Capturing Mom

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Capturing Mom
I had just opened the porn site on the computer in my room and I heard the irritating clanking of mom s bangles which I appreciate at other times, the clanking of her bangles acts as alarm for me.

Open the door, did you get dressed we are already late. Mom enquired from outside the door, oh shit I forgot we have to go to a marriage ceremony and mom had told me to get dressed around an hour ago and here I am sitting on my chair with my cock out.

Mom, just give me fifteen minutes. I replied, hurriedly stuffed my cock in my pants.

Open the door; I want to see what you are going to wear tonight. Mom knocked on the door.

I zipped my pants and gave one last look down my body to check if anything is out of place, satisfied finally I opened the door. My heart skipped a beat… mom wore a Banarasi sari, shiny green in color with red flowery pattern which added to its beauty, but the thing that caught my attention was her navel and the length of her exposed waist, but something was missing which I wasn t able to put finger on.

Then it hit me… OMG, she is wearing the sari very low, that s why I was able to see her navel and below, I could even see a hint of her navel hairs tracing down in her sari, was she going to wear this for the ceremony.

Is it too much. She asked me warily looking down and adjusting the d**** of her sari.

Her question broke me out of reverie, then I looked at her whole is it too much of course it s too much, she had done her hair in a ponytail with a side part and she had applied a touch up of sindoor (vermilion) on the partition her hair, she has applied a little mascara around her eyes which enhanced her beautiful eyes.

She wore a golden nose ring on her cute little nose, usually around the house she doesn t wear it, my eyes travelled down her nose on her full sexy lips which was now occupied by the red glossy lipstick and she has applied something on her cheeks making it rosier.

The ornaments is a way to show off one s wealth in the society and the perfect venue for it is a marriage ceremony and mom in no way wanted to be behind, she has kept her mangalsutra (a sign that a woman is married) on top of her sari above her breasts and she wore a gold necklace which she has tugged inside her blouse, the way it was tugged it looked like a channel inviting any onlooker inside her blouse.

My gaze travelled down on her waist again, this time it fell on her silver waist chain sexily wrapped around her delicious waist, she looked like goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and beauty).

What, why are you staring like that. Mom asked looking right at me with questioning eyes.

I knew I should have worn the silk sari, it doesn t fit me right. She muttered under her breath.

It s alright mom, you look fine.

Just fine, this is my sister s marriage and I can t go just looking fine. She protested.

Mom, you look good, and the sari fits you right. I said honestly, though I wanted her to change the sari as it was a little revealing, if the sari slips any lower she will end up showing her pubic hairs.

Mom, turn around, let me see if your sari is all right from behind. Without saying anything she turned around, WTF I could easily make out the beginning of her crack, my heart was in my throat, she had her sari sexily around the curve of her waist, exposing a lot of her smooth milky back.

Mom, you look very beautiful and the sari looks very gorgeous on you. I replied taking my eyes off her ass.

Okay, okay, get dressed fast. She flushed when she heard me complementing about her beauty.

The moment mom was out of my room I took out my cock and jerked it hard to the image of my sexily dressed mom, when a Indian woman is dressed in all their ornaments they look so seductive and fuckable. I came very hard sending the cum high in air which landed on the keyboard, the second spurt landed on the floor.

I cleaned the cum, took a shower, mom forgot the reason why she came to my room, whatever I decided to wear the black suit. I descended down the stairs in the living room to find mom sitting on the couch with a mirror in her hand, she was applying the liquid bindi on her forehead.

Wear the formal shoes. She said without looking at me, I had worn the sports shoes because it was going to be a long night and my formal shoes are not so comfortable.

Mom, they are so uncomfortable, I can t wear them whole night. I protested.

Either you wear the formal or you are not going with me. Mom answered in a strict tone, giving a last touchup to her beautiful face.

But mom… she cut me off in middle with a piercing glare, an indication to not to argue about it.


Aunt Megha looked very beautiful in the bridal attire, but the centre of attention was my mom with her bold sari and of course her gorgeous looks, I can bet, even the nervous groom looked at her exposed sexy waist, when mom climbed onstage for the Varmala ceremony.

