Unexpectedly Blacked last night

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Unexpectedly Blacked last night
It has been a while since I done anything with another man and was not really looking to but when the chance happened I jumped.
I was driving back from Knoxville last night and stopped for gas. As I was filling up I saw a car with the hood up and a nice looking black man standing there working on it. I walked by him to go in and pay and casually ask what was wrong. He said he had no idea that it had just stopped running. I ask if he needed help, he said it was his buddies car and he was just going to leave it there and walk home. I offered to give him a lift since I was in no hurry. He was happy to take me up on it. He lived about 20 minutes away so we made small talk on the way. He thanked me again and SAID that not many white people would offer a black man they did not know a ride especially at night. I told him I was a good judge of character and was not racist at all. I mentioned that I had dated black people in the past. He caught on and said BLACK People. not WOMEN I laughed and told him that my wife and I used to be heavily into swinging and loved meeting black men mos of all. That got him interested and he adjusted himself like he was trying to hide his hard on. He ask if we still did any thing and I told him she had some medical issues and has not had much of a sex drive lately. Not going to bore you with all the chit chat but he mentioned that he had been with a couple white couples that were into the same thing. When we pulled into his drive he ask if I had any pics of my wife. I opened the folder on my phone with private pics and started showing him some sext pics of her. I had forgotten that there were a couple of me dressed and he noticed them and ask who she was because it was clear that those were not my wife.
I laughed and told him they were me dressed for a Rocky Horror Halloween Party. At this point he was no longer trying to hide his cock which was showing nicely through his shorts. Some more chat and he joked that he would have thought I was a female and been all over me had he been to that party. I just laughed it off saying that a couple guys had done that. He ask what they said when I told them I was a man, and at this point I was horny myself from looking at his cock and figured it was now or never since we were in his driveway. I told him they did not seem to care at the time. He smiled and ask if I wanted to come in for a drink of something. I told him I was driving so I did not want a drink but would love to come in for something. He smiled real big and ask if I had my costume with me. I told him I did not have it all but I did at least have some pantyhose and panties in the trunk.

I knew when I followed him into his home that my fate was sealed and I would be getting fucked by this man that I had bever saw before and did not even know his full name, only his nickname sharky . When we were inside he got a bit more aggressive but nothing scary. he pointed to the bathroom and told me I could freshen up in there. I smiled and walked by him and brushed the front of his shorts with my hand just to get a feel of how big it was. I could tell he was big but not huge thank god because it had been a while since I had done anything anal.

In my bag I had more than I remembered. I had some tan pantyhose, lacy panties, a black skirt, red silky blouse, red wig, lube and condoms. I did not have my high heels though which I really wished I did because I love wearing them when playing. i also had no makeup. I had packed this bag when I took a road trip to Texas last November just in case anything like what was happening now happened.

I cleaned up and dressed as fast as I could. I could hear music playing and smell pot smoke so I knew he was getting ready to use me as he wanted. I came out dressed and the lights were low but still enough he could see me. I could hell he liked what he saw from the look on his face. I walked over to him and he smiled and told me to turn around so he could see my ass. I turned around and he reached out and started feeling up my ass. He pushed me forward a bit making me bend over and pulled my skirt up and smacked my ass a couple smacks. Then I heard his phone taking a pic. I ask waht he was doing and he said he was sending it to his buddy to thank him for loaning him a hoopty car that broke down and the perfect time and place.

I bit more rubbing my ass and then he stood me up and put his hand around my waist and I started rubbing his cock through his shorts. There is something about rubbing a mans cock like that that really turns me on. he started kissing my neck and whispering in my ear what he was going to do. I normally do not kiss men but when he turned me around and gave me a deep long kiss I melted and accepted his tongue into my mouth. I had never let a man do that before but I thought. his cock will be in there shortly why not let his tongue as well I was so correct about his cock because as soon as the thought passed I felt pressure on my shoulders pushing me to my knees.

Here I was on my knees in front of a black man I had met less than an hour ago, dressed like a cheap slut. I had not planned or even thought about doing anything tonight, My wife would start to worry if I was very late. She knows I have done things and I have permission to do things with men in the future as well but I am supposed to let her know in advance if possible and if not I have to tell her as soon as I can. Looks like this will be one that I tell her about when I get home.

I pulled his shorts and underwear down and was happy to see a nice thick cut cock. 8 inches and just under a red bull can in thickness. It was a mouthful but not big enough to be a discomfort. It was perfect for sucking which I did eagerly. I could take him all the way down with no problem which he loved. I sucked his cock and balls for a good half an hour till my knees started hurting. He then had me lay on the bed with my head hanging down. I knew I was about to get face fucked and prepared mentally for it. He was not too rough but he worked my mouth like a pussy. I loved the feeling of him being in control and me knowing I had to take what he wanted to do so I let me have me as he wanted.

I told him my mouth was starting to get sore and ask if I could have a drink of water. When I sat the glass down he told me to get in the bed on my knees facing the headboard. I knew what was coming. I told him I had lube and condoms in my bag. He laughed and said I came prepared. He pulled my hose and panties down roughly which I freakin loved the feeling of, Next I could hear him opening the lube bottle and then I felt the coolness of it dripping on my ass.

At this time I felt the bed move when he got on and came up behind me. Then I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down spreading the lube. he took my legs and had me spread them so my hold would line up with his cock. Then I could feel it, the head started pressing against my hole. more and more till I felt it give and he slowly slid up inside. I ask him to please be gentle at 1st and he was. the feeling of being filled up slowly was painful and erotic all at the same time. I will be honest it did hurt/burn but it felt good too.

When I am being fucked it is nit only physical but mental as well. The feeling of a man on top of me treating me the same way I like to see them treat my wife is such a turn on. I know how she feels when black men she does not know use her. I also love the sounds of hard sex. The slapping of skin when he started picking up the pace, the headboard slapping the wall, the sounds the man makes and he uses me for his pleasure, and finally the sounds I make. I surprise myself when I hear someone say fuck me harder and realize that I was the one that said it..

Finally after being used for what seems forever I can tell he is getting ready to cum. He then tells me he is going to cum. I tell him to go for it. He slows down a bit and leans down and whispers in my ear that he is going to breed me. It took me a moment to realize that he had not used a condom and was barebacking me. I then said no please do not cum in me, I ask him to give me a facial or cum in my mouth, but I know that it was too late for that and I was going to get mt 1st ever creampie. he started whispering that when he breeds me that I will be his when ever he wants. I again ask him to not do it but I knew that was useless but I still begged him to cum on my face. He laughed and said maybe next time but this time he was going to breed me.

I have heard people say that they could feel when a man cums in them with no condom, but I was so sore fro the workout he had given me I doubted I would feel it. But when I felt him go deep and hold it and start grunting I felt it. I felt his cock throb just like I can when I get a load in my mouth. I could feel a odd feeling inside me. It is hard to enplane how it felt. but just like the actual act there was also a mental aspect of knowing that here I was. in a strange black mans bed, dressed like a slut, letting him use me and the fact that it was the 1st time I had been barebacked I also was allowing him to cum in me. Everything came to a head and I actually came myself without toughing my cock.

When it was over and I used his shower to clean up and back in my normal clothes the awkward time came. I was leaving and what do you say to a man that just fucked you and you had his cum still inside you. I shook his hand and said thanks. We both laughed at that and he said he should be thanking me. He gave me his number and I gave him my google number that I use for things like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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