Holiday Nights

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Holiday Nights
Two weeks in sunny Fuerteventura, two weeks of sun, sea and sex
Annie, Emma and myself were staying at a lovely hotel in the coastal town of El Coto with it’s beautiful nudist-friendly beaches
We arrived at our hotel late in the afternoon just enough time to unpack, change clothes and a wander around the locality. We soon ended up in an inviting bar, just to relax in the glow of the setting sun. In no time at all we were joined by six guys from Madrid who insisted on buying another round of drinks. They recommended a good restaurant for dinner and insisted on picking us up at our hotel and escort us there. Six gorgeous looking guys, we weren’t going to refuse.
After a couple of hours, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to our hotel for a quick shower and to pick out something to wear. I went for my red dress just above the knee but slashed at the side to the top of my thigh plus a plunging neckline of course. Annie wore a beautiful extremely short white dress, almost translucent. Plunging neckline to her naval revealing plenty of her firm breasts. Emma opted for a sexy black see-through outfit, high neckline but revealing all, pussy included!! Naturally not a hint of underwear and in our best heels
The guys arrived bang on time at nine and were waiting for us in the hotel lobby, a quick hug and kisses all round and off we went to the restaurant. Over dinner we thought it would be rude not to invite them back to our hotel afterwards for a nightcap. We made it perfectly clear that we had no inhibitions sexually if things turned out that way. After a super meal and a bottle or two of vino it was time to return to our hotel
Back in our hotel room the guys were soon eager to see some action. We slipped out of our minimal dresses and stood total exposed before them. In no time at all the guys were naked too. Soon there were hands exploring our eager bodies.
There was one guy Pepe who was obviously the leader. Stop now he said, Emma lay on the bed. One of the guys produced a blindfold from pocket of his trousers with were now laying on the floor. He slipped the mask over Emm’s eyes whilst Annie and I watched wondering what would happen next. Sit up Emma and raise your arms above your head said Pepe which she duly did. A leather belt was produced and secured tightly around Emma’s hands. Now girls we are going to fuck Emma whilst you two watch. Don’t worry it will be your turn soon.
Suzy and Annie turn Emma around, so her head is hanging over the foot of the bed. We then cuddled up on the bed a prepared to watch Emma being used by these Spanish hunks. Open your mouth wide Emma, the first guy then slipped his cock into her mouth. Annie and Suzy hold Emma’s legs wide apart Two more guys started to tease her pert nipples, two more sat each side of Annie and me putting a comforting arm around our shoulders. Pepe just stood and watched
The guy in Emm’s mouth gradually built up speed, faster and faster he went. His two amigos chewing her tits. Pepe moved over to the bed and knelt next to Emma. He covered her pussy with his mouth, feasting on her rapidly moistening cunt.
The guy in her mouth was obviously getting near judging by his facial expressions and sounds, Emma too. Finally, he came deep in Emm’s throat as she gave out a muffled scream.
Pepe stood up and removed the belt and the blindfold from Emma’s eyes as she beamed a beautiful smile. Annie and me just looked on excitedly waiting our turn.
Emma slid over to us and we hugged and kissed her cum-filled mouth.
You now Annie, same procedure. Pepe covered her eyed and bound her wrists. I snuggled up to Emma and prepared to watch Annie being mouth-fucked. They changed position another guy over her expectant mouth, Pepe sat next to me on the bed.
The guy in Annie’s mouth gradually increased speed, faster and faster he went. Two guys nibbling her tits. The fourth guy knelt over Annie’s cunt and proceeded to pleasure her. The guy in her mouth was obviously getting near, Annie too. Finally, he came deep in her throat as she just as Emma had gave out a muffled scream.
Once released from her bonds Annie came over to us for a group hug.
Now it was my turn, I couldn’t wait. I lay on the bed holding my arms over my head even before I was ordered to. I could sense movement around me as the guys changed positions.
Open wide Suzy, a cock slipped into my mouth, good size was my immediate reaction. I could feel it growing inside my throat. I sucked on it whilst licking the underside of his shaft. By his reaction I could tell of his pleasure, his cock grew even larger, I think maybe I had been given the prize cock.
He started to slowly work his big cock in and out of my throat. Two mouths descended on my nipples, and another on my cunt. My nipples were chewed relentlessly as was my clit.
