Maria from North Carolina

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Maria from North Carolina
Written first person. Kind of sad.

My husband is a good man. I love him. He is good in bed with the equipment god gave him.
Unfortunately god did not give him much. To make up, we’ve tried extensions, which really do not work and dildos.
My favorite is the Peter North model which actually shoots! I mix up cornstarch with water which makes a nice fantasy monster load.

I’ve often said I’d love a guy with a huge cock and finally my husband arranged it.

His co-worker Vince looks the part. I know him for years and once my husband told me Vince would be pleased to be my big stud, I started looking at him differently. Vince is very likable and that alone put me at ease. He is physically larger than my husband by quite a few inches but what caught my imagination was his gigantic over-sized hands and feet. I’ve heard it’s a tell. In this case, it was. I’m a big girl, a slender 6 footer, my husband is the same height as I. Vince is a whole head taller. The other tell is that Vince is a naturalized US citizen hailing from Jamaica. He is very much midnight black. The black myth I now know is not a myth. I also find it necessary to add that Vince is quite good looking. He has all the typical facial features but they fit together in a very pleasing way.

I’m bummed out. I just learned I’m pregnant with another mans c***d. I need to figure out what to do next. Here is the story of how I got to this troubling situation.

The night was to be a threesome with me having both men to serve me with protection. I told my husband this was a really bad weekend for any semen running loose. I suggested we put it off a week. My husband though that if we did, we would just keep putting it off. Let’s do it. We both figured we could manage any risk.

Afternoon comes, during a meal we get on topic and Vince asks “Are you sure about this?” He asked that quite a few times. Finally after clean up my husband suggest Vince go get naked and comfortable in our bed. Just wait for her, he said. Vince did just that. My husband and I small talked about what comes next and he comes out with a box of Magnum brand condoms. I am getting excited with anticipation. We both disrobe and enter the room. I’m hoping Vince likes what he sees. He does.

My husband sits on the foot of the bed and tells me to explore. Vince is giving me a broad grinned smile as I run my hands over the sheet hiding his form. Chest, flat tummy, thighs then crotch. Oh my god, this thing heavy and huge. I tell Vince to roll over as I jump on top to give him a good massage. The massage gets sensuous, I’m using my front against his back and I’m getting a very wet pussy from this. Vince rolls and asks me join him under the sheet. My husband then reminds us of the rules. Condom yes and no kissing. It’s not love, it’s sex.

Vince and I go full on body, his huge hands grab my ass as he mouths my nipples, He then brings his mouth to my groin and makes me moan. Vince knows how to and enjoys eating pussy. Eventually he pops up and says cover me as he hands me a condom. After a group of good climaxes I now have my eyes and hands on the hidden cock. It’s absolutely gorgeous, jet black, full of veins, uncut with a enormous cock head with the foreskin tense behind it. Vince says he will be gentle. There is a thick glob of pre-cum escaping, forget the condom for now, with both hands on his shaft I wiggle under his thighs and run my tongue from under the head and work up to his nectar. I now hear my husbands camera clicking and I don’t care. I’m working my lips around his cock and pumping it, taking in as much of him as I could. Vince tells me the proper way to take a cock is to extend my tongue as far out as I can. I do and it works, I can take on a lot more. I really wanted to take a load orally from him. It was odd, I’m not big on a mouth full of cum but with this gorgeous monster I felt differently. Vince tells me its time and to cover him. Even the magnum condom had to stretch before I could roll it down his length. He asks me to get on my hands and knees, he wants me from behind. I comply and his cock is now poking at my opening. His entry had me in bliss, he went very slow, feeding me more, stretching me, the discomfort quickly turned into joy, he got to a point deep enough to deliver a constant wave of climaxes, he pumped, I got the rush. Now he stops and tells me I have about 1/2 of him. My god, I’m full and stretched. Only half? Vince then tells me that I should back into him and take it all. I start pressing back hard, I’m getting more of him with every push. I kept going, enjoying the stretch and fill, I was actually bucking rapidly and hard when a vaginal orgasm came over me. I just dropped head and shoulders to the mattress and gasped for breath. Vince stayed still and allowed me to selfishly enjoy him. The real thing is so much better that the Peter North dildo!

