BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher Part 2

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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher Part 2
Please read part 1 which is the same title without the Part 2 attached to it before you read this please 😉

Mr. Milks and I have had sex for the past two weeks. I would usually meet him in his Music room and we would make love in all sorts of ways there, but the reason he was in the Library the first time is because he was filling in for my b*o’s library teacher who was sick. Mr. Milks (first name is Tyler) didn’t teach any music classes that day so he was free to take over.
I’m in high school, but my b*o goes to the elementary school Mr. Milks works at so I was going to come and visit and at the right time, he felt the need for my body too. I had no idea he felt ANYTHING for me, but when we were kissing for the first time, he told me that the first time he saw me when he was just starting to work there when I was in mid Grade 6, he thought I was beautiful. Mr. Milks is 24 and I am 14, but he looks like a simple horny average 17 year old teenager so it’s okay if anyone sees us kissing or anything in public places, as long as his wife isn’t around. Don’t worry, he’s not cheating or anything because him and his wife have been growing apart for a while now and they both have already signed devorce papers, so he’s all mine now. He says that he’s all mine to any liking. I like that idea 😉
Today, the summer has started on a beating hot, sunny Friday. I stand on the inside gates of the P.N.E. Mr. Milks are going here today, and were going to have endless fun. I’ve already paid for my tickets and Tyler already told me to buy tickets because he was going to be ten or twenty minutes late, and I was fine with that. I hold my tickets in my hand and my white Iphone in my other and I glance at the time. It’s 12:34 and I’ve been waiting here for fifteen minutes. Today, I’m wearing a Ulla Dress (thin straps, gorgeous frills along the neckline, thin around the waist and up to the high thighs), with a pair of Sidi sky blue sandals and Guess Diva glasses. My long golden straight hair is put into a loose braid at my side tied with a little flower at the end. From what people describe me by, (NOT BRAGGING AT ALL LOL) I’m sexy, beautiful, kind, funny, have a soft tanned fair skin, and bright caramel hazel eyes. I step forward a few steps to look around the carnival. It has a lot of roller coasters and prize winning games.
Suddenly, I feel two warm arms wrap around my waist and I lift my head, smiling. I don’t look behind me though.
“Hello gorgeous.” He says, kissing my neck softly.
“Hmm, I’m not quite convinced your the man I’m waiting for…” I say, chin lifted high and I can feel him grin and he spins me around so that no one can see us and his warm fingers find the surface of my pussy under my dress that are under my panties. I breathe in and smile.
“Convinced.” I say and I spin around, pressing my lips against his. Our lips mingle around for a few moments, until we both step back and he scans me.
“Aren’t you looking sexy today.” He smiles and I push him on the arm gently and he takes my hand. Today, Mr. Milsk wears a light grey t- shirt with white shorts and some runners. Some say that might be a weird style, but he is the most hottest man alive on earth to me. He has great abs and muscles, a hot smile and a huge cock too. We hold hands while walking down the pavement ground filled with crowds and games. I look around at all the roller coasters, ferris wheels, haunted house, prize winning games and more. It’s a lot to take in because there is just thousands of people here. There is a band somewhere around because loud music plays through the speakers.
First, Mr. Milks and I go on a few roller coasters. There was one that got me really dizzy but his kisses made them go away and we had lots of fun on those. The bumper cars were personally his favorite because he’s a boss at those and I couldn’t handle turning the wheel because the cars are really stubborn and don’t turn the way you want them to, haha. We head to the prize winning games and Mr. Milks wins me a few stuffed a****ls and almost wins the motorcycle by 1 point less. A few drunk guys around here grabbed for my ass and tits but Mr. Milks didn’t allow their foolishness and protected me the whole way through.
We now standing beside a cotton candy stand, holding each other and kiss. One of his hands rest on my waist and the other behind my head and I wrap my arms around his lower back. We got a few whistles but I really didn’t care. I was pretty glad that Mr. Milks looked a lot younger than he did because if he didn’t, people would be getting weird ideas about us.
As our tongues press against each others and move around continuesly, my back rests against the stand and our thighs and bodies press against each others.
“Do you think… I could um…. give you…” I say against his lips, glance around quickly to make sure no one is looking and my left hand finds the hard bump in his shorts and he nods. Our lips part and I take his hand and we both walk around, looking for a dark place.
“Now, what’s a dark, long place where we could have some fun…” I say to myself, already knowing the answer but I want to hear him say it for fun.
“A haunted house?” He grins at me and I make a check mark in the air giving him the gesture that he is correct and we turn a right through the crowd and walk straight to the popular ‘Haunted House of the Devils”. We wait in the line for almost twenty minutes, but I couldn’t care because for what we were about to do, I could wait hours. When we finally get to the front of the line, the boy who works there glances at me and Mr. Milks and I, me with my arm around his waist and him with his arm around my shoulder.
