Whitewash High Ch.8

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Whitewash High Ch.8
Nik quickly composed himself, breathing in deep, making sure to remain calm.

“So Gale knows my secret past. It is okay. I never did anything i*****l. No one else knows it. But I made a pact with Michelle and Valerie to always be truthful to one another, always sincere, even if it was negative or would create a problem.” Running a hand through his hair, Nik kept speaking. “Think…think…think…what am I going to do?” he whispered. “I’ll just tell them after I speak to Gale. I’m not lying, just prolonging telling them the truth. I need to get the lay of the land with Gale before I delve into my past.”

Even though an aire of calm permeated the whispers, a hint of annoyance slipped through the cracks. It was a past he tried to escape, a country he tried to leave behind. Quickly going over ideas and strategies, there was only one logical solution to his problem. Turn Gale into his bitch. Nik knew the girl wanted to be with him, craved it more than even Valerie, but he had to train her to be 100% loyal. He had to train her where he could drop her into a whore house, naked, with billionaires, and she’d come out without being touched or sullied.

“End of the week…I’ll reveal my past to them at the end of the week. They will either still want to be with me, or they’ll leave me. I need to know if this happiness I feel can survive the darkness of my past, or their loyalty is skin deep…”


Later that night, Michelle walked through the doors with a couple unmarked bags. The buxom Amazon tried to keep the annoyance of lunch from ruining the mood but she also wanted to get the bad out of the way before the good.

“How was lunch?” Valerie asked.

The principal stood at the counter, eating leftovers, completely naked. Fresh cum dripped out of her cunt, and the smell of sex scented the air. Looking like twins, Michelle could appreciate the principal’s hot, fit body. All those finely crafted, refined muscles that took hundreds of hours of hard work. Nik made her world go right round, but Valerie would do for blowing off some steam.

“Shitty. We’ve got a problem actually. But I’ll tell you after I tongue you out,” Michelle commented.

Submissive knees touched the cold tile. An experienced tongue dug deep into the powerful woman’s pussy, lapping up all the juices and cum possible. Both of Michelle’s hands slid up and around Valerie’s stomach, feeling the hard muscles like how she enjoyed Nik touching hers. They were hard but not obscene. Valerie moaned, knees buckled, and pleasure shot through her frame.

“Fuck, aren’t you a horny nigger. Massa is getting out of the shower soon. Your day must have been shit if you’re that desperate to suck on his sperm,” Valerie teased.

Valerie was stopped from saying anything else but a scream of ecstasy. Every inch of tongue slid into her cunt, lapping up every ounce of ebony nectar. Michelle enjoyed the taste. Normally, she didn’t enjoy lezzing out, but something about both of them being Massa’s bitches added a naughty vibe to it, even an i****tuous vibe as they were harem sisters.

Michelle had a mouthful of delicious sperm, carefully sealing her lips tightly to not let a drop escape. Valerie knew Michelle’s naughty intention, as the busty teacher sensually rubbed those huge black tits along defined, glistening muscles. Fabric on naked skin sent a rush up Valerie’s spine, but the payoff was the intense kiss. Cum oozed out, soaking into the lewd intertwining of tongues. Both moaned and both m*****ed the other with glee, happily snowballing their Massa’s powerful, thick sperm.

Valerie was at a distinct disadvantage, already naked, as Michelle took control for once. Delicate fingers pinched hard, erect nipples, forcing the principal to squeal in a heavenly mixture of pain and pleasure. Fresh juice ran down those milk chocolate thighs.

“When did you suddenly care about being the aggressor?” Val asked, shocked.

Michelle replied with a fun slap to the face before pushing those dark cheeks into her ample cleavage.

“Since real life kickstarted my maternal urges. Besides, I want to shove your face into Massa’s delicious ass tonight. I bought the costumes so it is only fair.”

Valerie gasped for air but had a sly smile radiate brightly once she regained her composure.

“You know, Michelle, one of these days we’re going to have a personal meeting in my office…just the two of us,” she said, aggressively gripping Michelle’s cunt.

“Bring a video camera to give Massa a peak at some hot lesbian action. I’ll make you my anal rimming whore.”

The duo giggled, high again off of lust. Being around Nik kickstarted their sex drives and set them into overdrive. Michelle had dated other white men before meeting Massa. She was not as lucky as Valerie to get her cherry popped by him. A couple of them even had a bigger cock than Nik, which is an impressive feat in itself. But the passion, control, wanton need that spiced the air when they were in the same room was an intoxicating brew.