Aryan, why are you sitting alone. I was surprised to hear dad s voice, how did he make it, he was away on a business trip.

Will you take photos for me; I have to check the arrangements inside. Dad took out a canon digital camera, I immediately recognized it as canon EOS 700D.

Yeah, sure Dad. I replied beaming with excitement.

Make sure you capture Mom well, otherwise she will get pissed at me.

Okay, dad I will remember.

I captured many images of mom, she was everywhere. The marriage ended with an announcement of reception in a nearby famous hotel, as we were close to the hotel we were invited too, though only the groom s relatives are invited to the reception.


After making a mark at the marriage ceremony Mom wanted to make it even grander at the reception with her presence.

Aryan, I need your help. Mom asked me, fiddling with her sari she always does that whenever she is shy to talk about something.

What is it mom.

Last time I wasn t much confident about my dress, and you were not much of help either. She said monotonously.

So. I urged her to continue.

I have come up with an idea, I will try different sari and you take photos of me in it, afterwards I can look at the pictures on the computer and decide what to wear for reception. She completed her sentence and looked at me with those you can t say no to eyes.

Okay mom.


Mom went shopping today so I knew I will be taking her pictures so I charged the Dad s camera. I was fairly excited about the photo shoot because I know I will be getting to see her sexy waist and navel in high quality. I made a mental note to copy her photos on my computer for future use.

I think living room would be right. Mom suggested.

Okay mom.

You set your camera and all meanwhile I will go change into first sari. Mom said to me with beaming eyes, she becomes a different person in front of the camera.

I moved aside the cushion, lamp and the vase making room for mom, to stand against the wall. I saw mom descending the stairs about 10 minutes later, she wore a silk pink and white sari with a simple abstract on it and she wore a pink low cut sleeveless blouse, even though she was at some distance from me I could make out her lovely cleavage. She had d****d the end of her sari on her shoulder covering the exposed cleavage and her blouse.

Her cleavage appeared pink from the d**** of her sari, I was entranced by its exquisiteness, though I have never checked her bra but I can tell that her breast size is 32D.

Are you ready. Mom asked me excitedly.

Yes mom, stand over there, against the wall. I indicated her towards the wall.

Mom looked so nice against the wall her beautiful skin and the grey wall contrasted very well. Mom had her hair in a bun, she wore a pink bindi on her forehead and she just wore some bangles on her wrist. She just stood there with both her hands on the side, she looked expectantly at me waiting for the instruction, while I thought she would instruct me what to do next.

We both waited in silence for the instruction, finally she spoke. You are the photographer; you have to instruct me how to pose.

Okay mom, keep your left hand on your waist and the other on your side. I instructed her, I pointed the viewfinder at her and clicked three photos in a row. The photos turned out very nice, she looked very sexy with her exposed waist.

Mom, look at the pictures, you look so good. I turned the screen to her.

Just finish taking pictures, and then we will look at it on my computer. Mom seemed pleased when she saw the picture, I could see pride beaming from her eyes, even at 37 she looked very beautiful, apart from her lovely face, the feature I liked the best is her well shaped ass and I have longed to see it naked though I haven t been lucky yet.

Keep both your hands on your waist. I had not the least idea about a photo shoot so I asked her to do what I thought would look good.

Okay. She put her hands on her sexy smooth waist, I remembered about the low waist sari she wore, could I get her to pose in that somehow.

Turn a little to left, mom. She did as I asked; I snapped few pics of her side profile.

Okay enough. She announced when I was done clicking her side profile. I felt a sharp pang of disappointment; I wanted to take more photos.

But mom, I took only few and you looked better in the sari you wore for the marriage ceremony.

If we don t do fast, how can I try all eight saris. She suppressed a grin when she spoke; I took a breath of relief as I didn t want it to stop.

After sometimes she came down, she wore a red sari with golden embroidery; she had removed her mangalsutra and other ornaments. She had her hair spread on her back with few plaid of hair dangling on her forehead, she wore a red low cut blouse, unfortunately it was covered by the d**** of her sari and I couldn t see her cleavage clearly.

Mom, I think, instead of wearing the anchaal (d****) across I think you should wear it on one side. I suggested her nervously, not sure what would she make of it.

