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Theatrical…… 14

I woke and it was daylight, but I had been wakened by a tickling sensation on my legs, the gravity of what had almost happened the night before struck me but there it was again, the tickling, I kept very still and my eyes closed,
I moved slightly as I would if I was being irritated by something, then I felt my nightdress moving slowly upwards, at first I thought it was my husband getting amorous and I slightly opened my eyes, Andrew was leaning over me looking at my legs, I closed my eyes again, he seemed to be on some kind of exploratory mission, I thought that if I woke properly then it would scare him off his trek of discovery, I was intrigued by what he hoped to find,
I laid still as my nightdress was pushed up to the top of my legs, I knew that by now he would be able to see my pussy or the bottom edge of it anyway, he was getting bolder and I moved to slow him down, he stopped and sat back, looking, then he tried again getting it a little further up almost to my waist, by now my full pussy was exposed and he touched the hairs then he ran his fingers into them as though he was savouring the touch, I opened my legs slightly and he ran his fingers down over the hood of my clit although he would not be able to see it because of the hair and he would not know where to find it, most men can’t and it forever remains a mystery to them, he slid further under me with his fingers and then I felt one of his fingers slip into my slit, the feeling was like an electric shock and I jumped, he pulled away again, I stirred but kept my eyes closed, his fingers came back again after a short delay, he was stroking them through the hairs on my pussy and slowly moved my hand over and put it on top of his, he jumped but I had hold of his fingers as he tried to pull them back,
I opened my eyes, I looked at him, he was blushing, “what are you doing?” I whispered, “nothing” he blurted, “what were you looking at?” I said, I was looking at you” he confessed, “and what did you hope to see?” I asked, we were back at the barriers again, “I just wanted to see your err…clitis” he stammered, “clitoris” I corrected, I pulled his fingers onto my pussy and pushed the tips of them into the hairs, I felt them touch the hood, there is the protective cover, because that part is so sensitive, it is protected” I said, I used his fingers to push aside the hood, “and there underneath it is my clitoris, feel” I said as I touched my clit button with his fingers, the result was a massive electric shock that made me jump, he jumped as well, “what happened?” he asked, you touched it, that’s what happened, if you kept on touching it you would make me have an orgasm” I said, “do women have orgasm’s as well as men?” he asked, “yes, they do” and you should inform your father of that” I thought to myself, he pushed gently against it, obviously trying for the same result as before but the initial shock was passed, now my vagina was leaking and an orgasm was building, there, that’s nice” I said soothingly,
I pushed his fingers further down and into my slit, I was treading dangerous water again but again my cunt had taken command and it had its own agenda, “there, you feel how it’s wet, that’s because of what you were doing” I said, “did you have an orgasm” he asked, no, that is the lubrication before the orgasm so that when a man puts his penis inside, it gets lubricated so that it doesn’t hurt” I said, I glanced down at him and his cock was hard again, I looked back at his face as he stared at my pussy, “can I see?” he said, “see what?” I asked, where it goes?” he asked, “where what goes” I asked fearing the answer, “the man’s penis” he said, “I pushed his fingers further down and spread my fingers in his, I felt my labia lips open, he was staring at it but I couldn’t see it, I was going by feel, he brought his other hand into play and pointed with his finger, touching the opening to my vagina, “in there, is that where it goes?” he asked, I gulped, “yes” I said, “it looks very small” he said, “that is so we get plenty of feeling as it goes in” I said, I let go of his fingers and they went back to my clit, he pushed aside the hood and began to massage the button, “you shouldn’t do that because mummy will get excited” I said, “then will you have an orgasm?” he asked, “yes” I said, I would like you to have one, I would like to see” he said,
I adjusted his fingers on my button and he massaged it steadily, it was rising, I could feel it, my body was reacting rapidly as it built, my stomach convulsed as it lifted me partly off the bed and I came, I grabbed his fingers away and fell back panting, “did you have one?” he asked, “yes” I croaked, “was it nice” he asked, yes, it was lovely” I said, “is it nice when you have one?” I asked, “yes, it’s nice” he said, “would you like one now?” I asked, “yes please, like before?” he said, “yes, if you like” I said, he laid back and I knelt up, might as well give him the full treatment” I thought as I pulled my nightdress over my head, I was naked on the bed with my son preparing to give him a wank, he was staring at my tits. “you like those?” I asked, “yes they get me excited” he replied, I fished in his pyjamas for his cock and pulled it out, it was once again rock hard, “oh, if only?” I thought, I began to wank it, I was beside him and he reached out and cupped my breast, squeezing it gently, feeling the weight of it, he ran his thumb over the nipple and it puckered, it was again having an effect on me, I went down on his cock slurping it between my lips as I wanked it and licked around the dome, it didn’t last long, this was too much for him and his cock exploded into my mouth as he grunted, I continued until the spurting stopped, I swallowed the seminal fluid and looked up at him, “there, was that good?” I asked, “yes he panted”.

