hanna becomes a slave for life

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hanna becomes a slave for life
Consciousness returned slowly, and as it did a number of things strike me at once – my arms and shoulders are aching…my hair, lank and damp, hangs across my face, obscuring my sight…and my jaw aches horribly. For some reason i cant focus properly, and it dawns on me that i am bound tight, my arms above me and my legs obscenely spread open below me. Looking down i see a fleshy colored blur, and i realize i am naked.
Long minutes pass before i hear the sound of footsteps approaching, the creak of a door opening on dry hinges.
Its about time you woke upp whorelet. I was beginning to get impatient…your training is about to begin.
i hear the words but fail to comprehend their meaning. You stop in front of me, a red blur, and reach behind my head loosening a strap and freeing my jaw. i work it painfully closed and open.
Where am i? Why? Why am i tied up? What do you want from me? Who are you? i moan.
You silly slut! You really overdid it last night didnt you? Just had to be the party girl…but then again it certainly loosened your inhibitions! Perhaps this will help… . You open a vial and hold it beneath my nose. The sharp and acrid smell burns my sinuses, providing immediate focus. i notice a monitor and several cameras around me as memory rushes back….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It had been four long, lonely months since my girlfriend left me, her parting words still stinging my soul
You worthless fuck! Get the fuck over yourself. Youre nothing special – dime a dozen really – you were an easy amusement, nothing more. Ive found a WOMAN. Youre such a fucking c***d – look at yourself…youre even built like a c***d with those bee-sting tits. And youre so fucking dependant. Who the fuck could be serious about someone like you?

i decided to start living again, and decided to hit a new club that had opened. It was for women only, which was perfect. i had no interest in men since i was gang****d at 16. On the cab ride in i dropped a tab of E, then made sure the remaining two were secure in the bottom of my purse.
Walking in the thump of bass assaulted my ears. i made my way across the dimly lit room, skirting the crowded dancefloor, to the bar. And i immediately started drinking. With a good buzz settling in i glance around, not expecting anything but still hopeful. i notice you on the dancefloor, your arms wrapped around the waist of a blonde busy grinding against you. You stare boldly at me though, and i flush and lower my eyes. i glance up again to find you still staring, a grin on your face. You push the blonde away with a kiss, and with a waggle of your finger invite me over. i quickly turn to the bar, pop another tab in my mouth and down my drink in a gulp before getting up and approaching you. i am trapped in your gaze and it seems to take forever to reach you.
Without words you wrap your arms around me, pulling me to you. Your warm soft curves press against me, your lips at my neck…my ear…my lips. forcefully you press your thigh between my legs and grind against me.
Im Jo you whisper as our sensual dance continues.
im hanna i moan. my body is alight with pleasure, responding to your every touch.
Youre cute, and I want you. But first tell me…what have you taken and do you have any more? . i answer quietly, shaking the container with the last E. You take it from me, and press it in past my lips.
We drink and dance, my body and mind completely relaxed. Your touch becomes more demanding, tweaking my nipples through my shirt. Your slender fingers trail down my body to my jeans, deftly unbuttoning me and slipping beneath my panties. i sigh and clutch you as your cool fingers find my sex, parting my swollen lips, pinching my clit and finally slipping inside me.

Suddenly my jeans and panties are slid down off my hips, puddling around my ankles. In confusion i loom around to see a circle of women closing in. Your fingers continue to explore me deeply as more hands grasp and paw at me. my shirt is ripped from me, buttons flying, and my bra is cut away. In panic i try to cover my nakedness but my arms are grabbed and pulled behind me, secured at wrists and elbows with cable ties, forcing my chest forwards. i feel hands crawling all over me, pinching and slapping. Cameras flash, blinding me. my nipples are pinched, twisted, bitten. i feel hands spreading my ass cheeks, a violating finger pressed into me. i realize i have no control, that i am helpless and subject to everyones desire…and i have never felt so deeply humiliated.
Time slips by in a haze as my body is used repeatedly. In a moment of clarity i find myself perched above a toilet seat, a large dark skinned woman between my legs, her tongue buried in my pussy and three fingers pumping wetly in and out of my violated ass. i notice you in the doorway of the stall, capturing every moan twitch and wet orgasm on video.
Time slips again and i surface to find you dressing me. A thick leather collar tight around my throat.
Youre coming home with me slut
In answer to your questions I ll be brief. You are where you belong. This is now your home. You are tied up because you begged to be tied up. I want nothing more than what you have freely offered. And I am Erin, but from now on you will call ma Mistress. As you can see, by your own hand, you now belong to me . You hold a sheet of paper in front of me. The words swim briefly but sharpen into frightening clarity.

