Sam s Secret Pt4

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Sam s Secret Pt4
This story s content contains, Femboy, oral, and anal.

Ok, so Kyle was going to be here within the hour, what the fuck do I wear?
This was the only thing going through my mind as I ran all over my bedroom searching for just the right thing to wear for tonight. I think my mom was just as excited as I was once I came home and told her and Blaine that I had a ‘friend’ coming over for dinner. I don’t think Blaine was quite as excited about it as us, but he hid it well at any rate.
Mom was sitting on the edge of my bed right now watching me run all over the place, clothes being flung everywhere.
“What about this?” I asked, holding up a red and black mini skirt outfit.
Mom’s eyes went wide as she took in my suggested outfit. “Where the hell did you even get that?” she asked.
“Oh, um, I think I actually got this last year.” I answered. I put it in front of my body so she could help get an idea on how it would look on me. “What do you think?”
“Um, I think it’s bold.” she said hesitantly. “It would probably look awesome on you, but… Do you think you should go that far on the first date?”
“It’s not a date, mom. It’s dinner.” I said turning my attention to my mirror on my wall so I could check how I’d look in the mini.
“Yeah, but how close are the two of you? I mean, have you done anything yet?”
I glanced her way and gave her a knowing grin. I didn’t even think about holding back my answer from her, because I knew I could tell her anything. That’s just how understanding she was. Well, I could tell her anything that didn’t involve her husband coming into my room at night to grope, lick, and fuck my ass. That probably went without saying, though.
“Yes, we’ve done something.” I said, then let my grin turn a little ornery. “Actually I sucked him off after gym class today.”
“Whoa, no shit?” mom asked, her eyes going wide with excitement.
I nodded. “Yeah, and mom, he is SO hot.”
“Mmm, I bet he is.” she said dreamily. We shared a big grin with each other before she asked, “Did he have a big dick?”
“Mom!” I blurted, then started to laugh because I knew she was seriously interested in my answer. “Yes, he is pretty decent in size. Actually, I think he’d be perfect no matter which hole he wanted to put it in.”
“Mmm, I’m jealous.” she said, taking me more than a little by surprise. “Blaine is actually too big to fall into that category. I actually envy you being able to take those big dicks up your butt. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried, but just don’t like it at all.”
I could only look at my mother in disbelief. “Wow, no k**ding?” I asked, and even I could hear the doubt in my voice. “I mean, to me, I find the bigger they are the more I like it.”
Mom just nodded and gave me a smile that said she already knew that. “And it’s a good thing for you that you DO like them big. Otherwise your selection of sex partners would be pretty damn small. No pun intended.”
I snorted at her attempt at a joke. “Nice. Ok, so enough about and your lack of taste when it comes to dicks. Mini skirt, yes or no?”
Mom sighed as she looked at it and then me. “Fine, but if he takes off running you only have yourself to blame.”
“Awesome! And he won’t take off running. He’s going to take one look at me in this and beg me to sit on his face.”
“Eew! Come on, you don’t have to tell me everything!”
I think we both knew she was lying about that, which is why we both started laughing as soon as she’d said it.
I had a good 20 minutes to spare once I’d finished getting ready for the dinner date, and that was one long 20 minutes for Blaine. The man could barely take his eyes off me at all, and it took me silently scolding him when mom’s back was to us for him to finally focus on something other than my soft, smooth legs. Jesus, you’d think the man hadn’t ever seen my legs before. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the attention I was getting from him, but if mom noticed his probing eyes then his goose was cooked.
When the doorbell finally chimed Kyle’s arrival, I think I may have broke a land speed record in running to answer the door.
“Hey there, Kyle.” I blurted as soon as I’d ripped the door open and stepped aside. “Come on it.”
For a few seconds Kyle just stood there and stared at me and my red and black mini outfit. I was actually starting to wonder if he was going to take off running when he abruptly snapped out of his daydream and gave me a big smile.
“Holy shit you look good.” he whispered, his eyes as big as his smile.
I smiled prettily in return. “Thanks. It took me forever to decide on what to finally wear. Mom helped, though.” I gave him a good look up and down. “You look pretty good yourself, buddy.”
Kyle was just wearing a nice t-shirt and a snug pair of jeans, but in my opinion he was wearing the shit out of both. He just had the looks to do that sort of thing.
I shut the door once Kyle was inside and hooked my arm in his so I could guide him through the house to where mom and Blaine were waiting in the kitchen. I was pretty happy when he didn’t object to my arm being in his. That was some serious progress right there if you asked me.
As we walked through the house, I could sense his nervousness so while we were still a good distance away from the kitchen, I leaned into him and whispered, “Hey, don’t sweat it. My mom is super cool, and her boyfriend, Blaine, is a pretty good guy himself.”
Kyle gave a quick nod, but I think he relaxed at least a little.
Making it to the kitchen, I smiled hugely to where mom and Blaine were waiting at the table. “Mom, Blaine, this is a friend of mine from school. Kyle, this is my mom and her boyfriend, Blaine.”
Kyle gave a nervous hello to them both, and while he did so I could clearly see Blaine sizing him up like he was his fighting opponent in the octagon or something. Mom on the other hand seemed to be doing the complete opposite by eye-r****g my friggen date! I mean, I could even tell when she’d gaped at Kyle’s crotch for a good 2 seconds before looking away again. Good lord, Mom! Get a grip on yourself!
