The Covingtons and the Pyes

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The Covingtons and the Pyes
When I turned 21, my parents suggested that I should take a semester off from my studies and go up to the huge family estate in Massachusetts to further my appreciation for the world and perhaps write a novel. I am, you see, a member of the great Covington-Pye family of artists, writers and sculptors.

I had never been to the great family estate before, but had always heard stories about it. Usually they were hushed stories told in the drawing room of our family home after a meal when our dinner guests were second or third cousins.

I arrived at the estate by a private car that had been sent to pick me up at the railway station. It was the height of luxury, and a luxury that far surpassed anything I had known thus far. The family manor was a huge rambling pile of bricks with a large central block and several wings jutting out at different angles. The whole main building was attached by breezeways to a series of small cottages. Behind the main building was a large sun drenched patio and pool. Once my things were all sorted out, I put on my trunks and headed there.

I swam a few laps in the cool clear waters before I heard a voice from the balcony above ask Are you a Covington? or a Pye? She was an older woman, perhaps 40, with flaming red hair, something that was quite common in our family. I knew she was not one of my aunts, so I assumed that she must be a cousin.

I stopped swimming, and stood looking at her a confused manner. She repeated the question. Again, I was confused, but replied: I m both, a Covington and a Pye. My name s Matt Covington-Pye .

Just a moment she called back, I ll be down there in a minute .

She arrived at the pool deck and I could see that she was ready for a swim, but completely dry. She had a form fitting one-piece suit that was cut high above her thigh and swooped low to reveal her cleavage. She struggled to keep a light terry robe on her shoulders in the breeze.

My name s Samantha, and we are probably cousins, guessing from your hair colour. But my real question was whether you were a true Covington, or a true Pye

I still looked dense at this question.

Oh my she replied, I don t suppose that you ve never been told the difference, have you?

I guess not I replied.

Oh dear boy, you must know. Come out of the pool, and I ll explain .

I hopped out of the pool, and towelled myself off and sat down beside her on a chaise.

She began with the explanation It all started in the late 17th century. The partriarch of our family, the original Lord Covington, was a man well known for two things. His flaming red hair, and his enormous endowment. And I don t mean just his land and wealth. He was betrothed to and married Elizabeth Pye, a pious woman of virtue who was generally regarded as a cold fish. Despite Elizabeth s cold nature, the marriage bore two sons – the first Covington-Pyes. One took after his father in every way, and the other took after his mother in every way. Since that time, the Covingtons and the Pyes continued to intermigle and marry, which is why there is so many of us, but one fact remains. Those who are true Covingtons have well formed bodies and lusty libidos. The true Covington men are all hung like stallions and the true Covington women are lusty and busty. A true Pye man has a limp cock like a noodle, and true pye women are frigid .

I listened with rapt attention to this amazing story. I never knew why the family had seemed so fractured, but now it made sense. In every generation there was the opportunity for siblings and kinfolk to have diametrically opposing views and be completely oppositely prepared for sexuality.

I had a fairly good sense from the way she told the story that Samantha was a true Covington girl, so I stood up and said why don t we continue this in one of the cabins? I would like to know your assessment of my true lineage .

Samantha smiled, and pulled me towards the nearest cabin. I think that she had an inkling of what was to come.

Samantha locked the door to the cabin and threw herself down on the overstuffed bed. ok now, it is time to answer my question, show me if I have found a Covington, or a Pye .

I let the towel drop from my shoulders, and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts. The cool breeze on the wet fabric had kept things in check during Samantha s story, but not to the extent that there was any significant shrinkage. Samantha s eyes widened as my trunks descended down over my 10 inch cock.

Lord Covington! she declared, in reverent awe. I ve never seen a Covington so large!

Samantha licked her lips, and began peeling her bathing suit off. Considering her age, she had maintained her shape very well, although I had no way of knowing if she had had k**s or not. Regardless, there was no sagging in her breasts and she had only the slightest little pouchbelly. Otherwise, in all regards she was a magnificent woman with enormous breasts and a flaming red pussy. I immediately became hard.

Oh she declared, I just have to have that. and she move over to the bed to straddle me and start sucking my now erect cock.

I must admit, having an eager and willing sexual partner was a new experience. Many of the young women I had been with were interested, but inhibited. Samantha was interested, and completely uninhibited.

After sucking me to complete rigidity, Samantha got up on her knees and started vigorously fingering herself. Oh my god she cried as her fingers danced across her hairy red snatch, I ve just got to have that thing inside me. Then she started lifting one nipple to her mouth as she continued to finger herself.

Here I said, let me give you a hand with that , and I began fingering her pussy too. She was soaking wet, and then suddenly had an orgasm just from my fingering. I had never ever seen a woman so sexually turned on.

We reversed positions and she lay on her back on the bed, still fingering herself and licking and biting her nipples. I spread her legs wide open and started rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy.

Oh yesss she said in a husky voice Drive that big cock deep inside me .

I felt completely in control with Samantha, and this allowed me to be uninhibited also. I drove my cock in deep into her wet pussy, then out again then in again. We both were in a state of bliss.

Each time my cock would piston in, she would let out a slight orgasmic huh , like a bit of air was being pumped out of her, then eventually she had another orgasm, this time all over my cock.

Sensing that I was nearing climax, Samantha reached down and began caressing my balls, trying to slow down the inevitable. In a moment of clarity, I asked rather clumsily uhh…should I pull out, or..

I could barely get the sentence completed when she screamed don t you DARE pull out! A Covington Man always fills up his woman!

I had to admit, I had never had unprotected sex with a woman before, and had certainly never cum inside anyone, but there was always a first time for everything! And as that thought completed to form in my head, my cock erupted with the kind of orgasm I had never known before. I felt shot after shot after shot of hot jizz jerk out of my cock and as I pulled out her Samantha s tight pussy I could see from the amount that was leaking out that it must have been an enormous creampie.

We both just lay there on the bed for what seemed like hours. Completely spent. Then Samantha started to explain her situation. It turns out that she had not been allowed to come to the family retreat when she was my age. She had heard rumours about the Covingtons and the Pyes, and had suspected that she as a true Covington also. When she married, it was somewhat arranged that she would marry her 4th cousin, who turned out to be a true Pye. It made their sex life miserable. HIs cock was barely 2 inches long, and he had more interest in various forms of rare butterflies around their estate than he did at extending his bloodline. About 3 years into the marriage, Samantha began coming to the family estate, and learned about the family secrets from another cousin who was also a Covington, but a lesbian.

Until she found me, Samantha had never met another true Covington at the retreat. She had made it her mission to find a true Covington, and become pregnant by his seed. Although I had just knocked up my 3rd Cousin, I felt pleased that I had done my part to further the true Covingtons, and not the true Pyes.

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