Nun Gives In To Lust by loyalsock

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Nun Gives In To Lust by loyalsock
sister Joanne was consumed. She had upheld her vows of chastity for 19 years only to succumb to a middle aged man who maintained the convent buildings occasionally. But these past 10 days she had given in to lust, abusing herself so many times with the fruit of the garden, and been intimate with two men. What was more concerning was that she wanted more.

The 37 year old nun was becoming obsessed by her desires. Despite her own advice she still knew that she needed to see the painter another time. There was something about him. Yes he was moderately handsome, and he had that strong physique borne of midlife and labour, but it was his command of her that drew her to him. He only had to say something and she knew that she couldn t refuse.

On her way to the apple orchard early that Wednesday she stopped and knocked on the painters door. It was a fine warm day in August and already the bees were busy around his flowers. The door opened and she was greeted by the warm smile of the tall broad shouldered painter.

May I come in Mr Robins?

The painter was surprised, it hadn t gone so well on their last meeting. The nun seemed to be so full of guilt that he hadn t thought she would be game enough to come back. Those catholic teachings seemed to to inflame their frustration and bury their natural desires.

By all means sister Joanne. Can I get you a cup of tea?

No thank you.

sister Joanne walked through and was taken into the back parlor. Sitting in an armchair she turned to the painter.

Mr Robins I… , she started.

David, please! , he interrupted.

Well David I m not sure why I let you do those things before, but I hope you will in time forget that it happened at all. For myself I have made my confession to god and have been absolved.

Mr Robins drew up a dining chair and sat close in front her.

I m sorry sister Joanne, but I won t ever be able to forget how you looked, posed as you were on that sun seat. How can I forget how you tasted, how you moaned as my tongue touched you. , he said sweetly as he leant in closer to her.

His words were chosen carefully. He was aware of the affect of softly spoken erotic words would have on such a frustrated woman. He knew that they would be wakening her pussy even with her best attempts to control her feelings.

And you did find pleasure in my mouth caressing you, didn t you?

I…I did, yes you know I did but I shouldn t have. I need to be pure of thought and deed. The lords love should be enough. , she said unconvincingly.

He leant in even closer and kissed her neck just below her ear.

You are thinking of what my tongue did for you? I think if I reach under your habit I will find that my fingers will come out tasting of your honey.

With that he started kissing her again but slid a hand up her gown. He lightly stroked her right ankle and followed up to her inner thigh, only stopping when his thick fingers found the wet lips of her labia and parted them.

She tensed, but made no attempt to move. Instead she was lost in the moment. The man was exploring her heat, her most private, forbidden place, and instinctively she had parted her legs slightly.

God your pussy is wet, my fingers will taste of you. You re making my cock so hard. , he continued quietly in her ear.

With that he pushed one finger into her pussy followed immediately by a second. These he moved back and forth, finger fucking her tight vagina. As he slowly fucked her he could hear her mewing with each stroke. His hand was quickly covered in pussy honey. He brought his hand to first her mouth, then his own, making her taste her own sexual offerings. His fingers returned and his thumb rolled her clit whilst he plundered her pussy. Now aroused her glistening bud sent waves of pleasure up her spine as it was manipulated so softly.

He move forward and began to kiss her on her mouth, his tongue reaching deeper in an attempt to mine her throat. At the same time his other hand went under her habit and cuffed her breasts. The nuns never wore braziers, his hand skillfully massaged her nipples making them hard and sensitive. Hers were large mature breasts, that would have given ample milk had she had any c***dren. Even without the milk sister Joanne craved for them to be sucked.

She reached down and felt the outside of his trousers. There she could feel the outline of his huge cock, straining to be released. sister Joanne clumsily unfastened his belt with one hand. Pausing from his finger fucking and helped her by frantically undoing his waist band and pulling his zipper down. The nun easily located his hot swollen cock and grasped it. She pushed down and pulled his foreskin back exposing his immense purple head. Now it was his turn to gasp. Embraced like that they continued the mutual masturbation each becoming closer to orgasm.

You used my courgettes didn t you sister, you fucked yourself with them didn t you? he asked as she panted hard.

Yes David, I imagined they were you invading my pussy. It was thinking of you that made them excite me.

I m going to fuck you now sister, I m going to push my shaft deep in you and make you cum on him. Say that s what you want, say it.

Yes David I want you in me.

No sister, you want me to fuck you deeply.

Yes deep David, I want you to fuck me hard and deep with your big hard sinful penis. , she replied as in a trance.

He pushed her back onto the armchair and pulled up her habit, so that he had full view of her naked body from foot to neck. He got off his seat and knelt between her thighs. Burying his face in her pussy he smeared her juices over his face. He put her legs over the arms of the chair and pulled her to the edge of the cushion. She watched as he took hold of his own cock and then studying her open sex, stroked it up and down from her anus to her clit, until her pussy gaped and flowed. Only then did David push past her broken hymen and deep up her accommodating cunt.

