The Adventures Of A Taboo Couple

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The Adventures Of A Taboo Couple
We were drunk.  I didn t care.  She lay there with my cock sliding into her.  Her tits bounced with each thrust.  My hand slid under her butt cheek grabbing her down and dirty in her taint.  She loved it when I would touch her there and fondle her nether parts.  Such a perfect ass cheek.  She was soaking wet taking my cock for the last two hours.  I wasn t even close to being finished fucking her.  She was enjoying the ride too.  I could fuck you all night.  I just can t get enough of your nasty cunt.
You can fuck me for as long as you like.  Your cock feels so good.

The next morning I woke up next to her in bed.  She lay there naked.  Her bush was uncovered and looked like it had never been touched.  My hand slid into her muff gently stroking her pubis.  Then my finger slid gently and softly into her slit.  She was soaking wet!  My cock was rock hard.  As I slowly and deliberately slid my finger over her clit her eyes opened.  She could see I was looking straight at her.  When she felt my finger she smiled.  Then she opened her legs.  Her hand found my throbbing cock.  She gently stroked me as she yawned and began to stretch.  When she finished stretching she pulled on my cock.  I moved between her legs and went down on her.  She tasted salty and her scent so strong.  Leftover pussy from the night before was something new to me.  But I didn t care how nasty her cunt was.  I just wanted another go at her to start our day.  It would be the first of many rounds of sex we would have.  I licked her and she moaned.  She bucked and moaned as my tongue slid over her clit.  I teased and then sucked and she screamed out as she began to gush.  I moved up and she slid me home.  Up inside her tight and close we latched onto each other and began to grind.  Leftover pussy is so hot!
MMMM HHMMM.  Fuck that nasty cunt.
Yes!  So good baby!
Fuck it good!
We started slamming together and I could feel her pussy contracting as she gushed again.  It felt so incredible and smooth as my cock glided in and out.  I couldn t help but shoot.  Do it baby!  Shoot that shit into my nasty cunt!  Give it all to me!  Fuck me!   I pumped all I had into her and we collapsed together.  Both breathless we just lay there in each other s arms for a few minutes.  Then I rolled off.  She stood up and felt wobbly.  I watched her body as she stretched and yawned again.  Come dripped from her hairy pussy lips.  The come was oozing out of her and down her thigh.  She stood right in front of me and reached down and spread her pussy open to show me her cream pie.  Look at that!   What did you do to mommy s pussy young man?
I fucked it.
You sure did.  What am I going to do with you mister pussy fucker?
Make coffee.
Okay.  I ll be right back.   I watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked out to the kitchen.  So sexy.  Damned hot for a forty eight year old woman.  A few minutes later she came back with two cups of coffee.  We sat up and drank our coffee silently for awhile.  The room was quiet as we both were content to say nothing.
I got up and took her cup and made us another.  As we sipped the second cup she asked me what I wanted to do that day.  We were both off.  We both knew we would fuck a lot.  But would we do anything else?  I wanted to go eat so I suggested brunch.  So we decided on that.  We got up and went to shower.  I went to my own room and showered there.  When I came out she was still putting on make up.  I went to watch her paint the Mona Lisa.  She was in blue jeans and a tee shirt. 
I dare you to go braless.
Oh really?  So you want me to get starred at?
Yes.  I love the way your tits jiggle.
Well I would feel slutty.
Slutty is good.
You re bad.  Very bad.
Yep.  All because of you.
When she finished we left.  At the restaurant we ate quietly.  When we finished eating I asked her, Would you ever consider getting pierced?
Your nipples and your pussy lips and clit.
That sounds painful.
It s hot!  Hotter than hell. A lot of women do it and they re all just fine.  It only hurts a little when they do it.  Then you heal for a few days and then everything is fine.
How do you know all this?  
I read about it.
I ve seen pictures of women with piercings and its hotter than hell.  
I ll think about it.  Maybe you should be pierced too.
Maybe.   She looked at me like I was crazy. 
Later that day we started playing.  As I licked her pussy I stopped.  See mom, a ring would go right here.  And rings would pierce you pussy lips up and down here.  You could get maybe three or fours rings up and down your pussy lips.   She was looking down at me as I pointed to her naked slit.   You could have a ring in each nipple.  There are many things we could do with your rings.  But a ring in your clit I heard makes you get aroused more.
Oh really?
Yes.  If you wear tight jeans it rubs your clit.
That s what I read.  Imagine getting all wet while you work.
Don t know if that s a good idea.
We could get inventive with it.
Like how?
Like stretch your pussy lips out.  Or we could run a chain through them and connect them.  There are a lot of kinky things we could do.
I tell you what.  If you get a spike in your cock I ll get my pussy pierced.
Now where the hell are we going to find someone we can trust to do it right and do it cleanly?
Yes.  I work with a guy that has piercings.  I asked him about it and he told me how this guy Bob has the cleanest shop around.  Bob does all kinds of kinky piercings and he is located right next to the hospital where he used to work as a nurse.
Would you like to go talk to him?
This is crazy but it makes my pussy tingle thinking about you doing kinky things to me like that.
So you ll do it?
Crazy as it sounds yes.  Now fuck me and we ll get cleaned up and go I guess.
I moved in and we both came hard thinking about our new adventure.  After we finished I told her she was the hottest woman on earth.  I meant it.  At the door I grabbed her and we kissed passionately.  My cock was rock hard.  I pulled her back into the bedroom and started stripping her down and we fucked again.  I told her how hot it made me thinking about her pussy all pierced up.  We just kept fucking that day as I could not stop.  So we decided that we would try again later.

