To my special daddy Part II

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To my special daddy Part II
I had been working for a man I called my “special daddy” for about a month now. But I noticed I had been slacking off at my job lately. I was so disappointed in myself. It seemed I was worse than usual because I was up early (about 6:30) and when I went into his room he was still asleep. He usually gets up at least an hour before I do! He had to pick up the slack I guessed.

I couldn’t help but enjoy what I was seeing in my farmer daddy though. I watched him as his big beard moved up and down according to his breathing, his sexy belly as my eyes went down him to his other hairy parts, his lower belly which had his bed sheet covering the precious “contents” below it.

The sun peeking out and into the window gave his body an extra glimmer. I loved enjoying the sight of his body, his belly rising and falling, in peace as sunlight shown onto it. He was like a work of art.

I creeped into the room. I then without making too much noise got onto the bed and gently got my arm around him, my face on his warm chest and enjoyed his stomach slowly rise and fall again. I looked up at him. I wanted to wake him but at the same time didn’t want him to yet.

I wanted to see if I could give him a sexy dream.

I moved my head up to his nipple and kissed it. Then with my arm I drifted my hand ot his other nipple and lightly rubbed it making a slow circle. Then as I did that I began stopping with the kissing and started licking. I did this as I looked up at my farmer daddy. He seemed to rise his head up and put it back. I then slowly kissed his chest and drifted my head downwards. Down to his belly. I licked and breathed on his sexy belly. And then was glad to see as I got closer down his sheet moving upwards ever so slowly. I continued to lick and kiss his warm body.

I saw it climb up and up and soon there was a nice tent under the sheet. My hand went onto it and I gave it a gentle squeeze to be startled by a sudden but not very loud moan.

I was also extra happy to feel the “pole” under the sheet slide further into my hand as his hips moved upwards and a bit of pre-cum produced on the end of the tent. Then they rose back down. I then unveiled the wonderful cock and kissed the end of it.

I then spoke to him and he woke up.

He looked slightly surprised at first. Then he just looked into my eyes. “What are you doing?”

“I am just making up for messing up so much these past weeks.”

“What do you mean? You have been doing fine.”

“No I don’t think so.”

“We could talk about it later if you want. I gotta wake up.”

“I could wake you up if you want.” and I gave him a naughty look.

I then held his cock in my hand again and when I kissed it, I heard and saw him lay back and inhale as more pre-cum poured out onto my lips. I licked it off.

I got to the lower part of the bed and when I did I saw my farmer daddy raise his knees up. Then I got between his thighs and started to suck that precious cock. It was the first time I got to suck his cock and enjoyed staring at his pubes as I sucked up and down and my hands lightly touched his ball sack giving them a little tug.

Every time I sucked I felt more pre-cum pouring into my mouth. I took out his dick and saw a big, fresh drop come out of his big piss slit. I now started to stroke it relishing the feel and sound as his very slippery cock went in and out of my fist.

“Come here, farmer boy.” he said. We got into a position where I was bent over him, my erect cock just peeking out of my boxer shorts and I had his cock in my mouth.

I felt his warm, rough hand start to jerk my cock. I had to stop sucking it felt so good. “aaah.” I couldn’t help but close my eyes as his hand slipped up and down my cock, now pre-cumming like crazy. I stopped to take off my boxers and got back into position.

I could barely continue to suck him. I couldn’t help but enjoy the mixture of ticklishness of his beard and the pleasure of my penis sliding past it. It was a feeling I had never encountered before. But so damn good!

My stroking on him got faster and more intense. I kept a finger pushing his ball sack down as I stroked fiercely with the other hand. My butt wiggled to the feel of his mouth on my dick, his beard surrounding it, such heightened ecstacy!

Then I felt his finger move up and down my butt crack. When he gently slid it in I cried out and gasped for air. He stopped leaving it in my asshole.

I spoke to him. “I’m about ready to cum. Are you?”

“Yes. Pretty close to it.”

“Wanna do something else naughty?”

I faced him and relished the view of his face in the midst of deep pleasure. I looked him deep in the eyes letting him know how handsome I knew he was as I held my and his cock against each other and grinded my hips into his dick. The frotting only halved the passion and ecstacy of looking into my special farmer daddy’s eyes as I felt hiws hot cock against mine and both of us helplessly heading toward orgasm. My other hand touched his lower abdomen as we continued and it was then I saw him gasp and shut his eyes hard as I felt warm goo on my belly, my chin and get onto my hand and spread sloshing in my fist. I used this for lube and when I heard him say “Yeah. Shoot it naughty boy.” I rose up, gasped and fired my cum onto his belly and neck.

The wave of orgasm passed. We both stayed there, I was pushing around his and my cum on his cock with my dick. Then I got on top of him and we held each other for a while.

We both then washed up in the shower.

We were ready for farming that day! I proabably worked twice as hard for my special daddy.

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