2 Wrongs (My bestfriend’s gf) **Part 2**

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2 Wrongs (My bestfriend’s gf) **Part 2**
Guilty.. Confused, I wasn’t sure what happened that night. Honestly. Maybe she had too much to drink too.
“Fuck it.. Whatever it is, what happened stays there right?”
And just like every other weekend we kicked at my buddy’s crib. She kept it neutral with me, didn’t say much like always but the way that she looked at me though. Almost a “Make the first move” eyeing me with just a little smile she’s giving.
There I knew it wasn’t just me or a one time thing but..
What can i say? I had a girlfriend.. She’s my best friend’s girl. Its wrong, but reliving that moment i can tell you it felt right.
Most of the time when i was over we couldn’t do much. But I think that’s what drove us crazy. Having urge to do something but couldn’t just really. And when we did it was only a quick minute. Like going out to get a pack of square or somewhere with my buddy I’ll leave my phone around and go back inside pretending to search for it.
/Or during a smoke break i’ll go inside to used the “Bathroom” before it hit duces.

One time i actually had to used the bathroom and coming out she was right there waiting for me.
Finger on her lip hushing me,
slipping the sams finger underneath her pants as she pulled me in closer “Feel me” looking in my eyes desperately in such a way I can tell how horny she is.
I looked around quick and had her against the wall where nobody can see us.
Holding the side of her neck, trying not to leave a mark while i finger her.
Just moments after i did she was dripping wet. Literally it felt like she piss herself. fingering her you can hear the the sound of her pussy. Loudly she tries not to moan.
“Give it to me” holding onto me so i can meet her eyes “Now”
I can’t. You know that.
“Will you give it to me if Kenji leaves?? Huh?” **Grabbing my dick and starts to jerk me off**
Before i can answer her she quickly ran up stairs.
“Baby i want McDonalds! Can you…”
Making my up stairs it seems like Viana already convinced him.
“wana make a trip?” Kenji.
i had to tell him i couldnt.

Right after he walked out Viana came out from the bedroom and rushes towards me. Sat on top of me, as one of her hand try to balanced herself the other pressing my face against her breast while grinding her pussy on me.
i carried her to the couch taking her sweater off placing her down undoing her pants half way as quick as i can.
lifting her legs high I went straight to it.
“Shhsawhh”. “hhahhhshhit” *Tightly closing her eyes
Her pussy was so wet.
Right when i put my dick inside her it slipped all the way in. Over and over if you didnt pound her fast enough you wouldn’t of feel her tightness.
Drilling her pussy, Kris crossing her leg
I was holding nothing back fucking her as fast as I could.
“MmmShaaawhwh shhhit nooo fuccccckk”
She kicked me away taking off her pant
rubbing her pussy so quick she almost came.
“FUCCCKKK MMMMouuUu!.. Fuck me fuuck me fuck me!”
*Wrapping my arms around her neck, holding the top end of the the couch for support
[ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!! !! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! ! ! !! !!!!!!!!!! !*!*!*!*!! ]
forcing her motion to follow mines, And when it couldn’t her pussy was getting pounding so hard she tries to
“MMMMHMMMYEESYESSSYESSY*sigh YESSS *trying to swallow her spits YESs”
“Fucckkkk” “Shiiittt mm OUuu Mam mam nas!” (mam mam nas: TRANSLATE: Slow down!/Thats too hard)

She picked up some of her clothes “HIDE IT! HIDE IT!”
*Runs into the bathroom
*Pulling my pants up
A couple seconds after he came upstairs and looked at me weird.. “You good? the fuck was that??”
Nunn, I was just.. Tryna find my phone. can you call it?
Went on the conversation and THAT. Was a close call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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