Truth is my husband was so excited from the picture taking that he would have agreed to anything. I had cooled down but still wanted more of this. I pulled off Vince and said to my husband “Baby, thank you for this, his cock is a challenge and fabulous, real justice is me taking him skin on skin. Raw. I need this. Can I please?”. And he just stupidly nodded. I ripped the condom off and raised my legs and saw I was offering up a gaping oozing pussy. Vince asked my husband “You good with this?” and he said “Fuck Yeah!’ as he moved from taking profile pictures to getting behind Vince for entry shots.

Vince slid back in pretty easily, then I gave resistance. He stroked, pressed, not too hard but firm. The depth was not bothering me, my taking the last fist-full had me being stretched beyond my imagination. All it took was patience. I was obsessed with watching Vince slide into me while wanting, no, needing to take it all. There was no other way. My reward was feeling his cock far up in my guts and his huge balls pressing against my anus. I had formed around him. I shouted like a k** winning a prize “I got all of it! Oh my god it’s all in me”. As my husband clicked away. Just having all of him in me brought on an avalanche of small climaxes.

Vince then released my legs as he dropped his torso on top of me, crushing my breasts and pinning me. I just loved the feeling of my being powerless. I’m here to be used and bred. Vince started to buck into me, withdrawing not a lot and power slamming back home. I then did the unthinkable, I craned my neck and brought my lips to his. Our tongues darted over each other as Vince returned a deep passionate kiss. We were now making love. My hands on his face, the rest of me powerless but pleasured. It now seems too short but in reality we were locked together like this for a very long time. The timestamp on the pictures showed 17 minutes in this position. I was in the throes of maybe my 4th vaginal orgasm, involuntary gripping his cock when Vince whispered “Gonna unload soon” and I immediately moved my hands from his face to below his ass and dug my nails in hard with the verbal response “I’m yours, fill me, I need the perfect ending.”. I guess my words and the sharp nails combined to set him off fast. Just a few strokes, I could tell he was going deeper than ever and groaned very loudly and held deep. I could feel his cock pulsing as he planted an enormous load of his semen so deep that I could feel the volume in the back of my vagina pooling. I recall my husband hollering “Oh shit” and I did not care, Unlike my Peter North dildo filling my fantasy with imitation seed, the fact that I was getting the real thing must have triggered a final vaginal orgasm. I could only quiver, mumble something to my husband and enjoy the moment.

As I gained composure, still wrapped around Vince, holding him tight, I told my husband I really needed that.
I’ve never had a vaginal orgasm before, ever. Now I just had 5 in one coupling! I also told my husband that if it’s OK by Vince, I’ll need more of this. Then my husband got loud with Vince, “You just came in my wife guy!”. All the while his cock is still buried deep, likely still draining out. “She wanted it, asked me for it.” I nodded yes and said “Don’t blame him.”. He said “You’re right. I’ll leave you two, get it all out of your system, I’ll be back tomorrow.”. Vince was saying “Don’t leave here, come get some.”. My husband hollered back that he was OK with it. “Fuck her good” he hollers. And a few minutes later we hear the car pull away.

It took quite a bit of coaxing but I did convince Vince to stay. We made serious passionate love quite a few times over the next 24 hours. I believe Vince inseminated me 4 glorious times in total. We stopped simply because I was raw and sore. We literally soaked the mattress. I know now that when a woman has a good man, she sees the man. Me wrapped around a black man would shock quite a few people. A month ago I would have thought no way. As I was accepting every drop of seed he planted, eagerly, with the accompanying vaginal orgasm, Vince is getting better looking all the time. As the song goes, I’ve grown accustom to his face. I see the man. I lust the man. And in this case, a physically superior man.

I’ve cucked my husband to the max. What to do with the baby growing inside me remains the question. Terminating it is absolutely out of the question. I guess I’ll find out just how much he loves me. At the moment, he is not too happy.

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