2 Of A Kind

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2 Of A Kind
2 Of A Kind

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Tony Sampson was really a handsome attractive young man. With over 6’ tall, nicely built body, true baby blue eyes that complimented his teen adult smooth skin and silky hair; he was more than sure to find a nice piece of ass for him without much difficulty to company him for the significant dinner being given by the State Education Authorities to honor its outstanding students. Although still a junior at his school, Tony was already accepted at the prestigious Linden State College because of his excessively decent grades and his athletic achievements. These days his biggest concern was to find a girl to take with him to the State Capital for that admired dinner but he was very much annoyed that after dating several girls for months, none; not even one of those so called hottest girls of the school did anything for Tony. He noticed that even when he was sucking their tits; it took him a very long time to achieve a stiff and solid erection. He thought that it was because, he had not spent much time with girls at all because he had to carry an almost full-time job also due to some financial situations at home in addition to the strenuous time at school, plus the college admission tests and the tedious processes of the admission. Now, he was seriously looking for a girl but facing a strange difficulty of feeling no vibe for them or from them, though he was a fully complete man with good 8” long, thick uncut cock, hanging in front of him proudly over the very hardworking pair of balls.

This one day, he went to pick up his latest girl for a date. Samantha had messaged him that she was home, her parents were away; the door was unlocked and he should walk up to her room, without ringing the bell. When he walked into her house, he saw the girl’s younger brother jerking off and watching a porno video in the front room, laying naked on the couch.

“I am sorry man. I think Samantha told me that nobody else was at home and I should walk in without ringing the bell”. Tony said completely awed and embarrassed to the boy. Her brother did feel no shame and simply told Tony to walk upstairs where she was getting ready. Tony further embarrassed, chose to tell him to send her outside, where he decided to wait in the car. As Tony walked back to the car, he was very puzzled and confused. He still had the image of his new girlfriend’s brother stroking his sexy muscle that was at least 8—9 inches’ long and also thick like a fire hose. Just thinking of it made Tony get a hard on more stiff than ever before in his life. He wanted to hastily move away from there before anyone could see him with his own dick rising in his pants. Tony, just had to break up with Samantha just after this one date because he felt the need to think and be sure about something. He was very confused that after all the necessary things, supposed to be done to the girls, over the years, none compared to the feeling of just seeing a stiff hard man cock soaked with pre cum. Soon after returning home that night, he jerked off and came like a volcano bursting; that had never happened before. This was bothering him a lot, and he knew he couldn’t say anything to any of his friends or even the homophobic parents, because he was sure that his parents would throw him out of the home if not damaged somehow forever.

Dating with a few more girls and lackluster sexual experiences with them, Tony began thinking and exploring homosexuality more and more. He surfed gay porn websites and even visited some gay sites for some of the gay cybersex experience but refrained. More he explored; more it was becoming an issue that needed to be addressed and get the answers. After thinking hard, he decided he would see the only person; who could be very discreet and also offer very good guidance about the issue; his Priest, Father Joseph Rinaldi. Father Rinaldi had been Tony’s priest for as long as he remembered and Tony knew he could entrust this problem with him. So on a Thursday, Tony told his parents that he was asked to work one overnight shift for one of his friends; in the restaurant he worked at, and actually went to the church to see Father Rinaldi.

Taking advantage of the weather, Tony wore just a white shirt and faded blue jeans. The church was empty except for Father Rinaldi and a grounds keeper, who was also on his way out for the night. Of course it was a Thursday evening. Tony was finding it very difficult to put his confession in the right and correct words, his heartbeat was skipping and his body was shivering as he stepped closer to the confessional. He was speaking to himself to be brave and get it done as he had no other choice and entered through the small door of the confessional booth very quietly. Now the sweat was already dripping off him and he calmed himself by thinking of kind, gentle and forgiving personality of his priest, Father Rinaldi. He was sure that Father will understand and shall never reject or deject him even if the perverted homosexuality was considered sinful and unapproved by the church. Tony felt very much encouraged with this thought of his and started praying calmly being on his knees as he waited for the priest to come into the confessional. The gentle voice was very recognizable as the small window in between opened and he heard the priest asked of his sin that he wanted to confess and seek for forgiveness.