“Looks like you two are enjoying each other’s company,” Nik joked, seeing the disheveled sight of Michelle as he walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, you know, get two hot and needy niggers together without their Massa in the room and you have a recipe for naughtiness,” Michelle teased.

“I should leash you both to the bed and let you fuck each other all weekend.”

“Don’t do that, Massa, unless you’re sitting next to us stroking off…stroking off that fat white cock, ready to spray us with your superior seed,” Valerie said in a sultry, seductive tone.

“I’ve got some good news and bad news, Massa,” Michelle interrupted.

Nik opened the door to the fridge and bent over. Naked from head to toe, his firm, muscular ass jutted out. The hard, thick muscle made Michelle’s mind melt, knowing just how much power was housed in there. No fat on his body. Only well proportioned, heavily sculpted muscles made Nik look like a Greek god.

The duo were used to being naked with their Massa but this was the first time they got to see him on full display so innocently. Both of their minds had the same thought, kneeling down to hug a leg. Worshipping him in a movie poster pose, happy to be the wild savage needing the protection of the film’s hero.

“What is the bad news? Get it out of the way first,” he said.

“Okay, we have a big problem. Hubby took me on a lunch, as you know, but his boss told us they got a call to investigate the school?”

“Wait, what? Our school? My school?” Valerie asked, flabbergasted at the announcement. “Why?”

“The stabbing incident. They said there have been apprehensions about the hiring of a white teacher, and how he might fill the k**’s heads with lies.”

“Do those idiots know he was the one who got stabbed?” Valerie lost all composure. Anger etched her facial features after hearing the preposterous news. “So they are going to send some pencil pusher to interfere in his classes? Look over his shoulder 24/7?”

“Jerome said she’d be looking over the entire school. I agree, I think it is just some hackjob. I know how they operate all too well. You know that strip mall that we were told was going to open up nearby? Hubby’s law firm put the kybosh on it. The owners were Chinese and not a single business owner inside of it was black.”

“And I was looking forward to the supplement store advertised to open there. Assholes…” Val commented.

“So yeah, it is going to be an annoying week. She is going to stick her nose into everyone’s business. We’ll have to be on our best behavior the entire time. I almost punched that stupid jerk in the face at lunch. He is beyond creepy, and him looking at me felt dirty. I know I’m an Oreo, so who am I to talk about being dirty, but it was this weird vibe like a predator openly stalking prey.”

“Nigger better be careful or else he’ll run into our white knight,” Valerie complemented Nik, stroking his beefy arm affectionately. “Aren’t you angry, Nik?” Valerie asked, confused as she looked at him.

The man just stood there, composed, quietly sipping skim milk from the carton. No sign of anger, rage, or annoyance wrecked any facial features.

“Who is the woman doing the inspection?” he asked.

“The wife of the hubby’s boss, why?”

A long moment of silence filled the air. The tension was hot, as the two women had their ire up. Nik just nodded his head, thinking to himself in silence.

“Earth to Massa…I think he is in shock, Valerie,” Michelle said, waving a hand in front of his face.

“No, just contemplating how I’m going to solve this.”

“How?” they asked in unison.

“By embracing my past…”


“Fuck…fuck…yes…ram me harder! Give it to me, Daddy! Gape my tight whoriental ass. Make it so big my sisters can stick their tongues in it!” Gale screamed out in her room.

The Asian beauty was bent over doggystyle, face down, ass up, and shoving a large, ivory dildo into her asshole. Her face looked happy, and her body tingled with jubilation. Her Daddy finally saw the light and would come visit her. There was nothing else in the world the girl wanted. That one moment long ago sealed her fate.

All the walls and cabinets in the room were filled with trophies, plaques, ribbons, degrees. Pictures from winning fitness competitions and advanced degrees from universities shone a different picture to the unstable girl, one with a driven personality that always got what she wanted.

In this case, Nik was the object of her desire, screaming out his name as the giant dildo split open her tight, yellow asshole. It was a special toy, one custom made and signed on the box. Gale only used it to celebrate on special occasions, like winning a competition or when she got her university degrees.

