Suzy; poodle

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Suzy; poodle
Mr. Boulton sat at his old much loved desk, his forehead in his right hand whilst the thumb and index finger of his left massaged his eyes, wrinkles knotted across his brow. In front of him was a neatly typed letter on fine quality paper he had now read and re-read several times over, its contents did not improve with any of these perusals. As a result there really seemed only one course of action to allow one of his favourite pupils to remain in the school; he ardently hoped She might be agreeable… Miss Stewart had issued a notice for the girl to attend his office some while ago, he had thought – and hoped – She might be here by now but She was proving to be quite tardy today. Removing his hand from his head he started impatiently drumming his fingers on the highly polished and nicked and dented wood.
Eventually there was an exuberant knocking at his door; “You wanted to see me sir?” The voice was bright and pleasing to his ear and seemed genuinely excited. “Yes Suzy dear, please come in, though I had expected You almost half an hour ago…”
“Sorry Sir, I did want to come see You very much but I got err, delayed…”
“Delayed, how so?”
“I had to umm, stay behind with my teacher Sir.”
“Oh, really Suzy?”
“Yes, Sir” She was beginning to blush at this which certainly did not go unnoticed my him, “And why would that be Suzy?”
“Umm, well, err You see I fancy the teacher Sir…” by now Her whole face was a pleasing beetroot red and She hung Her head to hide behind the fall of Her lustrous blonde hair.
“Oh, and which one of those staff blessed with the responsibility of teaching You would this be? Mr Aston the Geography Master, Mr Cope; Latin, Miss Gregoire; French, Mr Sanders; English Literature, or someone else? I m not quite as intimate with Your time table as perhaps I should be Miss Randel.”
“Miss Gregoire Sir.” Behind the curtain of Her hair Her eyes were closed and She trembled slightly. He was smiling when he said; “I thought so, She does have a certain je ne sais quoi, however sweet She is though i can t help but be a little jealous my dear girl… Anyway i do appreciate that You have finally managed to find Yourself here before me Miss Randel, I’m afraid though it s not good news…”
“Oh sir I still fancy you as well though!!!” Her head whipping upward again to bless him with a blinding smile “Sorry sir I was working hard in class trying to be a good girl for a change sir…”
“Really? I have to say that seems very out of character, but; good girl.” He said smiling broadly back at Her. “As I said though, I’m afraid I have some bad news, perhaps You would like to sit down, on the chair or here upon my lap if You d prefer…? His face hardened somewhat as She sashayed over around the large desk to sit daintily on his lap and She raised Her skirt just a little to reveal just an inch of black stocking tops He blushed ever so slightly and She become aware only too soon that he was rising within his trousers at Her closeness.
“Now dear Suzy, I’m not sure how well Your father keeps You informed of his business dealings, but he has contacted me with some urgency and it seems things are not going well for him.
In fact he is in the process of downsizing and reducing his regular outgoings. Whilst I am more than willing to help out in any way I, err I mean the school can. The fact remains he has to sell Your family home.”
She was surprisingly calm when She asked; “Does that mean he cannot pay my school bills sir?”
“Yes and no. He has requested that in the meantime; till he has things back on a more a stable foundation You remain here and since I, err I mean the school is so very fond of You and would wish to help out I have agreed to this. However, some things will have to change a little. With no support for Your education coming from him he has permitted me to come up with an alternate method to meet these costs. Firstly; we cannot have You taking up dormitory space whilst You are no longer having Your bills paid, so You will have to move to staff accommodation and share with a teacher who will monitor You and control what is an unprecedented situation for the school. Now though I want this process to be as smooth as we can make it, is there any particular teacher or member of staff with whom You would feel the most comfortable sharing?”
“Umm, what about you sir?”
“I rather hoped You d say that dear little Suzy. Thank You” he smiled warmly and kissed the top of Her head lightly “You re sure, though? I think Miss Gregoire would be almost as happy as I am to host You.”