Two weeks later we were seriously ready to go get pierced.  It was after a long night of fucking.  The clinic was open all day.  So we went out to eat first.  She went braless and I loved it!  Men were glancing over at her watching her every move out of the corner of their eyes.  So sexy! 
Bob was in with a client when we arrived.  I had made an appointment and the receptionist girl gave us some pamphlets to look over.  Pictures of different piercings and jewelry to wear.  I found a spike that I thought would work.  Mom kept looking.  She didn t know what to pick out.  Then we were called back for consultation.
I m Bob.
Hi Bob, I m Jack and this is my gal Bettie.
We all shook hands and he had us sit.  Do you have any piercings now?
No.  Except for my ears.   Mom said.
Okay.  First of all not all piercings are permanent as you probably know from your ears right?
What we ll do is you will pick out what you want and then we will proceed.  But I m here to advise you on what works best for your situation.  Where do you think you want pierced Bettie?
Mom was not shy at all.  I want, or should I say, this young man here wants my pussy lips pierced and my nipples pierced.
Don t forget about your clit mom.
She slapped my leg.  I let that mom word slip.  Bob didn t even flinch.
And what about you young man?    He said with a sly smile.
I want a spike in my head.
Your cock?
Uh, yes.
That hurts like hell when it happens but it will heel.  A spike gives your partner more pleasure.  And Bettie a ring in your clitoris will stimulate you all the time you wear it.
That sounds hot.
Well my gal has one and she is quite easily talked into things because of it.
We looked at pictures and Bob explained how we should start small and could always work our way up to other things.  So we decided to go along with his advice.  Mom picked out some gold rings for her piercings and I picked out a thin spike.  Mom made me go first. 
It was weird having Bob hold my cock and freeze the top of the head.  As He slid the needle into me I cringed. 
There.  All done.   I looked down and a spike was in my cock head.  Bizarre.  It will be sore for a week or so.  No sex for a week you two.
It was hot watching mom strip down in front of Bob.  She lay on the table with her feet in stirrups.  I was excited to watch.  Bob looked down at her pussy.  Very nice Bettie.  I ll start with your sweet pussy lips and then do your nub.
She grimaced as he pierced her clit.  Her nipples were hard and that hurt a bit too.   But when he was finished I could see how hot it was going to be when we healed.  Now come back and let me check you in a week or so whenever things are healed up okay?   Bob explained to us how to keep ourselves clean and heal up the right way.

It was hard going for two weeks without pussy.  But it was well worth it.  We had made an appointment and went back to see Bob.  Inside the room we both stripped down and Bob came in.  Oh my!  Naked people.   We all laughed.  I see you have healed nicely.   He said everything looked good and we could resume our normal activities.  Mom was laying there spread wide open.  So is Bettie really your mom?
Yes I am.   Mom said.
Wow! That s hot!  You re a hot lady and you, young man are very lucky.
Thank you Bob.  She is a hot fuck.
I bet.  But you will be amazed how much hotter it will now be with piercings.
My pussy is wet.
Bob would you like to take a turn on her?
Hell yea!
Go ahead.   mom laid there smiling as Bob dropped his pants and pulled out a nice hard cock.  He had a spike in his head and when he slid it inside mom s pussy it felt different to her. 
Wow!  That spike is interesting.
So is your mommy pussy.  A spike will be different.  You should like it even more.
As Bob began to fuck her she started moaning.  The receptionist girl opened the door and peaked inside.  We have clients out here.   Her eyes focused on Bob s cock ramming mom.
Okay.   She shut the door and mom tried to muffle her passionate moans.  Bob s cock ripped into her cunt fucking her and she began to come.  The paper sheet became soaked with pussy juice.  Then Bob quietly said, Oh FUCK!   He began to pump her full of come.  The he stopped.  Wow that was awesome.  I love it when clients get turned on by their new piercings.  This happens more than you think.  Now watch you two.  When I pull out of mom s pussy I have to be careful not to hook one of her rings with my spike.  You need to be careful and it takes time to get used to your new jewelry.
We all watched as he pulled slowly out of her cunt.  His come oozed out.  It looked so hot!  My cock was rock hard.  As Bob moved away I took my turn.  I put my head up to her pussy lips.  My head rubbed his goo around and then I plunged it into her.  I came inside mom s fucked cunt rather quickly.  Bob stood there watching.  Maybe we could invite you over some time Bob.
Sure.  Just let me know.  I like your mom s pussy.   Come oozed out of her and Bob started to clean himself up.  He said he had to go to the next patient waiting in another room so we said good bye.  Mom and I got cleaned up and dressed.  On the way home we didn t say much.  When I did say something she smiled and said, That was fucking hot!
Yep.  So you liked having more than one?
Oh hell yes.  I want to do more of that.  Maybe even a girl.
Oh really?
Sure.  We should start swinging.

To Be Continued.  

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