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I’ve been living with my girlfriend now for 6 months, and things have been great between us; not as much sex as I would like, but I jack off when I need to and being with her is great. I don’t think I would have ever thought to stray, and certainly not who I strayed with, but it happened, and I’ve decided to put it down on paper to share.

My older brother married his long time girlfriend last year, and she is great. Very cool to hang out with, sometimes a little snobbish, but she has a killer little body on her, and before she met my brother she was rarely without a boyfriend or someone she could booty call. I’ve often snuck peaks at her in a bathing suit and wondered what she looked like naked. Last week, I found out….

Lindsey often travels for her job as an investment banker, but mostly to the West Coast or Chicago. She called my girlfriend and asked if she could crash at our house for a night, as she had business in Hartford for a couple of days, and she would “repay” by taking us to dinner at some nice restaurants. Carol told her of course, we’d love to have her over, and got the guest bedroom ready.

When Lindsey arrived, the weather was hazy, hot, and humid, and my house does not have central air, only an attic fan that keeps the house cool, but makes a lot of noise. Carol had taken to wearing earplugs at night so she could sleep; me, I could sleep through just about anything.

We welcomed Lindsey in and I mixed a pitcher of martinis, she looked a little bedraggled after a long day of meetings; Carol was already on her second Cosmo and I had just finished a Scotch myself. After an hour or so none of us was feeling any pain, and then my brother called. Within a few minutes he and Lindsey were having an animated discussion, and Carol and I discretely left the room to give her some privacy, walking out to the deck out back.

“Sounds like they’re not getting a long too well, honey, what do you think we should do?” I asked my girlfriend. Carol was a practical woman, and often times, even though I didn’t agree with her opinion, in the end she was usually on the mark about things.

“Let me talk to her. You’re her brother-in-law, she’s not going to open up to you because she thinks you’ll talk to Russ,” which was probably true. We could hear the “discussion” quickly escalating, and though we could only hear Lindsey’s side of the argument, it was apparent they were re-hashing an old argument. A few minutes later she walked out on the deck and apologized.

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t want you to know that we’ve been fighting, but sometimes your brother can just be such an asshole!” She wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know, and I told her so.

“Linds, I know he can be an asshole, remember, I’ve known him longer than you and I’ve probably been in ten times as many fights with him than you have! Don’t sweat it, you guys will work it out and everything will be fine.”

I then excused myself to my home office under the pretext of getting a case file finished before dinner, and let the girls talk. I gave myself about 10 minutes before I realized I was a little too drunk to get any meaningful work done, so I closed my laptop and strolled back into the living room, not making a whole lot of noise while doing so.

“I’m telling you Carol, I’m going out of my mind! We haven’t had sex in 6 weeks, and all he can say is he’s too busy with work, and then too tired at night. Before we were married, we’d make love 3 or 4 times a week at least, but ever since we tied the knot, it’s like he doesn’t even want me anymore!!! Damn it! I’m soooo frustrated, and getting myself off isn’t the same; I need a good hard fucking, and I’m starting to not care who gives it to me!”

Whoa! This was un-fucking real!!! I had figured Lindsey and Russ were having issues, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it was over a lack of sex, and if anything, I would have thought my brother would be giving her a hard time about not getting it enough, not the other way around!

“Lindsey! Don’t even think that! You and Russ were made for each other and you wouldn’t want to throw it away after only a year! Try to get him into counseling, maybe you’re both just in a rut and need something to kick start you out of it.” Carol was the epitome of common sense, and it seemed to have calmed Lindsey down immediately.

“Your right, of course, I don’t even know why I said that. I’ll try and get us in to see someone who can help us. Thanks, honey, you always know what to say in any situation!”

At that point I pretended to just be walking back into the room, and they immediately changed the subject to shopping. They had no idea I had overheard them, and my mind was fairly reeling with the knowledge of Lindsey’s predicament. We all cooked dinner together and the meal went pleasantly enough, with good conversation and a bottle of red wine. After dinner we watched a movie on our big screen TV, and then, since we all had to work the next day, we called it a night.

The entire Northeast was going through one of the most miserable Summers on record, with temperatures in the high 80’s and always a lot of humidity, and this night was no exception. The attic fan kept the air moving and did help to make it less uncomfortable, but it was no substitute for central air, and both ladies let me know it as we trudged upstairs to our bedrooms. I promised them that before next Summer, I would have central air and we would pass the nights in absolute comfort, but tonight was gonna be a hot one.