“Punish me, Daddy. Your babygirl needs to be punished so badly for being dirty and cumming without your permission,” she slurred. “So big…so big…you’re going to ruin me for any other man…”

A second orgasm wracked her body. For a moment her acrobatic frame modeled completely still, stunned, before limbs went numb. Drool spilled perversely onto the pillow as Gale passed out. It was a lewd, erotic sight, seeing the dildo sticking out of her ass. Practice kept her body subconsciously conditioned to not fall over, as soft breathing made Gale look peaceful, even in such a lurid display.


Suzy picked up the phone, lazing about on her bed. The 18-year old’s room was a mess, barely habitable. A woman kept screaming in the distance, obviously in the heat of sex. D****s hung off a broken curtain hanger, and posters covered the holes in the wall. More clothes occupied the dirty pile than clean as Suzy didn’t visit her friend to clean them. Mom didn’t have a washing machine.

“Yeah, whacha need, Sammy?” Suzy asked.

“I went back to talk to the other gangs like you asked. We won’t be able to afford paying off any of the new guys looking to expand and take over our corner of the school.”

“How the fuck did that happen?” she cursed out. “What the fuck changed since before?”

“Jimmy Jack’s crew got an influx of cash, Suzy. Some unknown benefactor. Word is that Jimmy Jack has a contact that lets him work out of jail. The only thing that changed is he is choosing to expand aggressively now that the peace is over.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she kept cursing.

Out of anger, Suzy took the knife resting on her bedside table and slammed it into the hardwood.

“You mean some nigger punk is going to muscle in on my crew and turf. There is no one wanting to align with us?”

“With us, no…us with them, sure. Feelers are going out everywhere. War is coming sooner rather than later. It is going to be bad, Suzy.”

“How bad?”

“Bad. We need help, real, serious help if we want to protect our girls. I’ve charted the battle lines. Jimmy Jack’s crew is the most powerful, controlling half of the 19-year olds. And before you ask, Tyrone’s crew joined up. That leaves Jamal’s gang making an uneasy peace with the Coons.”

“Hell must have frozen over if the Oreos and the Fudgeeos are working together.”

“Those are the tops, Suzy. There are independents like us out there but they are quickly moving to join one of the two sides, or picking each other off to make a go at rising up. We have to make the decision of which side to support.”

“Dammit, I will not be the one to lose our gang after Theresa left. There has to be another way.”

Suzy was pissed off, twisting the knife into the worn-out table. Hearing her whore of a mother working didn’t make the 18-year old any happier. Suzy was a bitch, and she would not argue that point. But her life make it a necessity. Mommy was a whore, living off her back to supplement them living off of food coupons in a ghetto hellhole. What was worse was she, herself, was an accident, the result of some guy paying an extra dollar for bareback. The worse part? Her mother was a white woman living out that black power fantasy. Exclusive whore for the brothas.

Every day Suzy had to deal with the stigma of being a mongrel. Too dark to be white, but too white to be black; a mulatto abomination. Some days she thought she could handle it, work towards getting out of the ghetto and away from the social politics. Some days she dreamed her grandparents didn’t disown her mother, allowing an escape from hell to live with them. But the pain was too much in their eyes seeing their daughter become a cheap, pathetic whore. Suzy understood the decision though. Turning their house into a cheap bordello one weekend while they were away on a trip was the final nail in the coffin.

She swore to herself not to walk down the same path, which is why she was the leader, not the follower of her gang. Those mulatto legs stayed closed for the thugs and gangbangers at the school and in the hood. And yes, there was hatred in her heart, happily pimping out other girls that reminded her of mom. But can she be blamed?

“If only Mr. Knight didn’t turn us down,” Sammy lamented.

“Mistah Cracka-man didn’t turn us down, Sammy.”

“I don’t understand. He said no to the girls.”

“Thats right, he said no to them, but Mistah Cracka-man never said no to me,” she explained, a devious glint reflecting off her eyes.


Nik stared at the name on the email before hitting the send button. It was an email he never thought he’d ever have to use again. For the past few hours he told the girls his grand plan to get Jerome off their backs, and turn this disadvantage into an advantage. Without realizing it, Nik’s fist was clenched as he sat at the computer desk, angry at the situation. He had to confide in them what Gale knew before he was ready to.

Their reactions went about as good as could be hoped for. They did not slap him, or walk out, but he noticed a change in their eyes. Valerie said they’d have to chat privately about the new information. Nik told them that he understood and went off to compose the first part of the plan.

