Be Careful Who You Tease!

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Be Careful Who You Tease!
This is a Fantasy and not real! So enjoy this mind fuck!

Callie wasn’t your average 18 year old. When she was 14 she had developed large breasts and a shapely ass that boys and even some older men, had stopped to stare at. In the next four years, she’d learned to make the most of her assets.

Honestly, Callie loved the way should could manipulate men with nothing more than a strategic forward lean and view of cleavage, or a sultry slow walk…or a well-timed blow job.

Her favourite thing in the entire world was giving blow-jobs. She liked being on her knees in front of a man, using her mouth and eyes, hands and breasts to bring him down. She liked how soft the skin of a cock felt against her tongue and hands. She loved the feeling of a hard cock.

It was a Saturday, and Callie had let herself sleep in late. She slept in next-to-nothing. She walked downstairs to get coffee in her black French cut underpants and tank top. Her large breasts were perky though she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her taught nipples poked out, almost visible through the light white fabric of her top.

Callie was surprised to find that her step-father and his best friend were outside in the yard, cutting down the big tree in the far corner of the lot. She stepped closer to the window to check on the progress…and not for nothing, to check out her step-father’s hot friend. The man, though close to 40, was incredibly hot. He was tall, buff and tanned. She knew he owned his own landscaping business and inwardly remarked how well it was treating him. As she stood behind the glass, she saw him look toward the window and quickly look away. She wished he had looked for longer. She wanted him to like what he saw.

Determined to get his attention, Callie got dressed in her skimpiest bikini and slathered her body in shimmering body oil. She curled her long blonde hair and applied smoky makeup to her eyes. She looked like a playboy bunny. Perfect, she thought.

Casually, she walked outside toward the lounge chair by the pool. She made a show of bending over forward, and placing her towel on the white chair. She also positioned the chair so that the men had the best view of her lying down from behind. She knew she had great tits (that was obvious) but she wanted to make sure her daddy’s friend got a good look at her ass. She knelt down on the chair and slowly lowered her body down onto the chair. Purposely, she avoided looking toward the man, casually skimming through a magazine and listening to music from her ipod. She knew this teeny tiny bikini would do the trick to get this guy interested.

Half an hour later, she overheard her step-father suggest they break for lunch. Callie took this opportunity to push her body up with her arms and stuck her ass high into the air, leaning back over her heels in an effort to turn over. Now that some time had elapsed, she needed to re-apply her suntan oil to her body. She drizzled her stomach and tits with oil and languorously spread it around over her breasts, arching her back as she rubbed herself. Her step-father had gone inside to get drinks and something to eat, and his friend awkwardly stood outside. She could tell that he was trying not to stare at her young, perfect body.

Slowly, she opened her legs and stared in his direction. At this moment she began to touch herself more suggestively. She obviously rubbed and tweaked her nipples, making the hard peaks show through her tiny top. She groaned out loud. It was difficult not to laugh when she noticed his hard-on through his jeans. Callie stopped touching herself as quickly as she had started. But she didn’t close her legs. Her father’s friend walked over closer to her, but hesitated before speaking.

“Um, Hi. I’m Tom.” He said to her, staring openly at the tiny scrap of fabric between her thighs. She widened her legs and placed two fingers into her panties. Slowly she rubbed her clit as he stared at her movements. He began to rub his growing cock through his pants. “Maybe you shouldn’t be doing that….um, here. With your dad around. You might get in trouble.”

Callie sighed and began to rub herself faster and with more pressure. If this guy was going to be a wuss she’d have to get herself off. And she wasn’t about wasting time. To be honest, she kinda liked the idea of getting caught. Her step-father wasn’t really a father figure to her. He’d married her mother only a few years earlier, and well, she hadn’t ever really seen him as more than Keith, the guy her mom married for his money. She admitted she thought he was fairly attractive too. Smiling, she wondered if he ever thought about her in a sexy way. Inwardly, she hoped he was watching from inside too.

Sitting up quickly, Callie stood from the chair and walked over to Tom. Inches away from his face she knelt before him and brushed her lips against his hard member through his pants. She smiled when he groaned and grabbed a solid fistful of her hair. She reached her arms up his legs and around to grope his ass. Oh, he has a nice butt. She brought her hands around to the front and unbuttoned his jeans. As she did this he reached down and fondled her breasts and tweaked a nipple. She moaned against his cock through the fabric.

She continued to unzip his pants. Momentarily, he was concerned about Keith coming back outside, but if she wasn’t worried, he wasn’t either. He knew for a fact that she was 18 and, well, clearly she was consenting. He’d seen her from afar a few times, dropping Keith off after work or when he was over for drinks. He always stole a glance at her breasts in whatever she was wearing. He honestly hadn’t noticed how perfect her little ass was. He knew she was up for a good time and he would show her little slutty body what it was made for.

She reached inside his pants and withdrew his cock. He had a good 8 inches of length and a thick pole for her to work with. She smiled, raised her eyebrows and winked at him. She wanted to put his dick into her throat. She licked the tip of his dick and tasted a drop of precum. She moaned and he closed his eyes and put his other hand in her hair. She liked the feeling of his hands, pulling her hair and bringing her mouth down onto his hard-on. She put his long dick into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it, sucking hard and looking up into his face. His naked torso looked muscular and sweaty. She thought he was incredibly sexy.

