The pub (part two)

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The pub (part two)
I laid back on the pool table and relaxed .. i just laid there as my heavy breasts rose and fell as i struggled to catch my breath .. i was begining to sober up .. and good lolly was raising her concerns in my head what the hell have you done ? These guys know you !! They know your husband !! It will be all around the estate in the morning

My thoughts of regret were interupted as one of the guys took my hands and pulled me upright into a sitting position on the pool table .. i raised my hands in surrender and told him i need a time out
I slid down off the table and walked across the pub  feeling their eyes transfixed on my naked body ..

I walked into the ladies toilets and quickly went into a cubicle and sat down on the loo .. i squeesed my fanny until i heard the reasuring plop of spunk drop out of me …i cleaned my pussy with tissue and walked out and immedietly saw my myself in the mirror .. i couldnt help but feel aroused .. i stood there in just my heels .. stockings and suspenders staring at my reflection .. my face was covered in cum .. my hair stuck together in places .. i looked like a cheap whore .. and the truth is .. i liked it .. i liked it alot ..

The door creaked open as i was bent over the sink splashing my face with cold water .. i stood upright and saw one of the guys standing behind me sheepishly holding a drink .. his eyes stared down at my bare cunt and then up to my tits .. he didnt even look me in the face as he held the drink out towards me i bought you a voddy

The last time i spoke to this guy .. was when me and my husband had bumped into him and his wife in the highstreet .. and now i was standing in front of him pretty much completely naked .. and it felt so good .. i loved the way he looked at me .. like a hungry man looking at a plate of food .. and i knew i couldnt stop there …

I took the drink and downed it in one before placing  the glass onto the sink unit as i leant back against it with my hands down by my sides and let him look .. i turned my head as he gazed at my cunny trying to get him to actually look at my face as i asked him …

sooo did you just come in here to bring me that drink then ??

i shuffled nervously as he made eye contact for the first time and slowly shook his head licking his lips and dropping his hand down to squeese the throbbing bulge in his jeans .. no .. i wanna fuck you

I looked down breifly and chuckled quietly to myself .. before staring directly at his hand on the lump in his jeans .. stepping my feet apart slightly as i teased him in my best well spoken mummy voice oh you want to fuck me do you

I could tell he was gagging to just grab me and ravish my body as he nodded quickly bareing his teeth at me ..

I stirred my hips slowly unable to hide how desperate for his cock i was as i replied again in my posh voice if you could fuck me anyway you wanted .. how would you do it to me?

He took a step towards me as the tension in the room built .. he leant foward into my face and quietly said .. in the worst way possible

I felt my confident seductive exspression crack as i failed to mask the fact i was taken back by his reply .. tipping my head back as he started to lick up my exposed throat .. i put my arms around him and felt his arse through his jeans as he pushed himself up against me .. grinding his covered erection hard against my bare mound .. i yelped in suprise as he grabbed the backs of my legs and scooped me up sitting me on the sink and forcing my knees up high and wide apart

He pushed my head to the side with his face .. his nose pushed into my cheek hissing angrilly through his gritted teeth telling me now im gonna treat you like the whore you are

The top of his head pushed my face against the mirror as he looked down and franticly snatched open his jeans and pushed them down ..

I sucked in the drool from my bottom lip as i looked down and watched .. stupified and slack mouthed by the sight his long upward curved circumsized cock .. i groaned in protest as we both looked down the tops of our heads pressed together as i watched him slap my exposed clit four or five times with his heavy member before he pushed it hard right up my open pussy .. he grabbed my thighs and yanked my

bum towards him a little..  i panicked for a second reaching out with my hands to stop myself falling off the sink and knocked off the glass that was beside me shattering it loudly on the tiled floor ..

He continued to trash talk me through gritted teeth as he held the backs of my knees and we both watched his veiny cock slam in and out of me ..
Arrghhh yeah Gimme that fucking pussy .. just like that

The door to the toilets creaked open again .. and i looked over at the three guys as they leant in to investigate the noise of the broken glass ..

I was overcome with ecstacy and my whole body tingled unconterlably as i looked at them while my tits jumped violently up and down and the noise of his balls slapping against my arse echoed off the tiled walls ..

It felt like the muscles in my stomach twisted inside me and my clit phisically leaped as he growled at me your gonna take my cum inside you arnt you?