It didn’t distract thoughts of abandonment from entering his brain. The average person who looked in on their relationship would call it sick, twisted, racist, sexist, and inhuman. But for the first time in a long time he woke up happy. Not content, happy.

Each passing day made the relationship between them grow stronger, hotter, as it wasn’t only about kinky sex. sleeping on Michelle’s lap felt like heaven after he got stabbed, and Valerie barraging him with texts showed how much the woman cared for him. It felt like it was progressing past the flowery speech of the title he took up in their worlds, but actually felt like he was becoming an important pillar in them.

“Massa, are you free in there? You’re not looking at other negresses on your computer, are you?” Michelle said in a joking tone beyond the door.

“No, I’m finished. Why didn’t you come straight in?”

“We’ve got a little surprise for you. Go sit on the bed and close your eyes. No peeking,” Valerie commanded.

“Okay…I hope it is a good surprise,” he replied, doing as they told.

Soft clicking alerted his senses to them coming into the room. There was also another rustling sound that could not be identified. Something touched his wrists. Before he could retract them out of instinct, Valerie spoke out.

“Don’t move, Massa. We want you to trust us, okay?”

The defensive reaction got set aside and Nik relaxed, allowing whom he guessed was Valerie to bind his wrists. The man was still naked, never having bothered to put on any clothes.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

His wrists were indeed bound together. The rope was golden and made out of a silky material. It also appeared to be of superior quality, like a high-end movie prop. When his eyes lifted upwards, his jaw dropped in amazement.

Michelle and Valerie were posed back-to-back, arms crossed, giving him a dirty, erotic look. Michelle had a blonde wig on, dressed to the tens in a picture perfect Power Girl costume. Valerie put some extra shine in her naturally black hair, trying to come off as a black Wonder Woman in the classic, one-piece costume. Both of their busts popped out, being helped along by their choice of costume.

“Massa has been a bad, bad boy,” Michelle said. “You make two powerful hotties like us submit to your secret weapon, all without telling us you were a reformed supervillain. Shame on you. You’re going to have to be punished.”

“We got tired of all the boring black guys being swapped into the fandom, only there to hit on the white girls, so we thought we should tag in and get in on the action ourselves. What do you think, Massa? Can you go 10 rounds with Wonder Negress?”

“He is too hard to talk right now. Look at that fat, white cock springing to life instantly. I know what his superpower is,” Michelle teased. “Are you getting hard looking at us, naughty boy?”

“Oreo Girl, I think he needs your lips wrapped around his cock to help jolt him back to reality.”

Michelle dropped the tough girl pose and slithered on the bed, rubbing her body along Nik’s muscular leg. The porthole in the costume on full display, and a lusty, eager image staring at him.

“Keep your eyes down there. I’ll take it as a complement. I’m not shy,” she purred. “I’m going to take this massive cock and slide it down that hole. You’ll like that, won’t you?”

Slowly, she ran a fingertip along the pisshole of his cock, teasing Nik. He was speechless, still unable to process the hotness of the scene. Except for the skin color, both girls had the body to perform the cosplay perfectly. It was a fantasy come to life.

The cockhead rubbed against the tops of her chocolate mounds. Michelle spit on it, lubing him up and slowly jerking him off with gloved fingers. She jerked him off slowly on purpose, letting him feel the sensual touch of controlling but loving hands. Even with two hands stroking Nik off, a huge section of shaft was bare. Valerie used all her willpower to not kneel down and ravenously slobber on it.


“Shhhh…Don’t you know the superhero code? Call me Oreo Girl, Massa.”

He groaned in delight as the tip and a good amount of shaft went into the porthole. Both tits were large enough that pushing them together for a paizuri was not needed. The firm, yet soft, interior felt like heaven. If his cock wasn’t so long, the awkward position would not have been possible without him standing up. Sitting down, staring into her lust-filled eyes made the scene more erotic, and feel more sensual. And Valerie…aka Wonder Negress…looked on with a devilish grin.

“I hope you didn’t think we’d be leaving you, Massa?” Valerie said, walking over with graceful strides. The high-heeled boots clicked on the wooden floor, singing to Nik of greater fantasies to come. “We talked and understood you’ve had a complicated past. It must have been hard to trust us with that information. We can dwell on the fact you might never have told us if Gale didn’t force your hand but the important thing is you trust us as much as we trust you, Massa,” she told him in a firm but loving tone.