Tony’s voice was trembling when he announced to Father that he was Tony Sampson. Father Rinaldi was shocked to hear this and still calmly spoke, asking Tony, if everything was all right because he never expected Tony to be there. Father asked for his parents, if they were fine. Tony swallowed hard and spoke that everything was fine at home and it was something about him that he came to talk about. Father told him that Lord was all forgiving; for whatever it was and encouraged him to speak up. Tony started saying that for the last few months, he had been dating a few girls. “Oh, you came to ask for the Lord’s forgiveness about the premarital sex and fucking all over the town”. Father Rinaldi cut him off. Now, once again; Tony did not know how to put this in words but he said, “No, Father; it is not that. Actually, I have not had sex with any girl at all and I am not here for this confession. You see, whenever I am with a girl, I do not feel any vibe or sensation, anything like a normal guy would feel. I hope you do know what I mean”.

“Oh, I see”, Father was heard to say as Tony continued saying that little over 2 weeks ago, he just came to a situation where he was surprisingly aroused to see a guy pleasuring himself and his confession was that he thought, he was a gay. He was having a terrified and shameful look on his face. Father Rinaldi quickly jumped in, saying that he understood, why Tony came to him instead of going to his parents because his parents would never be logical and try to realize that it was all natured and not nurtured. He suggested to step outside of the confessional and rather sit on the pew because he knew that Tony came to him, not only to get it off his chest but also needed some guidance and counselling. Tony agreed and they together came out of the confessional as Father Rinaldi gave Tony a warm grin.

Tony had a small look of relief on his face as the priest smiled back to him and lead Tony to the pew but not the front row but second from the front and they sat in as Father started talking asking Tony that was it the first time for him to be aroused by such situation, when he saw another man self-gratifying himself and Tony answered in affirmative. Then Father asked him if he had ever done anything in practical to satisfy his homosexual arousals which was other than usual masturbation only and Tony answered in a very simple no. A loud Father Rinaldi was heard saying to Tony that how could he get to such a solid conclusion of being gay.

Tony’s voice was a bit frustrated when he told Father that after being with some real hot girls and doing the things; that would make the guys cum right then and there, he took a considerably long time for even the slightest hint of arousal and that was not sounding correct to him plus, on seeing a slimy dirty hard dick, his cock swelled up like the tower of Pisa in no time. Father Rinaldi repeated himself that Tony could not be called gay unless he had experienced or done any sexual activity with another man. Tony interpreted, what Father had said; that Father Rinaldi was saying; one had to have sex with a guy and see if it was liked and then come back to him for advice.

“Tony, you cannot be sure to know if you are something or not, if you have not travelled the path and mind you, I am not suggesting you to do that with any random guy because you are for sure not going to enjoy it with someone unknown to you. All kinds of sex were a bliss and pleasing only if it was done with someone you cared about”. Father gave his judgement.

Tony was still very sheepish when he said that he could not even ask his best friend to hug him because the rumors of him being gay would spread like the wild fire and his parents would kill him. No, he could not do that. Father Rinaldi, gently placed his hand on his thigh and squeezed it there lovingly, as he looked directly in Tony’s eyes and explained that as a man of God, it was his duty to help the troubled and the misguided especially the ones of Tony’s age. Father, further added that he had done many things; right or wrong to help others and guide them, show them the proper path and he would help Tony as well. The only best way for Tony to figure out for himself was to make love with a dependable man and see if he enjoyed it. Father Rinaldi once again gave his final verdict saying that Tony had known him for a long time and they were close too for caring each other and also keeping it a secret with the surety of desired results; he was the only one to be taken as a true and divine help before refusing.

Tony sat there for what seemed to be forever. He saw this God sent chance to put his life pieces together and end the uneasy feelings of uncertainty for real. He looked into the eyes of Father Rinaldi; the priest; who had baptized him, turned and gave him a most loving embrace and a deep kiss of passion.