He was good at this, even her tightness didn t distract him. He fucked her hard as promised, placing her legs over his shoulders and holding her hips he drove deep. sister Joanne squeezed and grappled her breasts with one hand and held her lips apart with her other. By spreading her own pussy she could feel the breadth of his cock as it used her. Mr Robins s engorged cock now stretched and filled her like no dildo could. As he delivered all 8 inches she gasped, then he withdrew nearly all the way before slamming it back until his balls slapped her anus. The nun knew that a courgette was never going to be enough from now on as his swollen head hit her cervix.

As he viewed the lustful nun the aroma of her dripping sex rose up, inciting him to fuck her harder. sister Joanne was pushing back trying to get even more of him up her.

She began to cum, the painter could feel her pussy gripping his cock. He could see that she had released her breasts and was focused on rubbing herself as vigorously. Her clit being the victim of her self abuse.

He wanted to cum too, but her pussy was taboo.

Hold your legs for me, hold them high and wide. , he almost barked.

She gripped her legs behind her knees and did as instructed. The painter pulled a bottle out from a table drawer close by and poured some of it into a hand, and more onto her anus. It was hardly necessary. The nuns pussy had already doused her anus with lubricating juice, the large dark patch on the cushion under her being witness to her arousal too. As he glazed his shaft with oil she understood his intentions.

No David, not there! No please!

But he had gone too far he had to cum.

Turn over, get on your knees, kneel against the chair sister and hold your ass cheeks apart. , he ordered.

She had been trained in obedience and doing as she was told was automatic. Kneeling there he looked down on a perfect pale ass. The nun had a narrow waist but a curvaceous behind. Joanne was pulling at her cheeks and her virgin sphincter was opening slightly. The painter admired her briefly before probing her anus with a well oiled finger. Once she had relaxed to the one finger he introduced a second. Each time he explored a little deeper which was met by a deep grown from the nun. The desperate man then pressed his cock head to her tight ring. Lucky he was highly aroused. His cock had to be solid to press past the resistance the pristine ass. Slowly her sphincter swallowed his wide end and he started to gently fuck her.

Oh my goodness, ohhhh. were the only cries heard from the debauched nun, but she followed direction, opening her cheeks reduced the discomfort.

She didn t have to suffer long. The painter didn t fuck her very deeply, but it was enough seeing his cock disappearing in this nuns ass for his cum to surge forth and empty his balls into her. sister Joanne kept quiet still as his orgasm pulsed into her. She felt his rigidity wane and eventually leave her ass all together. Staying in that position bent over the armchair he could watch her creamed open anus retreating back to its former tight self. All the while dressing himself.

Sorry if I hurt you sister but I couldn t leave my seed in your pussy, and its a sin for it to spill outside of you.

The nun had recovered somewhat, and whilst it had been painful it had been tolerable, and now it was over she felt exceedingly horny again.

The painter left to clean up in the bathroom. The nun sat in the armchair again and leaving her naked body exposed as she fingered her wetness and teased her nipples. Mr Robins returned.

David cum for me again, I like watching your seed shooting out.

This was the first time that she had directly asked him for something and wondered how it would be taken. Looking at this attractive nun displaying herself for him it was an easy decision.

Make it shoot over me, I want to see it on my belly and breasts. she coed.

If you use a courgette for me, and curse as you cum sister I could do it. , demanded the painter.

The nun nodded. With one retrieved from the kitchen he handed it over for her pleasure.

sister Joanne raised one leg over a chair arm and sucked 3 inches of the fruit, then brought the green tip to her opening. She gave her clit a little teasing before pushing home 6 inches of the wide courgette. This seemed to be just enough. Then nun then started to slowly fuck herself, wanking her clit as it was pushed deep inside.

The painter gripped his semi hard cock and brought it back to life. Soon he was stood over the nun beating his 8 inches of angry cock whilst she teased him with her show.

Tell me when it s going to erupt. , pleaded the nun.

Curse for me sister, talk dirty.

He was pumping his cock close to her face. She could see the thick veins running down its length and the pre-cum oozing out and lubricating its purple head. His other hand was gripping his balls tightly and he seemed to be trying to milk his white seed out of them.

Fuck I want your cock David, I want it up inside my pussy. I want to have you fill me with all your juices, leave it up my tight cunt and let it to run down my thighs.

sister Joanne was shocking herself, she had not heard words like this since her time at school. Only the bad girls would speak like this in the toilets.

Its here. gasped the painter.

His cock spasmed again. He pulled back to make each jet more powerful. His huge cock spat, hot cum landing over her nipples and stomach as it streamed out. More splattered over her thighs and some even landing on her pubic mound. He stood motionless as his cock went limp again with each beat of his heart. Sitting up she could just get it into her mouth and suck those final drips out of his spent penis. As she did she rubbed the cum over her breasts. The smell of his semen filling the air.

She had been there too long. sister Joanne was worried that her absence at the orchard would be noticed.

I have to go David, we can do this again can t we? as she pulled her habit down.

Come and see me in the orchard sometime. she invited.

She wiped her mouth and face before straightening her cornette and wimple. Leaving quickly she marched down the road leaving the tired painter looking longingly behind her. Her thoughts turned to whether the other novice she worked with would smell his semen on her breasts.

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