From inside the house, Keith noticed Tom walking over to his step-daughter. He knew she was scantily clad and didn’t love the idea of him approaching her. From the window over the sink, he watched their interaction. He was surprised to find himself getting excited to see her walk over and sink to her knees in front of his friend. He watched as she touched him, rubbed her face into his groin and unbuttoned his pants. When she reached in and pulled out his dick, Keith began to get excited. His dick was rock hard by the time she swallowed his big prick into her beautiful mouth. He noticed that she didn’t seem to be bothered by the length of his dick going into her throat. She reveled in her power to make him want her. Second, he realized that she knew he could see exactly what she was doing for the kitchen. He realized that he actually hoped that she was doing this to his friend, to excite him. He knew it was wrong, but he often fantasized about touching her big tits, licking her nipples and tasting her wet snatch. He imagined himself fucking her while he fucked his wife. Her pussy would feel incredible. Seizing the opportunity, Keith reached into his shorts and began tugging on his cock, feeling it grow harder and bigger in his hand. With a spurt of kamikaze guts he walked outside, cock in hand, right over to where his step-daughter was gloriously deepthroating his best friend.

Neither Callie nor Tom noticed Keith approach them. Tom was focused on the way Callie’s tongue was bathing his cock with long, sultry licks and hard sucking, making popping noises as she pulled it out of her mouth repeatedly. As he opened his eyes, he noticed Keith standing beside him, stroking his cock and staring at his step-daughter sucking him off.

The two men shared a short moment of silent interaction before Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth from his dick. When she opened her eyes and saw Keith, Tom forced her to turn and take Keith’s fat cock into her mouth. Whorishly, she sucked his dick with abandon, with one hand remaining, stroking Tom’s balls.

Tom removed the tiny scraps of material, she liked to call a bathing suit and began to fondle her breasts. He moved into a position behind her and got onto his knees. She could feel him reach beneath her now dripping pussy and dip two fingers into her slick hole. She felt his cock pressing against her ass check as he finger fucked her from behind and she continued to suck her step-father’s cock. It was shorter than Tom’s but fat and by no means short itself. She smiled a naughty smile as she pushed her tits together, spat in between them, leaned back and pushed up on her knees, taller and taller, and slid his fat dick between her tits. He moaned loudly as he pushed his meat in between her big breasts and fucked her tits fast. He stuck two fingers in her mouth and she greedily sucked them while he fucked her breasts.

Behind her, Tom had leaned forward to lick her pussy. He spit on her slit and knelt back up on his knees. He grabbed her arms, causing her to let go of her breasts and pitch forward. Her mouth was quickly filled with dick again when Keith pulled her head back and thrust his dick into her face. From behind, Tom stuffed his dick deep into her pussy and began thrusting hard and deep.

She screamed as he impaled her with his massive cock again and again. Her juices made it easier for him to enter her, but she’d never had such a large cock inside her. As he rammed his meat into her, she moaned, squirmed and enjoyed every minute of it. He held her arms behind her back, allowing Keith to fuck her face and throat as hard and fast as he wanted and she slobbered and spit on his cock as he made use of her hole. Tom came fast, inside her pussy, and pulled out.

Keith took this opportunity to switch positions with his friend. He made sure to take hold of her arms again too because he was fairly certain she would fight against what he was going to do. From behind he reached under her, and rubbed her clit. She came hard and squirted from her pussy as she came. He swore, called her a whore and plunged his dick deep into her. The thickness of his cock felt amazing inside her and she screamed loudly. Tom stood in front of her, cupping his balls and stroking his cock until he was hard once more. She liked watching him as he stroked himself. She felt her next orgasm growing inside her.

Keith spit onto his fingers and rubbed her asshole. This was where he wanted to go. He’d thought about fucking her ass every time she walked around his house in a tiny pair of shorts, bending down in front of him or dancing around his house. He rubbed his finger over he asshole, pressing his spit into the hole. He pushed his finger into her ass up to his knuckle. He pulled his finger out and returned to push in two fingers. Quickly, before she could wiggle away he pulled his cock from her dripping pussy and shoved it hard into her ass. She screamed. To cover her screams, Tom shoved his cock back into her mouth. She had no choice but to take both cocks inside her. She’d never fucked two men at the same time, and never taken a cock up her ass. The pain quickly turned to pleasure and she moaned around Tom’s cock in arousal.

Tom decided he wanted to fuck her pussy again. Looking at Keith he motioned for them to switch positions, but Keith had a better idea. He pulled Callie up and leaned his body back onto the ground so she was leaning backward over his body, sitting directly on his dick. He forced her to lean back more and open her thighs, giving Tom room to move between them in front of her. Without argument, Tom moved between her spread legs and returned his huge dick into her pussy. With a cock in both her pussy and ass, Callie screamed. She felt like she was being torn apart, in the best possible way.

For several minutes, the two men fucked her holes hard, making her pussy come again, dripping juices onto Keith’s dick as it plunged into her ass. Needing to cum, Keith rammed his dick hard up into her tight hole and came with long spurts into her gaping ass. Tom, unable to last much longer pulled out, stood above her face and came in ropes over Callie’s slutty face. With her fingers she moved the cum into her mouth and swallowed his jizz, dramatically showing him her empty mouth when she swallowed.

Moving away from the men, Callie wrapped the towel she’d brought outside with her around her body. She could feel the cum seeping out of her holes and slowly dripping down her thighs. Keith looked at her and said, “If you want to keep living here now that you’re 18, we’re going to keep fucking like that. Understand?” She nodded. This was turning into quite the Saturday.

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