Good Slave

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Good Slave
I’ve been eyeing you up for some time now. Your friend, Shannon, had hinted to me that you were turned on by the thought of master and slave fantasies. She told you that she heard I’d done some kinky things with a couple girls, but didn’t know for real. Maybe they were just making up stories to sound hot and make her jealous. The thought of that made you tingle inside, but you were very nervous to share it with her. What kind of girl would she think you are? Kind of interesting. I wouldn’t have thought it of you. Thought you were a little bit more on the straight and narrow.

We’d crossed paths in town several times recently, and up until now I hadn’t thought much of your glances. Yes, you looked like a fun girl, but didn’t seem like the type that would be willing to surrender to a master. But now, each time I see you I notice that rather than giving me a flirty glance, you look away. Not with a shyness, but with body language I know well that tells me you are waiting for me to give you a sign, an order to obey, that it is ok the look back. You were a bit surprised by how easily your body gave in to your fantasy thoughts. You were even more surprised by the tingling between your legs as you walked on. Little pulses that made your heart beat a bit quicker. Suddenly, all you could think were those stories Shannon had told you.

That was all I needed, and that night I called Shannon. I told her about seeing you, and how we’d been “eyeing” each other up. Shannon was still not sure about the stories she’d heard, but she couldn’t help thinking how hot it was that I was interested in Molly and that Molly had shared her slave fantasies with her. I asked Shannon to give Molly a message to meet me at the coffee shop where we passed yesterday the next day, about 4 in the afternoon. That was my first direction to Molly. If she showed up I knew then that she would be willing to surrender.

Precisely at 4 the next day I walked into the coffee shop. I entered through the back door. Made my way toward the counter, where I saw you standing. You hadn’t seen me yet. You expected me to come through the front door. Just as I was about to walk past you, I said, “Molly, follow me.” And kept walking through the shop, out the front door to the street. Made a left turn, and as I did I noticed that you were right behind me. You were already playing along, perfect. My place was downtown, only a few blocks from the coffee shop. You stayed behind me all the way. When we arrived and I unlocked the door I told you to take a seat in the chair in the foyer. There was only one chair, a very rigid Victorian antique with no padding. I told you to wait there, and that I would be back in a minute. You tried to get comfortable, but the chair just wouldn’t allow it. You were suddenly caught off guard by your own thoughts. You are already being directed and dominated. At this point your head is beginning to race with anticipation. You haven’t done this before, but it feels somehow familiar.

I return to the foyer, order you to stand and remove your clothing from the waist up. As you begin to obey I let you know that are to look at the wall directly in front of you, do not look at me, and do not speak unless I ask you a question. It’s then that you notice in my hand some leather things with buckles. You are now naked from the waist up, and am delighted to see that your breasts a bigger than I anticipated. Your clothing was doing its job to conceal your bounty. Now, I order you to hold your hands out and buckle the leather cuff to your wrists, then to turn around. I can feel you swallow hard as I buckle the leather collar around you neck. I can see that your breathing is getting a little deeper as I look over your shoulder and see your b**sts heaving. I tell you to leave your clothes on the chair and follow me. We walk through a short hall, turn right and head into a dark room at the end of the hall.

Upon entering the room you notice single beam of light shining from the ceiling onto a short black box. Black d****s cover all the walls. It’s warm, and already you are beginning to sweat. I order you onto the box. You step up. Moving one of the d****s back reveals another of those uncomfortable chairs and a small table with an assortment of items you presume will be used on you. You are on the box now, nervous sweat is starting to bead on your brow and your chest. I take a seat in the chair to look at you and take you in. As I am pleased with what I see, I instruct you to remove the rest of you clothing. Watching you move in the single light, revealing more of your body to me, what a good slave I think. Once you are naked I tell you to turn round so that I can all of you. Again, I am pleased. Your full breasts are well balanced below the waist by slender, but ample hips and thighs. Your flesh is creamy and white.

As I get up to approach I grab a coil of black rope. I stroke your flesh with the coils and tell you that first I am going to tie your tits so that they tighten up and stand out for some teasing. I tell you now that I also want you to repeat what I say as a request using, “Please, Master…” You nod in assent. Now we start. “I’m going to tie your tits.” “Please, Master tie my tits.”

Now it is time to begin the session.

