Industrial Visit – Part III – Ropes

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Industrial Visit – Part III – Ropes

Riya is the name I have used multiple times over casual hook-ups and erotic encounters. For obvious practical reasons, I cannot share my real identity here because most of my stories are based in real incidents with dramatized narration for erotic effect. This is the third experience in the “Industrial Visit” series of stories. You should be able to enjoy this story without a lot of continuity overlaps except knowing that Rohan and Neeraj were my ex-boyfriends at the time of these stories. If you want to enjoy it fully with all continuity and references, please go through the first two part before this one.

We kept dancing. It was almost 12.30 by the time DJ ended. We weren’t at the dance-floor at till then though. We left early. We meaning our whole group. We all decided to take the party back to the room. One of our friends scored a few bottles of beer, vodka, gin and whatnot. We took all of that into the boys’ room. By the time DJ night ended, most of us were pretty hammered, even the girls. We decided that it’d make no sense going back to girls’ room in this state. There was a good chance that any of us would pass out at any moment. So all of us just slept in the boys room. I woke up in the middle of night for water.

After drinking a good 3 glasses of water, I went to washroom and freshened up. My hair was disheveled now, my makeup, lipstick and mascara all ruined. I was also still pretty high from the booze. I splashed a bit more water onto my face. Splashed some over my hair and adjusted it, shaped it a little bit. I dried myself with the towel from the hotel. Wiped off all the ruined makeup. Then I took off my bra. The panties were already off in the staff elevator. All I was wearing now, was a backless black gown.

I walked out of the washroom. Everyone in the room was either snoring or salivating on the floor. I knew I was still horny, I knew I wanted something more from that night and for that matter, I knew what I had to do. I hurdled across the room to my purse. Took out my cell, and opened Whatsapp. Within minutes, I was out of that room, and in the lift, anxiously thinking about the most irresponsible thing I was about to do. I knocked on room 509. Neeraj opened the door. He pulled me closer to him. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head with one hand to keep me steady, and with other hand, tore the gown off my body. I took him a whole of 2 seconds to tear it all off. He didn’t speak a word. His rough demeanor and the lust in his eyes, the pure need for my flesh… Yes, that’s what I came here for. Now, my torn gown was in his hands.

He was standing in the doorway, folding it into a manageable shape. I was standing in the corridor in front of him, fully nude. I didn’t even bother covering myself up, just hoped that nobody else will walk by at this late hour. He rolled my torn up gown into a sphere, and threw it off the railing of the corridor. I was getting wetter down there wondering which lucky boy will find the torn remains of my beautiful gown the next morning. Neeraj, meanwhile was still giving me the evil grin. He knew that me coming to him in the middle of the night and not resisting to his clearly inappropriate actions in the hotel corridor was a big win for him. He knew he had complete control over me at the moment and he was enjoying it.

“Let me in”, I said, trying to sound commanding. I started walking toward the door. He pushed me away from the door and laughed coyly.

This wasn’t funny anymore. I walked closer to him again. This time, from a distance, I jumped towards him, grabbing his head and planting a crazy kiss on his dry lips. He was caught by a surprise and melted into that kiss. Suddenly I broke the kiss, slapped him hard across the face, kicked my knee into his balls and pushed him inside the room. He was in amazing amount of pain now and was in no way able to stop me from coming inside the room and locking the door behind me. As he groaned with pain, rubbing his privates, I pushed him across the room onto the bed. In a matter of seconds, the situation had tipped back to my side and I was fully in control now.

Yeah, I know. May sound weird for a newbie but this kind of sexual power-play was usual back when we dated.

Anyway, as he lay in bed with pain, I took off his shorts and undies. I grabbed his balls and said “Take off your shirt and tie your left hand to the bed”. He had recovered by now and knew what I was going to do next. He smiled with a tinkle in his eyes and said, “The usual then?”. I grabbed his balls harder. He let out a soft moan in pain. He kept smiling in happiness though. He then did as I asked. Took off his shirt and tied his left hand to the bed’s base using his shirt. I got off the bed and tied his right hand to the other side of the bed’s base using his shorts. He was now lying naked on his back with both of his hands tied to the bed. His eyes were still sparkling when he said, “Rope is in the red bag by the window”. “Do you carry it everywhere?”, I asked, genuinely surprised. I mean, we used to tie each other up when we dated, but I didn’t think he was so sentimental that he’d still carry it around months after our break up.