I sent him for a shower and to get dressed, we have an en suite so I went in there, I was nearly done when my husband came in, “oh, hello” I said kissing him on the cheek, I had no desire to taste second hand beer this morning, what happened last night?” he asked, “at what point, the point where you passed out drunk, the part when we heaved you into a taxi, the part where I had to undress you and get you to bed or the part where I dragged you downstairs to sleep on the couch so that you would not wake the house with your horrendous snoring?” I said, he looked at me blankly, “I suppose I owe you and Anna an apology” he said, “not me, you owe your c***dren one for embarrassing them in front of their friends, I am past caring anymore” I said looking him straight in the eye, “oh!” he said, it was another warm day and I was dressed in my yellow shorts and a sleeveless blouse, I had gone without a bra, I felt good as I pottered around the house, the doorbell went and I went to it, it was Anna and she had Simon with her,
I invited them in and Simon skulked past me, we sat down in the lounge and Simon’s eyes went straight to my tits, my nipples were showing through my top, “he wants to apologise to you” Anna said, I looked at Simon, he was still staring at my tits, “well?” I said, he looked up at me, “I’m err.. sorry auntie Jean for what I said to you at the wedding” he said hesitantly, “what have you done with Andrew?” Anna asked, he has lost his TV, his computer and his mobile phone for a month” I said, the blood drained out of Simon’s face, “and what about him?” I said, “just that he has had to apologise” Anna said, “so he is never going to respect women because he knows that all it takes is a brief apology and everything is ok for him that is” I said, Anna glared at me, “and it’s no use looking at me like that, we are not pieces of meat here for their amusement, we cook, we clean, we chase after them day and night and all I ask is respect, nothing more and nothing less, Roy is in the garden, he wants to apologise for making a prat of himself at the wedding” I said, “Simon go and see Andrew, I want to talk to auntie Jean alone” Anna said, Simon stood up sneering at me, he looked at my bare legs and walked out, “that boy is trouble” I said, “so what did happen between you and Andrew?” Anna said, “I caught him having a wank, it was the second time,
I shouted at him the first time so this time I thought I would try another tack, I sat down beside him and explained a few facts of life, his father was supposed to have done his 6 months ago but as usual it was half a job, “you stick this in here and babies come out the other end, nothing about us and our needs but it was just a reflection of how he thinks of me so hence, you know what!, has been like a breath of fresh air to me Anna, suddenly life is worth living again” I said, “so, did you give Andrew a blow job?” she asked quietly, “sort of” I said, “I was trying to get his hands away from his dick to help him a little and he went off bang, in my face” I said, she chuckled, must have come as a shock, no pun intended” she said smiling, I chuckled, “yes, sort of, I didn’t punish Andrew for doing that, I am punishing him for telling a clown like Simon” I said, Does Colin treat you like that, I don’t think so, you wouldn’t tolerate it” I said, she nodded, “so how are things with your friend?” she said softly, “the same, things are good and I expect them to remain that way in fact I am expecting a text” I said, “did you enjoy your visit to 317 yesterday?” I said, she blushed, “yes, how did you know?” she asked, “I was outside on the balcony” I said,
I am going to tell you something in the strictest confidence and I don’t want you to get angry or upset because it was 6 of one and half a dozen of another, my friend shagged Julia at my request, the groom shagged Julia, Lisa nearly caught them, he ran out onto the balcony naked, my friend came in looking for me and shagged Lisa then you caught them and he shagged you, then he fucked me after you lot” I said, Anna sat there with her mouth open, “wow, sounds like 317 saw some action but yes I did enjoy it, like you say, it’s refreshing, the respect, the satisfaction, will you allow me to see him again?” she asked, “I need to see him myself first, I will ask him and let you know, I have no problems with it but you will understand that he does it for me” I said, she smiled at me, “my problem is that I have tasted the fruits now and I cannot stop thinking about it, my mind keeps wandering back to that hotel room” she said, “what, 317” I said, “no, the other one with the black guy” she smiled, she stood up and I followed, we went into the garden, Colin was out there with Roy, he must have come in the back way,
