Annie s Massage

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Annie s Massage
The small, cozy room was awash in the warm glow of candles, the air lightly scented with incense, relaxing new-age background music softly flowing through. In the middle of the room was a small table, about a meter tall, d****d in linen and soft towels. The woman who greeted me was dressed as if she were about to take a yoga or excersize class, her colourful, skimpy, form fitting outfit did nothing to hide her toned, fit body. Her blond hair was short, but long enough to tie back in a tiny pony tail. Her eyes were the colour of a cloudless spring day sky. I couldn t tell if it was actually her skin or the light from the candles, but she seemed to glow. The sight of her eyes-and-smile only smiley face tattoo on her left shoulder made me giggle. I felt very comfortable.

Hello, she said with a French accent, my name is Justine. If Madame will step behind the screen, you will find a towel to wrap yourself with once you have removed all your clothes.

Hello Justine, my name is Annie. Nice to meet you, I smiled and extended my hand to shake her s.

She took my hand in her s and led me to the edge of the screen. It is very nice to meet you, too. she smiled.

Once behind the Japanese-type paper screen, I noticed that the light behind me was stronger than the candle-lit room. My every move was casting a visible shadow on the screen. As I removed my bra, I could tell just how noticably excited I was. I smiled a wicked smile, truly enjoying the moment, suddenly unable to decide to wrap myself with the towel as instructed, or simply carry it with me back to the table. After removing my slacks and knickers, I stood and stared at the soft, fluffy, over-sized cotton towel d****d across the back of the small wooden chair. I felt amazingly comfortable and really didn t want to cover up.

Madame, are you okay? came Justine s voice from close to the other side of the screen.

Saved. I could thankfully blame not wrapping on her interruption. Not to be mean, just an excuse. Yes, thank you, I smiled as I rounded the screen, boldly nude with towel in hand.

Her approving smile told me I d made the right choice as she motioned in the direction of the table. I smiled back as I complied with her wordless request. The linens and towels on the table were warm to my touch. Have you ever had a full massage before, Madame? she asked as I used the step stool next to the table to climb up to sit on the edge of the table, facing her.

An occasional back rub from a randy girlfriend, but not ever a real massage, I m afraid.

Well, then. I hope I do as well as your girlfriend, she said as she lightly stroked my upper arm with the back of her open hand. She circled the table behind me. Please, lie down on your belly with your head up here, she patted the table directly in front of her. She rolled up a large towel and placed it on the table to cushion the front of my shoulders and neck. Is this comfortable? she asked. Before allowing me to answer, she walked to my left and placed my arm to my side and then walked to my right. She took my arm and extended it, holding my wrist in one hand and rubbing and kneading upwards on my arm with her other hand. Her touch was soft but firm. I could tell her hands were very strong. They must be, doing this kind of work.

A few lovely moments later, she repeated this with my left arm. Once she finished with my arms, she stepped back next to my head and began to work her majick on my neck and shoulders. As she worked, I could feel her occasionally bumping the top of my head. I was face down on the table, so I wasn t quite sure which part of her lovely body was touching me.

You take very good care of your skin, I heard her say, it is very clean and soft. Her continued work beautifully inched lower across my back and I again felt her lightly pressing against the top of my head. When she reached just above my waist, she changed her position to my feet. Like her work on my arms, she did each of my legs, working up to my thighs, though stopping well short of any intimate contact.

After working and stroking my legs, she again changed position. This time she came to my left side. She began at my waist, working from the center out and then down my hips and bum. One side, then the other, narrowing her concentration as she worked inwards until she was kneading my bum with both hands. I lightly bit my lower lip as her kneading and rubbing and touching closed in on my fanny, my body responding to her expert touch. She knew just how far to go without slipping, without so much as a single accidental touch, yet build me up to where I know I was breathing heavy and needing more… so much more.

She stopped.

Please, she said from somewhere in the fog, I will help you to sit up. She held my shoulder as I turned and slowly sat. Once sitting, she handed me a bottle of water. Drink a little, it is very important for your body, she smiled, rubbing her soft hand on my thigh. I could see her nipples poking at the spandex material restraining them. I could feel mine were even harder. Another few sips and then we will continue with your front.

As I sipped the water, her mobile sounded. I apologize. Let me answer and I will then turn it off, she smiled at me and then scowled at her mobile, the caller s name showing on the screen. Allo… Oui, je sais… Mais je travaille sur une belle femme maintenant… Oui, je veux bien faire l amour avec elle. Je prie pour qu elle me laisse… Je vais vous parler plus tard. Au revoir. She switched off the device, placing it in her bag on the floor in the far corner of the room, and returned to me. I am very sorry. That won t happen again.

That s quite alright. I understand. I don t like it when I m interrupted at work, either. Especially when I m doing something I like. I don t understand French, but it sounded like you told whoever it was not to bother you.

Even if he tries, my mobile is switched off. Are you ready to continue?

I smiled, nodding my head, and handed her the water bottle. She set it on a small table next to the door and returned to me. She helped me lay back on the table, the rolled towel now under the back of my neck. I watched as she went to a stand by the wall with supplies, returning with a small bottle of some sort of oil. She poured a tiny amount into her hands and rubbed them together. I could see the strength in her hands and arms as she rubbed the oil into her hands. She smiled at me as she stepped back to me, taking a position at my feet. She took my foot into her warm, oil covered hands, gently pushing to have me bend my leg at the knee, placing my foot flat on the table. Once both legs were in this position, she worked on my calves and shins, gripping and releasing the muscles. I smiled at her as she worked, as she clearly enjoyed her job, her nipples were even harder than before, staring at me like a beautiful pair of unblinking erotic eyes.

This feels so very good, I cooed, as she continued up my legs. I can tell you truly enjoy your work.