“Only when a bitch like you is going to be around. How else will I tie up you bitchy little ass”, he said. He had almost finished that sentence when I punched him hard into his abs. I followed that up with a hard slap across his face. So hard that my hand hurt. “You do not get to curse at me till I tell you”. I was still angry and wanted to hit him a bit more but I knew that I was tipsy and his one kick could injure me badly. So I let him lay there moaning in pain while I wen to the window, opened the bag and took out the rope. Sure enough, it was that blue nylon rope that we used to use. I untangled it, took it to bed, opened up his legs to a “V” and tied them across the bed. For some crazy reason, I took a picture of him and started laughing at him because he was still moaning in pain.

“You didn’t have to hit me that hard, did you?”, he said. I replied, “Sorry”, still giggling. “Well then, get on with it…”, said the sparkly eyed sexy hunk lying naked, tied up to the bed. I know I told you that already, but I just love re-imagining that scene so much that I couldn’t resist typing that out again. Anyway, so on his cue, I got on the bed, bent over and started kissing his lips. He wasn’t kissing me back, apparently, still mad at me for hitting him. So I got a little closer, wrapped my entire body to his left side, brought his face to mine with one hand and with other, started stroking his dick. It was already hard by all this thrashing. We kept at it for quite a while. At one point, I thought he would cum on my hands, so I took my hand off his dick.

“Don’t stop!” he said. “Chill dear, just changing the mode”, I said. With that, I crept forward and took his entire dick in my mouth. I started simultaneously stroking his dick and licking its upper part with my tongue inside my mouth. In a few minutes, I started taking his whole tool inside my mouth and grinding my mouth around it. I could hear his moans escalate. I could feel his cum build up. I could feel his body shaking. I knew he was about to cum. I wanted him to. In a minute, I could taste his hot salty juices flowing inside my mouth. I took it all in but didn’t swallow. I turned around, brought my mouth close to his chest and spat out all of the cum on his chest. Being liquid, It started flowing all over his chest, abs and eventually, down on the bed.

He was staring at me. “You haven’t changed a bit, have you Riya?”. I said, “Why would I?”. He started laughing, “Why indeed”. I hugged him and we rested that way for a few minutes. “My turn now”, he said. I though for a split second and responded, “not so fast”. Before he could say anything else, I jumped across the bed and adjusted myself above his dick. We were both fully naked, so his dick was touching my pubic area. I started grinding over him, without making any effort to put his dick inside me. Obviously, his smart equipment found its way inside in very short time as it grew harder and bigger. He wasn’t even fully erect when he entered me.

I started moving slowly over his dick, letting it slide in and out of me without much force, letting it grow its way inside me. By the time he was fully erect, both of us had started moaning. I could feel his huge dick tearing my insides to shreds as I jumped over it like a crazy little slut. In some time, I paused for a second to catch my breath. His dick kept throbbing inside me and he kept moving his hips up n down. I bent back a little, still able to see him, and grabbed his legs with my hand for support. Then I started gyrating over him again to the rhythm of his hip movements.

When I could see that he was about to finish, I got off him. He almost yelled “No! Get back on it”. I got off the bed instead, went to the edge, and let his feet loose from the rope. I also untied his hands. By the time I was done untying him, he got up, grabbed me by the waist and pushed me on the wall, facing him. He then held my hands against the wall and I adjusted myself to let his dick get back inside me. He started thrusting himself deep inside me and we both started to moan like crazy. My feet were almost off the floor every time he thrust his dick inside me. In a minute, he let go of my hands, grabbed me by the waist and pulled me away from the wall. I took the opportunity and jumped, twisting my legs around his waist, and throwing my hands around his neck, hugging him. He started moving me up n down by holding on to my waist. I was off the ground, wrapped to his body while his dick was pushing its way deep inside me. In a few minutes, I started shivering uncontrollably and I almost fainted when I came all over his dick. He started losing his breath doing all the work, so he turned around and almost jumped onto the bed in the same position.