My nipples stood proud hardening until they ached .. my womb convulsed as i looked right at the guys and gasped YES


i felt my pussy squirt violently onto him as i exsploded into orgasm gasping again open mouthed in reply YEEEES … ALL OF YOU

He dropped my limp legs and forcefully turned my head to face him .. plunging his tounge into my slack mouth and pushing it down my throat .. he pushed himself up on his toes and impaled me .. moaning down my throat as i felt long hard jets of boiling hot cum fire onto the very top of my cervix ..

My legs turned to jelly .. i was completely exsausted as he stepped back and i slid off the sink .. i wobbled on my heels struggling to stand as one the other guys reached out and steadied me by my hips ..

He told me Im next lolly as he steered me towards the cubicle .. i held his forearms to stop myself falling as my high heels slipped on the tiled floor .. he was so eager to fuck me .. he slid me into the cubicle on my heels as i scrambled to stay upright .. i stood with my hands against the walls to steady myself as he pulled one hand into my tummy and pushed me forward with the other .. bending me at the waist .. my arms were shaking as i struggled to hold my upper body up with my hands on the toilet system ..

I was still gasping and my insides were still twitching from my orgasm as i felt him slap my bare arse .. the sound amplified by the cubicle walls .. i felt my cheeks jump and the flesh on my thighs ripple as he spanked me ..


I felt my face glow red as i gritted my teeth and took the brutal spanking in silence


The burn on my arse cheeks grew more and more intense with each smack and i eventually cracked and a long pathetic wail escaped me ..

My knees buckled inwards .. my feet slid outwards and i collapsed down onto my own legs just about managing to hold onto the top of the system to slow my fall ..He wrapped his arm around my waist .. and pulled me to my knees while pushing my head down onto the toiltet seat with the other ..

He knelt behind me and I felt the familer pinch and then the dull ache of a cock shoved up my arse as i wrapped my arms around the toilet bowl and held on for dear life .. i felt my cheeks fold inwards against his shaft as he pushed down into me .. and my arsehole pucker outwards as he slid back out .. my hot tight collon sucked his fat member as he fucked it in and out .. he growled behind behind me .. yeeeah right up that fucking arse

He held my hips as he clambered to his feet .. lifting my arse and my feet off the floor as he stood up leaving me to support my upper body on my hands which were gripped around the rim of the toilet bowl .. i felt him release my body weight down and my arms began to shake as they quickly weakend ..  my shriek of protest verberating around the toilet bowl seemed to excite him more .. and he began fucking me faster as i involentarily lowered my own head down into the dirty toilet ..

He leant down into my arse holding my hips so i couldnt push myself back up and hissed shhhhhh shhhh shhhhh as he hit the flush ..

I spluttered and wimpered as the freezing water doused my head .. soaking my hair and face .. he began to slam me hard and fast .. his long cock pistoning my acheing arsehole before he gradually slowed to a halt .. and held inside me .. his warm cum soothed my burning insides as i moaned loudly into the bowl in relief .. i felt my asshole gape open as he pulled out .. and then slowly close sealing his gift inside me ..

I pushed my head up and knelt on the cold floor twisting my hair and wringing it out .. before struggling to my feet .. i dropped the toilet seat and sat down .. i spun some tissue from the spool besides me and took off my glasses and dried the lenses .. i grimaced as i wiped my face dry uughh yuck .. two of the guys were leaning in watching me when one of them said cmon then .. lets get you back out there shall we ? I stood up and took his hand as he offered it out to me .. i strutted sexually.. swinging my hips as he lead me back into the pub to a chorus of cheers ..

I stood by the bar and folded my arms behind my head and did a victory spin on the spot ..the land lord nodded over to me with a big grin from behind the bar i heard you had a little shower lolly

I climbed up onto a bar stool in front of him balancing on my knees and leaning my hands over the bar pushing my hanging tits together with the top of my arms i was getting cleaned up for you mike

He raised his eyebrows and laughed to the guys behind me saying now thats a bar ornament i do like

I teased him again staring at him as i rocked my body back and forth reaching across the bar and seductively wanking a beer pump handle when do we get to fuck then?