Really, but this blouse is low-cut. She asked me pouting her rosy lips.

Mom, I assure you, you will look good. I advised her, I tried very hard to suppress my excitement.

Mom pulled the aanchal from across her blouse and put it on one side on her shoulder, my trick had worked, now her sexy cleavage was exposed to my hungry eyes, I could even make out the top of her breast, I think she didn t wear a bra because if she did the blouse was so low cut that the string would show.

I furiously snapped pictures of her, focusing more at her exposed cleavage. Shit…did I catch a hint of her nipples, to make sure I looked carefully at her zooming on her blouse. Yes that s a nipple her left nipple was poking through her blouse just a little and I couldn t see her right nipple as it was covered by the d****.

I was getting a hard on and if I didn t get out of her sight she would definitely notice it.

I need to go to toilet.

okay. She replied.

I hurried to the toilet and adjusted my cock such that it wouldn t show even if it gets hard. Not to raise any doubt I waited for a while. I went in the living room and I saw Mom sitting on the sofa, she was reading some kind of women s magazine. When she saw me coming she got up to go near the wall, but I got an idea.

Mom I think you should sit on the sofa and continue reading the magazine and I will take pictures without disturbing you.

okay. She replied casually, unknown to my plan.

I took few photos of her from a distance, not to arouse any suspicion. When I saw her engrossed in the magazine I came near her and pointed the camera on her cleavage, as I was above her I could see even deeper, I could see the inner side of her breast through the gap.

I could distinctly make out the poking of her

nipple. Was she getting aroused as well at this exposure to her son, can I press her further, I flinched at the thought.

Mom, can you stand up against the wall.

okay. She followed my instruction without any question.

Mom, put your hand on your head and lean against the wall. She did as I said, in doing so the d**** of her sari slid down and both her breast only covered by the blouse was exposed before my eyes, I could now see both her nipple poking hard against the material of the blouse.

Mom, pick up the d**** and hold it in your left hand and keep your other hand on your waist.

She kept silent but after a while she did as I asked and I took her pictures from all angles.

Enough for now, we will continue it after lunch. She said to me while she put the d**** of her sari on her shoulders covering it like it was before.


After the lunch I waited in the living room for her, she came after half an hour. She wore a green sari which was fully green with no sign of any print on it, it was just plain green but it looked different somehow then I realized it wa the chiffon saris sari and it is made of flimsy material, if a woman doesn t wear a petticoat with these sari there skin would be easily visible.

Mom what took you so long. I asked her acting frustrated, that I wasn t interested in the photo shoot and I was doing her a favor.

I was changing the petticoat (underskirt), earlier I wore a red petticoat and it would show so I changed into a matching petticoat. She explained. I flushed red at the mention of her undergarment.

Mom but I can still see your petticoat. I said to her.

WHAT… YOU ARE JOKING RGHT. She cried as she looked down at her sari, she moved aside the veils up to the last covering to check if her petticoat was showing. It is considered a dressing disaster, if anyone ends up showing her petticoat from her sari.

This is a very expensive sari set and the petticoat doesn t match it, I was planning to wear it on the reception party. She said to me with concern heavy in her eyes.

Are you sure, please look again carefully. She added.

Mom, you can look yourself. I handed her the

camera, she looked at it carefully.

What will I do now?

Mom you can wear other sari.

But this was the one I was planning to wear.

Mom, can t you wear the sari without the petticoat, then it won t show. I spoke, immediately regretting the outrageous comment I made,

It s a chiffon sari idiot, my skin will show. She replied.

Oh, but you can give it a try, I pressed her.

Okay, trying doesn t hurt. She replied, my cock twitched in my pants at the thought of seeing her naked legs.

Mom came down after a while, I tried hard to look for some skin through her sari, but I couldn t hasn t she removed her petticoat I wondered, but the movement of her ass was different it jiggled more and I was sure that she had removed her petticoat.

Can you see anything. She asked me nervously.

No mom, I can t see anything, move around a little, to make sure if something shows when you move, I kept aside the camera and sat on the sofa enquiring her legs.