Once we landed on bed, his dick still inside me and his whole body over mine, I let my legs off his waist, but still hanging in the air, giving his dick very easy access to my insides. With his each thrust, my legs kept moving up n down. In a minute, he increased his speed and I could see he was close to finishing again. I wanted him to go on as I wanted to cum again too, so I slapped him. By the time I realized he wasn’t tied up anymore, he had his right hand on my neck, choking me. Well, almost. He let his hand rest on my neck, cutting off most of my air supply while still banging his dick inside me. When he was close to cumming again, he squeezed my neck even harder. As his dick started spitting sperms inside me, I started to cum uncontrollably and my whole body started to shake. Partly because of the heavenly orgasm that he’d just given me and partly because I was unable to breath. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness was his cum and my cum inside me, overflowing my pussy while his dick still kept thrusting inside me, still pushing out sperms inside me.

By the time I regained consciousness, it was morning. Or maybe it was noon, I don’t really remember exactly. By the time I was fully conscious, I realized that Neeraj had blindfolded me, tied me up to the bed and gagged me. That sly bastard had done a great job really. Apparently, I was only wearing one of his tight t-shirts, no pants, no inner wear. I was lying on the bed, facing upwards. My legs weren’t tied and were free to move. Moving around, I figured out that my hands were tied to the headboard of the bed. He had let the rope be long to let me move around, but short enough to not let me take the gag or blindfold off. His knots were tight and would’ve needed both hands to open them, meaning, I couldn’t open them on my own. He had stuffed, what I could guess was a handkerchief in my mouth to stop me from making any loud sounds. I really liked the thought he had put into the whole thing. I tried to call out for him and made a muffled noise. A few more minutes and shout-efforts later, it dawned on me that everybody had already left for that day’s sight-seeing plans, including Neeraj. He had just left me tied to the bed, helpless.

The thought, for some reason, turned me on.

I pulled the ropes a little bit and turned around on the bed, facing down. I pulled the blanket over myself with my legs. In a few minutes’ efforts I could adjust it so that a large chunk of it was pressed against my pussy. I started rubbing me legs around, moving the blanket chunk over my privates. The silky touch was enticing enough to let my wetness further. In no time, I started to enjoy the whole thing. Letting out soft, muffled moans despite the gags. Even I was surprised at my ability to enjoy sexually in a situation like this. But I didn’t mind it. Any pleasure is good pleasure. I kept rubbing myself faster and faster, moving my legs cyclically. After a few minutes of blanket riding, I came.

By the time I turned myself around, the blanket was all messed up over my waist and thighs. Feeling cold over my legs, I started to pull it down, trying to spread it over my legs. I had covered up my left leg and started to cover up my right leg when I heard a key turn in and the door opened. For a second, I skipped a heartbeat in fear as I heard the door close. The bed was well inside the bedroom and wasn’t visible from the hall unless you were standing in the bedroom door. I was sure that someone had entered the room and I was assured that the other person couldn’t see me. Not yet anyway. I had no way of figuring out what was happening. I just laid on the bed making no sounds. I could hear sounds from the outside room. In a minute, I could hear someone humming a Bollywood song. That was definitely not Neeraj. When the vacuum cleaner started, I realized it must be a room service guy.

At the same instant, I also realized that if it was a room service guy, that meant he would definitely enter the bedroom to find me there. I could here the vacuum cleaner move around in the hall and my anticipation was growing every second. Probably to calm myself down, I thought “He would either be a gentleman and help me untie myself, or he would take advantage of the situation and feel me up a little before going out. There’s no way he would dare **** someone in such a famous hotel”. I could still hear the vacuum cleaner in the hall when I felt the blanket being pulled off my legs. I shivered in a reflex as if a current went through my body. Whoever it was, he pulled the blanket off slowly, taking his own sweet time. I could almost feel his eyes burning on my body as he slowly took off the blanket, slowly making me naked waist down, and excited in my whole body. Yes, that was turning me on. By the time the blanket was off, I was waiting in anticipation of a touch.