With just a couple of snug wraps of the rope your breasts swell up and get real tight, maybe just tight enough to start turning color a bit. Once your tits are tight and sensitive, I rake my fingernails over them in slow circles coming to the nipples just at the end. When I feel your body begin to buck in response to the touch on your tits I begin to roll your nipples between my fingers and squeeze them. At that point my other hand is now resting on your pussy, waiting to feel it tense as your nipples begin to telegraph it signals that your heat is building. You’ll want to push your pussy onto my fingers, but I’ll hold it back making you ache to be filled…

After your breasts have been tied tight for a while they become less sensitive, so as I notice that, I release them and pull your arms up over your head, clipping your hands into a spreader bar. Now I push your feet back so that your breasts are hanging and swinging, pooling themselves into beautiful round pendulous orbs of delight. I can’t help but reach out with my broad hand and strong fingers to massage your nipples, drawing you into the idea that this will now be soft and gentle. When I see your hips buck from the nipple play, I step back and take a full downward swing at your tits, just snapping your nipple with the back of my finger tips as my hand flies past your face. With a smart crack you wince in pain, but then pleasure as the sting turns to heat that causes your nipple to harden even more. The other breast receives the same, and back and forth I go. Your pussy is now drenched with your sex juices, throbbing with each slap and aching to be touched, rubbed, filled! Once your breasts are red, hard, and throbbing on their own, I reach for my Chinese clover nipple clamps. Connected by a thin chain just long enough so that you can hold it in your mouth. I bring your feet forward, so that you are standing up straight, and kick your feet side to side so that your legs spread and reveal your pussy; swollen, juicy, and very hot. I instruct you to pull up on the chain between your teeth so that you are now teasing your own nipples. I tell you to make sure you really feel the tug, because now you are going help me make you cum. As the words leave my mouth I can see your tummy tighten and release, showing me that those thoughts have made your pussy pulse with pleasure. We have been at this a while and I know now that your body is really ready for the next step in this steamy dance toward your orgasm. For I control it, own it, hold it in my hand; you having surrendered it to me becoming my slave. Turning around, I pick up a riding crop, turn back to you and hold its broad black leather tip to your face so that you can smell the leather. Rub it on your cheeks, so you can feel its softness. The distraction of the crop causes you to stop tugging on your nipples. When I notice this I yank the chain from your mouth and pull down on it with a jerk, giving your tits a shock that causes your knees to buckle. Now you know you had better stay focused. I put the chain back into your mouth and nod to you to begin again. Much better…good slave. I pet your head. Then slap your cheek with the crop. Crack! You moan through the chain in your mouth and I see now that you are drooling through the chain, it’s running down onto your breasts making them shiny and so naughty looking. I use the crop to spread it out and rub it in to your tits. Some of your it is even making its way down to your pussy, adding to the wet mess that continues to build down there. The crop now follows the wetness down your belly, rubbing it all around. Then I begin to slap the underside of your breasts with it. Gentle taps with a smart slap here and there. I instruct you to pull up tight on the chain so that the tender white underside of your tits remains exposed. Starting right at the top where the clamp hold each nipple I slap at your flesh, working my way down your body to just below your belly button, to that very sensitive place where belly begins to turn into pussy, stopping just short of your smooth mound, rubbing in slow circles, just letting you feel a little leather on your smooth creamy skin. Back to the top and down the other side. After a couple runs down each breast I let you allow your breasts to drop down and you may rest them for a few minutes. Your skin is getting redder in places and you are sweating so that your whole body glistens and shines, the aroma of your sex fills the air. This will now let you focus a little more on that desperate feeling beginning to build at your pussy. You are thinking, “Please, please, please just touch it, touch it, even just a little. I need my pussy touched, rubbed, filled.” The voice in your head won’t stop and it clouds all your thoughts, and your entire being is now focused on what it will feel like when I finally get there….and I will, but only when I’m ready.

The decision to allow you to cum, and when, is working it’s way to the front of my mind. You have been such a good slave so far and allowing you to get off seems like a fair exchange for the pleasure I’ve had working on your body. I know you’re thinking hard about getting something inside you, and from the array of tools on the table behind me your knees weaken. The anticipation is driving your heat to the edge as your heart pounds in your chest and your breathing becomes deeper and faster. Yes, you could almost cum just thinking about me making you cum, but you know better. I would know in an instant and would just turn walk away, leave the room, shutting the lights and closing the door as I go. Leaving you there, strung up in the dark now having to wait for me to come back and start the process all over again. Right now this feels so good that you will do anything to keep it going…good slave.

Pull on your nipples, and make it good, because I need to see your hips buck and belly pulse to know that you are really ready for what’s next. Taking up the crop again, I take one quick swipe right between you legs, it soaks the leather with your juices. I bring it up, allow you to smell yourself, then rub on your lips so that you can taste your sex. I let you drop the chain onto the crop’s stick, and instruct you to lick the end clean. I tip the crop up so that the chain slide down it and you grab the chain back into your mouth. Pull on your nipples.

