Adventures with my mum Part 2

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Adventures with my mum Part 2
I left the cubicle door open as I let the hot water pour over me, thinking what I really needed was a cold shower, all the time watching my mum cleaning. When she’d finished the bath, she got up and started polishing the mirror, every now and then stopping to get rid of a mark, rubbing hard. I could clearly see her tits jiggling as she worked, only now realising just how big they were. They were still quite shapely, but obviously very heavy, her nipples pointing downwards a little. I could see her looking at my reflection, a naughty smile on her lips. She turned round and leaned against the sink, her eyes lingering on my still hard cock. I think she was debating whether to come and join me, then she pulled her thong down, stepped out of it and was on her way towards me just as the doorbell rang.
‘Damn’ she muttered, picked up a bath towel, wrapped it around her and disappeared out of the. bathroom.
I groaned. I was so close to feeling my mum’s tits and ass.

I heard her downstairs talking to someone. A male voice, our neighbour I thought. I finished my shower, towelled dry, dressed in a t shirt and shorts and went downstairs.

They were in the kitchen sat opposite each other at the breakfast bar chatting and drinking coffee. I said hi to Bill and went to get myself a cup. Mum was flirting shamelessly with him. Her towel loosely wrapped around her, she was giving him a good view of her tits and nipples every now and then. He couldn’t keep his eyes off them.

‘Want some biscuits’ she asked and got up to get the tin from the cupboard, and yes, they were on the top shelf. Standing on tiptoe, the towel rode up completely uncovering her naked ass underneath. Bill almost choked on his coffee. She walked back to the bar, her towel still around her waist, her pussy slit in plain view, the little tuft of dark pubes above, and no tampon string! She must have removed it on the way downstairs. She put the biscuit tin down, picked up her stool and took it round placing it next to his, sitting back down, legs apart. His hand was between them almost straight away and I could hear the wet noises as his fingers went to work.

I couldn’t take anymore and went up to my room, only to hear them come upstairs and go into her bedroom. Soon the headboard was banging against the wall, and my mum started making lots of noise as Bill fucked her. Mercifully it didn’t last long and I heard him leave.

‘Honey, come here a moment’ my mum called out. I reluctantly got up and went in, found her naked on her bed, legs wide apart a massive load of thick cum on her pussy, more oozing out of her.

Çome and clean your mum up. Please?’ At first I wanted to say no way, but the more I looked, the more turned on I got by the thought and I found myself crawling between her legs. His fresh cum and the smell of my mum’s excitement was just wonderful. I took a lick and I was hooked, and soon my tongue was burrowing deep inside my mum’s cunt trying to get the rest of the cum out. By then mum was bucking and moaning, squirting each time I licked her clit, the front of my t shirt was soon soaking and my cock was sticking out of my shorts.

‘Fuck me honey, fuck your mummy. Please’ she was shouting and I rolled her over, pulled her hips up and the next thing I knew I was deep inside her, thrusting hard. I was amazed I lasted so long. Maybe it was the thought in the back of my mind that this was my mum I was fucking that held me back, but when I did eventually cum, my hands on her heavy tits, her screaming with every thrust, it was the best climax I’d ever had! I collapsed on top of her, panting hard, my cock still hard inside her, She somehow rolled over on her back, keeping me inside her, and I started thrusting again, my balls slapping against her cummy cheeks. She pulled her legs up and put them on my shoulders, started moaning again as my cock slid in and out making amazing wet, squelchy noises in her cum filled cunt. I watched mesmerized as her tits swung around as I fucked her, I leaned forward so I could kiss her, her legs now next to her head, our tongues playing and she came almost straight away. I could feel her cunt tighten round my cock as the first contractions started. Her thighs were shaking and she was gasping and kissing me at the same time, her hands on my ass cheeks pulling me in as deep as she could.

I came again. And then again. And again. And again.

It was gone midday by the time my mum called a halt. She was exhausted by the number of times she’d climaxed, her pussy was red and her pussy lips swollen from all the fucking and the licking. I got up to get a glass of water and by the time I’d got back to her bedroom she was fast asleep, snoring quietly into her pillow. I stood and stared at her, her big tits hanging down either side of her chest, a little plump around her belly, that pretty little bush of dark pubes above her shaved pussy, thick thighs slightly parted. Almost as if she knew I was studying her in her sleep, she turned over on to her belly so I got a nice view if her big round ass cheeks. I bent forward and kissed each soft mound and she sighed, opening her legs wide. I climbed between her legs again, my cock rapidly growing to erection as I stared at her meaty asshole. I licked the folds of flesh and she groaned, my tongue burrowing a little deeper as she lifted her hips up and I heard her whisper ‘yes, yes’ as she pushed against my tongue. I knelt behind her, the tip of my cock touching her ring, when she suddenly pulled away. She got up, pushed me back onto the bed and then squatted over me facing away. She reached under and grabbed my shaft rubbing the head around and over her assshole, then just sat back and groaned loudly as my cock disappeared inside my mum’s bottom all the way to my balls

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