I stood back as Colin said hello and stared at my tits, Anna went to Roy and kissed him on the cheek, he blushed and apologised profusely for his behaviour at the wedding, Anna put her arm round his neck and kissed him on the cheek, “thank you and I forgive you for behaving so badly” she said, chuckling as she walked away, Roy was left looking gobsmacked, “what you have to realise is that sorry does not always put things right” I said, Roy glared at me, we walked back to the house, Colin’s eye followed me all the way,
I thought he had got over his obsession but obviously not, I could feel my tits gently bouncing as I walked back, we sat in the kitchen, things were quiet upstairs so I went up quietly, I stood outside Andrews room and listened, then I walked in, his computer was on and they were looking at porn channels, “right” I said, now it’s two months” I said, “oh mum!!” Andrew said, “Andrew, you know the rules, whose idea was it to turn it on, do we have to disconnect it entirely for you to learn?” I said looking at them, Simon was looking elsewhere, “Andrew hung his head, “Simon said we should do it” he said, “so do you realise that Simon has not lost his TV or his computer or his mobile phone so he doesn’t care that you have, it’s not his problem, that is how selfish your cousin really is, wake up Andrew, with friends like Simon you do not need enemies” I said, Simon sneered and stared at the screen, Andrew reached over and turned it off, I went back down stairs, Anna was making a cup of tea, “trouble?” she asked, “nothing we can’t handle, Simon had persuaded Andrew to put his computer back on again so I have extended the ban to two months” I said, “goodness, you really are a tough parent aren’t you?” she said, “I will remind you of that when your son is sent to prison or is admitted to hospital because someone took offence to him and his ways” I said, she went quiet,
I picked up my phone and glanced at it, my heart leapt, there was a text, I pressed the secret code to turn it on and read the message, it was from my friend, “Theatre, Fri ni, 8.oo BB , I went looking for the local newspaper, I fished through the paper and found the items of local interest including the theatre listing, the Blues brothers were on for the weekend, knowing him he would have got very good seats, my stomach started to churn already and we were a week away, now I had to wait for his call to confirm, it came as I was out shopping on the Tuesday morning, I was buying something for the occasion, something special of course, “hi” I said cheerfully as I answered the phone, “where are you?” came the voice, “can you talk” he said, “in the supermarket car park and yes, I am sat in the car, it’s good to hear your voice, I am missing you dreadfully after the last weekend” I said, “yes it’s nice to talk to you, how are you fixed for Friday?” he asked, “it will be like old times, are we visiting the toilets again or do you have other plans?” I asked, “whatever you like, is it possible for you to be out overnight?” he asked, my stomach churned again, “yes of course” I said, “good, then I will see you in the theatre, it starts at 08.00 pm and the seats are M 27 and 28” he said, “can I ask you a favour before you go?” I said, “yes, of course” he said, “ as we are going to the hotel, can I bring Julia along, I think she would rather like to meet our friend at the hotel” I said, “you mean the plain chocolate?” he said, “yes, that’s the one” I said, “yes, ok, I’ll get another ticket” he said, “brilliant, bye, I love you” I said but he was gone, I was never really sure how he felt about me, he never told me that he loved me, I told him a million times during the relationship but it was never returned, he humoured me, I could have anything or anyone I chose but never the reply I wanted to hear, still, we can’t have everything in our lives and what he did for me was unbelievable, who am I to protest,
I went round the supermarket and my mind was spinning, another night at the theatre, the possibilities were endless, I went around the shops again in the mall, I was on a mission, I had to get something very special, for both me and Julia.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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