Continuing with Mandy’s education….

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Continuing with Mandy’s education….
After that first encounter, when Mandy and I had had our first taste of each other, she had become a lot more confident and even a little seductive when she was with me….
She would often turn up to our place wearing a cotton dress, and, when the opportunity arose, she would give me just a little flash of her bare pussy, just to show that she’d “forgotten” to wear panties that day! She even took to surreptitiously fondling my cock when no-one was around, and called it her “toy” whilst I called her pussy her “peach” since, as I explained to her, it was pink, juicy, and covered in fine downy hair!
My wife was unaware of our relationship, regarding her as a lovely young girl who liked to come over and help out, so it was on one of these occasions that my wife announced to me that Mandy was going to be staying the night.
“She can stay in the spare room” she said, and I (acting reluctant) agreed.
Later on that night, Mandy caught me alone and whispered “Are you two going to have sex tonight?” I was caught off guard “I don’t know” I said. “Well, I want to watch” she said with an impish grin. “OK, I’ll leave the door open a tiny bit” I said, “but you’ll have to be very quiet!”
Later on, after saying goodnight, we all went to bed, and I left the door open, just a tiny bit, and climbed into bed.
The thought of putting on a show for Mandy was such a turn-on, that I stripped off and prepared to climb into bed with my cock already swelling in anticipation.
I reached over and began to fondle my wife’s tits, pulling down her thin nightie, to expose her erect nipples, and I began to suck on these, pushing her soft, tits together and moving my mouth from one to the other …
“Mandy’s next door, we have to be very quiet!” my wife said, as she slid off her nightie, “It’s OK, she’ll be asleep” I whispered, as I began to kiss her tits, and worked my way down to her belly. I could clearly see in the light of the bedside clock, and I could imagine the show that Mandy was getting … I tried to position myself to give the best possible view to that crack in the door, where I knew she would be watching.
I opened my wife’s legs and began to lick her pussy, using long slow strokes, and sucking gently on her clit, and she began to buck her hips, and push her wet lips against my probing mouth, gasping and grunting softly as she got close to her climax. She raised her hips right off the bed, pushing hard against my face, and shuddered as her orgasm racked her body, her slippery wetness coating my face.
After her shuddering had subsided, I knelt between her legs, and slipped my dripping cock into the crack of her vagina, sliding it back and forth without penetration, and then, moved up, straddling her and rubbing my dripping wet cock between her tits, my slimy precum, dribbling in long wet threads from my throbbing cock. She reached forward, and sucked the ooze from my cock with long slurping sounds “Fuck my cunt, with your big cock” she growled.
She opened her legs wide, holding her thighs up with her hands, and I knelt there for a second, my cock hard and dripping, in the dim light, before sliding balls-deep into that wet, hot tunnel.
I slid in and out in long deep strokes, trying to give Mandy the best possible show, but eventually I could not hold back any longer, and I felt my scrotum tighten up as my prostate prepared to squirt out it’s massive store of cum.
I pulled my cock out of her pussy, after waiting for her second orgasm to subside, and, once again knelt straddling her tits,
She reached out and wrapped her small hand around my pulsating cock and slid my slimy foreskin back and forth.
I grunted, and felt my balls tighten and began to shoot huge lumpy ropes of cum, coating her tits and throat, and she continued to wank me, until the sensations became too much, and I stopped her hand from moving. She leaned forward and sucked the last drops from my cock.
I climbed off and said, “I need a piss, I’ll bring back a towel” and I made my way to the door.
Mandy was standing in the shadows outside the door, her hand cupping her pussy, and I could tell she’d been masturbating. I gently took her hand from her wet peach, and brought it to my mouth, sucking the sweet nectar from her fingers.
She reached out to my still swollen cock, swinging between my legs like an obscene pepperoni and she wiped a dribble of cum from the tip, and licked it!
We didn’t speak, and she disappeared silently into her room, her hand still cupping the juicy peach of her vagina. I went to the bathroom, knowing that she would be giving herself a few orgasms tonight!

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