“Yes sir, if you do not mind I will iron your shirts sir and anything else you would like me to do” and She raised Her skirt a little higher…
“Ahem” he cleared his throat. “And that brings me to my second point; Your father has for this consideration allowed me to, err direct You toward covering some of the costs Yourself, whilst I would not have You doing anything so menial. Since i am aware how well You suited Your summer job” here he blushed noticeably “You will be expected to fulfil some Work experience placements which will help to finance Your stay here. Are You okay with that?”
“Yes Sir thank you so much sir, I am very happy sir.”
“I am really am sorry for You about this, I hope You will trust me enough to come to me if You have any concerns dear little Suzy?”
“Thank you sir you’re very kind” and with this She raised Her skirt fully above Her panties.
To this he was forced to wriggle slightly as he tried to ease the confinement of his burgeoning part.
“Ahem, there are a few things we do need to discuss though, most obviously; the sleeping arrangements. My rooms are not so very expansive and much of the space is taken by books. I m afraid there is no way a cot could be squeezed in. So; You ll obviously take my bed and I shall sleep on the couch.”
“No sir I will sleep with you sir PLEASE!” She seemed genuinely anguished at his suggestion.
“Oh! I don t know what to say. I hadn t dared to assume… You re sure?”
“Yes sir” and She started to run Her finger up the inside of his trouser leg.
“Ooohhhhhhh!” he sighed shuddering and exhaling slowly. “Of course if You re sure. It goes without saying though You must not let on to the other pupils of this arrangement, I know how young girls tongues are prone to wag. If anyone asks, say You are in spare accommodation which none of the other girls are permitted to enter.”
“Thank you sir this is perfect for me and there is a lot you can teach me as well sir…”
“I ll do my best.” He said with a resonant chuckle “Now get up and remove those panties, we need to umm, confirm the arrangement; put the panties in Your mouth, bend over the desk and hold up Your skirt for me.”
She willingly leapt to Her feet to stand erect and turned around, bending over provocatively in front of him whilst lifting Her skirt and sliding off Her panties.
“Now, it should be something significant to seal the deal, something You ll remember, do You prefer this?” and his palm fell across Her ripe buttocks, “or this?” there was a rustling of movement, and a popping of knees before the tip of his tongue worried itself between Her thighs.
“Nod once or twice.” She nodded twice only to receive a much harder slap to the pertness of Her buttocks.
“That was for failing to gag Yourself, but as You wish.” And She felt his hot breath across Her intimate part, there was the slightest of rasps which She assumed was him wetting his lips with his tongue. He seemed unsure but eager and his tongue slipped between Her thighs again, probing slowly, exploring, revelling in the taste of Her.
“Ohhhh sir!! That’s nice I think we will be doing a lot of this sir please..?” Though She could not see, his eyes were closed; concentrating on the task and the ecstasy of it.
“Mmmmm, oh yesss” gaining in confidence he set back to the task with gusto and delight
and She Ieant back so that he was licking deeper into the warmth of Her core. His hands moved up to desperately clasp Her buttocks.
“Mmm, mmmhhmmm” and he continued lapping away oh so willingly.
“Ohhhhhhh” She groaned “I am going to cum soon sir…”
He pulled back his lips wet with Her secretions, his breath was though still hot across Her
“Good and You will again, and often” he promised before returning his tongue to Her with renewed vigour.
Lap, lap, lap…
“Oh sir I, I think I mmmmmm goooiiinnng tooooooo cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm oooohhhhh.”
With one last determined lick all the way from Her lips and up Her crack he finished up by planting a quick nip and a kiss on Her right buttock.
“Good girl, that s settled then. I m disappointed You ve still not gagged Yourself yet though.” He rose with a slight creak to his knees to sit back down, smoothing his lap with both hands.
“You know the drill by now Suzy, assume the position.”
With no hesitation She got up to lay across His lap
“Good girl” he said unable to repress a smile “Put in the panty gag” still She hesitated.
“Well? I don t really want to punish You…”
“It s in sir!!!” She said before scrabbling to do so.
“Good girl, I like to see a girl so gagged. It pleases me very much.” She felt a distinct twitch and swelling in his lap which tickled at Her lower belly…

