all later what occurred that night.

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