Sister Kay s 50th -Pt 1

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Sister Kay s 50th -Pt 1
Kay, my younger sister, turns 50 later in the summer and I will be out of the country doing some contract work, so I asked her if she wanted to get together this past weekend to celebrate. She agreed but told me her husband, Steve, was not available because he was going to a seminar out of town. That was fine with me, since Tina, my wife had some other plans as well. It seemed a little stupid to get two rooms so, I booked a room in a hotel about half way between where we live and the die was cast.

We met Friday evening at the hotel. I got there about 20 minutes before she did and so I was the one that discovered first, the room only had one bed, a King. And there were no other rooms available in the hotel. I was trying to get her to trade one of the other guests when Kay walked in, figured out what we were talking about and told the girl to never mind, we would be fine. Who was I to argue?!?!?

Kay is a little over 5 feet tall with 4 feet of long blonde hair, big brown eyes a rack that requires a 6 snap bra closure and a mind that is very willing to make the most of everything she has! I started noticing that she was not just a tom boy when I was 14 and she was about 12. She started realizing she could torment me with that about 30 seconds later and ever since she has been more than glad to tease and tempt me! Not that we have not done a lot more than tease over the years but…. yeah, sure!

We walked into the room and she declared her side of the bed and immediately set her stuff down and headed toward the bathroom. She neither locked the door nor closed it all of the way.

Half an hour later we were sitting in a local steakhouse and we had each ordered a drink and were waiting on our food when she asked me, “So what did you bring me for my birthday? When do I get to unwrap it?” I looked across the bar and realized that in making plans to meet up with her, I had forgotten one minor detail. I had not bought her a present! “You did not get me anything, did you? You forgot to get me a present! Nice, Bryan! Smooth move!” Kay laughed at me and I told her that I was paying for the room, and I would buy her dinner. She laughed and said, “You are also going to have to buy me my drinks and do a whole lot more! A WHOLE lot more for this one, big brother!”

About half way through the steak, Kay excused herself to go to the ladies room and when she returned, she told me to scoot into the boot that she was going to sit on the same side so she could watch the river outside the window as well. I knew that was a lie, but I already was owing her enough, I was not going to start digging a deeper hole! She slid her food over next to me and then sat down.

She had on a perfume that I always associate with two things: her and sex. She used to spray it on my pillow and then put a pair of her panties under the pillow; or when we would be going to church or a wedding she would spray that stuff and it got to the point where I would catch the least little whiff of it and get hard as a teen. It was having a similar affect on me Friday evening as well and I reached down to do a little adjusting!

My fingers had no more than left my lap than Kay’s hand went under the table and onto my thigh and moved up to my bulge! I looked down at her and she smiled up, all innocence! “I was just checking to see if you remembered this perfume. I see you do!” She laughed and after giving my cock a good firm squeeze, she brought her hand up and undid the top button on her blouse, exposing the deep cleavage of her large natural tits! She laughed, picked up her glass and said, “Cheers.” I picked up mine and tapped our glasses together.

When the meal was over, I was miserable from both eating too much and from having had a hard on for more than a half an hour with no happy ending in sight! Every time things started to navigate into a discussion or situation where I would start to relax, she would do or say or touch or reveal something in just the right way to send me groaning inwardly. As the cute brunette waitress walked away with our bill, Kay leaned over and said, “You always make my pussy so wet! I love knowing how easy it is to get your dick hard and needing me. If you are good, who knows what will happen later on!” She then leaned up and took my earlobe between her lips and gently bit it before adding. “This weekend I have decided you are going to be my ultimate birthday present!”

Yeah, “BOING!” pretty much describes what happened then. Kay chuckled a deep throated laugh quietly and I let out a long deep breath!

We walked out into the evening and crossed the hotel parking lot to a bar. We sat down in a quiet little corner with some drinks and Kay said, “Tell me one of your stories about the two people over there at the bar.” My way of getting revenge on her for all of her visual teasing as we grew up was I would write dirty stories and tell erotic tales to her as we rode places in the back of the car with our parents. It is where I learned to do things like write these stories. So for the next 45 minutes I described how I saw different people in the bar would later have sex. Kay quietly sipped her drink and sometimes dropped a hand under the table. Occasionally she would say, “Add that guy” or “that girl” and I would weave them into the moment. The way she sat close to me and my arm wrapped around her, no one in the bar was mistaking us for siblings!!