She walked up and down the living room, the veils of her sari was lifted when she moved and I gasped when I saw her naked thighs and the black panties she wore, I enjoyed the show but decided to inform her about it.

Mom I think the sari is very thin, when you walk some of your skin can be seen, I said to mom sounding as serious as I could.

I knew, how much can you see.

I can see up to your thigh. I couldn t speak about her panties.

Can t you see anything else, take some pictures, I will see myself how much I am showing. Mom asked me.

She was inviting me to gawk at her naked thighs. I picked up the camera and snapped her picture.

Mom turn around. I wanted to snap some pictures of her ass. She turned around and I could clearly see her pantyclad ass, the panty was a little small and I was able to see her exposed lower portion through her sari. I snapped many pictures from all angles. Photos

Okay enough, show me the pictures now. She sat on the sofa and indicated me to sit next to her. I opened the recent picture and showed it to her; in the first picture mom s sexy legs were visible. In the next photo mom was in a walking posture and as her legs were spread, her naked thigh was showing. I watched mom from the corner of my eyes to see her expression.

Mom seemed flushed with excitement on seeing herself in such a sexy state exposing to camera and her son, I reluctantly switched to the next image, mom was turned towards the wall and her black panty was clearly visible in the chiffon sari, I could sense the sexual tension in the room heightening as I switched to the next image, it was a side profile image apart from her naked thighs and panties the thing that caught our eyes was her nipples poking very hard through her blouse.

I couldn t resist myself and I turned towards her to see the nipple and met mom s eyes, who were looking at my crotch, we both retracted our eyes towards the screen, the sexual tension was evident to both of us.

I think I have to drop this dress, I am going to change in another sari, wait for me. Mom broke the awkwardness.

Okay Mom I will be right here.

Mom came down after some time, she looked very hot in the sari and she wore all her ornaments – the bangles, her mangalsutra and the waist chain. The sari fit her nicely and she wore it way below her navel, even lower than the sari she wore in the marriage ceremony.

This is my best sari, photograph me well, don t be shy you can tell me to pose any way you like. She had her eyes on the floor when she spoke; she was shy to have spoken this.

Why would I be shy, you are the one going to be shy away. I replied boldly, it hurt my manly pride.

We will see. Mom replied equally bold.

I switched on the camera and indicated Mom to stand against the wall.

Mom, keep your both hands on your waist and cock your feet. I asked her and clicked some pictures in that position.

Okay mom, move aside your d**** so I can photograph your blouse. I took a big risk, mom paused for a moment then she slowly removed the saris d**** exposing her deep cleavage and her poking nipples, I clicked many pictures.

Lift your sari a little from one side. I asked her, mom bent down to lift the hem of her sari, I took many of her bend down photos, her whole boobs was on display to the camera.

She lifted her hem up to her right knee, her bare feet and gorgeous legs on display. My fingers were shivering out of excitement of how far could I push her. The last two photos I snapped were shaky. I could see her chest rising heavily and that she was equally enjoying the photo shoot was evident from her hard nipples.

Rise the hem a little higher. With pounding heart I asked her and she did, she raised the hem higher to her mid thigh, the gap formed between both the legs was very inviting.

Higher mom, it would look good in photo. I asked her quietly, my sound barely escaped from my mouth, she obeyed me, she slowly rose the hem higher and I could see the elastic of her black panty, I thought she would lift higher, but she stopped, I clicked her pictures and from the viewfinder I saw mom looking right at my hardon, I was embarrassed sporting my hardon to my mom.

I was in a messy situation, should I ask her to rise higher or should I make her do other poses, I decided to leave it for a while and ask her to pose differently.

Okay mom, put your right hand on the back of your neck and other on your side. I asked her.

Now who is shy. She tried to suppress her comment with an okay afterwards but I heard it. Now I was regretting my decision. But she stood like I asked her to.

Mom bend down and keep your hands on the sofa.

She bend down, she looked very sexy like this, her mangalsutra dangling in front of her and I could see her deep cleavage and a lot of her boobs, even though the AC was on mom was sweating and her sindoor flowed on her forehead making her look even more sexy.

Mom, unbutton the top button of your blouse. I didn t know if she would do that as she didn t wore a bra, but she closed her eyes and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, she wore the blouse which buttoned on the front. I pointed the camera at her and snapped pictures of her milky cleavage exposed seductively from her blouse.