For the next couple of days Mr. Boulton found himself too busy to have his favourite pupil attend his office, but even whilst mired in a quagmire of entirely uninteresting, though frighteningly important work his mind would on occasion wander to Her. It was though over a week since he had punished Her provocatively pert buttocks when in the corridor one of the first years rushed up to Her, the younger girl’s eyes were wide with admiration and envy of Her beauty, and almost shocked to be so close. The girl proffered a note, which read;

Report to my office; now. DB

Suzy smiled and looked upward quizzically, folding it closed carefully She tapped the little sheet of paper which he had so recently touched to Her lips a few times before smiling wickedly and heading toward the toilets on the floor below. The first year messenger stood staring after Her enraptured long after Suzy had passed through the door to the stairwell…

[What the first year felt for Suzy some might style a “crush” some few perhaps of an elder generation might consider it a “pash” or “passion”. To the girl though it was a pure, true and enduring love, never once was she fated to even talk to the older girl again but those occasions when she espied Suzy from afar were the basis for a gentle, fragile love that excluded any other person for several years. Indeed it was not until the girl had grown and matured, found a first, second and third job as well as her own flat that those memories and intricate fantasies of the unique Suzy had waned sufficiently for the electrician who fixed her boiler one cold autumnal day – a practical but femininely graceful girl by the name of Fiona – to catch her eye.]

By the time that Suzy knocked at the now all too familiar door of Mr Boulton’s office almost twenty minutes had passed and She looked a little flushed, She knocked somewhat tentatively and could only conclude from how swiftly came his “come in” that he had been doing nothing but waiting for Her. Slipping inside She closed the door behind Herself and lent up against it for support, entering this hallowed room was still now a little over powering. His intense stare fell upon Her, but she could not return it, so cast Her glances downward.

“You’re late” he said, his voice quiet and devoid of any emotion.
“Sorry Sir I got the note but I had to change my knickers in the loo on the way, I wanted to put on some sexy ones just for you.”
“Hmm, almost good enough to avoid a spanking, almost… Assume the position and gag Yourself with them.”
She carefully did so as he removed his waistcoat and rolled up his sleeves and moved forward into the room to lean across his still cluttered desk.
“Good girl, i m glad You still show some willing when You know You have made an infraction.
Just a dozen will be enough, do not move or i will resort to the cane.”
As his hands rubbed together – as much with glee at the task he was to perform as with a desire to warm them a little – there was a very slight scratching sound as his hard palms met.
“Nod if You are ready for me to begin Suzy.”
She nodded once, with some solemnity ad closed her eyes. Because he was unable to resist Her the first six were barely slaps at all, just light swats which set Her buttocks ajiggle and thus amused him greatly but caused Her no pain whatsoever. The next though She felt sting a little, the next two after that were still a little harder and began to warm Her, but only the last was sufficiently hard to have caused Her to cry out if She were able.
“Good girl, You may remove the gag and put it aside. Do You wish to sit upon my knee or stay across my desk if i were to pull my chair closer in to it?”
“I ll stay on the desk sir.”
“Good girl please do. “
He moved behind the desk to sit down, from this point of view it was very obvious he was swelled within his trews. He pulled the heavy chair in close so that his lap was very easily within Her reach, with a still pink palmed hand he gently stroked Her hair as he looked deep into Her eyes.
“Do You recall our conversation when you were last here dear Suzy?”
“No sir what was it?”
His face was slightly sad as his memory flowed back to recall it.
“Your father s business, the sale of Your house, the problem with Your fees… I can see why You might have chosen to forget… I fear nothing has changed, do You now recall our proposals for You…?”
“Oh yes sir I am moving in with you soon I’m really looking forward to that!!”
“I just wanted to make sure that that was still okay with You? It’s not too late for us to re-arrange it to be with Miss Gregoire if You d prefer?”
“No sir though maybe she will visit us sometimes…?”
“Hmm, that’s certainly not something i d considered but perhaps that could be arranged…
You must get back to Your lesson, i just wanted to be sure and to give You the key to my rooms, its keychain is somewhat unusual i fear.”
He handed Her the key, the keychain upon which it hung was entirely inappropriate. It was just a thin ribbon of black velvet like a choker.
“Don t lose that Suzy i only have one spare, perhaps You can think of somewhere safe to keep it?”
She smiled warmly and unbuttoning the top button of Her blouse tied it securely about Her elegant neck. Evidently this pleased the old man greatly because he smiled broadly as he said;
“Good girl, now run along. We will discuss this and other things soon, is there anything though You would ask before You go?”
“Yes sir; would you like me to be your sex slave sir when I move in?”
“Heavens, what will You young ladies think of next!?!?!?!”
A look of bafflement crossed his face but it was not enough to hide the widening of his pupils or a further swelling in his trews.
“I m not sure what to say much less do. In fact that occurring to one of my charges, who should be styling Herself a Lady might well be considered grounds for further punishment. Off with You girl i have much to consider…”
After dressing quickly She scurried from his office whilst he sat back in his chair to consider Her shocking question.

