Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 4

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Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 4
After the wedding everything went good for a while even though the sex was lacking I thought everything would be ok, that I had gotten away with what I had done and everything would be behind me now. It had been 2 months since we were married it was august now and the honeymoon was over.

My fiancee started traveling again and I was left alone a lot of times, which I knew I would be before we were married. Leon had not tried to contact me so I thought everything was good and he kept his word. As I said the sex was lacking in our marriage even though we had sex my husband wasnt pleasing me, even though he thought he was. He didnt want to do oral or he wasnt adventerous it was like the same routine everytime. There were several times I tried to talk to him about it and he would just ignore me.

I knew it wasnt my looks other guys look at me all the time and even try to talk to me but I just brush them off. I have to admit there were times that I thought of Leon and Al and there big cocks and how they treated me and how Leon had fucked me and made me give Al a handjob, everytime that I thought about how Leon had treated me and used me and made me do things that I had never done before it really excited me. I just thought these feelings would pass but every time I was left alone I find myself thinking about it more and more.
There was a couple of times I thought about calling Leon but I just couldnt bring myself to do it. One day I had to go do grocery shopping while my husband was out of town and I went to the local mall to look around as I was walking around the mall my cell phone rang and when I looked at the number I didnt recognize it so I answered and said hello and all I heard was heavy breathing on the other end, so I quickly hung up, wondering if it was just a random call or what.

About an hour later as I was driving home my phone rang again and it was the same number, I wasnt sure where to answer it or not, reluctantly I answered and said hello this time I also heard heavy breathing , I said I dont know who you are but you need to quit calling me and as I was about to hang up he said we need to talk, I said who is this I dont know you and the man said yes you do know me. Angrily I said no I dont, How did you get my number?The man said do you remember the night before you got married im the man that was there with Leon. I was shocked for a few seconds I was speechless as my heart sank. Finally I said how did you get my number and he said Leon gave it to me.

I said you have no right calling me you wasnt supposed to be there that night now leave me alone. Then he said you need to hear what I have to say girl. I asked, why do I need to hear what you have to say I dont know you. Al said Leon owes me money and he couldnt pay me so I worked out a deal with him if he would hook me up with you I would call it even so he gave me some pictures of you and told me everything you done and how he fucked you 3 times and how he taught you how to suck dick and how you came everytime he fucked you, all while you were engaged to your fiancee and he was out of town, so I know everything.

Again I was speechless, how could Leon do this he promised me he wouldnt tell anyone. Up until this point I had forgotten about the pictures. Tears were coming to my eyes as I drove down the road. Al said Leon also told me you liked being talked dirty to that it turns you on, is that right bitch? I said please dont do this. Al said you do liked being talked dirty to dont you, you like being called a bitch and dirty white girl, dont you. Girl you know youve made my dick hard just talking to you dont you, you like us black men talking dirty to you dont you bitch.
I didnt know what to say I softly said please stop im married I cant be doing this its wrong and at the same time my heart was pounding in my chest and my breathing was very heavy as the sexual excitement took over my body. Al said now tell me girl you like being talked dirty to and treated like a little whore dont you. You like the thought of a black man touching you and making you suck his black cock before he fucks you dont you. Again I very softly said please stop.

Al said if you want me to stop then tell me the truth bitch, im waiting I aint got all day. Finally with a trembling voice I said yes I do. Al said now if you want these pictures back you know what you have to do, I said but I cant im married. Al said I know your husband goes out of town he want know anything if you do what I say, so all you have to do is tell me when we can do this. I said if I do you promise to give me the pictures and Al said yeah I will. After a little thought I said maybe next week if my husband goes out of town and Al said ok but if you dont call me you know what I will do dont you and I replied yes.

After we hung up my body was shaking from head to toe and I could feel my pussy was very wet my body tingled with excitement as I drove home. After I got home I had to change my panties because they were so wet. For the next few days I was a nervous wreck. I didnt understand how Leon could do such a thing to me and how did I let things get this far I never thought I would cheat on my husband but I didnt know what else to do I had always been a good girl that always done the right thing and had always had a very good reputation.