Carol and I said our “good nights” to Lindsey, and we went to bed. Since it was a “school night,” Carol didn’t want to have sex, especially since we needed to keep our bedroom door open in order to keep the air moving, so we kissed and rolled over and tried to sleep.

Around 2AM or so, I was awoken by the sound of thunder over the attic fan, Carol was still out like a light; “maybe it’ll rain and bring us a little relief from the humidity,” I thought. I had to piss and so got up and crept to the hall bathroom to take a leak; on my way back to our bedroom I noticed Lindsey had left her bedroom door cracked open as well, and candlelight was flickering.

“What the hell,” I thought; “Why not take a peak?” I looked in, and there was Lindsey, lying on the bed in a thin nightgown and grinding a pillow between her legs. Her eyes were closed, and she was softly moaning to herself. I just stood there, mesmerized, feeling a stirring in my groin and a nervousness in the pit of my stomach.

For 1 or 2 minutes I stood there and watched my sister-in-law masturbate, and it was beautiful. She would squeeze her tit through the nightie with one hand while grinding the pillow into her crotch with the other, and then pull on her nipple, making it hard and amazingly long. I’ve seen photos online and in magazines of women with really long nipples, but just chalked it up to trick photography and airbrushing. Lindsey’s nipples had to be at least half an inch long, which amazed me since her breasts were probably in the 34B range. She would lick her finger and then tease the nipple up from her tit, hissing as she got to the very tip and gave it a squeeze. Oh my God, this was so hot I could not believe my eyes, I soaked up every second and burned it all into my memory.

At that moment, a flash of heat lightning lit up her room, and she opened her eyes and after a second saw me standing in the door, eyes locked on to her, my right hand absently massaging my cock. She looked right at me, and I looked right back. I regained my senses after a moment and glanced back down the hall, but there was no sign of stirring in my bedroom. I looked back at Lindsey, and she had made no effort to cover herself up, or stop what she was doing. It dawned on me that she wasn’t going to stop until she had come, and that my being there wasn’t going to stop her. By now, her nightie was soaked through with sweat, and I could see most of her body through it; every muscle, every curve, God what a sight!

Thoughts were shooting through my mind: “She’s married to your brother, this is the ultimate betrayal!”, “You love your girlfriend, you don’t want to mess that up!” and others roared through my mind in less than a second, but then I realized: my brother is something of an asshole, we had fought and made up our entire c***dhood and right into adulthood, and he is ignoring this flaming hot piece of ass to focus on work…. I approached her bedside, and, looking down the length of her body, I came back up to her eyes and simply said: “Need some help?” A moment of doubt, or apprehension, seemed to flicker across her face before she simply nodded. No words, just a brief nod of her head.

I took off my tee shirt, and slipped my boxers to the floor, releasing my cock, which was now at half mast and rising. Pulling the pillow from between her legs, I slipped to the foot of her bed and began trailing kisses up between her legs, crawling and pausing briefly to lick behind her knees, which caused her to shiver. Pushing her nightgown up past her waist, I looked at her waiting pussy in the candlelight. It was wet already from the attention she had been giving it, and her clit was just peaking out from under it’s hood. She kept her pussy hair neatly trimmed, which I love (Carol is kind of old school about it and doesn’t even trim, consequently I don’t give her much head anymore).

I began licking up her slit, pausing at the top and then flicking my tongue at her clit. That made her hiss with an intake of breath. I kept up the lapping motion, and then slid my right hand up her nightdress, caressing her skin all the way up to her tits. They were just over a handful, and I softly squeezed her right tittie, then circled the nipple with my thumb. This brought forth a moan from her, audible enough, but thank God the attic fan was still churning. I pinched the nipple, softly, but she grabbed my hand and made me pinch it hard. That was all the signal I needed, and soon my left hand was up with my right, squeezing, pinching, rolling the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lindsey was thrashing now, letting moans escape her mouth; low at first, but gaining in pitch. I grabbed the pillow she had been grinding and held it up to her face, she took the hint and bit into it. I then sucked hard on her clitty and gently nipped it with my teeth, and that was her release. Lindsey let out a series guttural shrieks into the pillow before going limp.

I crawled up to lay next to her; she began to recover her senses and looked at me, and said, “Fuck! That was amazing! I haven’t come that hard in so long, I can’t tell you!!”