Valerie slipped beside him on the bed, pressing her huge rack into his face as she wrapped an arm around that wide set of manly shoulders. The juxtaposition of power was new to Nik. Nearly all the time he had to be the one in charge, be the aggressor to get any sexual satisfaction. Michelle and Valerie had no qualms about taking a power bottom, switch-like role.

“And we want you to keep trusting us…with this,” she commented, running a finger along the bindings. “Call it my lasso of trust. Wonder Woman has the lasso of truth, but she doesn’t need to trust someone as much as we need to trust each other.”

“Massa is rock hard, Wonder Negress,” Michelle said. “He feels so good between my chocolate tits. You’re a dirty boy, Massa, but we love you for it.”

“Don’t worry, Massa, we’ll untie you soon. We just want to worship this magnificent body of yours first without you running away.”

“You two look so beautiful. I didn’t think you could get hotter,” Nik exclaimed.

“I knew he’d enjoy seeing our superheroine forms, Wonder Negress. I have a sixth sense about that.”

“Oreo Girl, I hope you have a spare costume because this one will be taken as a trophy to put on my wall,” Nik told her, smiling.

Michelle smiled back, sensing Nik getting into the role.

“You can try but our bodies were built to withstand almost anything…lucky you that white cock is our kryptonite. But we won’t submit so easily, even though you’ve got the biggest…thickest…fuck…” Michelle began to slur her words as the aroma of Nik’s cock drifted into her nostrils.

“Oreo Girl always did succumb to a fat slab of white meat the easiest,” Valerie cooed in his ear, massaging his balls in her gentle fingers. “How’s it feel to have a couple Amazon heroines tying you up, Massa? Are your balls churning baby batter? Do you want to give us a couple white superbabies?”

Each sentence ended with Valerie nipping and licking Nik’s ear lobe. The man used all his willpower, all his strength to not just cream into Michelle’s tits so quickly. He could easily tell them to wear the costumes again, but the feeling, the mystique of the situation would never be the same.

“I’m going to breed you both white. I’ll make you the poster girls for the Cracker Crusaders. You can show the world a couple white k**s sucking their mom’s giant, black tits.”

“Massa is such a devious supervillain, isn’t he, Wonder Negress.”

Michelle took out Massa’s heavy cracker cock from her tits and gave it a long, rough suck. She tried to take it all but it was too strong, too powerful for the heroine. Valerie had more than enough room is suck on the base, lathering it with lipstick marks, turning that vanilla cock red.

“Look at this hot nigger suck down your meat, Massa. Picture perfect for a snapshot on the office desk, or front page of the newspaper. “Headline: Oreo Girl defeated by The Massa. Who will join the Cracker Crusaders next?” Valerie teased.

“Did anyone ever tell you you’re a race traitor, Wonder Negress? Did Aphrodite build you that body because she knew it’d milk the most white cocks dry?” Nik asked.


“Every day in my heart, and only reaffirmed the day I met you, Massa,” she replied between sucking off the base of his cock. “I think Massa needs to be shown we mean business,” she continued, standing up. “You’ve been so greedy and selfish. You need a taste of your own medicine.”

Valerie pushed the crotch of her panties aside to show off her wet, glistening cunt. It was shaven bare, and already pussy juices leaked down her long thighs. Without asking, she straddled Nik’s face, forcing him over.

“Suck me, Massa. We’ve been sucking you dry all the time. It is time you did us the favor,” she said in a dominant voice, going from power bottom to top.

Nik didn’t mind. He always enjoyed a girl who knew what she wanted. It didn’t hurt his ego to be told to suck her pussy. It cut through boring red tape, and became a mental note in a well-written manual of how to please the woman. Some people might think it is very submissive to want to please but he always considered it normal, plain fun. Philosophically speaking, if a submissive girl enjoys getting rammed in the ass and the dominant guy does it, is that not pleasing her?

This switch attitude was the relationship Nik wanted, craved. No bullshit, no reading between the lines or passive-aggressiveness. Just fun, just exploring sexual desires with another.

A greedy tongue danced and darted inside Valerie’s dripping cunt. While there were no lewd slurping noises, Valerie’s thighs couldn’t help but go stiff at her Massa’s experienced tongue. Both of her hands gripped his hair, pushing him into her pussy without a chance to escape.