Mr Boulton had been quite taken aback by the question that Suzy had asked. Though he could not deny he was very fond of Her and that She was quite possibly the most stimulating female presence in his admittedly rather stuffy even lonely life, even in his wildest imaginings that She would consider, even request such a thing was a terrible shock. It took him much longer than it should have to decide how he should react to it, days that should have been spent organising her transfer to his rooms (Since the date when fees were due and would not be paid was fast approaching.) he spent in long consideration weighing up his – now fearsome – desire against the practicality of the situation. This was cruel; since for Her part Suzy with no word from him had become convinced that he did not care for Her and that Her question had been taken as in some way insulting. Despite Her best efforts to get sent to him by acting in a manner entirely inappropriate to a young Lady, any punishments She did receive were meted out to Her by class teachers and not the headmaster. She had begun to pine for him… Though it was no real consolation, on two occasions She had at least discovered that Miss Gregoire was quite the harridan when it came to administering spankings, though these did not excite quite as much as those that Sir gave.

Finally after almost a week when they had not seen each other, Mr Boulton requested Suzy s presence in his office once again. The girl s heart leapt at the news but She was still very concerned that She had upset him; so it was with some trepidation She made Her long way to the office. She was though hugely delighted when on seeing Evelyn Stewart, the secretary gave Her a very warm and positive smile and a hearty wink, perhaps things would be well after all. Now somewhat emboldened She knocked lightly twice on his door.
Come his strong voice responded through the old dark wood of the door.
He was sitting very straight behind the desk, elbows on its surface and his fingers steepled, worryingly though his face was impassive even a little hard.
Come in Suzy and close the door. She did so, but it was evident She was shaking a little now. He did not wait for it to be closed though before asking;
I am sure You are aware how much You mean to me and the extent to which I care for You, and as such I have given Your last request a great deal of thought, but before I give You my decision I would like You to explain Yourself and Your question Suzy. As he spoke he rose from the chair and ran his hand over his bald shaved scalp.
Still unsure, She avoided his gaze and looked down at Her feet, She cleared Her throat and took a deep breath before saying in a wavering little voice; Well sir I like the idea of being controlled by you sir…
Hmm, well perhaps a young Lady should be careful for what She wishes.
I have thought it through sir and it is my wish. Feeling now a little more confident She almost raised Her face to him but decided to remain demurely with Her eyes downcast. There was a moment s silence before he spoke again;
Though any man would be stupid to down such an offer, You Suzy i can no longer deny are my favourite pupil here. As such i would move mountains for You but equally i would not like to see You hurt or upset in any way, especially in these reduced circumstances of Yours. So, before i answer You; how exactly would You understand and define Your role of sexual slavery if i accepted it?
Just that I must not refuse any request from you sir.
Hmm okay, a few for instances then, for instance; a visiting gentleman from the Middle East arrives with his daughters who may potentially become pupils, he seems impressed by the school and its student body… But implies to me that a sweetener is required for his positive choice, i suggest You as this sweetener. How would You react?
I would of course say yes to help you sir.
Okay good. What though if i took You aside first to suggest that he might not be as gentle with You as perhaps i would be?
I would say that is ok sir.
You re Sure…?
Yes Sir.
Now then for instance another scenario. What if on a whim i denied You the choice of touching Your – admittedly charming – Lady part and thus any achievement for a week or even a month?
I would say yes again sir.