With some people I enjoy better than others. Keeping my legs in the same position, she opened them a little to work on my thighs, giving her a complete view of me. As she slowly worked up my thighs, I could feel my tension rapidly being replaced by arousal. Again, I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes as her touch came ever closer to the very spot I was so wanting touched.

I am not hurting you, am I? she asked, both of her thumbs but a mere breath away from my excited fanny.

No… no, far from it… I smiled. I felt I d blushed, too. May I ask… is it normal for people to get… um… to get…

Aroused? she smiled, continuing to rub my upper thighs and hips with my open legs in front of her. It is very normal. Your body is being touched and rubbed by another set of hands. And you have such a beautiful body. Is this too much for you? I can stop if you want me to.

No… I m okay, I smiled, wanting her to sweetly set me free. Has there ever been a time when you ve also become aroused, giving such a wonderful massage?

Justine stopped her massaging my hips, but kept her hands on me and looked away, as if trying to avoid the question. After a moment, her eyes flashed and a small smile crossed her face. She turned back to face me, Oui… I mean… yes, there have been times when I, too, become aroused while giving a massage. She moved her hands to the outside of my hips, but started rubbing again.

I smiled. Her hands felt so warm and right on my body. I didn t care who before, if it was men or women. I just cared about now. What do you do when that happens? I asked, praying she d kiss me.

I have never given in to the temptation. I have always been the professional. She half smiled, but her eyes were saying that she didn t want to be the professional now, that she wanted her arousal to take over this time. I don t know why, but I feel I can confess to you… she looked away again… that I have masturbated lying exactly where you are now.

Her confession instantly put that picture in my head… her sweet face contorted in orgasm as her own strong hands pleased herself on that very table. I have to admit, the thought of you masturbating on this table is a beautiful sight. And you ve certainly gotten me to the point where I would love to masturbate with you.

She smiled and looked somewhat relieved. Do you want to masturbate now, or would you allow me to finish giving you your massage?

It took a moment to hit me where else she was going to need to place her hands. There have been times when I ve come extremely close orgasm just by having my breasts fondled and my nipples sucked and rolled. Justine s marvelous hands might actually make that happen. Please continue the massage, sounding a little extra enthusiastic. I couldn t completely stifle a giggle.

Yes, Madame…


Oui, Madame?

Two things… first, my name is Annie. I d truly feel more comfortable if you d not call me Madame .

I am sorry… professional habit, she smiled. And?

And… I looked her directly in the eye, would you please take off your clothes?

Her smile was beaming as she took her hands from my hips and quickly pulled her sport-bra top off over her head. Her bountiful breasts bounced in their freedom, her taut, pink nipples showing her true excitement. Just as I reached to touch her, she stepped back, not to avoid my touch, but to take her shorts off, as well. She wasn t wearing knickers. Her blonde pubes trimmed as if to point the way to her womanly folds. I must confess, she smiled. I ve wanted to be nude with you from the moment you stepped from the screen.

What happened to never giving into temptation?

That, Mada…. Annie, was before I d started your massage. As a masseuse, I am always professional. The man on the mobile was my brother. He thinks that because I touch naked people I have sex with every person I massage. He s not the brightest man, my brother Georges. I have masturbated some… men especially… to finish their massage, but I have not once had sex with a person on my table. I have masturbated, as I ve told you, once they were gone, but I ve never allowed them to have sex with me. When I told Georges I wanted to make love with you, he called me a whore. I told him I would speak with him later. Her eyes were on fire as she spoke, her hands moving in the air, her breasts jiggling to her movements.

I sat up on the table. Women are not whores. Some men can be, but women are not, I said as I took her hands in mine, placed them on my breasts and kissed her. We kissed for several wonderful moments and I was more than a little happily light-headed once our kiss broke. Please… I said, now more than ever… finish my massage…

Her blue eyes were on fire, bright and powerful, as she lightly squeezed both of my breasts. A quick kiss, then she said Yes, please.

I spread myself back on the table, Justine stood at my head, smiled and took hold of my neck. She started her gentle rubbing and kneading at my shoulders, down my sides to my hips, to my pubes, her strong fingers pressing on my mound, her lovely breasts hanging over me as she leant down. Bringing her hands together, she slowly drew up my body, between my breasts, landing on my chest where she began her rubbing and kneading again. It took her three passes down my sides and hips before she touched my breasts. When she finally did, she cupped them, using her thumbs to circle and tweak my rock hard nipples. I closed my eyes and arched my back, grabbing her hands in mine to keep them at their post, to keep her holding me.

I knew you would like this. That s why I saved it for last, smiled Justine as she continued to fondle me, sending me ever closer to the edge.

Please… don t stop… I begged. She was bringing me closer than ever just rubbing my tits. I wanted to get as close as possible to orgasm.

Then, she shifted her position. Justine leant over, touching her hard nipples to mine, moving her body from side to side to rub our tits together. Between the touch of her soft tit, hard nipples and strong hands, the orgasmic rush began quickly. I may have babbled something about cumming, I can t say for sure, Justine truly had set off the fireworks. Just as the shock wave was about to hit, Justine crawled up over me, letting go of my tits, and diving face first into my open, welcoming fanny. Her tongue was so fast and true… I wanted to reciprocate… but, in truth, all I could do was hold on for dear life as she licked and sucked my orgasm through me, sending the convulsions throughout my body as I gasped and moaned in delight under her…

I hadn t noticed that she d gotten off the table until I felt her kissing me, her face and mouth smeared with my nectar. I took her face in my hands, returning the kiss with heavy breaths and open eyes. I hope your other appointments don t mind waiting. I m nowhere near ready to give you up just yet…

I have no other appointments today, Annie. I m all your s…

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