I watched eagaly as he slid a beer crate across the floor with his foot and stepped up onto it to a chorus of encoragement from the guys shouting behind me .. go on mikey son .. i wobbled struggling to balance as i crawled up onto the bar on my hands and knees and opened my mouth waiting as he unzipped and produced a shorter than average but fat hard cock .. i turned my head to one side to get under his big round belly and sucked his dick into my mouth .. he held the back of my head and pushed me right down onto it and began thrusting himself quickly back and forth ..  my nose buried in his pubes and held perfectly still as he furiously fucked my mouth .. it didnt take long before i felt his sperm splash the back of my tounge  .. i slid back down off the bar and sat on the stool as i span my tounge around my mouth and swallowed his load down .. he stepped down from the crate and did up his trousers asking you wanna vodka chaser with that i smiled back at him as i licked my lips thankyou mike

I picked up the drink and drank half of it straight down before i pauced with my hand over my mouth .. the alcahol was mixing with the sperm in my stomach causing my tummy to churn .. i felt a little sick as i sat there fanning my red face with my hand when i heard a voice call out you said everyone in the pub lolly .. these guys are waiting .. your up

I put the drink down and turned to face them on the stool and saw one of the guys phiscally shoved towards me on his heels .. he stood there red faced and nervous .. i reconized him as a regular .. he was a quiet type and i hadnt spoken to him before .. i chuckled to myself as i stepped off the stool and bravely walked towards him .. i stood in front of him with my legs crossed and my fingers interlocked in front of my bare pussy wobbling in my drunken state as i struggled to stand on my heels .. i turned my head to the side and wrinkled my nose soo your next are you darling

He looked down at my legs and nodded sheepishly as reached out and took hold of my hands pulling them away and exposing my cunt .. our fingers interlocked at shoulder height and i walked backwards dragging him with me until we both fell down onto the padded bench seat of the booth were people would normally sit to eat .. the alcahol began to overcome my senses as the room started to spin .. i laid there with my head turned in the opposite direction to his with my hand over my eyes as he fracticly pushed his jeans and pants down .. he dropped his hand and guided himself into my burning well fucked cunny with a little sqeulch .. he breathed heavilly into my ear as he laid on me and pumped his arse quickly up and down .. i felt weak and shakey .. beads of sweat ran down my temples as he groaned into my ear and spurted three times into my pussy tunnel ..

I laid there letting my legs fall open against the backrest of the booth and the table .. holding my head in my hands as it throbbed with an intense headache .. i opend my eyes but couldnt take the bright light above me and just covered my face with my hands as i felt my leg lifted up onto the table .. spreading me wide open .. he shuffled into the booth between my legs and pushed his wet cock between my lips sliding it up and down my open slit .. he jerked himself off rubbing his bell end against me as i just laid there and let him until i felt his warm sperm spash into my slot and coat my clit ..

I took a deep breath and pulled myself up into a sitting position and opend my eyes blinking to focus .. i slid my bottom to the edge of the seat as the last guy walked over .. i looked up at him and lazilly opend my mouth .. but he just just pulled out his cock and wanked himself .. focusing on my drunken tounge curling up and down at him .. i swayed in my seat as he exhaled loudly and offered his tip between my lips .. i sucked it half heartedly as it jumped on my tounge .. i closed my eyes and concentrated .. holding it in my mouth before i choked it down and swallowed .. i shuddered and shook my head .. i couldnt take any more .. i was satisfied ..  mike noticed the state i was in and walked over and placed a glass of water onto the table .. get that down you darlin you need to straighten up i nodded in agreement as i picked the glass and sipped the cold water .. i looked around the pub and noticed some of the guys had left

My bones ached as i stumbled to my feet and stretched my back .. i stood there and shrugged wheres my clothes .. the guys quickly gathered up my clothing and put them on the table next to me ..

I wobbled on my heels as i stepped into my knickers and pulled them up .. some of the guys helped me .. fastening my bra clip for me and guiding my arms into my shirt .. i stepped into my skirt and pulled it up my legs .. zipped it up and span it around the right way .. i stumbled back into the ladies toilets and brushed my hair dry under the hand dryer .. i looked at myself in the mirror and sighed in regret .. i looked like nothing had happend but i felt ashamed .. guitly for my husband and a little nervous about the guys talking .. i walked back out into the pub and called out loudly as i picked up my shopping bags right you guys .. .. mike the landlord interupted me holding his hands out in front of him noones going to say anything lolly .. rest assured .. these guys have wives at home   .. i nodded at mike and gave him a friendly wink and thanked him as i unbolted the door and swung it open and walked out

As luck would have it my husband was unaware that id finished work early that day .. so i would actually arrive home at about the normal time .. i brushed my teeth as soon as i got in to hide the smell of alcahol .. showered and went to bed early saying i didnt feel well .. i had the worse hangover of my life saturday morning and the memories of what id done tortured me for weeks .. i decided i wasnt going to be a slut anymore and made a promise to myself to behave .. i avoid that pub to this day .. but thankfully i dont think anybody spoke about it becauce they didnt want to land themselfs in trouble .. if they did .. it was within a close circle so im confident i got away with it scott free .. xxx

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