“How old are you two?” He asks and my face gets red with anger.
“How bout’ you let us through the door, fuck nut.” I snap at him and he puts his hands up in surrender and allows us through and I say, “thanks.”
“Nice one.” Mr. Milks smiles down at me and I wink at him. Glad to know I’m nice, funny and kind! I rarely ever swear, but I just got angry so I had to let it out. We walk through the door of the haunted house and only 2 torches on the sides of the walls lights the path to the begining pathway. I clutch onto Tyler’s hand and I can hear him chuckle. I look around and I spot a couple ahead of us walking. I sigh with releif, it’s pretty good knowing your not in the front expecting crazy shit to happen.
After about five minutes of walking through the haunted house, we’re on the second floor and I’m desprate to find a place for us to hide, because I’m getting super wet and I’m needing his cock. I finally spot a place when we turn the corner. It’s a little exit door but before you open the door, to the ride is a large indent in the wall with black streamers and black d****s covering it. I wouldn’t have noticed but I took three seconds to really see it and I nod to Mr. Milks and he leads the sway. We quickly jump out of the way before the couple far behind us can see us move out of the way and my heart beats fast with excitement. I open the d****s quietly and there is suprisingly no equipment or anything back here. Just a small room that is about 4 by 4 meters long. Pretty large for a haunted house and some BJ work. We walk to the far corner of the room incase someone decides to take the exit door and thinks that they hear us and looks in. But the shadow of the walls is covering us.
I can still see Mr. Milks because there is a torch in the hall we came in that is beside the exit sign. He wraps his arms around me and we start to make out, long. As my mouth moves against his, I know that he wants to feel my body, so I pull down the straps and slip out of my dress to reveal my matching pink lace bra and panties. He grins and swings me around and pushes me against the wall and I breathe out happily. Our lips meet again fast and his hands reach up my bra to find my breasts and I smile against his mouth and his fingers rub my hard nipples and one of my hands is behind is head so I reach my other hand down to unzip his shorts and I feel his boxers. He moans out and I rub it with my warm palm strongly and they I yank his shorts down and he stands in his boxes and grey t- shirt. I grab his shoulders and swing him around and push him against the wall and he chuckles quietly and I squat down, rubbing the hard cock under her boxers.
“Damn girl, you’re pretty good.” He whispers quietly and I then yank down his boxers, revealing his 6″3 cock that is in a hard boner. I place it in my hands and I stark to jerk it off while placing my tongue around the soft tip. I lick around and around and then I run my tongue along the sides. He moans out and gets the back of my head gentle and brings my head forward and I slide his cock into my mouth. I give him a BJ by running my soft lips and and down his lubricated cock and I lick every inch of it. He’d been helping me fit it all into my pussy and into my mouth for the past week and when I finally did, it felt amazing in both places, especially for him. He thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth, giving me some help and I take it out of my mouth, spit on his cock and start to jerk off again. I lick the tip a bunch of times and I look up to Mr. Milks’ face and its pure pleasure and happiness.
“I’m… gunna…” He says quietly and I nod, leaning back and I hold my breasts right in front of his cock. He groans out, squeezes, and a warm liquid gooey cum load sprays onto my breasts. I smile and come closer, place his cock between my breasts and give him a tittie fuck that gets him hard again.
“Please… let me rest for a second… I might… cum… again…” He says and I grin, rubbing his cock faster and harder between my breasts.
“Let it out. Go ahead.” I say to him. I feel his cock get hard again and he lets out ANOTHER huge load of cum onto my breasts and neckline. I take a deep breath out, lay onto the ground with a gentle thud and pant. He goes onto his knees and lays beside me and we lay there, panting together. He helps me clean up the liquid on my body and I get back into my dress.
“I have another idea.” I say and he nods. We walk out of the d****s quietly and take the exit door to our right. Bright sunlight shines on our faces, blinding us for almost a full minute and we walk down the long metal stair case. I hold his hand in mine and over the past week or two, he’s been pretty suprised how well I’ve gotten with the BJ thing. We walk down the crowd and when I spot what I wanted, I smile.
“Nice choice.” He says and I grin. We walk a little faster toward the short line so we don’t have to wait so long. The Ferris Wheel has those little things that you sit in, except this one is different. Instead of a bench where you sit, it almost looks like a small room. It had a bench on both ends, a meter or two of width and you can easily stand in it. It was bigger than I thought. After a few minutes, we get to the front and the girl who works there asks us,
“Couple or group?”
“Couple please.” Tyler says and she nods. She is dressed in a tight white tank top and red shorts. Almost looks like a lifeguard.