Wow mom the pictures are coming so nice, this is the best sari I have ever seen. I said foolishly, I was very happy at where this was going on, I had desired to see her naked since I was a k**.

Unbutton the second button mom. She did without even looking at me; the cloth of her unbuttoned blouse was wrinkled, so I decided to straighten it myself. I neared her and with my right hand I reached her boobs, she sucked her mouth in anticipation, I could feel her heart pounding very heavily as I touched the top of her breast and straightened her blouse and her mangalsutra.

I heard a sigh as I backed away; I took many pictures in that pose, I was very horny, I wanted to suck on those lovely nipple covered by just her blouse.

Mom, unbutton the last button. I said to her with dry mouth, mom remained still with her eyes closed. So I pressed her again.

Mom, open your blouse. I said to her in a bold tone this time, she remained still for sometimes then slowly lifted her blouse and undid the last button of her blouse, I was getting impatient to see her naked boobs. I snapped pictures furiously of her cleavage free from the restraints of her blouse; the material of the blouse was stuck on the nipple hiding it from my hungry eyes.

mom, move aside the blouse covering your breasts and cover it from your hands. I asked her.

Mom with both hands moved aside the blouse and exposed her red nipples to my eyes before she covered them with her hand , this was the first time I saw her naked boobs, I clicked the camera shooting the seductive goddess in front of me.

Okay, mom remove blouse. I asked her shivering with excitement and arousal, my cock was strained in my pants.

Mom slid the blouse from her hands and let it fall on the floor; she kept her hands on her side, her breast stood proudly in the cold air, her breast was of medium size and I wanted to suck on those gorgeous nipple, I pointed the camera at her bare breasts, it was better to capture it permanently then just in memories.

I zoomed in at her breasts, I could clearly see her red nipple and I zoomed in even more and I was able to see the opening of her nipple in great details, I snapped many pictures of her nipple for further uses. Mom was breathing even more heavily; she had her sexy lips slightly parted and the red lipstick made it even sexier.

Mom, put your index finger in your mouth. I wanted to see how my cock looked around her lips, she lifted her hands and put the index finger of her right hand in her mouth.

Mom, close your lips around it and suck on it.

She sucked on her finger seductively, just looking at her fingering her mouth I was about to cum, but I controlled myself and took the pictures.

Mom, hold your breasts with both your hands.

She took out her hand and grasped both her breasts with it, I stood in awe as she squeezed her breasts with her hand and she had her head thrown back against the wall and had her eyes closed. She enjoyed pleasuring herself in front of her son.

I took many of her stills with her hands squeezing her breast, it was time to take it to the next level.

Okay mom. Enough, you pose very nicely. I complimented her to keep the charade going on.

You think so, and how the pictures are turning out. She said seductively as she flicked her nipple with her fingers.

Mom, the pictures are coming out great, I think we have to try new poses. I announced.


Mom, first remove your locket. Her mangalsutra was coming in the way, she removed it, she was now topless, it was a dream come true for me, I wasn t able to fully believe that my beautiful mother was topless before me.

Okay mom lift the hem of your sari like earlier but with both hands this time.

Mom grasped the hem of her sari and lifted her sari all the way to her mid thigh. Her naked leg looked very sexy it was the perfect thighs I have ever see, the skin was smooth and the curve of her thighs was very sexy, I wanted to worship it, kiss it and fuck it.

Higher mom. My voice cracked.

Mom lifted the sari above her panty on her stomach and held it there, I gasped at the incredible sight that stood before me, I forgot to take pictures and just stood there taking in the sight. I approached mom and with my hands grasped the knot of her sari. She gulped hard and backed away falling back on the wall.

Her breasts pressed in my chest, our eyes locked with each other and slowly I untied the knot of her sari, I backed away from her and took the hem of her sari in my hands and pulled hard, mom was spun around by the force I left her sari and it fell down to her feet.

I undid her petticoat and it fell to her feet pilling above her sari, mom stood in front of me in just her panty and the silver waist chain around her waist. Mom was going wild with excitement, she breathed very hard her breast rising and falling with each breath. She was ready to be fucked but I had to take pictures for later.