After all that uncomfortable crap was taken care of, the four of us took a seat at the table and had a pleasant supper. I think everyone finally settled down a bit, because by the time the meal was over everyone was talking easily with one another. Kyle spent a lot of that time talking to Blaine about his sports achievements he’d already won at school, while mom and I talked about this or that. Nothing in particular, mind you, just something to fill the silence like people tend to do.
Once supper was over, I grabbed Kyle’s arm and hauled him out of the kitchen. Or tried to at least. He tried to give a proper thanks to my mom and Blaine for the wonderful meal, but I just kept pulling him out of the room. It had actually taken some effort on my part, because Kyle was a lot bigger than I was.
“Come on you big goof.” I teased him, my smile big and playful.
“Hey, I was just being polite.”
“I know, and so do they.” I said, then gave him an ornery grin. “But do you want to see what’s under this skirt or don’t you?”
Kyle’s eyes flew wide at my words, and after that I didn’t have any more trouble hauling him away. In the kitchen I could clearly hear my mother giggling out of control.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that.” Kyle complained as soon as we got to my room.
I giggled over his concern and I’m pretty sure it sounded a lot like my mother’s had a moment ago.
“Relax, I told you they were cool with me.” I said, then reached over and ran my hand over his crotch.
The dummy actually pulled away and looked over his shoulder like he was worried about mom and Blaine standing right there behind him.
“Ugh, would you stop worrying so much.” I playfully scolded. “I’m serious, they really are cool. I dress and act like this all the time when I’m home. You have nothing to worry about.”
“Just seems weird is all.” Kyle replied, then seemed to relax a little as he looked me up and down again. “And I know I’ve said this already, but damn, you really do look hot tonight.”
I gave him my best sultry look before turning away so I could slowly crawl up on my bed. While I was still on all fours, I looked back over my shoulder at him and let my back ease into a deep, deep, arch. His eyes were humongous now as they took in the site of me in my current position, and I just couldn’t wait to see his reaction once he got a look at what I was wearing underneath my little skirt.
“Shut the door and come join me.” I all but purred. “I have a surprise for you.”
It was the fastest I’ve ever seen anyone ever shut a door in my life. It was barely closed before he was standing at my bedside right behind me.
I let him wait for just a few seconds more before reaching back and pulling my skirt up over my sweet-looking ass. All this time I’d been walking around with nothing on underneath my mini skirt, and as soon as my skirt finally cleared my bare ass, Kyle’s hands immediately started tearing at his jeans and zipper. I knew right away that if I didn’t intervene that the poor guy was going to shoot a load off before he even got his pants unfastened.
“Easy, easy!” I said with a smile.
I spun around then, so I could unfasten his jeans myself. I sat right in front of him on the edge of my bed and unzipped his jeans, then started to tug his pants down his muscular legs till they dropped to the floor at his feet. He hadn’t worn any underwear tonight, so when I leaned back up it was to find his sweet boner right there in my face. I wasted no time at all in it wrapping my lips around it’s swollen head, and my God did his cock feel so right in my mouth. I started making oral love to that gorgeous thing right away and tried to encourage him to help me out by pulling on his hips. It took a little bit, but he finally got the idea. Then I was just sitting there in front of him while he made long, quick, thrusts into my mouth.
I didn’t let him face-fuck me for very long because I didn’t want him to get off as fast as he had earlier in the day. No, I let him fuck me for a couple minutes before I pulled back and flipped back over onto my stomach. Then I once again eased up into a doggy style position while looking back at him from over my shoulder.
“Put it in my butt, Kyle.” I quietly begged. “Fuck my ass good.”
Kyle swallow noticeably, then crawled up on my bed with me, his eyes glued to my now visible butthole. He didn’t so much as say a word as he guided his gorgeous cock right up to my sphincter. And then, like a total noob, he thrust his big dick right up my butt without so much as a thought to my comfort or tolerance. It hurt. It actually hurt quite a bit. It took me all of 2 seconds to realize that Kyle was most likely a virgin, and I almost smacked myself in the head for being so blind.
“Shit! Easy, Kyle! Go easy.” I grunted, even going so far as to flinch away from him.
“Oh, uh, sorry.” He panted. He made a couple jerking motions with his hips that may have been his attempt at humping, and that’s pretty much all it took for me to be certain that he was in fact a virgin.
“Ok, ok. Just stop for a second, Kyle.” I quickly instructed. “Good, good. Now go easy. Just pull out till your head is just barely in me, then ease yourself back in. Go all they way in. Yes, that’s it. Now really push against my butt so you feel how nice it feels against you. There ya go. Now just keep repeating that.”
I knew Kyle wasn’t going to last long at all, but if luck was with me then this would only be the first of many times he came over to fuck me. In time he’d no doubt get good enough at this to hold off long enough to at least put on a good showing. Today wasn’t going to be that day, though, which was confirmed a moment later when he blurted out too loudly that he was about to cum.
Though I was bummed out about not having this experience being the fuck of my life, I was still pretty happy about having the most popular guy in my class inside me right now. Which is why I didn’t bother trying to postpone his climax. I just let him make one last thrust into me, then just waited for him to finish.
“Oh wow, that was friggen amazing!” he panted as soon as he pulled out of me and collapsed on my bed at my side.
I held in my sigh of regret and instead grinned over at him. I could feel his discharge leaking out of my butthole and no doubt onto my bed, but I didn’t care. I actually had enjoyed myself, even if it had only been for a couple of minutes. I just hoped he’d keep coming over, because if he did then I was going to make it a personal mission to turn him into my very own fuck machine.

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