“Shit…Oreo Girl, you’ll have to pounce on him now. I don’t…fuck…don’t think I can last long…” she moaned out.

“I’m on it, Wonder Negress. The Massa will fall to our combined effort,” Michelle said boldly, pulling the costume’s crotch aside and slamming her cunt down on Nik’s shaft.

Her hips moved rhythmically, like a dancer, trying to milk as much of that oversized cracker cock as possible. Michelle’s cunt was full to capacity. Still, the depraved ‘superheroine’ wanted more, much more. If this were a hentai she’d want him to pierce her cervix and do other anatomically impossible acts. The kinky scene of his cock going right through her body and out her mouth, allowing Valerie to combo suck on it, and kiss her at the same time, flashed into Michelle’s twisted mind.

For the next ten minutes they fucked in that position, Michelle riding Nik with all her energy, and Nik eating out Valerie’s clean shaven cunt. Both girls were high on lust, minds clouded. They stopped caring trying to answer why they fell for this man so easily. All they cared about was the next sex high, the next load of his white babybatter to coat their wombs, and to hear him call them his negress’.

“I think we’re in over our head, Wonder Negress. He is battering my womb with his powerful cock. I don’t know if I can last long before…”

Michelle couldn’t finish the sentence before screaming out in pleasure. The orgasm hit her hard, so hard that she didn’t stop in her tracks. No, she picked up speed to ride the rollercoaster as high as possible. Nails dug into her Massa’s thick quad muscles, using it to balance herself as her thick hips rocketed up and down until every ounce of juice in her engine was expended. Michelle could only pass out, face first, onto Valerie’s backside.

“You’ve defeated Oreo Girl with that magnificent, superior cock of yours, Massa. But I’ve still…still…got some…strength…left in me…” she stammered out.

Nik’s face looked as if he took a swim. Valerie had already squirted on him, full force, as if she were the famous pornstar Diamond Jackson reincarnated. He used the bounty to revitalize a tired tongue, digging deeper in the chocolate honey pot, searching for that special spot to make the woman pass out in bliss.

“No…so close…not there…dammit…” she cursed out, as Nik found the ultimate pleasure spot. “Dammit, Massa, we thought…we could…wear you out by…revealing…our secret identities…oh fuck…yes! Yes! Right there! Oh fuck…oh fuck…fuck!”

Valerie lost all composure, taken over by the orgasm that ravaged her powerful superbody. All Nik used was an experienced tongue. A few times he had her on edge, thinking he found the magic spot but only for it to be a false flag, a decoy in her fun game. But hearing her cry out, feel her thighs begin to crush his head, and the flow of chocolate pussy juice gushing out of the broken dam, he knew he struck gold.

The orgasm lasted a minute, and with all the wiggling around Michelle’s face slipped off Valerie’s backside and caused her to fall off the bed onto the floor with a thud. A smile still etched her blushing face.

Valerie finally calmed down, her upper body heaving up and down from exhaustion. Leaning over, she kissed him, softly, with no strength left in her body to reciprocate anything stronger.

“Thank you for trusting us, Massa,” she whispered, moving into position to snuggle up next to him. Weak fingers slowly untied his hands as she continued to speak. “We’re so lucky to have you as our Massa. We lay it on so thick because we’re so special together. We shouldn’t hide our feelings but embrace them.”

“You two are special to me too, Valerie. And yes, I trust both of you. Not just because I let you tie me up, but also by telling you my past. If my rules are to be obeyed completely, honestly, then it should be a two-way street. I wouldn’t want to take orders from someone I know who was keeping secrets or lying to me.”

Their lips met again, softly kissing each other in a sweet moment of romance. What was a plan designed to unknowingly tear them apart became one to bring the trio closer together than ever before. Holding Valerie in his arms, his Wonder Negress, Nik’s fire burned brighter inside his soul.

The past he ran from haunted him, hurt him, but they didn’t leave. They didn’t run. They reaffirmed the truth of the collars fastened to their necks. The girls playfully flirted by calling him their ‘White Knight’, playing off of his skin color and name. But that symbolism bore the duality of his personality. They’ve experienced the good guy, the defender, heaven. Tomorrow, much like years ago, he’ll have to switch armor and show the bad guy, the aggressor, hell. Not just for the safety of their happiness, but also for their careers.

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