I didn’t feel anything for a few seconds and then I heard the vacuum cleaner in the hall stop. Then I heard a whispering sound and then I heard the door close and locked. I thought, “Did he leave already? No!”. If I wasn’t gagged to my throat, I am sure I would have called the stranger back, begging him to violate me even more. My disappointment lasted a minute or so, before I felt a finger on my legs, slowly traversing its way up to my thighs. I resisted by moving my legs, trying to get his hands off them. They were off. Only for a second, before caressing my thighs on the inside, moving slowly between my legs. I tried to resist, halfheartedly, by moving my hips and legs around. But by then he had already reached my clit. He could already feel my wetness down there. He already knew I was enjoying it. As he pushed a finger inside me, I stopped resisting altogether and froze for a second. Then I started to respond to his hand movements with my hips. Every time he would push his finger inside, I would move my hips up, letting him reach deeper, faster. He started caressing my clit with his thumb while still fingering me. I started letting out soft, muffled moans through the gag.

Then he took out his finger. I could feel the bed move as he climbed onto it. For a minute, I couldn’t feel anything. Then I could feel a tongue enter my pussy. I moaned as he licked his way to my orgasm, and then he kept on licking my clit, while fingering me. In no time, he had more fingers inside me. First two, then four, then all of them as he started to fist me, while still licking my clit. I had started moaning loudly by now and the gag wasn’t able to muffle those sounds. As his speed of fisting increased, I could feel his other hand move over my thighs, waist, then under the tshirt, and into my navel. His soft navel touches were turning me on beyond control. In a swift movement, he took out his entire fist from inside my pussy, and I, unable to control the joy, came on the bed like never before.

I couldn’t see what was happening, couldn’t speak about my pleasure, couldn’t do pretty much anything, and yet, I was enjoying every moment of it. I heard him get off the bed and walk outside the bedroom. Then for a few minutes nothing happened. I almost went back to sleep with all the exhaustion when I felt someone get on the bed and a hand moved my face sideways. Before I could comprehend what was happening, he opened my mouth and took the gag out. My the time I opened my mouth to say something, I felt his dick enter my mouth. He started moving it in and out. I closed my mouth, maximizing his friction, and hence joy. I like to give blowjobs my way, nice and slow, but he was thrusting his dick inside my mouth in a hurry. In no time, he started moaning softly. He stopped and kept his dick in the mouth for a few seconds and then with his fingers, closed my both my nostrils. I was unable to breathe through the nose so I opened the mouth wider to let air come in. With his other hand, he closed my mouth back and started thrusting in my mouth like crazy. I held my breath for a few seconds as he blew his load inside me. Then, unable to cope, I started gasping for air. Since my mouth was closed, I effectively swallowed all of his cum. Once he knew I had swallowed, he let go of my nose and mouth, still keeping the dick in my mouth.

And while his dick was still in my mouth, I heard a sound near the chair on the other side of the bed. “Are you still recording?”, the man with his dick in my mouth said. “Yes. Are you done?” a voice on the other side of the bed answered. The realization that there were two strangers in the room became even more frightening when the dick cam out of my mouth and gag went back in. I didn’t recognize either of the voices so they must be both room service guys. “Take this”, the second voice said. They must be video recording this whole thing and now they’ve swapped, I thought. Before my thought finished, the familiar fingers started moving near my clit and pussy. So second voice belongs to the guy who discovered me, fisted me on a hotel bed and then left me there half naked to call up his buddy to enjoy this treat, my thoughts strayed.

I could feel him move in closer. He pulled me onto him by my waist, put my legs over his shoulders and touched the tip of my pussy with his penis. I happily opened my legs and let him enter inside me as he started thrusting his regular dick inside my hungry flesh. While he was banging me, I felt something cold on my belly, something metallic. As it tore through the tshirt I was wearing, I realized that it was a knife. The more frightened I was, the more I was getting turned on. The guy tore up my tshirt from the front, exposing my boobs while the other guy was banging me. I felt two hands pressing both of my breasts while two other hands held my waist and a penis tore through my insides.