Slave Contract

Of my own free will, as of 6/5/16, i hanna wilson, hereby grant you, Mistress Erin, full ownership and use of my body and mind, effective immediately, with no set end date.
i will obey you at all times and will wholeheartedly seek your pleasure and well-being above all other considerations.
i renounce all rights to my own pleasure, comfort or gratification, except insofar as you desire or permit them.
i will strive diligently to re-mold my body, my habits and my attitudes in accordance with your desitres.
i renounce all rights to privacy. i will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of my knowledge, any and all questions you may ask me.
i renounce my sexual preference and accept that i will be expected to please whoever Mistress Erin requires me to, regardless of gender. Additionally i understand and accept that i am bound to this Contract with no currently set limits, no safeword. All my activities will be photographed and/or video recorded, to be uploaded to various websites. i will also be under constant livestreaming video.
i understand and agree that any failure by me to comply fully with your desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for possibly severe punishment.
i unconditionally accept as your prerogative anything you may choose to do with me, whether as punishment, for your amusement, or for whatever purpose, no matter how painful or humiliating to myself.

hanna wilson
Flower Mound, TX

Stunned and shaken i look up at you, my face drained of color. Your smile says it all.
Thats right slut, you belong to me. You had your chance to speak up last night. That chance is gone. I know a signature can be forged – though I can see you recognize your own handwriting – so to seal the detail you verbally contracted yourself to me (which I videotaped) . You pick up a remote, press a button, and the monitor comes to life. i watch myself reading the contract out loud, my eyes glazed.
This, along with photographs of your deliciously bound body, have been online for almost three hours now. In fact, youre live right now, with over thirty fine folk staring at your naked flesh. This camera…is focused on your face. This one on those delectable tits. Theres another…you cant see it…behind and directly below you, offering a closeup of your tasty ass and wet cunt. Oh, the comments they are making! You are truly quite the hit, and I think your stay will be a long one. Ive lost count of how many people want to use you as a fucktoy .

You move behind me and i hear the turning of a crank, the rattle of chains above me. i lift and tilt forward with the frame slightly, gravity forcing my torso forwards. You wheel a cart before me – on it a bottle of clear fluid, a tray of needles and a black box with two silver contact points.
Now tell me, who are you?
im hanna i squeak. You grab the box, press it to the meat of my left breast and push a button. i twitch and jerk in my restraints as electric pain runs through me.
Lets try this again whorelet. Who are you?
Fearing a repeat of the punishment, remembering the signed Contract that marked the end of life as i knew it i gasp desperately i am your slave, Mistress Erin. i am your puta, your slut. i am your willing fucktoy .
Thats much better you say with a smirk but you have forgotten the people that are watching you right now. In reality you are theirs too – they will be helping me push you to your physical limits…and beyond .
i blush deeply, my skin burning, a tear trickling down my face. my eyes lower in shame at the position i am in, yet abstractly notice my nipples have hardened.
Say hello to them slut
Hello i whimper, staring at the floor. You pull my head up by the hair and fit a spidergag between my teeth. You press the remote and the monitor shows us both on the screen.
To the camera you state World, it is with pleasure I introduce my latest slut. Formerly known as hanna wilson, she is now nothing but fuckmeat. Puta, meet the world. They are going to get to know you intimately. She looks forward to entertaining you .
You turn to me, your back to the camera.
Normally I d fit a ball gag for this, but I guess those watching want to hear you scream .
You pick up a needle and press tge sharp point to my left nipple.
Let us begin .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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