Father suggested to walk to his private chamber for comfort because here in a pew his back was surely going to hurt and they walked hurriedly. Tony saw a large velvet couch against the back wall with a cross hung on the wall.

Father almost picked up the teen guy and put him on the couch as they began a deep wet kissing session for as long as at least 10 minutes and then Father broke the kiss to disrobe himself. He told Tony that he was doing it all for him and asked Tony to say, what he wanted done. Tony hurriedly said to strip each other as a first step. Father Rinaldi took the top position on Tony and kissed his neck lovingly while unbuttoning and taking off his pure cotton Arrow shirt. Without any delay, Father moved down to kiss Tony’s beautiful and young nipples while undoing Tony’s jeans and chucked it off to the side also. Tony’s youthful body was all naked now except for the boxers only. Now, Tony jumped in action and told Father that he wanted to pleasure the heavenly man of God. Father Rinaldi, only smiled repeating that yes, he could do anything he wanted because, it was all for helping Tony anyway.

Tony made the priest to sit on the couch and came to his feet for undoing the noble Father’s pants. He was decided to suck Father’s neat cock; an idea that had never come to his mind ever before or say at least a month back. He pulled off Father’s pants and then the boxers; making the b**st of a cock, at least 7 inches’ long and super thick to jump out; dripping wet with pre cum. Holy Father asked Tony to take it all in his mouth and he obeyed making a deep sighing sound and even uttering, “O’ my Fucking God”.

Tony bobbed his mouth on Father Rinaldi’s blessed cock, taking in hardly half of the sanctified length of meat because he was choking on it. Father Rinaldi, on the other hand was enjoying his blowjob. It was unbelievable that Tony was a novice or a rookie for cock sucking. Tony bobbed his head up and down on Father’s delicious cock for about 5 minutes as he started but then his hands groped the priest’s thighs, started breathing through his nose and swallowed almost full 7 inches into his throat while his lips were massaging the righteous balls of the divinity himself. Now he was licking up and down the shaft like a pro and licking the rapidly appearing pre cum drops on the top hole of the Godly cock. Soon he was sucking and licking those neat balls and stroking the tower and even held away Father’s hand that was trying to take some charge and jerk off the holy cock for reaching the one fucking hell of an orgasm. Tony forbade Father of trying to jerk off as he took a break from massaging his balls with his wet smooth tongue and Father could only repeat; ‘Oh Lord, Oh God, Oh Fuck’. The blowjob pleasure was peeking and the rational thinking was out the window, of course. Looking at the priest’s face and listening to his mindless words, Tony knew that a hot load of clean and pious cum was about to be delivered soon if he did not stop sucking the priest quickly.

He told priest that he did not want the nobility to deliver his load as yet and the sacred man confirmed that he was not going to and knew that Tony wanted the first immaculate orgasm delivery in his virgin ass. What more potent and obvious proof of Tony being a gay inside out and outside in. Once again they kissed passionately and lustily full of sweet sensuality. A real fiery and rough gay kissing in earnest stripping each other of any clothing left on by now. Now once again they were settled at the couch in the witness of holy cross and the Lord himself. Soon Father tried to get up and walk to the desk on the other end of the rectory, after announcing to get the condom from there.

Tony almost rudely stopped Father Rinaldi to even think of a condom. He wanted to feel the hot divine cum directly in his rectum and not dumped in some stupid rubber sack. Father Rinaldi could not be happier to fuck Tony skin to skin, rubbing meat against meat but cleverly announced that whatever was Tony’s word because after all he was doing it all for Tony but also made sure to admire Tony’s wise decision. With naked cock drenched with pre cum, no extra lube would be needed and the divine coupling would be more close to the real and natural as possible.

