it rude to listen in

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it rude to listen in
As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

I was working with a mate in the building trade. We were fitting out a new kitchen and had been on the job, (so to speak), for 3 weeks now and were getting behind so the boss sent us the young apprentice as help.

Now the woman who’s house we were working in sometimes worked from home, sometimes the office, so she was there on and off thought-out the day.

My mate used to go to what he called grab a granny at the Talbot, and said that he’s seen, Brenda there a few times, but hardly recognised her as when she went out she was dressed as a stunner. We’d only ever seen her in her business wear.

He mentioned once or twice to Brenda about the Talbot and she acknowledged going but left it at that. Steve, my mate was very keen to get into Brenda’s nickers!

The apprentice came on Monday morning and we set him about grouting tiles along the worksurface. Brenda came in and said goodbye as she was off to work.

We’d gotten into work and were doing well. Soon Steve was asking Chris, who was a young and tender 17, all about his girlfriend and what he got up to with her. The usual stuff really, had he fucked her, how and where. What was she like, could he get her off. I joined in as well and soon we had Chris in knots. He was embarrassed and shy, as were a of us at that age.

The next thing I hear Steve go on to is how Chris ought to be treating his girlfriend. He starts telling Chris how to finger a woman properly, how to run his winger along the walls of her pussy, how to lick and suck at the hood of the clitoris , how to tell if the little man in a boat is ready to be licked and how to tongue it out if it’s hidden.

I sort of thought that he was going on a bit hard, I mean he was starting to give me a bit of a last lob listening to him. I imagined that what he was trying to do was get Chris hard and then he’d take the mick or something. I thought Steve had had enough fun at Chris’s expense so walked over to tell him to lighten up and Steve looked with his eyes to the serving hatch. It was open slightly and through it all I could see was an empty lounge. I gave Steve a puzzled look and he looked again with his eyes to the open gap. This time he stood back a away and I saw Brenda sitting at the small table right by the serving hatch.

I pulled Steve to one side and whispered to him, “How long has she been there”?
“ages” he said, “well fucking hell man, she can hear everything we, YOU’VE, been saying”! Steve just smilled. He leant forward. “You reckon she’s getting wet, or better still having a sly flick”. “Fuck sake Steve you’ll get us into trouble”

He just ignored me, moved back to where he was standing and then started to describe how Chris should not just wham bang thank you marm his girl, how if she is wet enough just entering her will almost be enough to bring her off and how to keep her on the edge of cuming until she almost passes out.

Chris was very interested in this and asked questions which just gave Steve licence to being even more outrageous. There seemed to be nothing that Steve couldn’t do to bring a woman to an earth shattering orgasm.

I stood behind Steve and sure enough Brenda was still there listening to everything that was being said, not making a noise herself. I hate to admit it Steve was right, Brenda was listening, intently and I’m sure getting off on it.

Steve now told Chris that recently he’d been getting his misses to sit between to chairs to support herself, but allow easy access for him from below. From this position there was no weight what so ever on his misses and her lips could dangle freely. Supporting his head with a pillow meant that he could spend all night there if need be and that by a process of licking and light fingering he’d managed to get his misses to dribble what he called female cum all over his face.

Even if this wasn’t true I was getting turned on by Steve and his imaginations.

Steve beckoned me over and looking though the gap in the serving hatch we could just about see over Brenda’s shoulder that she was watching porn on her lap top. The smile on his face went from side to side.

I shouted out to Steve that enough was enough and that he’d given poor old Chris a massive hard on, and that no doubt he’ll have to go off into the bathroom to have a wank.

I could tell by the look and Steve’s face that he was annoyed that I’d ended his fun. We both looked though the gap in the serving hatch, Brenda and the lap top had gone. She’d disappeared dam quick.

I went into the lounge and there was no sign of Brenda, Steve followed me in. “Bet she’s up stairs having a wank” he whispered, and with that we heard the front door open.

“Only me Boy’s” Brenda shouted, she never announced herself before, “Just home to do some work, Shalln’t disturb you, I work upstairs” She never announced herself before, and she never worked upstairs before either! And what’s more she was pretending she had only just gotten home when we knew she’d been there listening to us.

She popped her head around the door and asked if everything was alright, and immediately ran upstairs.

“I told you, I told you.” Said Steve. “She’s up there now flicking her clit, and it was me that got her there”, I had to admit that it all likelihood she was upstairs having a good one.

Steve and I sat in the lounge, which was directly beneath her bedroom hoping that we’d here the buzz of a vibro, or the creaking of a bed or better still the call of, “Oh boys” It didn’t happen.

Although 20 minutes later she did come down. She’d changed into loose fitting house clothes. Brenda had never done that until today.

We finished off her kitchen later that week and Steve saw her in the Talbot a few times after, she’d even bought him a drink, but he never got to experience the delights of Brenda

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