Finally then; what if it were my wish that whilst You and i were in my rooms i would treat You exactly as though i would a favourite pet a****l. So You would be denied the ability to communicate by any other means than whines, whimpers, barks or by use of Your body to indicate Your wishes, to have You sleep in a dog basket, and to eat Your food without utensils from a bowl on the floor?
Yes sir I would do it for you.
Oh! His brow wrinkled and obviously surprised, even staggered He reeled backward and fell clumsily into the chair oh my. He scratched his head, took a deep breath and turned to stare intently at Her.
“Look at me Suzy Slowly She raised Her head to see that his eyes now danced with kindness and joy and that he was now in front of the desk just leaning against its edge. Suzy, if it is Your wish that at least as long as You are beneath my private roof You become my chattel, my sexual creature and thus subject entirely to my will, fall now to Your knees and crawl to me.
He spread wide his legs and though it proved difficult due to his much swelled state he wrestled open the buttons of his fly. She got deliberately to Her knees, Her breath was loud and fast almost panting as though She were a dog.
He was breathing very hard, his entire attention focused upon Her. The part of him that thought this must be some cruel joke and that in a moment She would rise to Her feet and scream worried at his thoughts, but here She was. The girl who thoughts of filled so much of his day, the reason that he so often felt “unwell” and had to go to the toilet “to recover” was crawling on Her hands and knees to him surrender Herself to him. His hands fumbled at his flies and almost with a cartoon sound effect “BBBBDddoingg” his frighteningly hard organ sprang free from its confinement in his trousers.
“By Your now swallowing me we will enter into this arrangement; for all the while You are under my roof You will be my sexual creature and a chattel with no will of Your own, only subject to my will. If ever You refuse a request or instruction i shall banish You both from my presence and the school. Nod if You understand and then seal the contract by swallowing me.”
She nodded, Her eyes never once leaving his as She opened wide Her mouth and licked Her lips before leaning forward to sheath his straining member in Her throat. Unable to resist he thrusted deep into Her as he stroked Her hair, his eyes closed and a broad smile spread across his face. All too quickly his thrusts became more urgent and rather than stroking, he grasped Her head tight; pressing in with both his hands, but then with no warning he pulled himself from Her and slapped Her hard across Her cheek.
“No! Henceforward You have to earn that. Get up and remove Your clothes.”
“Yes sir” She stood up Her eyes locked all the while on his, unbuttoned Her white school blouse and let it drop to the floor then she unclipped Her bra and it too dropped to the floor, in quick succession She unzipped the short pleated skirt; it too fell, stepping out from the pile of discarded clothing She unbuckled Her shoes and took them off. Unhurriedly She rolled the white knee socks down Her smooth elegant legs and finally take off Her panties, demurely She crossed Her hands in front of Her hiding Her lady’s part from him.
“Open the top right drawer of my desk in it You will find an indelible marker, pick it up, open it and write on Your cunt mound or lower belly; Sir says I must not touch. Then dress and go back to class. As of this moment You are forbidden to touch Yourself in any manner likely to promote Your pleasure, do not speak to answer, but do You understand?”
Nodding She shivered a little before stepping behind the desk and opened the drawer to extract a thick black marker pen, She removed the lid with a click. Placing Her left hand on Her belly she moved it upward slightly to stretch out the smoothness of Her skin and in a hand that belied the awkwardness of Her position She wrote the words that She had been instructed to. Now for the first time She blushed and carefully placed the pen back on the desk before returning to Her clothes and dressing in silence he nodded once and She left the office, his eyes following Her intently as She departed.

To be continued…

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