By now, Father’s throbbing cock was nearing the shooting stage of its precious and consecrated load of juices. He held Tony over the couch’s arm such that the teen tight virgin ass faced up towards the Lord on the cross for the pinnacle act of the gay passion witnessed by Him. Father Rinaldi knelt on the cushion and came in proper position to fuck Tony with the least bit of unwanted and extra effort. As he asked Tony; if he was ready, Tony replied in a cheerful affirmative and asked Father to get going and fuck him as full, as raw, as devout as he never did before to any one else. Father nodded in full compliance and placed his both hands on the teen’s shoulders holding him firm in place and moved his hip closer to bring his mushroom shaped blunt cockhead to meet the teen man’s anal cavity and started making odd circles spreading the rapidly oozing pre cum on and around the hole for teasing and the comfort as well. Tony had drowned in pure ecstasy thinking of his loving priest, being so kind and saintly to be ready, even to fuck him as the first man to do the honors and for the first time to take his virginity. Only if Tony’s ass could talk and say thanks to Father Rinaldi.

Quickly, Tony’s thought was interrupted as he felt Father Rinaldi’s cock came crashing into his rectum. A surge of shooting pain made a very strange noise come out of Tony’s mouth, other than the curse words and demand to fuck his faggot ass. He was repeating, ‘fuck me, fuck me’ over and again. ‘Oh God, fuck me; Fuck me Lord’. Tony screamed in a pain that necessitated the harder deeper fucking of the virgin ass. Father Rinaldi knew that this was for the more pain than pleasure but he also knew that stopping now or pulling the cock out would be even more hurtful to the teen man because an empty ass was far more hurting ass than a slaughtered ass. Father immersed whole of his length with the ultimate force and power making Tony to growl yet louder but clearly, now, the tone was a bit more of pleasure. Father kept fucking the teen as deep and raw as needed. Soon Tony was moaning in pure pleasure as he had grown familiar to the heavenly strokes inside his bowls with another man’s cock in his ass. Tony heard the deep breathing sounds in an attempt to delay the inevitable but blissful orgasm surging in the moral and benevolent balls of Father Rinaldi as Father also moaned in pleasure ready to pop the teen cherry with Godly juices. He was amazed that Tony, with all his gay talent claimed to be a rookie and a novice but he was not going to judge and concentrated on filling Tony with his virtuous meat and sanctified seed.

Another surprise for the Father; Tony requested to be turned on his back, so the couple could see each other in the eyes when fucking so lovingly. This was done and though Father gained some extra fucking time but the orgasm cascading had begun and sensing some urgency, Father picked up the pace brutally fast, bringing the pain back into the not virgin anymore ass of the teen man. Both partners were moaning in anticipation and excitement.

Suddenly Father cried that he was very close but kept pumping in the teen ass viciously. Tony also started yelling and asked the priest to jerk his cock so as both could ejaculate together. Father cupped the humongous cock of the faggot boy in his hand but just held it lovingly instead of masturbating him or even massaging him slowly, gently. For hardly a minute more, Father Rinaldi fucked Tony’s delicious ass hole and then he could only announce that; O’ Lord, holy fuckinggggg, I am cummmmiiiiinnnngggggg !!!!!!.

Father’s massive dick shot a warm load of cum in Tony’s ass; who wiggled, writhed and stretched under his own desire to ejaculate but Father held his cock and balls announcing that it was unfair for Tony, not to reciprocate and pay back in kind for all he did for Tony and also that it was not justified in the eyes of the Lord, not to be a complete man and do only a part of the certain choice. He explained to Tony, that Nature had left this choice to the man to be a versatile and not only a bottom or top only. It was alright and nothing was wrong in being one or the other but being complete was a blessing anyway and preferred in the eyes of the Lord.

With massive explosion of holy juices, Father Rinaldi’s stamina ended and they kissed once again extremely passionately as Father whispered in the teen’s ear, if he enjoyed the session and upon a yes answer, it was happily decided that Tony was a gay man and he had to promise the priest that he will make every Thursday as his visit day, anytime he could easily do it but be prepared to always reciprocate and pay back the Holy man of God for his deed in kind. After all priests also need to be fucked with a big cock, Tony was told.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 21, 2019.

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