lucky guy (part 4)

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lucky guy (part 4)
next morning.i tried to carry on decorating as normal but found myself fantasing about ray and i dont do much work to be i decided id go for a walk with the dog to clear my head.i shouted to ray i wass going out but got no responce.
i had got no further than the end of the road and it started to rain, i head back to the house.
i fed the dog and headed back up the stairs,as i walked almost to the top of the stairs raynors door opened and she was bloody topless!
she had a towel around her head and skimpy pants heading for the bathroom.i tried to look away quickly but then she seen me, adam what the fxxk?i thought you were out she said.i i was i stammered as i kept trying to avoid her gourgeous boobs,god she was so casual.she raised her hands to the towel on her head to adjust it and her tits were just there,you know just thrust almost in my face,fuck me,if ever may walked in.
oh well she said,im sure youve seen a pair of boobs before adam,er yes i just managed to mumble and she went into the bathroom locking the door behind her.
in the last couple of days or so there isnt much of this young lady that i havnt seen and i dont know what came over me but before i realised i was in her bloody room.why?
for fucks sake what am i doing?
theres some fancy lubricant on rays bedside cabinet but no dildo,no dildo! what am i doing?
i find myself looking under her pillow…and there it is in all its glory.glistening with almost dry pussy juice,i found myself sniffing the bloody thing god knows why.this is perverted ive got to stop.
suddenley the shower stops and i panick.i run out of rays room but i havnt a clue wwere i left the panicking now.
i carry on doing a bit of decorating but before long the door opens and ray pops her head round the door and says adam have you been in my room for anthing?
no i havnt ray i lie,rays walks into the room, a towel on her head and one round her body.
look i dont wanna go all detective on you adam but theres wallpaper on my bedroom floor,shit my hearts thumping,is the game up?
oh yes of course i did ray i say,with a false laugh accompying the sentence,i went to see if you wanted a cup of tea earlier.i lied.
but adam you knew i was in the shower,oh fuck oh fuck.
then im stunned by her next sentence.
you can come into my room antyime you like adam but you might want to knock the door as i might be naked or something.ok no prob i utter.
anyway she guessing there isnt much of my body you havnt seen anyway is there?
then turns around and walks very sexilly out of mays bedroom shaking her butt cheeks.
shit did she know i ogled her last night and know that i know about the dildo?
i had to sit down,
fuck the decorating!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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