“Linds,” I said with a grin on my mouth a mile wide, “you’re family. That’s what we do for our family here!” She laughed and asked if any other family members got this special “attention,” I replied that she was the first, and what did she think of my trial run?

“That depends on your follow up, Carl, what do you do for an encore?”

I took her hand and placed it on my still semi-hard cock and replied “That depends somewhat on you, Lindsey dear!”

“Well, then, let’s see if I fully understand this special “attention” thing…..”

She moved down and began giving me a blow job, rapidly bringing me to my full 6 inches of attention. I enjoy the sensations of getting head, but it’s hard for me to come with just oral stimulation, and since my girlfriend wouldn’t suck my cock unless I begged her, I had kinda lost my taste for it (no pun intended). But, I hadn’t come in a few days and for as much as she could be stuck up, Lindsey could really give good head. I pulled her back up to me, much to her disappointment.

“C’mon, I wanna give you as good as you gave,” she pouted.

“It felt great, Lindsey, but I want something more,” I told her, and rolled over on top of her. This put us face to face for the first time, and I kissed her hard. She resisted for just a bit, and then accepted my tongue in her mouth and we kissed deeply. I guided my rock hard cock to her entrance, and pushed forward. The sensation was incredible, she was tight… Wet… It felt like velvet. We began moving, I would thrust into her, she would arch her back to meet me. We kissed again; I gently bit her lower lip, and ran my tongue over and into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, she pushed me back and said, “hold on, let me get on top, OK,? Russ never lets me get on top anymore.” The mention of my brother’s name was a little weird, but what the fuck did I care?

“Fine, that’s fine,” I panted, “we’ll try a couple different things if you want.”

Her eyes narrowed a bit, she got a real seductive look in her eye, and said, “Deal.”

She climbed on top, and we got back into a rhythm. She clenched me with her pussy muscles; I thrust up into her as hard as I could. Then, without even losing me from her tight little pussy, she spun around so she was facing away from me, and kept squeezing me, leaning forward. I reached down and squeezed her buns. When she leaned forward, her puckered little asshole showed, and I came up with a devilish little idea. I wet my forefinger as much as possible, and began circling her anus with it. She looked over her shoulder with a slight smile and then turned away again, and again I did not miss the signal. The next time she leaned forward I popped my finger in up to the second knuckle. She threw her head back and somehow contained the scream. Again, without missing a beat I grabbed her off my cock, flipped her onto her stomach and leaned down between her legs. My cock still had plenty of her juices on it, and I was bound and determined to fuck her ass. I put it at the entrance and began to push forward, just getting the head in.

“Wait, Carl! Hold on! I’ve never taken it there, I don’t unnnnghhhhh!!!!!!” I pushed farther into her, not giving a goddamn what she was saying. She gripped the sheets with a white knuckle grip, I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“Relax!!! Just relax, this is gonna feel awesome.” What I didn’t tell her was that this was my first time there too, with anybody. Carol certainly never let me even touch her ass.

She must have believed me, as I felt her go a little limp in the body, and I pushed forward a little more. Again, low moans began coming from her throat. I withdrew and pushed back in, a little farther than I was before, and Lindsey kept on moaning, her eyes closed but with an intense expression on her face. I pushed again, and I was in to the fullest extent…. Her pussy was tight, her ass was even tighter! We began moving against each other again, getting a rhythm. The feeling was exquisite. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and began pounding her in earnest, giving her a good, hard, ass fucking. She started to scream, and again I took no chances and pushed her head into the pillow. She was really coming!, and I was soon to follow suit. I began blasting my come into her, she must have felt it because she kept coming, matching my orgasm. It felt like I pumped a quart of semen into her, and I collapsed on top of her, withdrawing from her ass as my cock shrank.

Finally, I rolled her over; she just stared at the ceiling, her eyes slightly glazed over. I couldn’t see down the hall into the Master Bedroom, but since Carol wasn’t at the door with a knife in her hand, I figured she had slept through it all. I’m so glad I have that attic fan, who the hell needs central air?

“Oh, shit, that was just amazing. Thank you so much for looking in on me tonight!,” she panted.

I told her “My pleasure, and I mean that, Lindsey. You’re a beautiful woman, and you should never be ignored like Russ is doing.” I kissed her again, gently this time.

Then Lindsey muttered, “My God, what am I going to say to Carol tomorrow? How am I going to face her?” Hmmm.

“What should we say to my girlfriend?,” I thought.

A good question…. Maybe to be answered, maybe not. You tell me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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