It began in school – finished later

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It began in school – finished later
As a young teacher I could not help seeing and knowing that the precocious young 13 year old Leah was a favourite with the older boys and indeed with younger boys and male teachers. She played the double bass in the school band, wore her skirt shorter than any one else and was rumoured to spend some time with the older boys of the band.

One day I found the practice room for the band locked. I opened it quietly and it was quite dark inside. There were screens up in the far corner of the room – and there was some noises coming from there. I locked the door and left the key in, and very quietly tip-toed over to the screens.

I heard an older boy from the sixth saying, God, Leah you are fantastic; just let me feel you up , and then a second sixth former with a deep voice saying, Come on, Leah, take my cock, put it in your mouth … Without knowing it I had taken my cock out – it was rock hard and I was just slowly rubbing it up and down. I heard Leah s young voice saying, God, boys you are big! I thought both boys must have their cocks out already. And then, a gagging sound as one said to the other, That s it – send it deep to her throat, She is so wet down here – I m sure my cock would slip in where my two fingers are . His mate said, I m fucking her face – she s terrific – better than my 18 yr old girlfriend! Are you going to fuck her? No, I ll just rub her cunt with my cock in her juices and cum over her, you about to cum? His mate said, Any second …. uhhh! Come on Leah take it all down and a little over your face it its too much! The other said, I m coming too – over her tits and belly and lovely twat – this one is the best in her year!

Both guys groaned as they came. I stuffed my cock away in a bulge, and said in a loud voice, OK, boys come out now, I ll deal with you later … Leah stay as you are . The guys came out pulling their zips up to cover their wet cocks. Red in the face. I opened the door for them and they raced out. I locked it again and went behind the screens. Leah lay there on a table with a cushion under her head. He young developing tits were bare – school blouse open, her skirt on the floor. Her face bore the cum of one boy and the rest covered her legs and the downy hairs over her slit. She was a sight to behold.

But she was obviously still very, very horny and had not had an orgasm like the boys. Sir, I am so, so sorry, she cried, tears welling up, I could not stop them. Leah, darling, I whispered, I m not sure that you wanted to stop them – and I m not blaming you for anything, and I can really understand why they wanted you; you are so gorgeous and its very difficult for guys of any age to keep their hands off you. Do you think I m pretty? she asked. No , I said, not pretty – you are absolutely stunning and so so sexy, and I don t think they boys have left you very satisfied have they? I notices that one hand had gone down between her legs and her fingers were beginning to rub her there. Let me help, Leah , I whispered. I caught her hand – her fingers were wet, and took my hand between her legs. I ll get yo off I said.

She moaned a little as my fingers went to her cunt. My thumb found her clit and my middle finger went in to her hole. I began finger fucking her hard. I couldn t resist taking my cock out with my other hand – still rock hard. It wasn t far from her face and she brought her mouth over and took my head in her mouth. Leah, thank you my little darling, you are so, so good. Thank you sir, the trouble with young guys she said, pulling my cock from her mouth, is that they cum but don t pleasure me til I cum! You are different. Don t worry, I said, I m not going to go all the way with you, you are too young ,,,, but when you leave school will you allow me to make love, to fuck you properly? Please, please, yes …. you can do anything now, this minute, I m so far gone, I just want cock and want to cum …. She moaned and took my cock back in her mouth. I began to finger, fuck her furiously, her young ass raised from the table to get my three fingers deep inside her, and my other hand pushing my cock into her small mouth, filling it.

Soon she was writhing on the table and making loud moans, I took my cock out and began pumping it – and soon was ready to blow over her face and mouth. At the same time she was climaxing – a huge long climax and she lay eventually lay still.

I took some paper towels and cleaned her, and then I took my mouth to hers and kissed her deeply, mashing her young tits at the same time. I pulled away and said, Leah, if I don t stop you ll have me hard again and I won t be able to hold back this time … don t forget what you ve promised. Sir, said Leah, pulling on her skirt, I will never forget today, and you ll be my first – the first to break my hymen!

We embrace one last time, she squeezed my cock and I her ass, and we left the practice room.

I ll tell you about it in another post after Leah left school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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