I started moaning loudly and shaking uncontrollably with pain, as I came yet again. Soon enough, I could feel his cum inside my pussy. Just as he pulled out, the hands were off my breasts. I could feel the gag being pulled out as a cum-covered dick in my mouth, probably from the guy who just cam inside me as the other guy entered his dick inside me and started to thrust. I licked the cum off the shrinking dick, pulled it out and said “Don’t gag me please, I wanna shout”. Surprisingly, he complied. The other guy kept pushing his big tool inside me and I kept moaning. I almost fainted again when I came god knows how many times. pretty soon, the other guy also came inside my pussy. As soon as he pulled out, he came near me, had me lick the cum off his dick and stuffed the gag back into my mouth despite my resistance.

For a few minutes, I felt nothing touch me but I could hear both of them move around the room, probably recording their cum flowing out from my pussy. They were both smiling, laughing. Both of them obviously had the best morning of their life. I though they would leave now and leave me there on the bed dirty with their cum in a torn tshirt. But to my surprise they didn’t. They weren’t done with me yet. I could feel a hand on my palm as someone untied my left hand, and then my right hand off the bed. He took out the gag. He then pulled me and sat me up, tied my hands to each other behind my back.I felt him sit behind me as another man sat in front of me. The guy in the front held me by the waist and both of them lifted me up as the guy behind crept forward under me.

Then they brought me down over the dick of the guy behind me. His dick felt oily. I thought, he has probably lubricated it. By the time I finished thinking that thought, I felt his dick enter my ass. I let go of myself and fell on the guy in front. I pushed me slowly onto the guy behind. The behind guy was slowly moving his hips and banging my ass. Also, he untied my hands now that he had gotten what he wanted.

With his both hands, he held my hands to the sides of my body by grabbing my shoulders with his palms. The front guy adjusted himself and before I knew it, he entered his dick inside my pussy. There were two dicks inside me at the same time. This was the first time of this for me. I had fantasized about double penetration for quite a while now, but I never thought my first DP will be in a hotel room in a college IV with two low-income strangers who had probably never had so much sex with a girl so young before. As I drifted in my thoughts, I was brought crashing back to reality by the rough thrusting of both of the guys. I put my thighs down and adjusted myself so that both of their dicks would enter me comfortably.

Their rhythms matched in some time and they were both going in, lifting me off the bed, and going out, bringing me back on the bed. After some time, I could feel cum build up inside me, so I hugged the guy in the front for support. As I came, I could feel the front guy and the behind guy get up, lifting me up with them. I realized that they were now going to do me while standing up. The front guy held my legs to the side of his waist while the behind guy supported me by my shoulders. I kept screaming and shouting loudly with pleasure while both of them kept banging me for all their might. The position was so helpless for me that I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to, except take in all the pleasure that these two rowdy men had to offer. I came twice in that position before both of them came inside me one after the other.

As they both pulled out, they helped me stand on my feet. I could feel cum and sperms flowing down from my ass and pussy over my legs. With all the roughness and exhaustion, I could barely stand up. I took the support of the bed so I could stand properly. My thighs were still shivering from my last orgasm and my head was spinning in the darkness of the blindfold.

As my hands moved towards the blindfold, a hand stopped them. “Don’t take these off till we leave” he said. “Ok”, I said, “Are you leaving now?”. They both started laughing. One of them said “Yes. but we are just an intercom away if you need us again”. I also joined them in their laughter. I only added, “At least help me to the shower before you leave. I am so out of my mind that I can’t walk”. They helped me reach the shower, kept the bathroom door open and left. I could hear them take the vacuum cleaner out and lock the door behind them. I started the shower. As the warm, soothing water hit my body, I sat down in the bath tub, letting it wash all the cum, sweat and odor off me. As the splashes of water cleansed my body, I took off the blindfolds. It was a beautiful day outside. It was a beautiful day inside as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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