The next week my husband had to go out of town on tuesday and wouldnt be back until friday, on tuesday after he left I called Al and told him my husband was out of town. Al said good girl now Im going to come over to your house tommorow night. I said no not here someone will see you, he said no they wont I will park on the street and come in your back door , but he wouldnt listen to me he was persistant in coming to my house, I told him that I went to church with my parents on wednesday night and he said thats ok I will come around 9:00 no matter what I said his mind was made up.

The next night I went to church with my parents I was a nervous wreck all day I couldnt sit still in church for thinking about what I was going to do. After church I went home and got there around 8;30 my heart was already pounding in my chest with anticipation as I waited I couldnt believe what I was about to do again.

At 9;00 there was a knock on the back door knowing who it was I started toward the door my legs were shaking as I walked to answer the door As I let Al in I could hardly breathe, He was bigger than I remembered he was built like a gorilla very stocky , long arms, big hands, large nose and lips and his eyes looked very white compared to his very dark skin.

After He came in he looked up and down my body and said damn girl you look good. He then walked around and looked at the house which made me nervous He looked at the living room and kitchen and then walked into the bedroom and finally looked into mine and my husbands bedroom and said thats a nice bed girl is that where you little white boy fucks you. I said please dont talk about him.

Then Al pulled the pictures out of his pocket and said just so you know I brought them. He looked at me very serious and said but you know you have to earn them, understand. We walked back into the living room where I had pulled all the curtains and blinds I had 2 lamps on also. Al turned to me and said come here girl I slowly walked closer to him as his eyes run up and down my body.

Al slowly reached out his big hand and touched my breast saying damn girl I didnt get to touch you the last time I saw you, My body was shaking as he groped my breast, he looked at me and said you know ive never fucked a white girl before dont you and im going to get some of your little pussy tonight. Then he reached around the back of my head and pulled it toward him to kiss him his big lips smothered me as he kissed me, his hands sliding down and played with my ass as he kissed me.

After he kissed me he said yeah girl you like that dont you , what would your little husband think now girl you being kissed and felt up right here in his own house. Now you ready to see my black dick girl. I stood there trembling as he took his clothes off, when he pulled his underwear down his big fat cock popped out, it looked thicker than I remembered with a huge head on it, very black and very hard.

Al took my hand and placed it on his cock and said thats what you want aint it girl you like a big black dick dont you. My breathing was very heavy as I played with his cock. Al started to unbutton my dress as I played with him. As he pulled my dress off he said damn girl Leon was right you are a hot little bitch aint you you pretty as hell and you liked getting fucked dont you. Al wasted no time in taking my bra and panties off as soon as I was naked his hand went straight to my pussy as he touched me he said damn girl you let you pussy hair grow back I like that I let out an uncontrollable moan as he touched me.

His fingers worked up and down my wet slit and he said gd thats a wet pussy girl you really do like this dont you. All of a sudden he took his middle finger and pushed it in my pussy his finger felt as big as my husbands cock. Then Al pushed me to my knees and said suck my dick bitch. I licked up and down his big shaft his cock felt really good in my mouth I licked his shaft and balls before taking his head in my mouth, it would hardly fit it was so big.

After I had sucked him a few minutes he sat me down on the sofa where he spread my legs and fingered me some more first with one finger then 2 as he fingered me Al asked now are you ready for me to fuck you girl. I shyly nodded my head yes.

Al stood up and grabbed my legs and spread them wide as he guided his big cock toward my pussy, he rubbed the head of his big cock up and down my slit before trying to push it in me, it was painful at first but all of a sudden his big head popped inside me and before long he had worked most of it in me starting to pump slowly. there was a squishing sound as he did so, It wasnt long before I felt an orgasm coming as it neared my body tensed and I begin to quiver all over and moan very loudly when all of a sudden Al tensed up and shot load after load inside me. After we were finished Al gave me the pictures which I destroyed now Im afraid that addicted to black cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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