At the Museum

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At the Museum
this story goes back a while but I still remember it vividly…

I had taken my college girlfriend to the art museum for a fun, downtown, midday date. It was inexpensive and a great way to just spend time with one another, plus, as we were both Art majors, it made sense to visit the museum frequently. We could talk and laugh and simply enjoy each other’s company while also being able to take in some culture. “Daisy” was as cute as she could possibly be. She was very petite, only coming up to my collarbone, with a slim waist and the most perfect, if small, pair breasts on the planet. She had beautiful golden brown pixie-cut hair that she would sometimes pepper with little clips and barrettes, adding to her adorable charm. Her eyes were big and brown and very expressive. I could tell subtle changes in her mood just by watching her eyes. Her smile could and did melt me every time I saw it; she easily had one of the most captivating faces I had ever seen.

This day, she was wearing a thin and well-worn red “The Rolling Stones” t-shirt, a light brown corduroy miniskirt, and a pair of matching red Chuck Taylors. Her bangs were pulled and pinned to the side with a red metal barrette. As she often did, she chose not to wear a bra and the thin cotton of her t-shirt left little to the imagination.

The day was lovely and we enjoyed holding hands while strolling through the museum. We would each comment on pieces, telling what we liked and disliked about them and even injecting bits of history we knew about the artwork into our conversations. Occasionally, one of us would linger on a painting while the other would wander the halls but we would always naturally come back together. At one point, I paused to study a painting from the Romantic era while Daisy continued to peruse other pieces from other times. When I found her again, she was looking up at a very large wall-sized modern painting by a local artist that depicted a very large, very nude man; her head tilted slightly to the side and her hands clasped low behind her back. She was absolutely angelic. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her against me, kissing her lightly below one ear where her jawline met her throat. Her hands, still low behind her, grazed the front of my pants then gently cupped my genitals and gave a soft squeeze. The unprompted and unexpected contact caused my cock to leap suddenly beneath the fabric in her hands.

“Did you just get hard?” she asked.

“Little bit,” I grinned.

We stood there for several minutes, enjoying the close contact without looking overly suspicious.

“Let’s go out into the sculpture garden,” she said.

Taking my hand, she led me out the nearby glass doors into the museum’s outdoor sculpture garden. We walked past many different types of 3-dimensional art and fountains to a large square wall sculpture with bas relief tiles affixed to it and a light waterfall flowing down the surface of the entire piece into a shallow pool. She led me behind the sculpture which stood about four feet from a very tall retaining wall that jutted off the back of the museum. It was like a small alley at the edge of the sculpture garden, housing the pump for the waterfall. She pulled me into the passage and pushed me against the wall of the back of the sculpture and kissed me hard on the mouth, searching for my tongue with her own. She quickly stopped and knelt down and grabbed my belt buckle, deftly undoing it and unzipping my pants. Abruptly, my erection bowed out between the zipper teeth but still held in check by the fabric of my boxer shorts. Her eyes smiled up at me, big and beautiful liquid brown pools.

She slowly moved the elastic of my boxers down, causing the length of my hard cock to strain down and bow out even more as it was revealed, inch by inch. She paused with the elastic band of my boxers holding the head of my penis down and surveyed my throbbing length. Then with a smooth tug, my cock was free as it leaped up and bobbed in the open air.

She knelt there, with my pulsating prick just inches from her face and looked at it for what seemed to be a very long time. It’s not as if she hadn’t seen it before, she just liked to study it, even more than she had previously studied the paintings inside the museum. Her steady gaze and scrutiny of my manhood made my heartbeat quicken, causing my bouncing member to produce the first droplet of pre-cum. Seeing my cock being devoured by those big brown eyes set into her cute pixie face was maddening. She then encircled her small hand around my girth at the base of my prick. Looking up at me, she began to run her tongue along the underside of my penis, slowly licking and kissing it from base to tip and sucking away that first drop of pre-cum. She pursed her lips on my cockhead, parted them slightly and tongued at my piss hole. She drew her mouth back to reveal a string of saliva from my cock to her lips that fluttered and stretched in the slight breeze of our alleyway. Working slowly, she swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock as her lips engulfed its head. Looking into my eyes and smiling up at me around my dick, she worked up and down my shaft, sucking hard with each pull back and occasionally releasing me with a pop.

As she continued to draw me in and out of her amazing mouth, she pulled up her short skirt and began to rub the front of her silky red panties. After several minutes, she suddenly stood up and pulled her panties off, flashing her sweet shaved pussy at me. She tossed the panties into my face with a giggle and fell back to her knees to continue the work her mouth had started. I caught the smooth silk and held it to my face and inhaled deeply. Her golden brown hair shined as she bobbed and sucked at me off while her free hand worked furiously between her legs. She began to moan around my cock as she teased her clit with her fingers, rubbing and swirling herself nearer to orgasm.

I could feel my balls filling with my seed. Abruptly, sensing the coming surge, she swallowed the full length of my prick into her throat, humming with pleasure as she milked the cum from me. My cock erupted with wave after wave of thick, ropey spunk; coating her tongue as she drank me in. She continued to suck and lick until I was empty, then cleaned me with her tongue as I softened.

Smoothing out her skirt as she stood, I leaned down to kiss her. We sighed and held each other for several minutes before straightening our clothes into a more presentable condition and heading back into the museum, leaving her red silken panties hanging from the stone cock of a nude sculpture.

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