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Broken she lay on the floor, barely conscious after her punishment. The candles flickered and the chains swung, below them she lay, marked from numerous strikes and oozing his lust from between her thighs. He stood over her for a few minutes, catching his breath,watching the trickle of cum work its way down her thigh and onto the carpet.

You ll be cleaning that up tomorrow he said in a low tone. She barely had the strength to nod in response. I m going for a shower he said, grabbing a towel off the radiator and closing the door behind him. For a while she just lay there, unable to move, but as her strength returned she tried to sit up. Her swollen cheek rolled into the puddle of cum and the broken skin stung like a fresh burn, it took effort not to cry out in pain, and she flopped onto her front. Shifting back onto her knees she used the bed to climb to her feet, grabbing a robe from the back of the door and putting it on.

Slowly she limped to the dresser, sat down carefully and looked at herself in the mirror. Makeup had run down her face, her eyes were red and swollen, and yet she smiled. Taking a cotton bud from the box, she applied some remover and wiped her skin clean, removing all signs that she had been crying.

What the fuck do you think you re doing came his voice from behind her, she jumped and turned quickly, her cheek grinding against the inside of the robe and forcing a sharp intake of breath. Did I say you could move? he said, stood before her with a towel wrapped around his waist and wet hair.

I… she started, but his hand snapped up to stop her. He removed the towel and walked over to the bed, she watched his butt for a bit before turning back to the mirror and continuing to remove the makeup. Fingers entwined themselves in her hair and gripped… If you have the strength to get up and make yourself look pretty, you can carry on can t you? he growled in her ear, snapping her head back. She tried her best to hide the fear and lust, but a single tear rolled down her face and the corner of her mouth twitched into a smile. He was an asshole at times, but deep down he looked out for this small signs that she was enjoying what could easily become actual abuse.

He let go and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her to her feet. Still weak her knees buckled a little as he dragged her to the chains, stumbling but never falling. With a snap he closed the cuffs around her wrists once more, and like a predator eyeing up his prey, looked her up and down. Turning, he walked over to the dresser. You ll need a robe he said, pulling a pair of scissors from the drawer and walking back over to her. She nodded.

The cold blade pressed against her hand, and slowly he ran them up her arm, snipping at the fabric until they reached the tops of her shoulders. Again on the otherside, and then with a rip he tore the last threads leading to the neck. The tattered robe fell to the floor and he kicked it aside. The scissors were returned to their drawer before he stood once more before her, she smiled.

He didn t.

Turning her around he bent down and looked at her wounds, the skin on her ass cheeks had been broken and looked raw. Does it hurt? he asked. She nodded and muttered something. He stood and spun her back round, the chains clanked and candles flickered, her naked body casting a warped shadow on the chest behind her. He finally smiled and walked passed her, opening the chest and pulling something out. It slammed shut and made her jump, but then for what seemed ages nothing happened. Silence. Suddenly his hands flashed either side of her face, and a small plastic ball forced itself into her mouth. The gag was buckled up behind her head before he appeared in front of her once more, a large pink dildo in one hand, and his phone in the other. He took some photos of her, hanging there, naked, and discarded the phone onto the bed.

He moved close and kissed her on the forehead, undoing the cuffs and letting her fall to the ground, his free arm wrapped around her waist. He moved her over to the edge of the bed… Kneel he commanded. She knelt. Cuffs snapped shut around her wrists once more, this time her hands tied behind her back. He reached down between her thighs, fingers wormed their way passed the soft flesh and plunged deep into her pussy, she was absolutely soaked. Guiding it with his fingers, he pushed the dildo deep inside and she moaned with delight, then reaching over to the bedside table he took a candle. We should do something about that wound he said, moments before tipping hot wax onto her cheeks.

A muffled scream escaped her throat from behind the gag and he pushed, the thick rubber dildo crashing against her cervix. Again and again he thrust it deep, trickling hot wax onto her wounds. Again she screamed. He pushed the burning wick against his chest, extinguishing the flame with his own skin, but not a sound left his lips. Tossing the candle aside he rammed the dildo deep once more, a broad spank with the palm of his hand breaking the dried candle wax off her cheek. I can still hear you he whispered… pulling the dildo out.

Unbuckling the gag she breathed deep and turned, shocked and excited. He put the dildo on the floor in front of her, pointing up, and stood. His throbbing meat was eye level, pre-cum drooled from the tip and she licked her lips. Pointing at the dildo with one hand and grabbing his shaft with the other, Sit he commanded. She didn t dare disobey again and lowered herself onto the rubber toy, it slid effortlessly inside her. Instinctively she opened her mouth and leaned forward, his thick cock pushing between her lips, her tongue wrapping itself around the swollen head. With a hand placed firmly on the back of her head, he pulled her close and thrust his cock deep into her throat.

Tears rolled down her face as he fucked her throat, unforgiving and relentless, each yank of her head pulling her butt up off the dildo, and on releasing it she plunged it deep again, taking the opportunity to breath before her throat was filled once more. It was so hot. She came in minutes, her screams of pleasure vibrating against him, and with a short sharp thrust that almost made her gag his cock spit warm cum into her mouth. With his now spent member still in her mouth, he looked down and grabbed her chin, tilting her head upwards. He pulled back a little, a string of cum and spit momentarily connecting her open mouth to him, before breaking and falling onto her breasts. Disgusted he pushed her roughly away, falling onto her side and not daring to move.

This time you stay he said, and left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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