Dorothy alone

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Dorothy alone
Dorothy was built like most women of that time that I had much to do with – slightly plumpish, with full buxom breasts. She was pretty and had thick black wavy hair. The dress code in those days was either blouse and skirt or a dress. The dresses were full and billowy and when it was warm, she would often sit and ease the dress up to her high thigh to cool down. Of course, I had seen up her skirts when the soft creamy flesh of her thighs, above her stocking line, came into view and that view from any of my aunts or older women would make my cock immediately erect.

Two weeks after my last visit to their house, I had another home football match so I called round after the match. Dorothy came to the door in a loosely fitting overall and said that George had been called into work and would probably be there for some time. She made me something to eat and, in doing that, I got plenty of views inside her overall which made my thoughts turn to how I could take some advantage from the situation I now found myself in.

While we were eating, I asked her about her past and how she had got her interests in men wanking and exhibitionism generally. She said that it really came from bath-time at her parents’ house. Her father worked at the local water mill and they lived in the village close to the mill. Most of the workers’ houses were two up and two down, with an outside lavatory. Bath-time meant pulling the tin bath out and filling it with warm water from the boiler in the back-kitchen, which was heated with wood.

Her mother would take charge of bath night and always left her and her brother who were close in age to have the last bath of the c***dren before her parents had theirs. The last action was for mother to come in to see if they had finished. She would then crouch down to soap her brother in the private areas and one night she was amazed to see his cock growing as mother stroked him. When she went to bed that night she could not get that image out of her head.

The following bath night, she asked her brother if he would like her to do what mother had done the previous week. She didn’t think it was wrong, due to the close relationships within the family largely caused by seven people living in such close proximity in a very small house. Nudity was often the order of the day and it was not unusual to see her father and mother partially clothed or not clothed at all.

One thing led to another with her brother in the bath and she told me how he had made her tingle as he returned the favour by touching her between her legs at bath-time. She remembered the first time she gasped as her body had spasmed, not knowing what it was, only recognising the pleasure that coursed through her. She realised that her mother must have known was going on as her and her brother would be left alone now to finish washing themselves (or each other) and then getting dry. Her younger brothers and sisters would be bathed and sent to bed. Given the additional freedom, her brother would soap her breasts until she felt wonderful. She would feel a tingling between her thighs and welcomed his fingers when he finally touched her there. She wasn’t able to stop her body moving back and forth, which accentuated the feeling. Then she would cry out as the feeling overtook her as her orgasm washed over her.

Her brother then began letting her watch as he had a wank and she would marvel at how his cock grew as he stroked it. Of course, she always jumped at the chance when she was offered the choice of soaping it for him. She let him teach her what to do and felt proud when he told her that it grew big for her because he loved the way she made it so hard. When he told her that it could show her even more if she fondled and rubbed it for longer, then she needed no further encouragement. She lovingly fondled and rubbed her brother’s cock until it started to produce something different to what she was used to seeing when taking her younger brothers to the toilet.

It surprised her the first time his semen jetted from the opening. Long spurts of thick white paste had spurted out and landed on the rug. She could tell from her brother’s body language that he enjoyed it when he spurted and he told her that he felt similar to her when her body spasmed.

Over the next few weeks, when she was in the bath, her brother would enter his finger into her, a little at a time as he fingered her ‘magic button’. This gave her an extra feeling and she loved it. Then one evening when they were in the house alone, her brother took her on his knee and began to slowly work her up. Her body was rocking to and fro as he fingered her. Then he told her that she would feel even better if he did it with his cock. She sat on his knee with her back towards him and felt his cock between her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure, as her feeling grew stronger. Then she felt herself being stretched as her brother began to push his cock into her. He pulled away a little and she felt a kind of loss. Then he pushed up and she felt a sharp pain. Just as she was about to cry out, she felt his thick flesh sliding deeper into her and as his finger rubbed her button, her body exploded into the most pleasure she had ever experienced.

When she finished telling me this story, my cock was so hard I thought I was going to explode. I told her that and that I would like to fuck her too. She said that she could not let me do that until I had first asked George for permission to do it. However, she was happy to have some fun and for me to satisfy myself. With that she pulled up her overall, pulled down her knickers, opened her legs wide and gave me a wonderful view. She then told me to wank over her and deposit my spunk over her aiming at the slit between her legs. I could not wait and very quickly deposited a significant amount of my young seed all over her pubic hair and the area below.

She carefully wiped my cock clean and said that I had better be going. As I was leaving, she promised me that she would speak to George about my ambition to get inside her. I did not have to wait too long before I realised my ambition but that is for the next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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