Sally and Scotty

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Sally and Scotty
Scotty was in his room studying for the big exam, when his sister walked in. Scotty looked up and seen his sister in her very thin white night shirt. Sally stretched across his bed, to chat for a bit. She looked at some of his books and asked if he needed help with studying.

Scotty said she could help him by asking the multiple choice questions. Sally said ok, and had made it a fun game of strip answers. If he got the answer right, she would have to take clothes off, if he was wrong, he would remove clothes.

Note: Sally has on, a bra, panties, socks and night shirt. Scotty has on shorts, tshirt and socks

Sally asked first question, Scotty got it wrong, off came his shirt. The next one he got right, off came Sally’s socks. Third, forth and fifth questions, Scotty answered right, off came her shirt, panties and bra. Sally’s nipples were very erect.

Sally continued with the rest of the questions. Some of them he answered wrong, so he finally was naked. Then the consequences got more hot. Every right answer, Sally would suck his dick, a wrong answer and he fingered or sucked her pussy.

Each other got their fill of enjoyment from the wrong and right answers, until they were having too much fun. The next thing that they were doing was 69ing, until Scotty couldn’t take any more of it. He slipped a condom on, spread her legs wide and inserted himself into her pussy.

Sally smiled and said that she seen his dick numerous times and really wanted to feel him inside her. With that Scotty pounded her hard. Sally was holding and tugged at her tits.

Sally is moaning and groaning before she came. Once she came, she told Scotty to fuck her ass. She’s had dildo’s but never had the real thing. He laughed and flipped her over. She got on all fours as Scotty gotted her lubed up. He put some on his protected dick, then slowly slid his cock into her very tight ass.

Sally moved her ass, as he was barely in her hole. A little further with each pushing. Finally a quick thrust and he’s in all the way. Sally screamed real loud. Scotty grabbed her mouth and told her that mom was home and they needed to be quiet.

Their stepmom heard something, while she was doing the dishes. She walked towards Scotty’s door, asked if everything was ok. Scotty answered yeah with a laugh. He told her that Sally fell off the bed, she’s ok. Mom walked away shaking her head. She went to the bathroom, which is the next room over. She made sure not to make a sound, so she could hear what was really happening.

Sally pushed her ass towards Scotty wanting more of his dick. Scotty leaned over, grabbed her tits and rammed her hard. Sally is begging for him to fuck her tight ass, she wants everything he has.

Mom hears this and listens harder. She’s excited to hear that they are fucking. She know it’s wrong, but is getting urges to finger her clit. Mom sits on the edge of the tub, lifts her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and slip a finger in her pussyhole. In and out she fucks her hole. She moans loudly and feels herself cumming.

Scotty hears mom doing this and makes him to fuck Sally harder. He pulls all the way out, then rams her hard again. Sally moans loud, reaches down to her clit and fingrs herself. She reaches further and holds Scotty’s balls. This makes him stay closer and fucks her like crazy.

Mom gets fixed, leaves the bathroom and peeks in Scotty’s room. they are facing the window, so they can’t see mom at the door. Mom watches as he pulls out, then rams her ass. He does this, just like his father does to her. She smiles and begins to rub her titties. When she let go of the door knob, it clicks and startles the k**s.

Mom tells them to continue, she wants to watch. Sally is uncomfortable, but mom goes over and kisses her. Then mom is playing with her nipples, while kissing Sally. Sally gets back into the groove with Scotty. Mom sits on the edge of the bed, spreads her legs and lets ally lick her pussy.

Sally leans forward and pusshes her ass up. Scotty then has to squat in a different way to fuck her ass. He’s standing on the bed, pulling all the way out, then back in. Each time he spreads her ass cheeks. Mom is moaning from Sally’s fun tongue tricks.

Scotty is ready to get off, he asks Sally if she wants to taste his cum. She said no, she’s not ready for that yet. Mom says she will take his cum in her mouth. Scotty pulls the condom off, jerks until he cums in mom’s mouth. Multiple squirts fills her mouth. Mom swallows most of it, then reaches over to kiss Sally. Mom french kisses her spitting some of the cum into Sally’s mouth.

Sally swallowed the small amout, then kissed mom more. Both of them carressing each others tits. Scotty gets dressed and goes to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back to the room, mom had Sally on the bed with her legs in the air. Mom was licking her clit, making her cum. Mom then was lapping up every drop of cum, before getting up to finish the dishes.

After everyone was dressed, they all go to the kitchen. Mom finished the dishes, Scotty and Sally were sitting at the table chatting. Sally told them that she’s going to get rid of her lesbian girlfriend and look for a boyfriend. She likes the feel of cock in her pussy and ass. This makes Scotty and mom very happy.

Scotty can’t wait til I get home to tell me about his studying exercise.

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