Now it is time. I tell you how this is going to go, and that you will only get one chance, so you better pay attention and stay focused. You will cum when I tell you/let you. I’m going to rub your pussy with the crop, you may even grind on it a bit if you like, while I count to 10. Then, after 10, I will begin to slap your pussy, right on your swollen clit with the crop. Starting with small taps and building to stinging slaps of the leather and you will count down from 20. When you get to 0 you may cum. Looking down to the floor you see a large stainless steel bowl. It already has some drips in it, some spit from your mouth, sweat, and a little pussy juice that has flowed from your throbbing sex. You also now see and feel the crop working its way up your inner thighs. Slap, slap, slap it goes all the way up one side and down the other, pausing only briefly to rest on your pussy. Each time your hips move back and forth over the juice covered leather trying to get just a little more out it. When I sense your movement I immediately pull the crop away, it’s not time to grind yet. When your inner thighs are red and wet and your bucking seems not within your conscious control any longer I leave the crop in place and begin make slow firm circles within your melting flesh between your legs. I tell you now to begin counting, slowly! 1….2…3…to finally feel the touch on your pussy is almost too much. I see, hear, and feel your body spasm in relief. In your mind you could cum right now, but that would not please me, and as much as you want pleasure yourself, you know that your ultimate pleasure is to please your master. So, you hold back…good slave. 4…5…6…each time the crop gets to your clit and pushes into it your whole body twitches, and I can feel you pressing harder. I can hear more and more drops of your juices hitting the bowl below. 7…8…9…with each number you tug harder on your nipples, press harder into the leather. It’s hard for you now to keep your legs still, they are beginning to quiver starting at the toes and working its way right up to your thighs. I notice that you’re also beginning to press up onto your toes. Your orgasm is on its way, ready to explode in your head like the rush of a huge waterfall. 10…I stop the crop, but leave it in place, pressing firmly right on your clit, and tell you to hold still. Right now! You drop from your toes and I tell you to look at me. I look into your eyes and can see the haze of passion clouded over you. Your stare is warm and wet. I know that you are holding on by a thread, but you are holding, because you know it’s what you must do…good slave. Through the crop handle I can feel you body pulsing, although you are standing still, as I ordered. Time for you to count. Drop the chain. I want to hear each number clearly. I start to slap your pussy now. Slow steady slaps, not too sharp. When I tell you, I want you to count slowly up to 10. As you do, I will slap faster and harder. When you get to 10 you can cum. And when you cum you will squirt. I want you to cum in a flood, emptying yourself into the bowl below. Slap, slap, slap, slap, now count…1…you say, I can barely hear it, your voice so overcome by your convulsing body, you are hardly in control. “Louder,” I say…2…much better, you’re catching your breath, a little. The slap, slap, slap, is faster, harder…3…each touch of the crop now is like a little electric shock that tears through your body…4…you can feel the pulsation of you orgasm beginning to build in your belly, I see your flesh writhing in and out…5…you raise up on your toes again, and your hips are grinding back and forth, out of your control…6…your voice is now very breathy and I have to remind to say the numbers louder, again, you don’t want me to stop now, do you?…7…very good, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap..between numbers you are moaning…the crop on moving so fast now that it is a blur between your legs, and the sound of it meeting your swollen wet flesh turns you on so much that the juice is just dripping from you like a faucet……what isn’t falling into the bowl is soaking your thighs…slap, slap, slap…8…you are almost there, you are screaming the numbers out and bouncing around on your toes like a rag doll, the red flush of orgasm is beginning to build across your chest, your pussy pulsing non-stop now…9…almost over the top now, the pulse of your pussy building to a crescendo in your head, you are flushed from your chest to your face now, sweat dripping from your entire body, your whole body pulsing and convulsing as one, still on your toes, your legs are quivering so that the thighs are a blur…and with on last assent of your position as slave, from within the overwhelming rush of passion and sex in your body and mind, you look up at me for a nod of permission to say the last number and be given your orgasm…with nod, you scream….”10!!”, as you crest the wave of orgasm, it feels as though all the blood in your body has just rushed into your head and crashed over you like surf on the rocks…”Again!” I say…”10!” you scream again, the flood of ecstasy flows from you into the bowl on the floor with a splash not a drip, even splashing up onto your legs. A powerful stream out from the core of your sex that is just one part of all that you do to please your master. Your body continues to twitch and spasm with wave after wave of pleasure, your breasts heaving, your belly pulsing, your legs quivering. All showing me your raw sexuality that knows no bounds, yet is in my control. As one last symbol of my gift of orgasm to you in this session, I pick up the bowl, filled with your juices of sex and pour it over your head. The warm liquid of sex runs down over your body connecting the sex inside you with the touch of the body outside you.

I take your hands down and allow you to simply stand within the circle of your sex and take it in. The wetness, the heat, the aroma of orgasm, the throbbing within your head. It is everything you can do to stay standing, but you do it, because you know it pleases me to see you standing in the midst of your sex. Admiring my work, getting turned on by the sight of your sexual aftermath. Stringy, wet hair. Naked body glistening with sweat. Breasts heaving with the heavy breathing of orgasm. I’m rock hard now and ready for part 2…..good slave…..

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