Sandy Revisited

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Sandy Revisited
Following on from the Ted and Sandy foursome and the promises we all gave about not seeing each other sexually after our encounter, well Sandy could not help herself wanting more of my cock it was like a lioness had been un-caged.

Sandy was starting to come into our house on an evening more and more to enjoy a social drink with Suzy after work. To be honest, Suzy enjoyed the woman’s company as much as I always hoped they would get a bit too much to drink and I reaped the benefit by getting a 3some.

On this particular Friday night, some months after our 4some I had been out on a boy’s night out returning to a very drunk Suzy and a quite tipsy Sandy. My first task on returning was to carry Suzy directly to bed to sleep it off ably assisted by the not as drunk but still quite pissed Sandy.

I got Suzy onto the bed, by this time she had passed out, she never did have a good tolerance to drink. Together Sandy and I stripped her naked. Now the drunken Sandy was becoming a bit naughty, asking me if I would like to see her and Suzy together again, would that be something that would turn me on. While asking me this she was positioning herself between the passed out Suzy’s legs, he face a matter of inches from Suzy’s beautiful pussy. I tried to play it cool, laughing and calling her a cock teaser. This prompted her to gently start to lick the oblivious Suzy’s red haired pussy. I immediately took out my stiff cock and pushed it into a now kneeling Sandy’s mouth. She lapped at my cock with gusto, fuck she was gagging for it.

Suzy remained oblivious. I whispered to Sandy that I had no condoms, she said she did not care, she just wanted me inside her. I positioned myself behind her whilst she remained on her knees and in front of the naked Suzy. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet panties to her knees. I entered her dripping pussy burying my cock to the absolute hilt. I stayed there for a few seconds, my cock twitching inside her sweet wet cunt. I slowly withdrew my shaft, I could feel the heat inside her. I pushed again deeper her head right next to my Suzy’s beautiful ginger pussy. She quietly moaned, a very satisfied moan I have to say. I started a slow thrusting motion, each time giving her the full length. The head of my rigid cock was scr****g the roof of her pussy with every thrust. Seconds later a muffled moan was let out, she had buried her head into the bed to keep her moaning quiet, it was followed by my cock and balls being drenched in lady juice. I continued to push into her, again another soaking a few seconds after the first one. I reached around to get at her clit, fuck, it was enormous. Like a small cock. I took it between my thumb and fore finger and gently wanked it like a circumcised cock. Again a flood of juice followed, I could not hold back any longer, I pulled out of her cunt and blew my load over her arse and watched as it run down to her dripping pussy.

Sandy remained in the same position, face down between Suzy’s legs. I think she was exhausted from the fucking. I wasn’t finished yet!

I sat on the floor and positioned myself between Sandy’s still open legs. I started lo lick and suck on her pussy like it was the last one I was going to get. I could taste her cum and mine. She reached down with her hand and got a hold of my hair, she was pulling my face into her cunt. I started to gently rub my thumb over her arsehole, it was still wet and sticky from my cum. This got her to pull my face harder into her cunt, my tongue as far up her pussy as possible, her large clit rubbing againstmy nose. I gently pushed my thumb just enough so I opened her arsehole and slipped my thumb in to the first knuckle. That was the key that opened the flood of cum into my mouth and over my face. This was my first squirter!

I pulled out my thumb and concentrated on drinking her juices. After a few minutes I got up, Sandy also managed to rise, albeit like a little newborn reindeer on shaking legs. We straightened our clothing and covered the still naked and snoozy Suzy in the duvet. All the while, Suzy remained oblivious!

Sandy and I adjourned to the kitchen and poured a drink each. We talked.
She explained that her husband Ted was away on a business jolly for the weekend and she hoped something like this would happen and had purposely got Suzy pissed. She said that the previous 4some we had enjoyed was a revelation to her and Ted, they had been having their best sex in years since. But all she could think of was having my cock inside her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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