“You can take… that empty one over there.” She points out and we spot the purple carriage and we walk over and he opens the door for me. I nod in thank you and we both step in. When the girl sees were fastened in, she lets other people in and soon all the carriages are set and the Ferris Wheel starts rising. Mr. Milks smiles at me.
“Soon enough the thing will stop and when it does, we’ll get down to business.” I smile back, rubbing his hard bump and he nods. We wait three minutes and the Ferris Wheel stops and were second to the top, well hidden and perfect. I grin and unfasten the bar and then undress myself till I know have my bra on. Tyler had already gotten himself undressed to only his t- shirt on.
“Oh no you don’t, I wanna see them abs and such.” I grin, taking his shirt off and I toss it across the carriage and I lay down onto the cold metal but our body heat is starting to warm is up a bit. He lays about me, and this reminds me to the time when we first made love and he was laying above me, making love to me. I smile and he rubs his lubricated cock against my clit and I breathe out, not caring how loud I am anymore.
“Oh, don’t tease me…” I whimper and bit my lip and he slower lowers his hips, inserting his penis into my pussy. After all the times we’d had sex, nothing hurts anymore, only the pleasure is what replaces it. I breathe out, cling to his body and he thrusts his hips back and forth, fast. He’s been waiting hours for this and so was I, so we’re not fooling around anymore. He kisses my neck softly as he fucks me and I rest my chin on his strong shoulder. I look down to watch his hard cock slide in and out of my tight pussy.
“Fuck… you’re really amazing…” He says under his breath and I smile. I starts to thrust faster and when I get a bit uncomfortable with this position, He picks me up and he sits down on the bench and pushes the bar up so it’s not in our way. I sit on his hips and grind my body against his and start to move up and down, up and down and he leans back, moaning aloud. I can tell that our carriage is moving quite a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone knew what we were doing. I remove my bra and toss it away and I realize that it flies out the window!
“Shit!” I say and he notices and starts to laugh.
“It’s okay.”
“No, its not. My nips are gunna be hard and stuff. People will notice.”
“Let them. It shows how beautiful and fun you are.” He grins and plants a kiss against my lips and I kiss him back as his hard cock throbs in my pussy.
I now have all fours on the ground and he fucks me from behind in the doggie position. I breath out and feel his balls slap against my pussy as he fucks me and I look back at him and see he’s enjoying this very much. He holds both of my hips in his hands and slaps my ass.
“God, I can’t quite get enough of you. You’re pussy is realy tight, Em.” He says in pleasure.
“Good. Because after this, down the road is a beach, were going there next.” I grin at him and his face lights up in excitement. He starts to go faster and I face back the way I was, staring at the bench ahead of me and then I notice something. The carrage above us can see me. The couple watches us and I give them a little wave and they start to smile, laugh kindly and wave back. I smile and Mr. Milks flips me around to fuck me as he faces me. I lay on the ground, back into our first position but it doesn’t bother me anymore. His cock slides out and it takes two seconds to get fully out of my since its so hard and long and then he starts to jerk off. I wave his hands away and take his wet cock in my hands and I start to jerk him off myself. Then, I put it into my mouth and I can feel his penis start to pump, and he lets out the biggest load I’ve ever, ever ate. It takes me a bunch of swallows to get down, and I’m so tired that I lay back on the ground.
“Sorry, that was big.” He says and I shake my head and wave it off.
“It’s fine. I enjoyed it.” I smile and he lays beside me. I pant deeply and he notices this.
“I didn’t go too hard, did I?” He asks and I turn toward him fast.
“No! Don’t ever say that. You were perfect, I’m just worried…” I say and I trail off.
“No, go ahead. Tell me.” He says gently and strokes my face with his hands. I look straight into his bright trusting eyes. I think to myself. I can’t believe I have such a guy like him to myself.
“I’m just worried that I’m not good enough for you. Me being young and-”
“Em,” He says so strong and firm that it surprises me. He cups my face in his hands. “Don’t ever say that to me again. Do you hear me? I haven’t loved a girl like I love you ever in my life. You make me so happy, I can’t express it in sex, love or anything. Your the one for me. No one else. There’s only one thing left to say, and I will understand either answer. Do you want me?” He asks and I stare at him in astonishement.
“What kind offa question is that? Of course I want you.” I say and he brings his head forward and we lay there, kissing each other and holding each other. He’s the one I want, there is no doubt about that.

Part 3 will be coming up soon. But it will have a different title. It will be called “Sex With My Music Teacher On The Beach”. There will be no Part 3 attached so I will be giving my Part 2 And Part 1 attachments onto it to go check those out first. Thank you so much for reading everyone 😉

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