The guy continued to pound my grateful throat but suddenly the mouths disappeared from my nipples. Oh dear I though, have I done something to displease the guys. My cunt was still being pleasured and my throat fucked so I guessed not.
The mouths reappeared on my nipples, dragging them upwards away from my chest. A hand crashed across the underside of my left tit, then the right. This I wasn’t expecting. Another slap, then another. More and more, the teeth clamped tightly around my nipples.
My mouth was continued to be fucked relentlessly, my cunt now dripping.
I wanted it to continue forever but my cunt said otherwise. I was on the edge, as was the guy in my throat. My body started to shudder and shake then I came, over and over again. The cock in my mouth exploded, filling my throat with cum.
The cock was withdrawn, the mouths left my cunt and tits. Wow
I was expecting the belt to be removed from my hands and the blindfold too, but it didn’t happen. I was manhandled so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I felt hands on my shoulders and I was pushed back to a prone position.
My legs were forced apart as I awaited my fate. I felt Annie and Emma’s lips on my mouth as they gave me a lingering kiss then they returned to their viewing position.
A cock entered my cunt, two mouths descended on my tits. The cock started to pound my pussy, my nipples chewed and teased. I sensed I wasn’t going to last too long. The guy held onto my thighs as his cock plunged deep in my cunt. Faster and faster, I was ready to cum, too soon I thought but I couldn’t help myself, and cum I did orgasming totalling out of control. The guy stopped briefly until I had regained a little composure. Off he went again, pounding my pussy, faster and faster. It wasn’t long before he was ready to fill my cunt with his seamen. I was going to cum again, amazing. He came and I came again, a beautiful orgasm.
Will they use me again I wondered, but no. My hands were untied, and the blindfold removed. I stood up on wobbly legs and re-joined my two sexy girlfriends. They both gave me a loving kiss and a big hug.
You now Annie, sit on the bed as Suzy did. Her hands were bound, and the mask fitted over her eyes.
Annie sat on the edge of the bed. Her shoulders were pushed back to a prone position and her legs forced apart.
A cock entered her cunt, two mouths on tits. The cock started to work her pussy, her nipples teased. The guy held onto her hips as his cock plunged deep in her cunt. Faster and faster, I could sense Annie was ready to cum, the guy too. They orgasmed together Annie screaming and yelling, her body out of control. The guy filling her cunt with his seamen shouting loudly then slumping over her body. Emma and me looked on in admiration.
Annie’s hands were released, and the blindfold removed. She got to her feet and joined us on the bed for a loving kiss and a big hug.
Finally, it was Emma’s turn. Sit on the bed Emma. Pepe tied her hands and the blindfold placed over her eyes.
Emma laid back on the bed and voluntarily spread her legs, ready to begin.
I saved you for myself said Pepe, I really wanted to fuck you myself he said with a grin.
Two mouths covered her tits. Pepe’s magnificent cock started on her pussy. Her nipples were teased, chewed, pulled, stretched. I loved to watch this erotic sight. Pepe held onto her hips and his cock deep in her cunt. Faster and faster he went, Emma was really controlling herself delaying the inevitable. Pepe too seemed in control. Every now and then he slowed down to ensure they lasted longer. Then he would speed up again, faster and faster until could sense Emma was ready to cum, Pepe too. Maybe her yelling ‘fuck your slut’s cunt’ was a clue. They orgasmed together Emma screaming ‘yes, yes, yes’, her body shaking involuntarily. Pepe came filling her cunt with cum grunting loudly. ‘Thank you, you’re a perfect slut’ Instead of releasing her Pepe summoned over Matteo the youngest guy.
Matteo inserted his cock in her cum-filled pussy. Her nipples again teased, chewed, pulled, stretched. Faster and faster he went, soon Emma was ready to cum again, Matteo too. ‘fuck my cunt, please…now’ They came together Emma screaming, her body out of control. Matteo orgasmed too filling her cunt with seamen, yelling loudly. I looked at Annie and said ‘wow, what a girl’
Pepe untied her hands and removed Emma’s blindfold. Go join your friends Emma.
One of the guys appeared with a bottle of wine and three glasses for us and beers for the guys. I assume you’ll all be sleeping over tonight Pepe? We booked three double rooms here for the duration of our holiday

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