Then she said, “Tell me what you see us doing in 30 minutes.”

I looked down into those brown eyes and I said, “Whatever the hell you want me to do!”

The waitress brought back the check and my credit card. We put our jackets on and headed back to the hotel.
Once back to the room she sent me to the shower (she has always had this thing about being super clean) and I did not argue. I hoped she would join me but instead, I discovered as I stepped out of the shower, she had driven down the road and bought some more booze and ice.

“I don’t trust you to behave while I shower, Bryan. So sit down in that chair and let me tie you up.” She then walked to her overnight bag and pulled out padded leather cuffs and smiled over at me. “Why look, somehow these just happened to get in my things! This should do the trick!” She had me disrobe and then she handcuffed me behind my back and my ankles in front of the chair. Then she ran a bungee cord beneath the chair to connect the two sets. I smiled and was fairly certain I could get free, but there was one problem. I did not want to!

She then took off her clothes slowly, teasing me with every inch of flesh she revealed. My cock was dancing like one of those air socks outside of store openings that dance around begging for attention! She did not ignore him, but she never touched him either. She was too busy revealing her 42 G tits with nipples poking out well over an inch and then slowly exposing to me that even now she kept her pussy shaved smooth and those sexy as hell pussy lips of hers that have always been so inviting looked all the more so as they glistened moist in the dim light of the room. She pulled her perfume bottle out of her purse, spritzed the sexy panties she had just removed with it and then rubbed them against her pussy before coming over and stroking my leaking dick with them! “If you are a good boy, we will have more fun than you have ever had in your life!!!” She then bit my ear again, stuck her tongue in there and moaned. Her breasts swung into my chest and she bit down the side of my neck before putting her hands on her shoulders and pushing back and looking at me. “Open your mouth.” I did and she took her panties and stuffed them in my mouth. “My perfume, and both of our juices… that should make you smile! I will be back in a few minutes, don’t go anywhere!”

At the bathroom door she stopped and looked back at me. “The way I look at it, I am turning 50 and you screwed up. You did not get me anything for my birthday! So I figure you should have to get me off 5 times tonight for my present!” With that, she went into the shower and I was left to wonder what she had in mind!

About 30 minutes later she walked out of the steamy bathroom, dropping the towel to the floor as she turned the corner. She walked over toward me and stood right in front of me she stopped and said quietly, “So let’s get started, this; it may take a while!”

She straddled my right leg and lowered herself slowly onto my knee. I felt her reach down and spread her pussy lips and immediately I was aware of her molten juices on my knee as she began rocking back and forth on me. She pulled the panties out of my mouth and tossed them behind her. “Be a good boy and suck Mommies big tits! You know how I have always enjoyed that!”

Indeed I did! Hers were the first nipples I feasted on when we were both too immature to really be exploring all of the things that we did! For months we would go hide away from our siblings and parents and she would pull up her shirt and I would suck on her and rub myself. We had no idea what we were really doing, but damn it felt good! And it still did!!! She lifted her heavy sweater meat to my hungry mouth and I greedily sucked her long nipple into my mouth and began num numming on her as I flicked my tongue over the puckered texture of her nipple. I love feeling how it changes from moment to moment! She crushed my face into her flesh and moaned, “That’s it! Oh, God, yes! Make Mommy feel so fucking good you pervert! Make me cum hard and maybe I will let you fuck me! Oh damn, yes!!”
She was so spun up by all of the teasing that within 5 minutes she was slamming herself hard into my knee and grinding with all of her weight on my knee cap as if she could take my whole leg into her greedy slick snatch, knee first! When she started bucking against me in near convulsions and I felt her warm thick juices running down my shin, I knew that she was more on so much more than happy! Kay fell into me and I could feel her heart pounding into me. I knew one thing was for certain. I was eager to please her as many more times as she wanted as long as I got to finally cum as well!!!

–My sister loves to read my stories still. Leave a note below to her or me to let her know what you would like to do with her!

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