I picked the camera and snapped her, even in such state of arousal she remembered to pose as I clicked. I was able to see her pubic hairs above her waistband.

Mom bend down and touch your feet.

I walked behind her and snapped the close up of her ass, the panties was stretched across her ass, I could see a hint of her forbidden place, I saw mom walking to me, she kneeled before me and undid my pants which fell to the floor, mom took hold of my underwear and pulled it down in one go, I was in ecstasy at the thought of what she was going to do to me. My 6 inch cock sprang free and I saw mom licking her lips.

I wasn t able to believe that my loving mom, who has cared for me, nursed me, loved me was going to suck my cock. The moment of bliss finally arrived, she touched my cock with her hands, mom wrapped her fingers around my shaft and stroked it twice, she was mesmerized by my cock.

Mom formed a o with her parted lips and slightly touched the head of my cock with her lovely lips, Oh my god , she was playing with my balls while she kissed my cock caressing it with her fingers; she cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed it lightly.

Mom kissed down the length of my cock to my balls, she took one of my balls in her mouth sucking on it. Not even in my dreams I thought my mom sucking my balls while I looked at her naked boobs. Mom switched to the other ball and sucked hard at, she took both my balls in mouth at once, sucking both balls at once, while my cock dangled on her forehead.

I was on cloud 9 when she took hold of my cock with her hand and stroked it furiously while she sucked my balls, this was too much for me, I came very hard spurting come on her hair and her forehead. I backed away and picked up the camera, I clicked photos of her covered in my cum.

Mom, you look very sexy. I just wanted to say this for a while.

Yeah, I know. She said sexily licking the dribbling cum with her tongue.

Okay mom lets continue where we left.

I asked her to turn around.

Mom slide your panties down. I asked her.

Mom seductively slid her panties down exposing the gorgeous puckered hole and the forbidden secret, her pussy looked perfect, labia was well formed and it was shut tightly forming a very proportionate pussy, while the engorged clit slightly jutted out indicating her state, she slid the panty down on the floor and stepped out of it.

I snapped many pictures of her pussy and her asshole; she looked just like a goddess in all her glory with just the silver waist chain wrapped around her waist. I put the camera in the video mode and put it on the table.

I walked to mom with my heart pounding, not sure what I was going to do with her, mom waited for me with a slutty face welcoming me into a embrace, our lips met and immediately she opened her mouth giving passage to my tongue, I explored her sweet mouth with my tongue, I touched her tongue with mine and she responded by sucking on it, she pushed my tongue back entering in my mouth, she swirled her tongue around exploring my mouth.

We were taken by desire, I grabbed her boobs in my hands and squeezed it hard, I pinched both her nipples at once and she flinched in my mouth pushing hard in me, we both parted to breathe.

Mom I want to fuck you. I spoke my sound barely audible because of the excitement.

I want to feel your cock inside me, please fuck me baby, pleaseee… mom said deliriously.

I let go of her boobs and grabbed her cheeks, feeling the softness of it, I have always fantasized about this, fucking mom was greatest than anything in this whole universe. I bend mom on the armrest of the sofa, she lay there quietly waiting for my assault.

I approached her and inserted my cock between her cheeks rubbing at her ass hole; I moved my cock down at the entrance of my birth passage.

Mmmmmm… mom moaned with pleasure.

Her sexy moan was making me more aroused, I inserted my hard cock a little inside her, I took hold of her hair with my hands and pushed inside her, all the way, I could feel her pussy sucking at my cock, mom whimpered when I pulled my cock out then with a greater force pushed it all the way in.

I fucked my mom, humping wildly into her, she slid her hands under her and rubbed her clit while I fucked her, after a while I could feel her pussy clenching at my cock, trying to rip it off and take it all in.

ungghhhh… mom came with a loud groan wetting my cock with her juices while some of her juice flowed down her legs.

Her orgasm got me even wilder I humped into my slumped mom even harder, fucking her wildly with my balls slapping on her pussy, I felt myself building up, I increased my speed and finally came into filling her pussy with my cum.

I am going to be sore for a while.

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